Monday, December 22, 2014


    Two cars racing towards a cliff
or each other! The first one to swerve
is the "chicken"........ or the loser!
     Of course it doesn't have to be
cars. Any sort of head on challenge
can be considered a game of chicken!
     We found ourselves in the game
yesterday as I, and several family
members, went out to lunch.
     Somebody spotted a sign that
Popeye's had opened a new
restaurant in our area.
     My immediate thoughts were of
that sailor man I used to see in the
movie cartoons. The thought of a
Spinach Restaurant didn't seem very
appealing to me. But the rest of my
gang said this Popeye's featured a
Louisiana style chicken.
      It seems to me that Popeye and
Colonel Sanders are playing Chicken!
Each chain claims to offer the best
chicken available. It's Popeye's
Louisiana recipe vs. the Colonel's
Kentucky blend of 11 herbs and
      The Grand opening crowd
at Popeye's seemed to suggest its
victory over KFC in a recent national
taste test was legitimate.
       The results might have been a
little different had I taken part! I
quickly discovered that the Louisiana
recipe is a code for Cajun cooking.
And that, of course, is code for spicy!!!!
       I'm not big on spicy foods. When
my grand daughter noticed that my
eyes were red and watering we both
understood where the name "Popeye"
came from!
       To be fair I think most people who
jammed into the place loved the menu.
       As for me, the Colonel is still in
command! Hope he doesn't Chicken
out...and that all your NEWS is good!


Sunday, December 21, 2014

I Got Sunk On Titanic!

   The similarities were uncanny!
   They partied. They ignored the warnings.
Then, they went down with the ship!
    Last evening my wife and I partied!
    First with family then, later with the
folks from WBRE/WYOU.
    The parties were great, Food and fun
with family and friends and not a care
in the world.
     But our media party was held at the
Mohegan Sun Casino. So, naturally, after
dinner with the gang we headed over to
the gaming area.
    My wife first spotted the iceberg...I
mean the slot machine. It was one of
those progressive slot machines where
the jackpot keeps growing.
    On top, in large unmistakable
lettering, was the name of the game.
It was called TITANIC!
    Anyone who knows me is aware of
my connection to and fascination of the
Titanic story. So, of course, this was my
machine of choice.
     My wife and I had agreed to limit
our play to twenty dollars so I pulled
a twenty from my wallet and inserted
it in the machine. It promptly came
back! Perhaps I had placed the bill in
upside down. So I reinserted it and,
once again it was immediately rejected!
    As unbelievable as it sounds, I had
another twenty dollar bill. I decided to
try it. Four times more the bill simply
came back out of the machine!
    I now know I should have considered
each insertion as an "Ice warning."
    After about 9 total attempts the brain
inside the machine said to itself, "this
guy thinks he's unsinkable." My twenty
was accepted and I immediately started
to lose it pennies at a time.
    It was as if the water was pouring
over each successive bulkhead just
waiting to plunge to the bottom.
   While it was too late for any life
boats I finally jumped away from the
machine. I had retained seventeen cents
of my original twenty dollars.
    I gave that to my wife which she
promptly lost on another slot machine!
I didn't bother to see what hers was
   Hope the Carpathia comes along soon,
and that all your NEWS is good!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Little Italy?

    My wife and I and two of our best friends
decided to dine out last night. We didn't set
out for Italy. But it seems like that's where
we ended up!
     Our destination was  La Dolca Casa in
Tamaqua. It seemed, for just a second, we
had landed at the North Pole! The restaurant
was decorated as though Santa did the job
     But I knew we came to the right place
when Luigi, the restaurant's weekend
entertainer, greeted me with his accordion
and the familiar strains of "The Godfather."
     Luigi set up shop next to our table which
was originally set up to welcome 6 customers.
It turned out to be just big enough to handle
all the food that was set out before us!
    The place traditionally brings a tray of
bread, knots, and sauce to your table well
before your order. You could fill up with
    We ordered what some might consider to
be a conservative meal. Then the owner,
Mr. DiMaggio (No relation to Joe) brought
us a whole tray of garlic goodies that could
have easily fed 4 more people! I believe
he still thinks children are starving in
Europe. Somehow he believed stuffing
us would solve the world's hunger problems!
He sure solved ours!!!!!!
    All the while Luigi entertained us with
songs from Italy and serenaded our ladies!
Just a friendly place that treats its customers
like family and friends!
    Before we could leave our host also
offered us a Christmas present of Italian
cookies. More food!
    We filled the trunk with boxes of food
we just couldn't finish at the table.
Unfortunately, Luigi wouldn't fit in the
trunk! Otherwise we would have taken
him too.
    Our wives won't have to cook for about
a week or two!
    Hope you've got friends like that too
and that all your NEWS is good.


Friday, December 19, 2014

A Day At The Ballet

   I found my self on stage the other day.
On the set of the Nutcracker Ballet!
   Fear not. I was not in a tutu!
   Joanne Arduino, Director of the
Ballet Theater of Scranton, invited me
to watch as stage hands and dancers
prepared for a dress rehearsal of the
famous production featuring the classic
music of Tchaikovsky!
   It's powerful music! We found that
out when the sound technicians tested
their speakers in the middle of our TV
interview! I nearly broke into dance!
   The work that goes on behind the
scenes is unbelievable! The Dancers
enjoy the applause. But a good part
of their performance is enhanced by
the people you never see who light
the set, place the props, and provide
the special effects.
   They're a lot like the camera and
control room people who worked so
hard to make those of us on TV look
good. good as they could
make us look. After all they're not
miracle workers!
    The great thing about the Ballet
to be performed at Marywood
University on December 26th., 27th.,
and 28th is that it's presented absolutely
free! The Ballet Theater of Scranton
has been offering it as a gift to the
community for 39 years! That's a
lot of gift giving!
     It's a great story and the performers
are as good as you'll see anywhere.
    Give yourself and your family an
extra holiday treat this year by stopping
by for free tickets an hour and a half
before any of the shows which are
offered at 2pm and 7:30pm.
    I did one tap step for Ms. Arduino
just before our interview. She now
knows why Vaudeville died!
    Hope you'll take in one of the shows
and that all your NEWS is good!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's A Major Award!!!!!!!

   It's really neat to win something! That's
especially true when you didn't even know
you were in the game!
   Two weeks ago a Facebook buddy sent
me a personal message to tell me I had
been voted "Best Blogger" in the annual
"Best Of 2014" competition run by the
Diamond City entertainment publication!
    I immediately assumed there had been
some mistake. He had to be talking about
some other guy named David.
    He assured me that was not the case.
He told me a number of you who read
this daily commentary had actually
voted for me! And, as I said, I wasn't
aware I had even been nominated.
    Both my parents have been gone for
a number of years and, since it is very
unlikely my wife would vote for me, I
must assume some of you actually
took the time to endorse my daily
ramblings. For that, I humbly thank
    I'm hardly a Diamond in the rough
so, linked with all the other winners I
see, I will simply consider myself a
"Rough in the Diamond." (Diamond
City that is.)
    There's a party for all the winners
in January when we'll get our awards.
I wonder if mine could be a Bowling
    The "Best Of 2014 List" can be
found on line or in the current
issue of Diamond City.
     Hope you'll consider writing me
in for a Pulitzer too, and that all your
NEWS is good.

Best Local Author David Parmelee
Best Local Blogger Dave DeCosmo
Best Local Comedian Scott Bruce

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Kid's List

   Sometimes Grandparents get a
chance to look over their grand kid's
Christmas Wish lists before they
ever get to Santa.
   But the question is, can they read
   These days they're likely to include
things such as Iphones, Ipads, and
Tablets. Or MP3's and music
downloads. I thought an MP was
a Military Policeman! And tablets
were those headache pills Bayer
   Times have sure changed since the
days when I was a kid!
    I remember waiting, with great
anticipation, for the new Lionel
Train Catalog every year. You could
be sure one of those classic steam
locomotives or, perhaps, a
Streamliner Diesel would be on my
Christmas list!
   And, yes, a BB gun, Red Rider or
not, would probably make that list.
    These days electric trains have
been replaced by electric gadgets
that allow kids to text their friends,
make phone calls, take pictures or
search the world wide web.
    Back in my day that would have
required my own telephone, a
Kodak camera, and a full set of the
Encyclopedia Britannica!
    Usually the younger the
grandchild the easier the gift!
    If they're 7 or under, for instance,
you can be sure something from "Frozen"
will be a big hit under the tree this year.
    But two of my grand daughters
are in there teens now. So the old
standby, a doll, just won't cut it
anymore. Grannie will be of great
help with these two!
    If you're a smart grandparent you
will have a written list of reasons at
your disposal as to why a Pet is not
a good idea as a Christmas gift!  
     My grandson wanted a Gecko
this year. At first I thought he wanted
some sort of insurance policy. He's
only eleven!
    Actually he was interested in the
small lizard represented by the
character in those well known
commercials. I'm not sure there is
a local Lizard shop.
    Fortunately, or not, he found one
that needed to be adopted well before
we were confronted with it on his
Christmas list!  Scratch the Gecko!
    Oh well. I'm sure we'll come up
with something for him and all the
others. Santa, and grandparents always


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Oh Say....Can You See?

    Don't bother to stand. This Blog's got
nothing to do with our National Anthem.
    I've been writing a lot about all the
great Christmas lighting I've seen around
our area lately. There are lights all over
the place.
    It's the lighting I don't see that has me
a bit rattled.
    Sunset around these parts in December
is about 4:30PM. Throw in some cloudy
skies and, fact is, is getting dark around
    But for some reason there seems to
be a significant number of drivers who
refuse to turn on their headlights until
the stars come out!
    Of course you don't notice them
right away. Not until they get really
   Sometimes, I suppose, it's because
they just drove away from a really
bright parking area and they just don't
realize they're not under those lights
any more.
   Some of these characters are probably
under the impression they're "using up"
their car's electricity by turning on the
   Whatever the reason I'm not big on cars,
especially black or very dirty ones, that
either appear out of no where or suddenly
show up right in front of me without
    Of course the other side of the coin
features those drivers who seem to love
their High Beams and hate to shut them
    Hope you light up the night before we
bump into each other...and that all your
NEWS is good!