Friday, February 22, 2019



   I was sleeping in Friday morning
waiting for the radio alarm to announce
9am. Instead, at about 8:15, my sleep
was disturbed by the sound of a heavy
truck passing somewhere close by.
    Somewhere, deep in the recesses of  my
brain, memory and current affairs thoughts
collided and electrons sent an impulse
that forced my eyes open. Well, partly
open anyway.
      This was the last Friday of the month!
Around my place this is recycling day. It
only comes once a month and I hadn't put
my recycling out for pick up!
       Firefighters would have been proud
of my instant reaction! I jumped out of
bed, grabbed my blue jeans and a handy
sweatshirt. slipped into my unlaced, but
ready, sneakers and rushed outside to
grab the recycling can to carry it out
        I got there just in time to see the
collection truck turning the corner at
the bottom of my block.
        Lost? No way!
        Though still half asleep my mind
recalled all those cowboy westerns I used
to see on those long ago Saturdays before
anyone every heard of recycling.
          When somebody was getting away
all you had to do was head them off at
the pass!
           I moved the can from the front of
the house to the side where no one ever
puts out their trash. But you couldn't miss
it there. And they didn't!
            My recycling was picked up and
I still had time to go back to bed for about
30 minutes to dream about all those old
movies. Who'd believe they'd come in so
handy someday?
              Hope I've helped save the
environment and that all your NEWS
is good!

Thursday, February 21, 2019


          A NICE RIDE...SO FAR!

   Long before I started this daily blog
my good friend David Yonki started
the Lulackpolitical newsletter, a blog
that covers all sorts of community and
political matters. On Thursday David
honored me with a tribute for my 6
decades of broadcasting. I'd like to
share it with all of my friends by
reprinting here today.

Here he is in great form and better than ever on ECTV. 

(Photos: DeCosmo blogsite)
Long time broadcaster David DeCosmo is celebrating 6 decades in broadcasting this year. 60 years. He started hanging around radio station WAZL at he age of 15 and things in broadcasting have changed since then. Now most anyone can get sound from an IPhone but Davis first assignment was to tape a presentation by then Congressman Dan Flood. For those of us who remember the dulcet tones of Flood, it was almost impossible to keep up with the ebb and flow of his vocal levels but somehow DeCosmo brought back a finished product that could air. 
 Starting out as a teenager in Hazleton Area radio has led to Dave becoming  a veritable institution in this radio and TV market. For years he was the News Director of WILK in Wilkes Barre and a well known fixture in County government covering meetings and the like. During the 1972 flood DeCosmo helped found the Agnes Flood Radio network putting together a string of local radio stations that provided vital information at time of crisis. 
David was also the very first President of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Media Association. Those meetings, which I was a part of were seminars conducted by the broadcast and news print greats of NEPA.  DeCosmo also served twice as President of the Pennsylvania Associated Press Broadcasters Association.
In 1973 he went on to WMJW and won many broadcasting awards there as News Director. DeCosmo later shifted to TV where he and the late Kevin Jortdan were the premier news duo for WYOU TV. DeCosmo stayed at the station covering a myriad of stories that bordered on the national corners of the news realm.
He was the last witness to testify at a Coroner's inquest regarding the Teddy Kennedy-Mary Jo Kopechne situation.  He has been an educator of students wanting to get in the media and his wealth of institutional knowledge is untouchable.
Not content to sit on the sidelines, DeCosmo still does a weekly TV show on ECTV which we promote weekly here on LuLac. 

David and his wife's wedding was announced on National Radio by none other than Paul Harvey on ABC when Harvey was detailing the number of marriages that stood the test of time. Dave ad his wife Leona were barely newlyweds when Harvey bestowed  that honor. Plus I'm sure Harvey is smiling somewhere knowing that the "two kids" he mentioned years ago are still together and thriving.
For me, he has been a mentor, friend, confidante and supporter of every endeavor I have undertaken. He was the best damn softball pitcher my softball team, The Lady Killers ever had. 

On 60 years of excellence and dedication, we salute David DeCosmo and hope you will too. 

  Thank you David Yonki! Wish I was still pitching too! Hope all your NEWS is good!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


                      SPIT IT OUT!

      I believe I first heard that phrase, "Spit
it out," sometime during my illustrious Grade
School career. It later evolved into something
I heard in the movies as Detectives interrogated
a witness or suspect holding out on important
       I mention this because today is "The
Great American Spit Out!
       Unlike my experience with chewing
gum in school or Hollywood's police
cliché this day is dedicated to a campaign
to get people to stop using smokeless or
"chewing" tobacco. In this case they'd
like people to "spit it out" before it's ever
        I'm not sure why anyone would take
up this habit on purpose. I've had a cigar
or two in my day and the taste of the
tobacco leaves were never especially
appealing. I'd rather have raw spinach.
And I hate spinach!
         The Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention states that some 75% of
all mouth, lip, tongue, throat, nose and
larynx cancers are due to the use of
smokeless tobacco. All that and a
lousy taste! What a combination!
          I'm going to lend my endorsement
to this unusual "holiday" and suggest
that those who are using this stuff try a
good pack of Juicy Fruit gum!
          Hope they do and that all their,
and your, NEWS is good!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


             I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW!

   After a rather sleepless night I sentenced
myself to the couch for most of the day
Tuesday. Then, around 3:30, cabin fever
set in and I talked my wife into a short
ride towards Mountaintop.
     As the sun lowered in the afternoon
sky the layers of dirt on the front windshield
showed up all too well. I hit the washer switch
then watched as the wipers sent streaks of that
dirt across my vision!
      It was pretty clear, if you'll excuse the
expression, I was in need of new wipers.
      Minutes later we passed an Automotive
Supply Shop and my wife suggested it would
be a good place to stop. I agreed and would
have pulled in immediately had I not realized
how close we were to the Abe's Hot Dog
Restaurant and how close it was to our
dinner time.
        We pulled in for a couple of dogs, held
the onions on this visit, then got back in the
       I would have immediately returned to
the Auto Supply Shop had I not realized
how close the hot dog place is to the
"Milk House," Mountaintop's newest
Ice Cream Shop, Everybody deserves
        So we stopped in and enjoyed some
delicious ice cream then returned to the
         I remembered the Auto Supply
Shop and made sure I headed directly
        My wife wanted me to ask the
guy behind the desk if he might possibly
install the new wipers. I must admit I was
reluctant to ask. After all I could do the
job myself in 6 or 7 hours.
         When he came out with me, however,
 my wife gave me one of those..."See, I told
 you it wouldn't hurt to ask" lines.
           I just smiled. You see I never had
to ask. He volunteered to do the installation
as I made the purchase!
            And, I can see clearly now!
            Hope all your NEWS is good!

Monday, February 18, 2019


               MAGIC McDONALDS!

    I was amazed by the young magician
preforming on Americas Got Talent
Championship competition. This young
man has truly turned card magic into an
art form.
    Lately though, I've encountered magic
on a regular basis at, of all places, the
McDonald's fast food chain!
    On Monday I ordered a Happy Meal
with cheeseburger and fries for my
grandson. a cheeseburger for my
wife, and a cheeseburger for me.
     When we got home and opened
his Happy Meal Box I found the
french-fries and a box of chicken
nuggets. Some how his cheeseburger
had magically changed into chicken
     I checked the receipt. Three
cheeseburgers showed up there! So
it had to be magic.
     Not wanting to disappoint a 3-
year-old I traded my cheeseburger
for the nuggets.
     My experience was not unique.
     Another recent McDonald's stop
produced a Sausage, Egg, Biscuit in
the box that was suppose to hold my
Bacon, Egg, Biscuit as reflected on
my receipt.
      Unfortunately I used the Drive
Thru on both occasions and didn't
discover the "tricks" until I was
on my way home. Returning would
have meant going in, which I had
chosen to avoid in the first place,
or returning to the long Drive Thru line.
        Since the voice on that Drive Thru
speaker, as well as the illuminated
order confirmation board, and my
receipt all had my order correct I can
only conclude it's McDonald's magic
that changed the product in my bag!
          I preferred it when Ronald was
just a clown!
          Hope I get the right order next
time and that all your NEWS is good!

Sunday, February 17, 2019



     Many years ago there lived a Baseball
team called The Washington Senators. A
popular saying was linked with the team.
    "First in war, first in peace, and last in
the American League!" The first two, of
course, refer to our nation's first President!
     And if you've got a day off from work
or school today it's because George
Washington is still first!
     You see, officially, this is George
Washington's Birthday! It is not
"President's Day!
      Back in 1968 the term "President's Day"
came up for legal consideration in the
Congress.But it was shot down.
     The holiday was moved to fall between
Washington and Abe Lincoln's actual birth
dates. But the name was never changed
even though there was another attempt to
do so in the 1980's.
     Technically, all those Car Dealers and
other merchants pushing President Day
Sales are promoting a holiday that doesn't
     As I've mentioned before, back when
I was in school we had both Washington
and Lincoln's actual birthday's off. I still
support that. As well as a day off for
every President's birthday! I always liked
days off!
     Well, whoever's name you shout out
when you're singing "Happy Birthday"
today, I hope all your NEWS is good!


Saturday, February 16, 2019


                 MY WAY DAY!

     Fall in everybody! February 17th is
"My Way Day!" Yep. My way or the
     It's not just because I said so, it's
one of those unofficial holidays I like
to tell you  about.
      There's almost no information
about who came up with the idea. It's
thought to have been created and
shared via social media by someone
who felt it was time to make a loud
pubic cry about all the nonsense that's
forced upon us daily.
        When I first read it I was convinced
it was my day and I really didn't have
any big ideas. Then I figured the
creator of the day meant it for all of
us. So, in a sense, it's "Your Way or
the highway today.
       The idea is simple.  You're
encouraged to do whatever you want,
however you want.
        So go to it people. Be like Frank
Sinatra and do it your way today! Hope
it works and that all your NEWS is