Wednesday, February 21, 2018



   My wife and I took advantage of Wednesday's
spring like weather to do some non window
shopping. And we found the perfect place!
The Hometown Farmer's Market.
    Most so-called Farmer's Markets feature,
well, farmers and produce. You'll find some
of them and that at Hometown  but there's a
lot more!
     Vendors of all sorts set up stands at this
place. You can buy meats and cheeses, candy,
T Shirts, dresses, toys, baked goods, antiques,
old record albums and a hundred other things.
      Then there's the "unusual."
      We were intrigued by a chemical
packed within flexible plastic that heats in
just an instant to relieve back or leg aches.
How could anyone over 60 say no to a
product like that!?
        In my mind this is the perfect place
to come to find things you never ever
thought about but suddenly realize you
can't live without!
         You only get one shot at these
bargains. At least one shot a week! The
market is open every Wednesday all year
          We'll probably head back again
soon to find something else we didn't
know we needed.
           Hope this heat helps my back
and that all your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018



      My wife and I try to get to the movies as
often as we can and we're quite use to sitting
through the coming attractions. There are so
many these days that our popcorn has usually
been consumed by the time the feature starts!
       There's always a lot of posters for
upcoming movies on display as well but it
was another poster that drew our attention when
we stopped in on Tuesday.
        This one announced Cinemark's new
policy, effective February 22nd, banning bags or
packages (that could be read "purses" in many
cases)  larger than 12" x 12" x 6".
           I can see this being a big concern for
many women customers who carry everything
but a kitchen sink in their hand bags. (Of course
I'm just assuming there's no sink!)
          According to Cinemark the prohibition
is being put in place "to enhance safety and
security for guest and employees."
          I suppose that's an admirable stance
but I must confess to wondering if there
isn't more of a concern about smuggled bags
of potato chips or candy purchased by movie
goers for about a third of theater prices
outside the cinema!
           The theaters also reserve the right to
inspect all bags and packages as customers
enter. Medical and Diaper bags are
excluded. I wonder if they'd question a
Diaper bag if I didn't bring a baby with it?
          Well I guess you could still sneak
a lot of M&M's in. After all they melt in
your mouth, not in your pocket!
          Hope you enjoy the show and that
all your NEWS is good!

Monday, February 19, 2018


                CHERRY PIE DAY!

        February 20th is listed as Cherry Pie
Day on the web site
        I'm not sure why this particular date
was selected for the honor. Perhaps there's
a connection with Washington's Birthday.
        I'm thinking somebody figured the
cherries from the tree he allegedly
chopped down ended up in a pie perhaps
baked by him mother.
        I've always enjoyed a good cherry
pie and it is, statistically, the second most
popular pie in the country. Apple pie tops
the list but that's probably because most
people in the country have never tried
"Dad's (or My) Pie generally prepared
by my daughter or grand daughter for
most every family get together throughout
the year.
       It's about a billion calorie confection
based on a graham cracker crust filled with
Eagle Brand condensed milk and a touch
of lemon then chilled to near freezing.
       Years back my Mom would make
one and I remember my brother and I
fighting over who got the last piece.
        Others have come to love it since
then so rather than take any chances I
do my best to get the first, and biggest
         Since there's no family gathering
scheduled for today perhaps I'll settle
for Cherry pie just to join in the national
         Hope you'll have a slice yourself
and that all your NEWS is good!

Sunday, February 18, 2018


             TO TELL THE TRUTH!

        Chances are a lot of you're off today.
   You probably figured you get to sleep
late because it's  "President's Day." But you'd
be wrong!
    There is no national holiday called "President's
Day."  It’s a myth, like the story about George
Washington chopping down a cherry tree.
    The holiday we celebrated  today is,
officially, "Washington's Birthday."
    Of course it isn't Washington's actual
Birthday. That's February 22nd.
    Back in 1968 Congress adopted the "Uniform
Monday Holiday Act." The law moved four
holidays, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day,
Columbus Day, and Washington's Birthday
from fixed dates to designated Mondays to
increase the number of three day weekends
for Federal workers.
  Eventually Veteran's Day was moved back
to its traditional date of November 11th.
  This whole "President's Day" thing is the
work of  Madison Avenue. The people there
figured you can promote a lot more sales
if you can tie merchandise to all the dates
between Washington and Lincoln's
   I think the "Father of our Country" deserves
his own day! I always liked Washington best!
   I had a cherry tree in my backyard when I
grew up. I didn't chop mine down either.
Although I'm not sure I would have admitted
it had I done so.
   I had started a collection of dollar bills
because they bear George's portrait. Unfortunately
I never been able to keep any more than about
ten of them at any one time.
    Don't get me wrong. Lincoln is OK too.
    When I was in school, or at work, I would have
been very happy to take Lincoln and Washington's
Birthday off!
    In fact I'd gladly celebrate every President's
Birthday with a day off! Including Jefferson Davis!
    But let's give old George the special
attention he deserves. Lets take the 22nd off too!
    Hope we get more holidays and that all
your NEWS is good!


Saturday, February 17, 2018


    SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18TH., 2018

        Today's blog is based on actual
        We hold these truths to be self
evident. That, from time to time, we
all deal with wonderful well meaning
people who seem lost in a fog.
         My daughter dealt with one of
them this past week while trying to
arrange a medical appointment. She
had already had the first in a series of
two examinations and called to arrange
for the second.
          The receptionist pointed out
that the tests had to be done within 30
days of the first series. Since the first
were done of January 31st she explained
that my daughter had until February 31st
to schedule the next series.
          Anybody else see a problem here?
          My daughter explained the
obvious and the receptionist agreed to
schedule an appointment for March 2nd.
          My wife spoke with a representative
of a large insurance company to have some
changes made to the policy for our cars.
           The spokesperson took down some
basic information but suggested we'd be
better off speaking directly to our local
agent on Monday.
            Wanting to make sure we were
covered in the meantime my wife wondered
if a call Tuesday would be all right since
Monday was a holiday.
             Seems that information came as a
complete surprise to the company representative.
"What holiday" she asked. "President's Day" my
wife responded. Since it wasn't Christmas or
Thanksgiving the representative said she didn't
recognize that one!
              Admittedly it's only been around for
47 years so it's a relatively "new holiday" which
could explain her ignorance.
               I'm just happy Congress didn't schedule
it for February 31st!
               Hope you have a great day, whatever
date it this is, and that all your NEWS is good!    

Friday, February 16, 2018


              FALLING FOR STYLE!

      I've found myself watching a lot of the
Winter Olympic games.
      The athletes have been very impressive
in each and every competition I've seen. I
could never even imagine challenging them.
      I don't skate. I don't ski, although there
was a time when I did a bit of cross country
skiing. My sledding experience was pretty
much limited to taking my Flexible Flyer
down Third Street in Hazleton after a good
snow storm about 63 years ago.
       But while Olympic Gold, Silver, or
Bronze would be out of the question I'm
wondering if there shouldn't be another
category. It would be one in which I might
       If you've watched at all you know that
even Olympic athletes sometimes take a
spill. Now I've had a lot of experience at
falling and I think I could do it with the
best of them!
       I remember playing Softball at the
original Lackawanna County Stadium
when the surface was made up of some
form of AstroTurf. Hitting the ground
there was pretty much like falling on
concrete! I did it twice in one game!
       Rather than feeling sorry for those
who go down while trying their best
we could have a separate team of judges
awarding points for form and landing.
      There could be a separate medal,
maybe Copper or Tin, and the winners
would be allowed to sit as their award
was presented.
      Maybe I've been too careful with
all that ice we had last week. I could
have been practicing for the 2020
games! I'd probably even be healed
by then!
      Hope you like my idea and that
all your NEWS is good!

Thursday, February 15, 2018



    I just don't get it! I watched
carefully Thursday night.
    I checked the live web camera at
Times Square in New York. Sure,
there were plenty of people walking
around. But no where near the huge
crowd I saw on December 31st!
     What's going on?
    Didn't anybody know it was New
Year's Eve?
    And today is New Year's Day!
    Check your calendar to make
sure you're up to date! This is Chinese
New Year 4716! It's also known as
Lunar New Year!
    Chinese New years or Spring Festival,
is the biggest holiday in Chinese culture. It
is celebrated with festivities, fireworks,
brightly colored lights, special meals with
family and gift giving! Hope you didn't
spend too much on me!
    By the way the Chinese New years
celebration extends for 15 days so let's
get this party started!
    Hope there's a good fortune in your
cookie..and that all your NEWS is good!