Sunday, July 18, 2021


       MONDAY, JULY 19, 2021

                "PROVE IT!"

 This was a rough day in Salem, Mass in 1692!

Five more people were hanged on this date after

being charged as witches!  19 were hanged in

all. One man was crushed to death with rocks

because he refused to plead guilty. And 5 more

died in prison! The trouble started when some

young girls in the community claimed they were

posessed by the devil or evil sprits and then

claimed that many of their neighbors, women for

the most part, had bewitched them! A series of

trials began throughout the coloney and the scare

spread wuickly leading to all those exceutions.

It continued until the Governor's wife was accused

of being a witch. That's when he, the governor,

changed the law. That change has become a basic

principal of American justice! It hold that every

person is now considered to be innocent until

proven guilty! A change we can all be thankful for!

Hope you're well and that all your NEWS is good! 



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