Sunday, October 20, 2019


   MONDAY, OCTOBER 21ST., 2019
                 LIKE A BROOK!

   My wife would likely tell you this
unusual "holiday" was made for me. Or
I for it!
    According to
October 21st is "Babbling Day!"
      It's a day for those who talk
gibberish. And go on and on! It is not
a day to sit back and be quiet!
     I have taken babbling to new
heights. I make up stories and even
silly songs all the time. And almost
always when no one has asked for
      Hating to waste my breath I
have even turned yawns into
words. Sort of. They're not exactly
real words. But I think they do
quality as gibberish. I've even got
a term for it. I call it Yawnatalk!
       I honestly believed my
babbling was among the best.
Then I saw several political
commercials on television
this week.
       I'm still a amateur!
       Hope you'll talk the day
away and that all your NEWS
is good.

Saturday, October 19, 2019


        SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20TH., 2019
               DECISIONS, DECISIONS!

      My wife and I had a lot of options
Saturday. A look out the window early in
the morning offered our first.
       The fog and frost offered the option
of staying in bed or  "looking on the bright
side" and getting up.
        We choose getting up.
         I then faced the option of beginning
work on a video editing project I need to
get done or shooting some new video of
my grandkids in a Halloween Parade.
         I picked the kids. (Of course!)
         By the time their march was over
the sun was shining.. But our outside
thermometer read about 55 degrees.
          My wife and I both knew we'd
enjoy a ride. But that left us the option
of going in her sedan or putting the
top down in the Miata.
            We choose the Miata so we
pulled our a couple sweaters and heavy
jackets and enjoyed our cruise in the
             We made our way to a church
rummage and bake sale near Hazleton
where we faced another major decision!
             Their baked goods area offered
a great selection including apple
dumplings and bread pudding.
              A lot of people wouldn't even
have bothered with a decision. A lot of
people would have just bought both
treats. So that's what we did !
              Hope we can decide which to
eat first and that all your NEWS is

Friday, October 18, 2019


                  WINTER READY!

       It's gotten colder over the past few
days. Hints of things to come. But
we're ready! Boy are we ready!
       The plastic sheets now cover the
screens on our front porch. There's
even a little fireplace-like electric
heater to make the space usable on
cold but not freezing days when the
sun still creates a greenhouse effect
        And in the corner, a small
electric snow blower awaiting its call
to action.
        My wife acquired the snow
blower at our favorite auction this
week. She did so while I was eyeing
up some other potential treasures in
another room so I was a bit surprised
when she pointed it out and told me
to load it in our SUV.
          I unloaded it and a few other
purchases when we got home and
the next thing I knew my wife was
making a space for the blower on
the porch.
           She told me it would be
easier to grab it there rather than
trying to reach the shed when the
snow shows up.
            I told her I thought it was
a good idea then asked "what about
the other one?"
           "What other one" she asked?
           I was referring to the other
small electric snow blower we bought
at a flea market a couple months ago.
            Seems she complete forgot
about that bargain!
            Always ready to make the
best of things she suggested we now
had a "his" and "her's" set so we both
had one to use.
             I prefer to think we have a
second one she can use when the
firsts runs out of electricity!
              Oh! They don't work that
              Hope she doesn't know that,
and that all your NEWS is good!

Thursday, October 17, 2019


    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18TH., 2019
                 THE FUNNIES!

      October 18th is "Newspaper Comic
Strip Appreciation Day."
       A lot of people don't get the daily
paper everyday and they're missing a
lot more than local news! They're
missing the funnies!
        I was a devoted reader of the
comic strips back in the day.
        Comics like Blondie, Donald
Duck, The Little King, Ally Opp,
Superman, and the Phantom got me
more into reading that any course
in Literature I ever took in school.
         That could account for my
writings these days.
         Sunday papers were especially
appreciated with at least one full
page of color comics.
           I must admit I'm a bit bias
on the subject since I actually
appeared in the comics!
            I, and my colleagues on
a committee to restore the Joe
Palooka Monument along Route
309, found ourselves included in
that character's comic strip back
in the 1970's.
           We were pictured as judges
in a beauty contest since that was
the subject of the strip's storyline
at the time.
            It's one of my favorite
claims to fame although many
people were not surprised to
find me in the "funnies."  There
are those that think the comic
strip is a perfect place for me!
           Many of my old favorite
comic strips, including Joe Palooka,
and gone now although a few, like
Blondie and the Phantom have
           They're still fun and, in
many cases, better reading than
the news headlines!
           Hope you enjoy them too
and that all your NEWS is good!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019



     Somebody here is on the wrong track!
     I don't get involved in political
controversy so I'll let you decide who's
engineering this wreck.
     According to news reports the
railroad that's been oaring scenic
excursions in Jim Thorpe for some 15
years is pulling out! In fact it's already
offering refunds to prospective riders
who booked the annual Santa Train ride!
       The problem, it seems, is an
amusement tax. But I don't find the
issue very amusing.
        The borough o Jim Thorpe has
filed a lawsuit against the Lehigh
Gorge Scenic Railroad seeking to
recover what it claims is over
$100,000 in back taxes!
           Personally, I wondering
how much the community stands
to lose if it wins the lawsuit but loses
the railroad!
           I, and members of my family,
have been pleased to be among the
million or so riders that have boarded
that train in the past 10 years. If we're
any example our financial contribution
to the borough didn't end with the
our purchase of our tickets.
          Parking fees alone must have
paid for somebody's salary. And there's
almost always been a dinner. Often
some downtown shopping as well.
          My personal disappointment
in this issue goes well beyond the
           I used to ride a train into and
out of  Jim Thorpe long before
passenger service was limited to a
scenic ride. The station that has been
serving tourists was my boarding
platform to New York City!
             Unless there's a last minute
change in schedule "The Last Train
To Clarksville"....I mean Jim Thorpe,
runs on Sunday, November 24th.
             Hope someone heads off
this derailment and that all your
NEWS is good!


Tuesday, October 15, 2019


                  GUN VIOLENCE!

     This is a serious topic everywhere these
days and I guess it's my turn to comment.
      You could say I became the latest victim
the other evening!
       Now don't panic! I have not been shot
or even threatened. Here's the story.
        I recently acquired an antique pistol
at a local auction. It's a 1909 Savage. The
gun that came in second to the Colt 45
during the military's 1907 trials to come
up with a new army pistol.
        I fired the gun at an unofficial range
not far from my hole and was delighted
at how well something that old worked.
        There was one problem. The "slide"
which must be pulled to get the gun ready
to fire was extremely hard to pull! I
managed to get it but not until after many
         When I saw YouTube videos of
similar guns it became clear their slides
were much easier to pull then mine.
           I figured a visit to a nearby
gunsmith was in order to clean and
lubricate my new antique.
           Being a responsible owner I
wanted to make doubly sure the chamber
was empty before I took it to the shop.
           Of course to do that I had to pull
the slide back again. I had it just back
far enough to see the clear chamber when
it slipped and sliced my pointer finger!
             I learned an important lesson.
             Guns don't cut people! People
who aren't strong enough to hold the
slide open cut people!
             So the gun's in the shop and
the finger's in a bandage. My "trigger
finger" by the way!
             I do expect complete recovery
in a couple days.
              Back in the day the famous
lawman Bat Matheson promoted this
gun in advertisements lauding its
ease of operation. Guess they made
stronger men and easier slides back
              Hope I'm back on the range
soon (with gloves) and that all of
your NEWS is good.

Monday, October 14, 2019


    It's October 15th. A day set aside
to honor......well maybe not honor,
but at least take note of an individual
or individuals we all know and.........
well......we all know.
   This is National Grouch Day!
   Judging from the posts I see on
Facebook every day a lot of people
will be celebrating!
    A Grouch's mission in life is to be
as miserable and grouchy as possible,
and pass that feeling on to everyone else!
     I'm not sure if the trait has to be learned
or just comes natural to some folks. I do
know a few people who seem to work very
hard to maintain their "Grouch status!"
     I know one who works at a convenience
store close to my house. I have stopped
asking how she's doing. Her gloom and
doom answers are not only grouchy,
they hold up the line!  
     According to one website the day was
created for and inspired by Alan Miller, a
retired teacher and chairman of the board
of NAG, (National Association of Grouches).
I was unaware this organization actually
existed. But, since it does, some of those
Facebook posters I mentioned, as well as
that clerk, might want to apply for membership!
     I don't know how we're suppose
to celebrate this day. Maybe we just
congratulate the grouches we know?
    Of course you'll want to be careful if
one happens to be your boss!
     Hope no one congratulates you....and
that all your NEWS is good!