Wednesday, November 23, 2022



            UNCLE MONKEY DAY!

      I know everybody is celebrating Thanksgiving.

And rightfully so. But there's another "holiday"

listed on this date that gets little or no attention.

November 24th is "All Our Uncles Are Monkeys

Day!" It's also known as "Evolution Day." So

noted because it marks the anniversary of

Charles Darwin's book about the "Origin of

the Species." Is theory, as you may know,

suggests that humans eveoled from monkeys.

An interesting thought. But as a good friend

of mine once asked....."If humans evolved

from monkeys.....why are there still monkeys?"

Interesting question if you stop to thing about

it. Anyhow we probably ought to combine 

the day with Thanksgiving! That way you

can "Monkey around!" Hope you do and

that all your NEWS is good!

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