Thursday, December 2, 2021


     FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2021

        A "SHOCKING" RE-RUN!

   While I'm recovering from my second

cataract surgery I've reached into "Double

Dee;s Dusty Dungeon" for an oldie to keep

you entertained/ Here's one that still fits in the


           PEDAL TO THE METAL!   

    There's a lot of talk about electric cars

becoming a big part of our future. But

electric cars are not new! In fact the very

first recorder speeding ticket was issued

on  May 20th., in 1899. And the speeder was

driving an electric car! Actually it was a taxi.

It was driven by cabbie Jacob German who was

"speeding" along a street in Manhattan!

He was acceding the speed limit by 4

miles an hour! The limit was 8. He was

doing 12! And, by the way, the officer

who pulled German over.......was riding

a bicycle!!! Drive safely! Hope all your

NEWS is good!


Wednesday, December 1, 2021




   December 2nd marks the start of Cookie

Cutter week." Remember those old cookie

cutters? Metal forms used to cut shapes our

of your roller cookie dough. Many were

shaped for the holidays.     Christmas trees.

Stars. Angles. Or, perhaps, animal shapes.

I'm not so sure the cookie cutters are used

as much as they used to be these days. Even

the big box stores offer pre shaped and pre

baked cookies of all shapes and sizes.

Still it's hard to beat a good home baked

cookie, what ever the occassion! And some

of those old cookie cutters are very rare

and quite valuable! This would be a great

week to get your old cuttie cutters out and

cut some holiday shaped cooklies to

celevrate the season! Hope you do and

that all your cookies, and NEWS, are and is


Tuesday, November 30, 2021




    December 1st is a very big day in 

automotive history! On this day in 1913

Henry Ford introduced the automobile

assembly line to the world. The industry

would never be the same afterwords! 

And, on that very same day, Gluf Oil

Company oped the first drive up gas

station in the United States. It was in

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Ford is still

making cars and you can still get a

fill up in Pittsburgh! But some things

have changed. Ford's Model T sold

for 525 dollars! And gas at that first

service station went for 27 cents a gallon!

And, by the way, they sold 30 gallons

that day! Hope you're all filled up and

that all your NEWS is good!

Monday, November 29, 2021


    TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2021



   I was out for awhile yesterday and when

I returned I found the bulk of our annual

Christmas decorations all set out in place!

We don't have any elves around my house

but we didn't need them! My wife headed

the decorating team, My son helped lug in

some of the heavy boxes while our granddaughter

Mckenzie lent a very able helping hand to the

chore. Even little Anthony pitched in! As

usual my assignment was to plug in a remote

control on/off switch and to enjoy the fruits of

all their labors! I've always enjoyed decorations

but not so much the decorating! Now that they're

in place the outside lighting is about the only

thing left to do and we're hoping our other

grandson will help with that task. One up we

keep everything on display until "Russian

Christamas." It does help with the holiday

spirit! Hope you've got your decorations

in place or at the ready and that all your NEWS

is good!     

Sunday, November 28, 2021


     MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2021


   It's a holiday few people ever heard of,

let alone remember, It's "Catterntide!" It

was a day to celebrate Saint Catherine as

the Patron Saint of Lacemakers. It was a

big celebration every November 29th up

until around 1890 when the Lace industry

began to decline. The annual celebration

featured spongy cakes and a pie made with

mincemeat covered with melted honey.

And then there was "Leap candle!" The

women lfted up their skirts and jumped

over a lighted candle! I was thinking of

reviving the holiday and even had a

candle picke dout for the occassion. My

wife declined the invitation and suggested

that I shoud,do the a lake!  

Oh well. Hope you're well and that all

your NEWS is good!

Saturday, November 27, 2021


   SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2021


      Some of our gang headed for Unityville
yesterday for the annual pancake and
sausage breakfast at the Unityville Fire Company
not far off Route 118 in Lycoming County.
     This stop has become as much a part of my 
Thanksgiving tradition as Turkey on the day itself.
      I came across it quite by accident a few
years back. Usually from the day after Thanksgiving
until 9 Sunday night shifts of Fire Department
members and volunteers cook up hundreds of
pounds of delicious pork sausage and fantastic
buckwheat pancakes to a couple thousand
hungry customers who come, some at all hours
like our gang, to enjoy a meal and to support
their Fire Company. This year, however, the
eating ends at 10pm so everything can be
cleaned for protection against Covid. The
breakfast/dinner runs through tonight (Sunday) so
you've still got time to stop by, enjoy the
meal, and help a good cause!
       Members, their wives, their children, and
friends, help with preperations and clean up
afterwards. Trays of sausage wait in a
freezer to be formed into patties, an all night
job in anticipation of the crowds that show up
at "normal hours."
      It seems the smaller or more rural
the area the more people seem willing to
help each other out,
       The Company makes more money on
efforts like gun raffles but I think everyone
enjoys seeing people come together for the
Thanksgiving holiday "breakfast."
       Hope you'll put it on your calendar
for next year and that all your NEWS is


Friday, November 26, 2021


      SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2021


     There was plenty of chatter and laughts

at our Thanksgiving Day family get together.

So on Friday my wife and I decided a quiet

afternoon at the winery would be relaxing.

It was. However, it seems another hundred

or so people, including a large group of

young women celebrating a Birthday, had

the same idea! We were lucky enough to

walk in just as a couple at what seemed to

be the only available table were leaving.

Everyone was enjoying his or her wine

and in terms of laughter and chatting our

Thanksgiving celebration just seemed to

be continuing. It was a nearly perfect day.

Until we started home. By that time the

wet roads, now covered witha thin coating

of snow, had cars crawing up and down

the hills of Route 115 and, finally, forming

a traffic jam about 6 miles long. As our

usualy 70 minute trip turned into nearly

two and a half hours I did some wineing

of my own! Well, at least we got home

safely for which my thanksgiving continues!

Hope you're well and that all your NEWS

is good!