Monday, August 3, 2015

Moma Don't Take My Kodachrom Away

            TUESDAY, AUGUST 4TH.


    The pictures of me as a baby are somewhat
limited. And all of them were in black and white.
The world was a lot more black and white in
those days.
     All of the cameras recorded images on film.
Each roll of film gave you a limited number of
photographs. And after you filled up a roll with
pictures you probably took your film to a drug
store which sent it away to be developed and
have the pictures printed.
      Some kids were probably a couple months
old by the time their parents got around to
getting their film processed.
       By the time most of you read this my new
grandson will be three days old. He has probably
been photographed more in those three days than
I was over the first year of my life. Of course I
made up for all those "lost pictures" by getting
into television!
       My grandson has posed for digital cameras,
at least one camcorder, and a host of cell phones
that double as cameras. And nobody had to go
to the drug store!
       Admittedly, I'm among those who will
usually have a camera aimed at him....and my
other grandkids as well. Heck, I've already
had him on TV!
        Who knows, maybe he, his sister, or
one of his cousins will become a big star or
President. They'll need an agent or Press
Secretary and maybe they'll remember
Grandpa with his camera!
        Hope my batteries last, and that all
your NEWS is good!


Sunday, August 2, 2015




    As promised my wife and I drove
to New Hope Saturday for the
Pennsylvania Premier of the movie
All In Time!  We hesitated just a
bit until my daughter-in-law assured
us our new grandson would wait till
sometime after the movie to have his
own debut. He waited till yesterday!
Thank you Anthony!
      A lot of people showed up for
the screening and it was apparent, from
the long ovation as the credits rolled,
they really liked what they saw! It was
also apparent from the three awards
the movie captured at the festival!
       After the showing some of the
people who made the movie a success
got to take the stage and answer
questions from the audience.
       Co Producers Chris Fetchko and
Marina Donahue, our male lead Sean
Modica, and our star singer Laura Shay
explained some of the trials they went
through over a period of several years
to get the movie put together.
       Both of my wives got to meet
each other as did both of my sister-
in-laws and I'm happy to say they
all got along well.
       It was so great, knowing the plot
and it's twists and turns, to hear the
audience reaction as the story unfolded.
       My sister-in-law, the real one,
even gave me a thumbs up after my
short scene. This is the same gal who
responded to the guy who hacked my
email, claimed I was stuck in England
and needed money, by telling him to
keep me there.
       Speaking of my sister-in-law, the
real one, she brought a gang of friends
to the movie screening. We shared a
meal together afterwards and talked
about the film. I like this gang. My
four lines in the flick already have
them convinced I'm a star! Of course
they did have several glasses of
      Hope they're still feeling the
same way sober and that all their
and your NEWS is good!

My Night In The Hospital!



     A funny thing happened just after
my wife and I returned from the New
Hope Film Festival. My son called to
tell us my daughter-in-law had gone
into labor!
      He immediately set out to take
her to the hospital. I can't understand
why this has been such a common
      I was born at home and was
perfectly content to start life out right
in my own house! Heck, my Dad even
had comfortable familiar furniture in
which he could wait out my delivery!
      Anyhow, my wife and I like
to be in the waiting room when our
grandkid's decide to get born so we
headed to the hospital too.
       We arrived at the hospital at about
11:30 Saturday night. I'm thinking that
the waiting room may also double as a
meat locker for hospital workers. The
air temperature seemed to have been
set with Antarctica in mind.
      After a long trip and given the hour
it seemed wise to get a little sleep while
we waited. We were then faced with a
serious decision. Did we keep our coats
on as protection against the cold or use
them as pillows?
       I choose the pillow option. Ever
try to fold a coat or jacket over the
armrest of a chair so that it resembles
something soft? Sorry Charlie.
       Then there was the soda machine.
It willingly accepted my dollar bills.
But it rejected my quarters. Unfortunately
the soft drinks were a dollar fifty! After
several tries it finally realized my coins
were good too and released my
        As it turned out, it was well worth
the chill and the wait. Around 9:30 this
morning Anthony David DeCosmo
entered this world and all of its
wonders to begin his life among us!
Welcome to the world and our family
my dear Grandson! May all your NEWS
be good!!!!


Friday, July 31, 2015

My Big Screen Debut



  After years of coming into people's
homes on 19 and 21 inch TV screens
today I'll be seen on a big screen in
a theater in New Hope, Pennsylvania!
   I won't be up there very long. But
I will be there!
   Today is the Pennsylvania Premier
of Chris Fetchko's movie "All In Time"
which was filmed, for the most part,
in Wilkes-Barre and Pittston. Chris
was kind enough to cast me in a scene
as the father of our star Sean Modica.
It's a scene in which the dad sort of
tells his son what he should be doing
with his life.
     As my own son will tell you, I was
a natural for that part! I was rehearsing
for years without knowing it!
    Vanessa Ray is in the movie too.
Some of you will know her from her
role on the TV series "Blue Bloods."
    The movie has been screened, with
much success, at several Film Festivals.
But this is the first time it's being shown
in Pennsylvania. I think the movie is
pretty darn good.
     But the audience should be interesting
too!  Both of my wives will be there! And
two unrelated sister-in-laws!
     Perhaps I should explain.
     My wife Leona will accompany me
to the screening where she'll get to meet
Bev Ann Brennan who plays my wife in
the movie.  Additionally, my sister-in-
law Theresa is coming from New Jersey
to see the movie as is Judy Martini who
plays my sister-in-law on screen.
      I'll probably be hurrying home not
long after the feature ends as my new
grandson will be making his own debut
anytime now.
      Hope in all the rush I bring the right
wife home, and that all your NEWS is good!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Men At Women's Fellowship

          FRIDAY, JULY 31ST


    Once a month the women from our
church get together and......well....they
do things women do when they get
together. We guys don't usually know
what that means.
    Last night though the women
invited the men to their meeting!
It turned out to be a picnic/ outing at a
beautiful home owned by a couple
from our congregation.
    Since it was still, technically, a
Women's Fellowship meeting, the
wife provided the invitation and her
husband did the cooking.
    There were hot dogs, hamburgers,
salads, donuts, and some really good
potato chips (although I had to sneak
some away from one of the ladies
who insisted they were hers.
     Everybody was invited. One
couple even brought their Saint
Bernard puppy. Unfortunately he's
still too young to carry the Brandy
     There's a big pavilion where
folks could sit around and catch up
on each other's lives. And there's a
beautiful pond where a couple of the
guys tossed in their lines in search
of the legendary monster Bass said
to lurk somewhere in its depths.
     It was a darn good meeting!
     Some of the guys are thinking
maybe we should join this women's
group! We'll have to check future
     Hope we don't have to sew
anything...and that all your NEWS
is good!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Night At The Concert!



    I was a little surprised to get the
invitation to appear, on stage, at the
weekly concert series at Hillside
Park in Lackawanna County.
    Maybe they had heard about my
harmonica? Or, perhaps, someone
had overheard me whistling some
place. I do that a lot.
     I checked the schedule and two
acts, Common Threads Band and
Sassafras, were already on the bill.
     I dusted off the harmonica and
played a few notes of "Ode To Joy."
Then I ran after my wife to assure
her the fire alarm was not going
     When I got to the concert I
learned  I was not actually invited
to preform. (Maybe they spoke
with my wife?)
     Still, it was an honor to be there.
Electric City TV, where I volunteer,
promotes the free weekly concert
series a few weeks before it begins
each summer. The station also gets
a recording of each concert and
plays it numerous times. The
concert folks wanted to give ECTV
a pat on the back so I provided the
     I'm going to start rehearsing now
for next year. Maybe I can come up
with a second song?
     Hope I make the big time and
that all your NEWS is good!


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

On The Comeback Trail??



    I took my grandson to a ball game
last night. We headed out to watch
the Rail Riders play. But I was,
initially, stunned by what I saw!
    We were just seated when
someone walked past me and I
noticed a big number 2, and the
name Jeter on the back of his
     I had seen Derek Jeter when
he played while on a rehab
assignment with the Scranton/
Wilkes-Barre team. That was
only two years ago. But he looked
so much older now that he's
retired. Was he on the comeback
    I glanced around to see where
he was sitting. That's when I saw
his name and number again! Only
now he seemed suddenly taller!
    I turned to tell my grandson
what I had seen. That's when I
saw the name Jeter and the number
2 on the shirt he was wearing.
    Apparently, though he's gone
from the game, he's being
remembered by a lot of baseball
     And just as I came to my
senses, another "old timer" got a
big round of applause from the
fans who crowded the stadium.
     The Philly Phanatic showed
up to cheer on the Iron Pigs team.
Not too many years ago that team
called our area home and went by
the name The Red Barons! Seems
a lot of the fans have fond memories
of that character too!
     Well, we root, root, rooted for
the home team and they came away
the winner! I think my grandson
and I were winners as well last
     Home you're all..."safe at home"
and that all your NEWS is good!