Sunday, May 22, 2022


          MONDAY, MAY 23, 2022



   Welcome to "Lucky Penny Day!" Remember

the old saying :Find a penny. Pick it up and all\

the day you'll have good luck." Actually that's

suppose to apply to a penny you find with the

heads side up. There's a lot of history behind

the penny. The name "penny" came to us from

England. Our first penny was minted in 1793.

It was said to have been designed by Benjamin

Franklin, the man who came up with the saying

"A penny saved is a penny earned." They were

originally as big as a half dollar and 100% copper!

They aren't worth quite as much as they used to

be. Remember when you'd go into a candy store

and have your pick of the penny candies available

then? Inflation has taken a toll on the once proud

penny. Hope you've got or find a lucky penny today.

That's my two cents worth. How about you? A penny

for your thoughts! Hope all your NEWS is good!


Saturday, May 21, 2022


   SUNDAY, MAY 22, 2022


   Today celebrates my favorite character
in literature! This is "Sherlock Holmes
    Of all the interests my late brother and
I shared the adventure of that super
detective Sherlock Holmes would surely
be at or near the top of our list!
     Holmes had keen powers of observation
which would allow him to know almost
everything about a person the minute
he laid eyes on him or her.
     Alas, my wife continues to remind
me that the crumbs I've left behind on
the floor near the couch where I've
nibbled my snacks proves, conclusively,
that I lack Holmes' powers of observation!
      Ironically, she seems to have them!
      Before I've removed a shirt worn
for an hour or two I hear her utter the
words "that goes in the laundry." That
pronouncement comes as she's detected
a tiny spot unseen by my eye!
       Holmes, of course, was a fictional
character. The day actually celebrates
the Birthday of his creator, Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle who penned many stories
about the detective. He, Doyle, was
born on May 22ud of 1859.
        One of the highlights of a trip
my wife and I hosted to Scotland a
couple years back was enjoying
Fish & Chips at the Conan Doyle
Restaurant in Edinburgh overlooking
a small park where stood a statue of
Sherlock Holmes!
         As we left I thought of
that line "Elementary by dear Watson"
so attributed, though never actually
spoken,in a Doyle novel by Holmes
to his faithful assistant
        My wife  interjected a thought of her
own. " That shirt goes in the laundry."
         Happy Birthday Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle. May all those who
continue to enjoy your writings
enjoy good NEWS as well!

Friday, May 20, 2022


    SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2022

          HORSE CENTS!

  If you wanted to get a really good

deal on a horse you should have been

around anytime after May 21st of

1819 in New York City! That's the

day the transportation scene began

to change! Horse power suddenly

had a challenger. That's the day

the velocipede showed up in the

"Big Apple." It was a revolution 

in the field of transportation and

the sale value of horses fell immediately

afterwards! By the way, you can still

get a velocipede of your own if you're

interested. Only these days they're

called bicycles. Just thought you ought

to know. Hope you're a safe rider and

that all your NEWS is good! 

Thursday, May 19, 2022


   FRIDAY, MAY 20, 2022


    I didn't get all the details but I

understand there was a lot of fuss
on the web this past week about a
guy in an eating establishment who
got very upset when he heard people
conversing in Spanish.
   As I understand it he preferred
everyone speak English.
    I bring this to your attention
because  May 20th, is
"Eliza Doolittle Day."
    For those who may not recall
Eliza was the lead female character
in the musical "My Fair Lady." She
was a Cockney flower girl who took
speech lessons from Professor Henry
Higgins. It was based on George
Bernard Shaw's play "Pygmalion and
both the play and the musical explore
the benefits of learning how to speak
     You see a lot of folks who speak
English really don't speak it very well!
     When I was just starting out in
broadcasting all of the employees at
the radio station where I worked were
required to take classes from a Penn
State professor who taught us to say
"creek" instead of "crick" and "again"
instead of "agin." 
      Those are just a couple common
mispronunciations around these
parts. Add "slang" to the mix and
there's a lot of "English speaking
people" I can't understand at all.
       Perhaps before we panic too much
about hearing another language we
might want to check to see how well
we're speaking "our own."
        Heyna? Hope all your NEWS is

Wednesday, May 18, 2022


 THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2022


   Two very good "holidays" to

note today. First, May 19th is

"May Ray Day!" It's a day to

celebrate the rays of the sun that

are leading us ever closer to Summer!

It;s a great time of the year with longer,

warmer, summer days just ahead. It's

also "Scooter Day." You're encouraged

to get out your scooter to ride to work.

I was just pulling my grandson's

scooter out of the back of my

Suburban when I realized...I don't

work anymore! So I don't really need

to try the scooter. For those of you who

dom good luck! Hope wyour day is

sunny and all your NEWS is good!  

Tuesday, May 17, 2022


    WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 2022

          TIME FOR A TUNE?

              It's May the 18th which, as you

probably know, is "Buy A Musical

Instrument Day." This particular

date was selected because it is the

birthday of Robert Meredith Wilson,

the man who wrote the book, music, and

lyrics for "The Music Man."  I have dabbled

with a few instruments over the years. I

think most of us got a chance to play that

flute-like instrument, the recorder, in grade

school. I tried the guitar for awhile but the 

strings always hurt my delicate fingers. More 

recently I try to play a few songs by ear on my

harmonica, My wife insists if would

sound better if I actually tried playing it

with my ear. If you're checked out my

video blog today you'll hear a sample

of mt tune interpretation. Perhaps we

should not only buy a musical instrument

today but sign up for lessons as well.

Hope you're in tune, and that all your

NEWS is good!

Monday, May 16, 2022


   TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2022


     It's May 16th, the start of "National

Foul Ball Week!" When you go to a

ballgame and a foul ball comes your

way the natural instinct is to try to

catch it or grab it after it lands and

then you get to keep it!  But that hasn't

always been the case! Up until 1921 if

you got a foul ball the team made you

give it back! But on May 16th of 1921

a 31 year old business man, Reuben

Berman, went to the Polo Grounds to

watch the Giants play the Reds. He

caught a foul ball that came his way.

But when an attendant came to retrieve

the ball he tossed it towards other

spectators. Nobody knows who ended

up with the ball. But we do know that

Berman was escorted from the ballpark!

He got his ticket price back but he said

the team had humiliated him. So, he

sued the Giants for $20,000! The case

ended up in the Supreme Court. Berman

won! Bu he didn't get the $20,000, The

court awarded him $100. Still the team

realized that if each foul ball into the

stands cost then $100, it was cheaper

to let the fans keep the balls! So head

on out to the old ball game and if you

should happen to grab a foul ball, you

can thank Reuben Berman! Hope you

do, that you're well, and that all your

NEWS is good