Sunday, January 15, 2017


     MONDAY, JANUARY 16TH., 2016

     Many of you are off from work or school
today to celebrate the memory of Dr. Martin
Luther King. His commitment to the civil
rights movement is reason enough to honor
his memory. Although it is not his actual
birthday! That is January 15th. In order to
conform to the National holiday law it's
celebrated on the third Monday of January,
So, of course, the date varies.
       There are, however, several other
observances that fall on this date. They
include the National Day of Service, Civil
Service Day, and Religious Freedom Day.
       But the one that's perhaps least know
has sparked my interest. You see January
16th is also "National Fig Newton Day!"
         It is dedicated to Fig Newtons –
cookies filled with fig paste that are a
trademarked version of the fig roll
manufactured by Nabisco. I always liked
these tasty snacks!
        Contrary to what some believe, they
are not named after English physicist Sir
 Isaac Newton. I don't believe he even has
a day named after him. Fig Newtons were
named after the town of Newton, Massachusetts.
        Maybe we could link two major
holidays by changing their name to King
        Anyway I just thought you should know
there's plenty of reason to celebrate today!
Hope all your Newtons......I mean...News...
is good!   

Saturday, January 14, 2017


    SUNDAY, JANUARY 15TH., 2017
          WORLD SNOW DAY!

    It's nice to be first. Sometimes. But it
seems our area was ahead of schedule
Saturday and I'm not so sure we were
     You see January 15th is "World
Snow Day." It's a day designed to get
kids all over the world involved in snow
related activities. Skiing, sledding, and
the like.
     Our expected "dusting" began in
the morning. By sundown the "dust"
looked pretty thick outside and my
social media sources were reporting
accidents all over the place from side
roads to the interstate system.
      The "sledding" began early in
our development. But there weren't
any kids involved. It was a pickup
truck trying to get up the slight hill
in front of our place. Eventually
the driver was able to get by.
       If he had just waited about 5
hours he would have seen the snow
plow that showed up just in time to
let folks get out........ at night!
       I decided to wait it out until
the official observance of World
Snow Day got started. So I'll
probably head out today....if the
"dusting" as stopped!
       Hope you're ready to enjoy the
day and that all your NEWS is good!


Friday, January 13, 2017


             THE BEAST FEAST!

       Our little church is blessed with some
good marksmen (and women). And once
each year these hunters share a taste of their
bounty with the congregation and anyone
else in the community who cares to partake!
       It's called "The Beast Feast!"
       My wife and I and a lot of our family
joined in the dinner Friday night at our
church hall.
       The menu included such delicacies as
Pleasant Bar-B-Q, Venison Stroganoff, and
Smoked Deer Cheesesteak just to name a
few. There was chicken and a few other
"regular dishes" for those who aren't game
on game.
         We had a good crowd. That is in
addition to "my crowd" and there was
enough food to offer seconds to those
still hungry after round one.
          We like to fill folks with God's
message at our church. And sometimes
you can deliver the spirit of that message
by filling them with food. It's just another
way of giving people what we all need....
plenty of good NEWS!

Thursday, January 12, 2017


     FRIDAY, JANUARY 13TH., 2017
           OH THE DOO DAH DAY!

    Welcome to the first Friday the 13th., of
2017. Enjoy it. There are two this year. The
next is in October.
     Some people consider the 13th to be
unlucky. I guess it was for today's honoree.
Stephen Foster passed away on January 13th
of 1864. In 1967 the day became an official
United States Federal Observance Day. Not
a day off. Just a day to "observe."
     For the handful of you who don't
immediately recognize the name, Stephen
Foster is generally considered the "Father
of American Music."
     If it weren't for him I couldn't play
"Oh Susanna" on my harmonica!  He also
wrote tunes like "My Old Kentucky Home,"
"Old Black Joe," and "Beautiful Dreamer."
So far I can only play "Oh Susanna."
      Turns out he's a fellow Pennsylvanian!
Born in Lawrenceville there was a time
when he called Towanda, in the Endless
Mountains,his home.
       That's where he wrote another of his
hits....."Camptown Races", based on a
horserace in nearby Camptown. They still
have a race there every year. But these days
it's a race for runners, not horses.
        So if this Friday the 13th has you
feeling down perhaps it's time to whistle
a happy tune like Camptown Races, or
Oh Susanna, courtesy of Stephen Foster!
        Hope it helps and that all your NEWS
is good!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


              HOLIDAY ON ICE!

      The folks at Disney On Ice could have
rehearsed their afternoon show in front of my
home Wednesday morning! Every inch of
surface was glazed with a ice coat that made
taking a simple step risky!
       But it was also the day my wife wanted
to get all those boxes of Christmas supplies
packed away till next year.
       Rock salt had little impact. Time was
more effective as 31degrees gradually changed
to 32 and finally readings above freezing.
       As the promised melt began, but with ice
still present, my Grandson took over the task
at hand, fearlessly!
       Half walking, half sliding to our storage
shed he handled all of the heavy boxes without
loss of one ornament or decoration!
        I'm thinking he may want to audition for
Disney! Not willing to play the roll of Dopey,
I limited my participation to taking photos from
the safety of my front porch.
         I'm not one for skating on thin ice! That's
why one has grandkids!
         Hope all your NEWS is good!


Tuesday, January 10, 2017


                    LAST LIGHTS!

      I drove my wife to a doctor's appointment
Tuesday. Just a brief time away from home
before those light flurries started.
      My wife elected to stay outside for a
moment when we got home to make sure the
cat we've heard the last couple nights wasn't
trying to find a way under our house.
       After awhile though, I glanced outside
to check on her progress. I found her wrapping
up the Christmas lights from the bushes in front
of our place. I think the "cats thing" was a ruse!
       Next thing I knew 96% of our indoor
decorations were packed in boxes waiting some
help to be carried to storage.
        And then, the worse cut of all. She handed
me the remote control outlet with which I've
been lighting our small tree each and every
morning. The last lights had shined for this
        However, needing to maintain some
color, and recognizing the fact that my week
long illness pretty much made me useless for
this or any other cleanup, I have replaced the
red bulbs and decorations on our tree with a
dozen red roses for my wife to enjoy for all
her hard work.
         Hope all your NEWS is good!

Monday, January 9, 2017


      TUESDAY, JANUARY 10TH., 2017
                 GOING OUTSIDE!

        I got my first close up look at 2017
  Monday. It was the first time since Sunday,
  January 1st that I felt well enough to venture
  outside. The new year welcomed me with a
  cold and cough that put me down for the
        I had to go to Scranton to host my
  weekly program on Electric City Television.
  It was a real test of stamina. 
        The drive was easy enough. The roads
  were in good shape. Good shape for around
  here anyway.
        But then came the real test. Walking
   across Lackawanna Avenue. I've mentioned
   this challenge before.
        Lackawanna Avenue is one of those busy
  streets that features a "Walk"/"Don't Walk"
  sign for pedestrians. You hit a button which
  activates a speaker telling you "Don't walk"
  when traffic directly in front of you has a
  green light.
        When that light turns red the "Walk sign"
   lights up and, for just a couple seconds, the
   street is yours. But after those couple seconds
   traffic turning onto Lackawanna from Wyoming
   Avenue gets a green light and, basically, it's
   you against them!
         A "Countdown clock" begins running
   under the "Walk sign" and walkers, like me,
   begin a game of beat the clock.
         Slowed down by the remnants of my
   cold I wasn't sure I could make it across
   before the clock ran out. I guess, at that point,
   you're fair game!
          Well, as you can tell from the fact I'm
   writing this, I made it. Both to the studio, and
   back a little later. Guess that proves I'm
   getting better.....or luckier!
           Hope you're moving quickly and that
   all your NEWS is good!