Friday, September 21, 2018



     Autumn was scheduled to show up at
9:54pm EDT today, September 22nd. But,
apparently, it was anxious to get here!
     I was totally prepared to drain the
last few hours out of summer as my wife
and I turned our house over to Karl and
headed out to visit our friend at his family's
cottage in Maine.
      We had the trunk of the Miata cleared
and we were ready to put the luggage in and
the top down. Then I saw the clouds, felt the
breeze, and read the forecast! I closed the
trunk, covered the car and moved everything
to our sedan for the trip.
      My wife, with the same initial optimism,
had already packed several pair of shorts and
T shirts for me. They will likely stay packed
while my traveling blue jeans will have to
last through the week.
       We made it into New Hampshire Friday
and Fall is in the air here as well. The leaves
haven't changed as yet but there are signs of
color beginning to show up on trees here and
there. The cloudy weather forecast for our
destination also features one sunny day with
high temperatures in the mid 50's!!!!!!
         Since we'll be on an island off the coast
that may truly seem like a warm spell.
          Those 4 Geese that buzzed my house
last week may have been trying to tell me
           Hope Indian Summer comes as
quickly and that all your NEWS is good.

Thursday, September 20, 2018



    This is a day when we're all encourage
to enjoy or even create some of that unusual
art work known as doodling.
     I'm not sure how popular it is these days
but when I was in school doodling was a
very big thing. You'd find it, for the most
part, on those brown paper covers you had
to put on your Text books every year to
protect the hard covers that were actually
part of the books.
       It was a bit ironic. Especially on books
where professional artists went to great
lengths to design an attractive cover for
your history or geography editions.
       Students viewed those brown covers,
sometimes produced at home, as a canvas
just waiting for their pencils and pens.
        Many drew their names in some sort
of fancy style or, perhaps, pictures of
cars or boy or girl friends.
         Sports was another popular subject.
I included several logo designs of my
favorite team on a couple of my books.
I thought they were pretty good which,
in effect, made me a "Yankee Doodle
Dandy." Get it?
         Anyhow if you've got some paper
and a pen or pencil you can celebrate the
day by doodling away.
         Some celebrates do this every year
and auction their doodles to raise money
for research into epilepsy.
         Hope your doodles sell and that
all your NEWS is good! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018



     September 20th is "National Pepperoni
Pizza Day!"
      This is a holiday I truly endorse! I've
always liked Pizza. My hometown was
Hazleton.  I always thought pizza was
invented there.
       And I've always loved Pepperoni. I
think it was the first food I ever "cooked."
Some would say what I did was "heat"
the meat. But as far as I'm concerned it
was on the stove, in a pan, with a flame
underneath. So I "cooked it."
       I don't remember exactly when I
learned how well those two basic foods
tasted together but I've been ordering them
that way for many years.
        Apparently I'm not the only one.
Nationally, Pepperoni is the most
popular topping, preferred by
36% of the people.
        My wife, however, likes mushrooms!
Since I don't we usually end up ordering
a half and half pie. There's usually one
slice left over. But it always has mushrooms
on it!
        The first pizza is said to have been
sold in Naples, Italy in 1738. If it was
topped with Pepperoni you might still
be able to eat the meat. It keeps very
         I don't suppose I have to tell you
how to celebrate this unusual holiday.
Hope you enjoy your meal and that all
your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


                    ARR YOU THERE?

     Another one of those "Big Days" is here! It's one of
those "holidays" most people don't know about. And
they're missing all the fun!
     September 19th is "International Talk Like A Pirate
Day!" I kid you not!   It's the brainchild of two guys,
John Baur and Mark Summers.
     Neither is a Pirate or, as far as I know, even a fan of
Pittsburgh's Baseball team.
     They were playing racquetball one day when they
suddenly had an inspiration like
a pirate! It's probably happened to you at one time or another.
Anyhow they had so much fun they decided the world
needed a new holiday and "Talk Like A Pirate Day" was
     They picked September 19th because it was Summers'
ex-wife's birthday and because they couldn't think of any
other date that wasn't already being used for some other
      Through another friend the duo got an email address for
nationally syndicated columnist and Pulitzer Prize winning
writer Dave Barry who published a column about the day.
And that's all it took! Response began coming on from all
over the world (hence the idea that's it's an "International Day!)
       I've been a bit of a Pirate myself from time to time.
I have my own vessel....although it is just an 8-foot-rowboat.
I even buried a "treasure" on a small island many years ago.
It was a small tin containing a few coins. I'm wondering if any
of them were old enough to be valuable.
        I'd like to check. But I'm not exactly sure where I buried
them! Guess I should have made a neat map with a big X to
mark the spot! Maybe I did.......but I can't remember. I should
probably make myself walk the plank!
        I've provided all this background information so......
after you've walked around your place of business using terms
like...."Arr" or "me hearties" or "shiver me timbers"......they
won't try to take you away in a white jacket that ties in the back!
        Hope you're Jolly (Roger) and that all of your NEWS is

Monday, September 17, 2018


        A PICTURE IS WORTH.........

     We've all heard the old saying "A picture
is worth a thousand words." I bring it to your
attention again today because September is
"Save Your Photos Month."
      Every year during the month of September,
photo organizers, companies, and photo
retailers work together to raise awareness and
educate people about the benefits of safeguarding
their photos.
     One of the lessons I learned from people who
survived the 1972 Agnes Flood was how much
they regretted losing old family photos to the
disaster. Their homes and furniture could be
replaced but not those precious memories.
     In a sense it used to be a lot easier to
preserve your photos because there weren't
that many to preserve. Remember the old
film cameras,especially the so-called "easy
to use" ones,that probably only took 8 shots
per roll! But the picture, if you'll excuse
the expression, has changed!
     Memory cards allow modern day
Matthew Brady's to shoot a few thousand
photos without having to worry about
 "running out of film."
     8mm movie film used to give you three
minutes of silent video. Along came VHS
tapes on which you could shoot two hours
of home movies! Now you can transfer
them to dvd's to make sure you've got
something to show your neighbors when they
need a good nap.
     Last night I had to copy a couple photos
from my wife's camera onto my computer.
My laptop indicated there were over 3,000
pictures on her camera that had not yet been
downloaded. And that probably only covers
the last two months! That makes "Gone
With The Wind" look like a short story!
      Today, of course, you can keep all
your pictures in safe places. The camera
itself, a computer, even "the cloud."
      If they truly are worth a thousaand
words my wife must have a lot to say!
Hope you don't tell her I said so...and that
all your NEWS is good!

Sunday, September 16, 2018


             THE 4TH QUARTER!

    As I write the sun is setting and I am
about to complete my 75th orbit of the sun!
To use a football analogy, I am entering
the 4th quarter of my life.
    I don't remember a lot about the first
few minutes, or hours, or days of "play."
I was too little!
    I know I enjoyed my childhood a lot.
That's probably why I've never completely
left it.
    The first quarter ended and the second
started very well. That's when I met my
wife! She was and is my greatest cheerleader!
That's been very important because I haven't
always run the right plays or made that
first down I really needed.
    And there have been set backs! Most
notably the passing of our parents and other
loved ones! You never get over that "lost
yardage" but you keep playing the game.
    I've enjoyed a lot of success through
the second and third quarters too. Professionally
and, most importantly, with my fantastic
family. The cheerleading squad has expanded
to our three children, their spouses, and 6
wonderful grandchildren! There's a whole
lot of friends in the crowd as well!
    Again, there are challenges on the field
from time to time. But that Quarterback I
picked up, the carpenter from Nazareth,
keeps me smiling and looking upfield.
Sometimes I don't follow his plays as
called but he hasn't pulled me from the
lineup or fined me just yet.
     I don't know what the forth quarter
has in store for me. And I have no idea
how much time is left on the clock! You
see there's no scoreboard!
     But whenever the final whistle blows
I want you to know I've really enjoyed
playing in this game of life. And I appreciate
all those cheers.
     I'm kind of hoping for a tie so I can stay
for overtime!
     Hope all your NEWS is good!



     SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16TH., 2018
              COMING TO AMERICA!

        Immigration is a big issue these days.
It's in the news nearly every day.  I thought
you might like to know about the first ones
that decided they were coming to America.
         September 16th is "Mayflower Day."
This is the day, in 1620, that 102 colonists,
men, women and children, set sail on the
Mayflower from Plymouth, England bound
for Virginia.
          They landed more than three months
later near what is modern day Cape Cod,
Massachusetts. That has me thinking they
may have had a GPS system guiding them!
          As you probably know there were
already people here when they arrived. We
used to call them Indians but that has subsequently
been changed to Native Americans.
           The Native Americans did not have an
Immigration Department so, even though many
of them were unhappy to see foreigners moving
on to what had been their property they
welcomed them and even, at least for a time,
provided them with welfare by way of
sharing their food and survival knowledge.
            If they knew then what we know now
I wonder if they might have considered
building a wall to keep those immigrants
(we now call them Pilgrims) out?
             Of course they didn't and the
newcomers, and those who followed, did
pretty well here in "the new world."
              So today we remember those
brave voyagers who left their homes and
extended families to seek religious and
political freedom and whose determination
prompted Neil Diamond to write and sing
the song "Coming To America."
               Hoped you like Neil Diamond
as much as I do and that all your NEWS is