Sunday, June 23, 2019


     MONDAY, JUNE 24TH., 2019

    I've worked for and listened to a lot of
radio stations that pride themselves as being
the "Home of the Golden Oldies."
    I like the oldies because, as I've pointed
out before, I played them when they were
new in my few years as a DJ.
    I haven't heard any regional stations
playing oldies here in Wildwood and
that surprises me because as many people
will tell you this town might well be
considered the home of those golden
     Consider this. Bill Haley and the
Comets  first preformed "Rock Around
The Clock" here in Wildwood.
      A fellow known as Chubby Checker
also premiered "The Twist" in a night
spot not far from the Wildwood
       Bobby Rydell even did a song
about the area. "Oh Those Wildwood
       Of course all of those popular
rock songs were generally played on
local AM radio stations and the AM
dial in my car picked up absolutely
nothing when I switched to the Scan
Mode. That's kind of sad.
       Guess I'll just fire up the XM
receiver and set it on 50's or 60's.
That should take me back a few
years ago right here at the beach!
        Hope they play Bill Hailey
and that all your NEWS is good!


Saturday, June 22, 2019


             SUNDAY, JUNE 23RD., 2019

   It was the first evening of our annual family
vacation to Wildwood. For some of us a walk
to the boardwalk was a must!
   For me it was the combination of tradition
and the need for my ration of Curley Fries.
   My son-in-law and two grandkids accompanied
me to the great white way and joined in my French
fry feast.
    But it was their actions afterwards that got me
to thinking about how our communities could
raise much of the revenue they now receive by
taxing us.
     The solution is very simple. Install "Crane
Machines" everywhere possible. You know.
The devices are filled with attractive (but
cheap) trinkets that have kids, and many adults
as well, dumping quarter after quarter in only
to find, 29 times out of 30, the crane will not
lift the item up and over to the box where
they're suppose to fall out to you.
        Put these machines in school hallways
and the district budget will likely end up
with a surplus,
        I know you could argue that the money
is still coming from your pocket but at least

there's the fun of trying and the ultimate
lesson to the player that the house always
        I just sat back and watched while
enjoying my fries.
        Hope the grandkid's money holds out
through the week and that all your NEWS
is good!
     (Again, thank you to Karl for watching
the house while we're out trying to win
stuffed animals!)


Friday, June 21, 2019


    FRIDAY, JUNE 22ND., 2019
                HE'S BACK!

     I've cleared of the spare bed,
stocked the fridge with hot dogs
and cheese, a few beers and left
instructions for how to change
channels on the television.
      We're going on our annual
family vacation and our occasional
live in relative Karl is moving in
to watch the house.
       It's a vacation for him as well
and reminiscent of his basement
quarters he once enjoyed at my
late father-in-law's home.
        Don't send the Welcome
Wagon. Karl is not what you'd
call a "people person." Maybe
that's why he's such a good
        I'd love to include his photo
with today's blog but Karl has
never, to my knowledge, allowed
anyone to take his picture. And
while I mean no offense, I suspect
if I did get one of him you'd expect
to see numbers beneath his face.
       He does not, as you might already
expect, read my blogs. Nor anything
else that comes on a laptop or tablet.
       He does enjoy a good joke!
       I would like to thank him for
all his help and his willingness to
show up whenever we need him.
        Hope we all have a good week
and that all your NEWS is good!

Thursday, June 20, 2019


   FRIDAY, JUNE 21ST., 2019

   It's finally here (officially that is.)!
June 21st. The Summer Solstice. The
beginning of metrological summer!
  It's the longest day of the year so
I should be able to get some extra
sleep and still have plenty of time to
do other things. Like nap!
   If you lived at the North Pole
you'd be able to get a lot of things
done today. The sun doesn't set!
There's 24 hours of daylight there
today. Of course it can get a little
chilly there even on the longest
day of the year!
    For most of us it means the beginning
of vacation season, swimming pools,
picnics, outdoor fun and the like. In
between rain storms of course.
   Get as much in as soon as you can.
The truth is that each day gets a little
bit shorter as of tomorrow so, as that
old song points out, the end of the
beginning is the beginning of the end.
    Hope you have a wonderful summer
and that all your NEWS is good!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


   THURSDAY, JUNE 20TH., 2019
              MY CHECK LIST!

      I'm sure each of you has had to
put together a check list from time to
time to make sure you get to everything
that has to, or should, be done.
      I've recently realized that a new
task has come up on my daily list and
I find myself making this chore one
of my top priorities.
      It's deleting the growing list of
junk emails I find in my inbox every
single day.
      They come rom every Tom, Dick,
and Harry you can imagine! Harry, by
the way, is fairly new to the list. It's a
company that sells reasonably priced
shaving razors. I like the product but
I really don't need a daily reminder
that it's available.
       This morning I checked (read
that marked for deletion) some 30
emails that might just as well have
been addressed to "Current Occupant."
        I realize by doing this I often
ignore my opportunity to secure a
guaranteed loan for my advanced
education or exceptional deals
offered by a multitude of retail
outlets that have somehow added
my address to their sales promotion
         I would like to point out I
do not discriminate as I delete
each piece of junk email. I remove
both Republican and Democrat
propaganda as well as appeals for
funding from both parties.
          Sob stories and funding
requests from charities and
individuals via email  also fall
victim to my daily elimination
          The biggest danger I face
is checking too quickly so as not
to recognize an actual email from
a friend who decided to send their
greeting electronically. I get one
or two of those a month too.
          I'm not sure how all of this
mess started. When I signed up
for an email account way back in
the laptop stone age I just passed
along my address to some family
and friends I knew used the internet.
           Now I'm hearing daily from
candidates, causes, and commercial
            Hope they're not hurt by my
failure to reply. And, as for you, hope
all your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


    WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19TH., 2019

      Sometimes it's not so bad to be
left holding the bag!
      My wife and I joined a large group of
senior citizens, excuse me, older active
adults the other day to take part in one of
the best programs offered by Uncle Sam.
     It's the Food Voucher Program! It
provides vouchers to seniors that can be
used at participating Farmer's Markets
to buy fresh fruits and vegetables as they
come into season.
      The senior gets $20 in vouchers and
the farmers, usually local ones, end up
getting the money.
      It's the closest thing to a real "win/
win" program we've ever seen. Of
course it could be even better for
the consumer and the farmer were
the rate to be bumped up to 25 or30
dollars per person. Hint, hint!
     Along with the vouchers this year
the participants received an attractive
shopping bag that's great for holding
those fresh farm products and
eliminate the need for plastic bags.
So, in this case at least, being left
holding the bag proved to be a very
positive thing!
       Hope the corn is good this season
and that all your NEWS is good.

Monday, June 17, 2019


   TUESDAY, JUNE 18TH. 2019
          LIKE SO WELL

  I always liked the "Dragnet" police
stories, First on radio then on
   The lead character, Sgt. Joe Friday.
always questioned witness and
suspects and admonished them to
give "just the facts."
    As a news reporter I was always
looking for the facts too and I
appreciated it so much when the
people I questioned just answered
the questions.
     Back then though some 80%
of all answers began with the word
"well." You'd hear "Well you see,"
and the sentence would move on from
     Some 10 to 15 years ago I noticed
a change. A lot of people, especially
young people, began answering
questions with the word "like.:
     "Like, you know" seemed to
beat out "Well, you see."
      Seems we're entering a new
era. I was listening to the radio
the other day and heard two
different interviews on two
different stations in which the
person being interviewed began
most of their answers with the
word "so."
       (Q) What's causing this
unusual weather?" (A) So,
there are several contributing
       None of this upsets me,
although it would have driven
Sgt. Friday crazy.
       It's just interesting
to note these changes of habit.
      So, hope all your NEWS
is like, well good!