Saturday, September 30, 2017


    SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1ST., 2017

    A funny thing happened as we sailed out
into the Atlantic in search of whales the
other day. Well, maybe not so funny.
     Our excursion first required a Ferry
Boat ride to Martha's Vineyard. That's
where our whale watching boat was
      I've sailed aboard a number of
Ferry Boats over the years. But this
was the first time I was ever followed.
Or "escorted."
      When I first saw the Coast Guard
boat pull out of port I figured it just
happen to be leaving the same time as
        But then noticed it was running a
course right next to ours. Then I realized
the sailor standing on the bow was
manning a rather large machine gun!
         The old newsman in me immediately
began to wonder. Had I missed some kind
of Terrorist Alert? Or was it possible one
of the cars we were hauling was carrying
more than tourists?
         My curiosity increased when I
crossed over to the other side of the
Ferry and saw another matching Coast
Guard vessel there too.
          Both eventually sailed away from
us and picked up another Ferry headed in
the other direction.
         Locals said it was likely the base
was just conducting some training
exercises. And, if there was any problem
it felt pretty good having the Coast Guard
so near by. And ready!
          Hope those Coastguardsmen
get an "A" for their efforts and that
all their, and your, NEWS is good!

Friday, September 29, 2017



     Our Travelworld tour of New England took
us into Newport, RI Friday.
      As regular visitors to the Wildwoods in
New Jersey we're used to seeing beach front
properties. But you won't find motels or
apartments for rent along the shore in Newport.
       This area is famous for all the private
mansions that dot the landscape!
        You might find one for sale here or there
but I suspect they'd be a bit out of our price
         We did manage to visit one but even
that required an admission fee,
          It's called "the Breakers," the one time
"Summer Cottage: of the Vanderbilt family!
There are more rooms in the place then some
communities have homes!
           It's so great to have a classic mansion
like this preserved for the public. If it were
in Wilkes-Barre it probably would have been
converted into an apartment house years ago!
           Newport is a great place to visit but I
wouldn't want to live there. Actually I couldn't
afford to live there!
            Hope you like the photos and that all
your NEWS is good!


Thursday, September 28, 2017


              AMITY REVISITED!

    On Thursday our Travelworld tour to
New England took us to Martha's Vineyard
and the town of Edgartown. You may know
the community by another name.
    It was called Amity in the movie "Jaws."
    I always enjoyed the film although my
youngest daughter seems to be under the
impression I'm obsessed with it.
     To that end it was with special pleasure
to finally visit the place and see what things
are really like there.
      My first encounter, as I stepped off the
bus, was with a Police Officer I immediately
identified as "Chief Brody." He smiled as
I called him that and took his picture. Guess
he must have seen the picture too!
       I guess everybody here did.
       The town still have a small two screen
movie theater and though it's playing the
latest attractions there's still a large poster
for Jaws inside the ticket booth area.
        We also saw the beach where all the
residents went screaming when someone
yelled "Shark!" Our guild explained they
really were screaming because the movie
was produced "off season" and the water
was extremely cold!
         The bridge under which the great
white of movie fame swam is on the
main road leading into town but unless
a tour guide points it out only the locals
know about its movie fame.
          You can still find some T-shirts and
magnets bearing the Jaws logo but another
area attraction still lures inquiring minds to
the water front and they're not looking
for sharks!
          It's the small Ferry Boat that goes
back and forth between Edgartown and
the island of Chappaquiddick! Missing
that one is know to have caused trouble
for some folks!
          Got to go now. I'm hearing that
"Dah dum, dah dum, da dum" music in
my head as though something is coming?
          Hope it's not what I think it is and
that all your NEWS is good!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


                   SEE CREATURES!

     The fog was just lifting as our Travelworld
bus pulled into Provincetown Wednesday
morning. But out on the water it was a
different story!
       Visibility from the deck of our Whale
watching vessel was limited to about 200\yards
as we set out to search for earth's largest
         I, and at least one other passenger I
spoke with, doubted we'd see even a seagull
in the heavy miss that covered this area of
the North Atlantic,
          But a short time later, just as it had
on land, the fog began to life. And as it did
so this  giant creatures began to appear on
both sides of our boat! They were Humpback
Whales and they were pretty close!
          I was praying none of them were
descendants of Moby Dick!
          And they weren't the only creatures
we saw!
           A huge heard of seals were resting
and playing just off a nearby island.
           And no sooner had we seen them than
some dolphins showed up to present some
additional entertainment,
          Finally a "Sunfish) "Mau Mau"
started swimming around near our boat!
          Amazing to see all these sea creatures
enjoying the waters not far from some of
our National beaches.
          Hope they can all avoid the Great
White Sharks that hang around here now
too......and that all your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


              GUESS WHAT WE FOUND!

       We've seen some fantastic sights in our
Travelworld tour to New England!
         On Tuesday our visit to Cape Cod
included a stop at the monument to those
who served in the Korean War, Saint Nick
Beach Park, and the John. F. Kennedy
museum in Hyannis.
         But is was our stop in the small
community of Sandwich that got me and
a whole lot of other visitors really excited!
          There's an active Grist Mill in town
and just in front of that historical mill is a
public water fountain  that has people
lined up throughout the day!
           You see local legend has it this
pure spring water will make you younger.
A "Fountain Of Youth!"
            Now even though it's highly
likely no one believe this age old
story, it seems everyone feels there's
no harm in giving it a try! Just in case!
           And not being one to buck the
trend I admit to sipping a couple cups
then another drink from the water
bottle my wife decided to fill. Why not?!
           Hey! I think it may be working!
Hope so......and that all your NEWS is

Monday, September 25, 2017


             ON THE ROAD AGAIN!

   My wife and I had to get up early Monday
morning. As my brother-in-law Karl moved
into our house, we moved out.
    Karl, as always, is housesitting while we
host another tour for Travel World. This
time we're headed for Martha's Vineyard
and points in and around Cape Cod.
     It was a fantastic day for travel. Sunny
skies and warm temperatures all the way
from Wilkes-Barre/Scranton to Hyannis.
      Smooth roads too! (Penndot take note!)
      We even drove through a wonderfully
designed intersection which, our driver
pointed out, used to be a "Rotary" or a
"Roundabout." He said the state used to
have a lot more of them but many are
gone now. He things they sold them to
       Today was travel and a wonderful
dinner with our fellow travelers.
       Tomorrow we'll start visiting some
sights and with any luck I'll have a few
photos to send along. The leaves are not
very far ahead of ours back home at this
        Hope the weather holds and that
all your NEWS is good.

Sunday, September 24, 2017



   For those of you who didn't already know
September 25th is National Comic Book
    Of course I couldn't find any documentation
that Congress actually declared this a
"National day." I would have thought comic
(or "Funny books") would have been high
on many member's agendas!
   In any case the day's designation
brings back some memories. Especially
of my Super Heroes! Like Superman
and Batman! They appeared in Comic
Books when I was growing up. And I
was a comic book fan!
    There was a great selection. The
aforementioned Superman and Batman
were always popular. But I also enjoyed
the "Funny Books" that were designed to
be funny!
    Scrooge McDuck was one of my
very favorites. Donald's uncle was so
rich he measured his money by depth
rather than counting out the dollars.
   And you could enjoy reading about his
wealth, or Superman's X-Ray Vision, or
the Bat Mobile for just one thin dime!
    I'm almost tempted to go out
shopping for a comic book.
    I doubt I'll find anything for a dime.
    I just checked a few of my old
favorite comics on line and......"Holly
Inflation Batman!"
    EBay is currently offering a 1940
Batman edition (the ten cent price
still posted on the cover). You can "Buy
it Now" for $615.00!
   I found one featuring Uncle Scrooge
McDuck going for around 9 bucks. But
that's still a tall pile of dimes (if you're
measuring by depth!)
   Guess I should have saved more.
   Not my old comic
    Hope you've got a few of the "classics"
to read and that all of your NEWS is

Saturday, September 23, 2017


            IS ANYBODY THERE?

  As previously reported in this Blog, my
wife and I were disappointed to find our
favorite Ice Cream Shop closed Friday
after a very long trip and numerous
detours to get there.
    On Saturday we turned out to watch
our youngest grand daughter take her
first horseback riding lesson.
     A celebration seemed in order so
my son and his family followed my
wife and I through the backwoods around
Noxen to a small diner with a great
reputation not far from Tunkhannock.
     We remembered eating there a few
years back and enjoying the food.
      Sometime between then and now
the place closed! We found "For Sale
signs" posted but no sign of any food!
       Sadly we had passed  another
diner I didn't know about several
miles earlier.
        The incident actually had a
happy ending as we moved right on
into town and had aa great meal at
         In the evening though I found
myself hungry again. Rather than
taking a chance on some old place
that may or may not be there anymore
I called my buddie's Hot Dog stand
which is always open on a Saturday
        But instead of a warm "hello"
my call reached a recorded message
indicating the business was closed
for a family wedding! They got me
         My wife and I are hosting a
tour to New England next week.
Hope it's open.......and that all your
NEWS is good!

Friday, September 22, 2017



   We were driving through White Haven when
my wife suggested it would be a great day to
take a trip to one of our favorite Ice Cream
Shops for a treat.
    Problem was the shop in question is in
Nescopeck about 30 miles or so from White
     I began to think about back roads and
connections that could get us there and a
plan quickly evolved. We'd head west
towards the tiny town of Saint John's
then take Route 93 right to our double
       That's when we discovered the detour
on the road to Saint John's! I don't know
what they were working on but we found
the next 4 possible routes closed to traffic.
        The detour eventually took us into
Conyngham where, guess what? They
were working on the Main Street!
        Fortunately, we thought, the detour
there was just a few blocks long and
took us right to the same Route 93 we
were looking for all along!
         Of course as it happens Route 93
is being paved and looked like a parking
lot! We sat in line for about 20 minutes
until we were allowed to proceed.
        At last an open highway right to
our destination...........which was closed
for the day!
         Took a different route home and,
yes, we found ice cream along the way!
         Hope those new roads last a few
years......and that all your NEWS is


Thursday, September 21, 2017


                   FALL IN!

    Labor Day is the unofficial end of
Summer. For kids and parents the
first day of school is often viewed as
Summer's end.
     Today, however, is the official
end of the Summer season so..........
Fall in because as of today Fall is
      The Autumn equinox  is the point
where there is exactly 12 hours of
daylight and 12 hours of darkness at
the equator.
       Of course seasons and weather
can be two different things! Around
here, for instance, we begin Fall with
sunny days and temperatures in the
80's. If that's "Fall", I'll take it!
       A better sign of changing
seasons for many of us will come on
Sunday, November 5th. That's the
day we "fall back" as Daylight
Savings Time comes to an end.
       We do, of course, get to enjoy
an extra hour of sleep. At least on
that first day.
        So, now that we're here, enjoy
yourselves, Watch as the leaves
change color and the sun peeks
down a little earlier each day!
         Hope the season and all
your NEWS is good!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017



     80 degrees in September! Ain't it great?
     My wife and I have been trying to get
some time in my Miata while the getting is
good. Nothing like a top down drive when
the sun is beaming gown on trees just
beginning to show off their Fall colors.
      So I wonder how many of you would
have been surprised to find me with the
top and windows up and the heater going
full blast on Tuesday night!
       It's a task I face all too often at this
time of the year.
       Once the sun goes down those
balmy afternoon temperatures quickly
descend to a cool but comfortable 60 or
       Of course if you're returning from a
drive the same "wind chill factor" that
makes 32 degrees seem like 25 in the
winter makes that 60 degrees seem
colder too!
        Problem is the fabric in my
convertible top stretches pretty well
when it's warm but shrinks a bit as
it cools off. You can raise the top but
you can't quite latch it, leaving it
partially open to the elements!
         So it is I return from a drive,
raise the top as far as I can, then
fire up that heater in an attempt to
create a Sauna inside.
         After ten minutes or so the
fabric thinks it's still 80 degrees
and I'm able to close the latches!
          It's like dual benefits. A
pleasant ride and a visit to a Spa!
          Hope I can do it through
October and that all your NEWS
is good!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017



    I took my wife out Tuesday
the Junk Yard. Look, I was going anyway
and she said she wanted to come.
    I'm having a problem with one small
part in my little Mazda Miata and a friend
of the family runs a scrap yard. I knew he
had a smashed Miata on the property and
he invited me to take whatever I needed.
     On course when I first saw the
damaged car it was in front of his garage.
Since then it's been hauled to the scrap
yard itself.
       As we walked up the hill to that yard
we suddenly realized  finding a tiny
sports car among the pickups and large
sedans was not going to be an easy task!
        There were also piles of Junkers
with cars stacked on top of one another!
The thought of finding "our car" sandwiched
between an SUV and a minivan was a bit
disconcerting but just as we thought we
had seen everything, there it was!
         My wife is far too intelligent to
allow me to use tools so she tackled the
task of removing the latch we were
looking for. (We actually wanted two
but the little car refused to surrender
both!)  Still we felt we were ahead of the
game with our find.
         Better than a date for breakfast..
           It was kind of melancholy
seeing all the once bright, new vehicles now
rusting away in a dusty yard far away
from the eyes of those who once
coveted them. Kind of secluded and
a neat place for a date!
          Hope we go back sometime
and that all your NEWS is good!

Monday, September 18, 2017


            AHOY THERE!

  Another one of those "Big Days" is here! It's one of
those "holidays" most people don't know about. And
they're missing all the fun!
   September 19th is "International Talk Like A Pirate
Day!" I kid you not!
   It's the brainchild of two guys,  John Baur and Mark Summers.
   Neither is a Pirate or, as far as I know, even a fan of
Pittsburgh's Baseball team.
   They were playing racquetball one day when they
suddenly had an inspiration like
a pirate! It's probably happened to you at one time or another.
   Anyhow they had so much fun they decided the world
needed a new holiday and "Talk Like A Pirate Day" was
    They picked September 19th because it was Summers'
ex-wife's birthday and because they couldn't think of any
other date that wasn't already being used for some other
     Through another friend the duo got an email address for
nationally syndicated columnist and Pulitzer Prize winning writer
Dave Barry who published a column about the day. And that's
all it took! Response began coming on from all over the
world (hence the idea that's it's an "International Day!)
      I've been a bit of a Pirate myself from time to time.
      I have my own vessel....although it is just an 8-foot-
      I even buried a "treasure" on a small island many years ago.  It was a small tin containing a few coins. I'm wondering if any of them were old enough to be valuable.
      I'd like to check. But I'm not exactly sure where I buried
them! Guess I should have made a neat map with a big X to mark the spot!
      Maybe I did.......but I can't remember. I should probably make myself walk the plank!
      I've provided all this background information so......
after you've walked around your place of business using terms
like...."Arr" or "me hearties" or "shiver me timbers"......they
won't try to take you away in a white jacket that ties in the back!
      Hope you're Jolly (Roger) and that all of your NEWS is

Sunday, September 17, 2017



      This unusual holiday seems especially
appropriate since I just celebrated my
Birthday yesterday!
       September 18th is "Respect For The
Aged Day."
       We're always been told to respect our
elders and that's exactly what you're suppose
to do today.
        Now it's a little easier for me than many
of you. Since I just turned 75 I don't have
near as many "elders" as you do.
        On the other hand, at 75 I should expect
all you "kids: would want to show your
respect to me to celebrate the day!
        Oh. Wait a minute. This is only a
holiday in Japan!!!!! Ah heck!
        Maybe they'll start a similar
holiday here. Hope they do while I'm
still around to enjoy it......and that all
your NEWS is good!

Saturday, September 16, 2017



      A funny thing just happened to me!
I got a year older!
       On September 17th., 1942 I
showed up at my home on James Street
in Hazleton. No hospital for me. I was
born healthy and didn't need one.
       But now I find myself asking the
same question I hear from so many
other people. "Where did the time go?
       According to my buddy,who I've
known since 1st grade, turning 75
means I have lived for 27,414 days!
Of course given an average of 6 to 8
hours of sleep per day, I've actually
missed a lot of that time! Maybe I
should have stayed awake more!
A lot of my teachers used to say that.
        Still, I have enjoyed many of
those days. Especially the ones that
came on weekends or vacation!
         I actually remember a few
of those 27,414 days. And there are
a few I'm happy to forget.
         Still, I've been blessed with a
wonderful family and a lot of very
good friends so it would seem the
bulk of those days haven't been
         Hope I get a few more and
that all your NEWS is good!


Friday, September 15, 2017



    Our Hazleton High School Class of 1960
has held a reunion every 5 years since our
graduation. Following that logic our next
gathering should have been in 2020.
     On Friday, however, our Reunion
Committee hosted a special get together
to celebrate the fact that this year, into
early next year, all of us turn 75-years-
     I was especially pleased to attend and
to point out that my birthday comes this
Sunday. That makes me one of the "kids
in the class!"
     We had a pretty decent turnout and
given the fact this wasn't one of our
"regular reunions" and was schedule
on a Friday rather then near a holiday
we were all very pleased!
      There was also a special effort to
stage this gathering as a casual event.
The guys are always happy when they
can leave the ties at home!
        There was a "picnic-like
atmosphere" and plenty of time for
old friends to chat and talk over
old times! Of course at, or near, 75
we have plenty of old times to
        It would be nice to come up
with another excuse to meet,
Otherwise hope to see you
classmates again in 2020 and
that all their, and your, NEWS is

Thursday, September 14, 2017


     FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15TH., 2017

    My wife and I decided to try to beat
the predicted rain Thursday and take my
grandson to a nearby playground.
     I figured we'd squeeze in some lunch
later but my wife suggested we could
turn the outing into a picnic as well as
a play day.
     We stopped by a local deli for a
few supplies then headed to the playground
which, fortunately, has several picnic
tables on site too. My wife even spotted
a four leaf clover. It was our lucky day!
      Admittedly sitting at the table only
held our grandson's attention for a short
       In typical "little boy fashion" he
demonstrated it was just as easy, and more
fun, to take quick bites of food from
Grannie's hand with each forward thrust
on the swing! He proved very accurate
capturing chunks of ham and cheese
in his teeth without ever once biting the
hand that was feeding him!
       This could prove a great way to
encourage kids to eat their vegetables!
Just be careful where you stand if you're
"the feeder."
       Hope your timing and all your NEWS
is good!