Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Spitting Image!

  We've all been warned about the
consequences of "spitting into the
   My wife doesn't spit at all.
   But that changed yesterday!
   No! She didn't have a "Chaw."
   A family friend or, perhaps, a
family relative convinced her
to take a DNA test! The outcome
should determine if the friend is
a relative!
    She's working on family history
and discovered a link between my
wife's great grandmother and her
great grandmother!
    Her initial research has turned
up German, Irish, and Scottish
heritage in the family line.
   There's even, get this, a French
connection! Maybe even some
Jewish heritage.
    To see how and if my wife fits
in she had to spit into a cup so her
DNA can be tested at a laboratory!
    I'm anxious to see the results when
they're ready!
    We passed a lot of Castles on our
recent tour through Ireland and
Scotland. Now I'm wondering if one
of them might belong to her family!
Maybe we're forgotten heirs! And,
if we are, maybe we can remind
somebody that we're here!
    Maybe we can learn all about my
wife's long lost family members. I
wonder if any of them are...a spitting
image.....of my wife?
    Hope their keeping our Castle
clean......and that all your NEWS
is good!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014


    There have been some great duos over
the years!
    Batman and Robin! The Lone Ranger
and Tonto! Sonny and Cher. Frankie and
    And then there was Frankie and Davy!
    For many years Frank Andrews was
a competitor. He anchored at WNEP TV
while I, as most of your know, was a
reporter with WYOU.
     Suddenly, one day, Frank not only
joined the Channel 22 Team. He became
the News Director! He went from my
competitor to my boss!
     Surprisingly we seemed to be a good
duo! I think it was, in part, because of
our similar sense of humor. Our morning
telephone calls often sounded like a Laurel
and Hardy skit. He's the only person who
ever called me "Davy." (I think he was
a fan of the Monkees!)
     Still when it came to news, he knew I
knew my territory and pretty much gave me
free rein to go out there and work my news
     What really impressed me, however,was
his willingness to welcome some "good news
stories" when I came up with them. The old
saying "If it bleeds, it leads" is pretty much
the truth. Trying to find time for something
other than murders robberies, and other
violent crimes was like asking the boss for
a raise! He didn't give me a raise, but he did
welcome those other stories!
     Yesterday Frank found himself working
with me again on my weekly ECTV Live
television program. He was a guest and
joined me to promote the upcoming
Veteran's Walk/Run which will be held on
November 1st. That's a pretty darn good
news story!
     The program will begin airing next
week on Comcast Ch 19 in Scranton and
Wyoming Valley.
     Thanks for joining me "Frankie!"
     Hope all your NEWS is good!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Chillin With The Chiefs!

    I ran into the President yesterday. And
a Roman Centurion. There was an Indian
Chief too. And a few other characters I
can't really identify.
    Who knew they'd all be at the same
place on the same day?
     That place was Country Junction, near
Lehighton. The business describes itself
as the country's "Biggest General Store."
      There are a million things on sale
there. Everything from peanuts and pets
to furniture and hardware.
      And then there are the statues!
Life sized mannequins of characters
like President Obama and Chief....ah....
well...I'm not exactly sure what chief.
       I'm also not quite sure how many
shoppers are actually looking for a
statue of the President or any of the
others I've mentioned. Or seen.
       But, if you want to get something
for that person who has everything, these
statues may just do the trick.
        Or perhaps you live in a high
crime area and could benefit from the
image of a Western Gun Slinger
standing on your front porch!
         You'll probably need a pick up
truck to get any of them home.
          Come to think of it you'll likely
need a pick up truck full of money to
buy one anyway.
          Think I'll just stop by to visit
them from time to time!
          Hope you'll stick with the Pink
Flamingos and that all your NEWS
is good!


Sunday, October 19, 2014

The DeCosmo Roast

   No! There was no dinner at which
dignitaries took turns poking fun at
me. But my wife was there. She's
capable of handling that kind of
humor all by herself.
    In this case the roast was a real
one. You know. The kind with
meat, potatoes, carrots, and onions.
    The occasion, however, was a
very rare one for us. A stay at home
    After a morning walk I found
myself facing a cloudy day with
chance of showers and not one
single soccer game on the agenda!
    My wife had purchased a roast
a week or two ago for just such a
    I watched as she prepared all
the ingredients. delayed only
slightly by the need to clean the
pan I used to fry some eggs earlier
in the day. She even allowed me to
have one of those unique treats
enjoyed by me...but few others...a
raw potato.
    Just a few hours later it was
ready to be enjoyed. Unlike our
pizzas, you determine when a roast
is ready by sticking a thermometer
into the meat, not by the sound of
our smoke alarm!
    We may have to stay home a little
more often!
     Hope that fry plan cleans up...and
that all your NEWS is good.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Sweetest Day!

    Break out the Hershey Bars everybody! It's
the third Saturday in October and that means
it's "The Sweetest Day." I never heard of it
before....... in spite of it's well documented
    According to the Holiday Insights web page
Herbert Birch Kingston, a Cleveland, Ohio
philanthropist and candy company employee started
Sweetest Day. He wanted to bring happiness to
orphans, shut-ins and under-privileged. His intent
was to show these people that they were not
forgotten. I suppose the thought of selling more
candy never entered his mind.
    He started this "holiday in 1922 by giving candy
and small gifts. Dentists must have loved this guy!
    The day still exists as an opportunity for you to
recognize someone special and sweet! It doesn’t matter
who that person is, or what their relation to you. They
just have to be "sweet." 
    I supposed a lot of you will be looking for my
address about now. If I'm out just leave all the
goodies on the front porch! Whatever I can't eat
can be held over for Halloween!
    Hope you enjoy something sweet today and that
all your NEWS is good.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Little House On The......River!

  My wife and I took advantage of yesterday's
mostly sunny day and headed out in the Miata
   The challenge we usually face is....which
way should we go? And somewhere "back in
time" is usually a tempting choice! So we set
out to find a house that belonged to an old
   Back in the day I had a friend whose family
lived in a heavily wooded area right along the
Delaware River.
   Their live style was much different than the
one I was used to!
   Their beautiful, semi isolated, home had no
telephone and no television. Visits there were
often spent listening to music from Broadway
musicals on the family record player.
    On two occasions I found myself forced
to spend the night. Evening fog from the
river enveloped the small windy back road
near their home like something out of a
Steven King novel! You don't drive in
a Steven King fog!!!!!!
    At one point the family decided to
enlarge their home and built on a full room
which came to be know as "the Little House."
     I helped gather rocks, large heavy rocks,
for the fireplace there.
     I remember my friend's father's Pontiac
looking like a Low Rider about to spring
forward as those rocks were loaded in the
trunk for transport. I often wondered how
long those springs actually lasted.
     The sight of the place brought back a
lot of very nice memories of an easier
time when I was still infected with youth.
     Sadly the family is gone now, the last
remaining sibling is married and moved
away. I'm told, however, the home is still
in the family although no one was around
when we made our unexpected visit.
     Sight unseen I'd wager the occupants
probably have both telephone and TV these
days. If so I'm not sure that's an improvement!
     Hope they're still listening to the music
and that all your NEWS is good!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Cliff Hanger!

   When I was a kid you could usually find
me at any one of several neighborhood
theaters on most any Saturday.
    It didn't matter what was playing
although a Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, or
Bowery Boys movie was probably on the
    It was the weekly Chapters or Serials
that kept me coming back!
    Screen heroes like Superman, Batman,
and Rocket Man, aka Commando Cody,
would fight the bag guys in a 12
minute episode that would end as a
"Cliff Hanger." Each week somebody.
usually the hero, would end up in a life
or death situation. You had to come
back the next week to see how that
situation ended.
    The Cliff Hangers were on my
mind yesterday as my wife and I went
to Cinemark to see a movie.
    There was a hint of what was to come
when we walked into the theater and
"heard" the previews of coming
attractions. The screen was blank!
But audio from the previews was coming
through the surround sound speakers.
    These days there's no one actually in
those Projection Booths so it's up to the      
audience to let someone know there's a
problem. Three or four of us left our
seats to spread the word.
     Back in the days of film my Dad
would have spotted a problem right
away and fixed it within 5 minutes!
      After a few minutes someone from
the staff came into the auditorium to let
us know a technician was "rebooting the
system" and that all would be well shortly.
       He returned about 15 minutes later as
the lights were dimming and asked if anyone
wanted to see the previews. I don't know if
there was an actual vote. But the Feature
apparently won as it began shortly thereafter.
       All was well until, during an important
scene towards the end of the movie, the
screen went dark and the lights came up!
        For a second I felt myself back in
my neighborhood theater, planning next
week's return visit to see how the story
       This time though, I only had to wait
about ten minutes! The technician must
have been close by!
        Even though the disruptions were only
temporary the nice folks at Cinemark
rewarded the customer's patience with a
free pass to another movie!
        I really like how this Cliff Hanger
        Hope your endings are happy and
that all your NEWS is good!