Wednesday, November 30, 2022



              AN APPLE A DAY!

    It's December first everybody and

this is "Eat a red apple Day!"  I suppose

any color apple will actually do. December

first was selected for this unusual "holiday"

to counter the vast amounts of sweets that

confront us from Thanksgiving through

New Year's Day. There's the after

Thanksgiving feast pies. Then the candy

canes and other sweets so associated with

Christmas. Apples are good for us. They're

nutritious and you can eat them anywhere.

Even on a nice walk. I love apples and

try to keep a supply on hand. There

are thousands of varieties.  I don't know

all of their names although I know I've

had Red Delicious and Cortland

recently. I also haven't yet figured

out how they grow apples with those

little stickers on them. Must be some

special kind of seed. Anyway, enjoy an

apple today, reed or otherwise, and I

hope all your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, November 29, 2022



                            CAN IT!

    I suppose my title is a bit misleading since

it's really about jars rather than cans, You see

November 30th is "National Mason Jar Day!"

People have been finding ways to preserve

food for years but the process was revolutionized

forever when John Landis Mason received his

patent for a glass jar with a rubber ring and a

screw on top. That was November 30th of 1858.

The Mason jar has enabled people to preserve

food. It's need used as a handy storage unit for

everything from buttons to loose coins. And

the Mason jar proved a double edged benefit

for an industry in the Appalachian mountains

where they "bottled" and drank "White lighting

from those trusty containers. Today we're

preserving the heritage of the Mason jar!

Hope you're well and that all your NEWS

is good!  

Monday, November 28, 2022




   It's a holiday few people ever heard of,

let alone remember, It's "Catterntide!" It

was a day to celebrate Saint Catherine as

the Patron Saint of Lacemakers. It was a

big celebration every November 29th up

until around 1890 when the Lace industry

began to decline. The annual celebration

featured spongy cakes and a pie made with

mincemeat covered with melted honey.

And then there was "Leap candle!" The

women lfted up their skirts and jumped

over a lighted candle! I was thinking of

reviving the holiday and even had a

candle picke dout for the occassion. My

wife declined the invitation and suggested

that I shoud,do the a lake!  

Oh well. Hope you're well and that all

your NEWS is good!


Sunday, November 27, 2022


    MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2022

             CYBER OR CIDER?

     Today is one of the nation's newest

"unofficial holidays." It is "Cyder Monday."

It's a day when you are encouraged to do

all your shopping on line. Small business

owners tried to lure shoppers into their

local store on Saturday. But they haven't

surrendered to those on line merchants

just yet. In fact they've countered Cyber

Monday with Cider Monday! Cider Monday

is the brainchild of bookstore owner

Willard Williams. He led a campaign to

get small business owners to offer cider

and donuts to customers who come into

their stores on Cyber Monday. It's your

choice of course. But cider and donuts

always appealed to me! Have a great

day. Hope all your NEWS is good!   

Saturday, November 26, 2022


    SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2022


   The Thanksgiving holiday is filled

with traditions, The turkey dinner. Shopping

on Black Friday, left overs, more shopping

on Cyber Monday, and holiday parades. But

there's one Thanksgiving tradition that is now

pretty much limited to our memories. It was

the annual High School Thanksgiving Day

Football game. Every town had its own

High School back in the day and usually

it played its game with its biggest rival

on Thanksgiving Day. In my case it was

Hazleton vs. West Hazleton. Thosd Turkey

Day games started to disappear as school

district mergers brought the traditional

opponents under the same roof at a new

High School. I was only on the field for

one of those Thanksgiving Day games.

Actually I was on the sideline for the

most part. I was a Manager for the Football

team. One of thsoe guys who took water

to the players during time outs. And on more

than one occasion I was one of those guys

to carried an injured player off the field

on a stretcher. One "tradition" I truly

don't miss. Hope you've got some good

Thanksgiving tradition memories and

that all your NEWS is good!  

Friday, November 25, 2022




   The late famous New York Yankee Yogi

Berra gets the credit for the old saying that

serves as the title for today's blog. And when

applied to the Thanksgiving holiday it fits oh

so well. That's one of the neat things about

Thanksgiving. It's a holiday that goes well

beyond 24 hours! Thanksgiving Day is

immediately followed by "Black Friday"

which many consider the greatest shopping

day of the year. Then there's a weekend.

And in some areas, like here in northeastern

Pennsylvania, the Monday after Thanksgiving

is usually a day off! So many things to do!

Today I'm celebrating with leftovers. It's

another Thanksgiving holiday tradition.

And they're great! Especially when they

include left over deserts!!! So go right

on giving thanks and celebrating! Hope

you do and that all your NEWS is good! 

Thursday, November 24, 2022


      FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2022


     Today is "International Hat Day!" It's

a day to dawn your favorite hat and show it

off. Not to be confused with "National Hat

Day" which, I suppose, is strictly an American

thing. The day, I'm told, celebrates the day the

so called Top Hat was first introduced to

society. I like hats, especially western ones

which shade the neck and the face at the

same time. In the early 1960's hats weren't

so popular. Probably because President John

F. Kennedy seldom wore one. I like baseball

hats when they are worn the correct way.

That is, brim facing forward. They were

designed that way to keep the sun out of

the player's eyes. Some kids think

its cool to wear them backwards but I don't

agree. And I like gentelmen to remember

to take whatever hat they have

when they're inside. About the only place

I see that happen these days is in church!

Anyhow, enjoy your hat today and remember

what one hat said to the other..."I'll stay here,

you....go on ahead~" Have a great day. Hope

all yoru NEWS is good!