Monday, April 21, 2014

The Devil Made Me Do It!

   I know it was Easter. But the Devil made
me do it!
   My son and his girl wanted to host the
family holiday dinner at their new home.
   The idea was to have everybody bring
some of the fixings. "Everybody" in this
case consisted of about 14 people.
    Somewhere along the line "everybody"
must have gotten the idea the plan was to
feed the multitudes!
     You know how some families debate
over whether to have ham or turkey for
Easter dinner?
      Well we didn't debate. We had both!
      But that wasn't all! There was Salmon
cooked on the grill. There was corn, and
greens, and potatoes, and gravy, and rolls,
and butter.
       There were Deviled eggs, stuffed
mushrooms, cocktail meatballs, and fruit!
        Being Easter we were also surrounded
by probably 200 pounds of chocolate
disguised as bunnies, eggs, and other things.
        But chocolates not withstanding there
was a full menu of deserts highlighted by
Carrot Cake and a family tradition which
has become known as "Dad's Pie." The
latter is a concoction which features
enough calories to instantly add 2 pounds
without actually consuming the delight.
       I could rationalize the story and
suggest I had some of everything so as
not to make anyone feel bad.
       The truth is I had some of just about
everything because everything I saw
tempted me! And I gave in. But, like I
say, the Devil made me do it!
        With a little bit of exercise and a lot
of saying "No thank you" I should be able
to work off my Easter meal in about three
        Hope you had a great Easter and that
all your NEWS is good!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Age Discrimination?

    So, once again, I showed up with family
members and about a zillion other people
for an Easter Egg Hunt.
    This one, about the biggest, is organized
every year by members of the Plains Twp.
Lions Club.
     They're the same guys who bring Santa
to town every December and provide bags
of goodies for all the kids who turn out to
welcome him.
     They also put up the town's Christmas
      Then there's this Easter Egg Hunt which
draws hundreds of kids and their parents.
      The Easter Bunny himself makes an
appearance as does the Lion mascot for the
       These Club guys must have nothing to
do at home because they're always out doing
things for people in our town.
        Their Easter Egg Hunt, like others
I've attended through the years, has separate
areas in which various age groups search for
the candy  Easter eggs.
         But I have yet to find a field set aside
for MY age group!
         It wouldn't take much. After all there's
far fewer people in my age group than, for
instance, the 3 and 4-year-olds.
         I truly thought it was a case of age
        But, as my grand daughter and I posed
with the Lion for a photo, I learned the truth.
You see, as the Lion, explained, the Easter
Eggs are "hidden" all over the ground.
        In order to gather them you're got to be
able to bend over! Then there's the matter of
getting back up!
        Including a category for my age group
could, therefore, be considered elder abuse!
       Oh well, maybe the Bunny will leave
something in my basket....up on the table!
       Happy Easter everyone and may all your
NEWS be good!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

In The Driver's Seat!

  I'm going back to Double Dee's Dusty
Dungeon for today's blog. I have to because
I've seen it again!
  The photo I've included isn't mine because
I didn't have my camera. But it's a reasonable
facsimile of what I saw while driving in West
Pittston yesterday morning.
   Even if I did have my camera using is while
driving would have been both dangerous and,
in this case, hypocritical!
   I couldn't see the driver operating the car
just in front of
it couldn't be!
   The head protruding from the driver's side
window was that of a small white dog!
    It was large enough, however, to completely
block the rear view mirror on that side of the
car. The dog seemed to be looking to the far
left anyway so maybe he didn't need the
   I've heard some dog lovers claim their pet
is like one of the family. But, personally, I
think allowing one to borrow the car is going
just a little too far!
    It's bad enough to be slowed down by traffic
lights! Who needs the distraction of fire
hydrants too?!
    The more I think of it I suppose there was
a licensed (Driver's license that is) driver
inside the car somewhere. I just couldn't
see him or her. And I had to wonder if he
or she could see me with "Old Shep"
perched on his or her lap! Somehow I
doubted it! Of course there's the possibility
this K9 was a "Seeing Eye Dog."
   Even if that was the case I don't really
like the idea of a dog, or any other pet for
that matter, sharing the pilot's seat in an
   I wonder if Geico covers puppies?
   I guess I should just be happy it wasn't
Texting during the trip!
   Hope you're dog has a license and that
all of your NEWS is good!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Fall In!

   I was ordered to "Fall In" for Inspection
   Well, that's not exactly true. Actually I
had some free time on my hands. So I
volunteered for Inspection.
    No Drill Sargent or high ranking
officer involved.
    Just my team of mechanics and my
Miata, fresh from under cover after that
April snowfall the other day.
    In fact with the exception of one brief
outing a week ago the car has been covered
since last November!
    Ever since I can remember Pennsylvania
residents had been required to submit their
vehicles for an inspection every year.
    William Penn probably started the whole
thing back when horse drawn carriages were
making their way over Pennsylvania's
    For many years inspection had to be done
twice a year!
    For me they've always been a pain. Often in
the neck and always in the wallet!
    I pulled the car onto the lift at my favorite
garage and let my Pit Crew get to work.   
    Well "Pit Crew" might not be an accurate
description. In fact, were this Daytona, I'd have
come in one day after all the other drivers,
    But it wasn't my mechanic's fault. They felt
I needed two tires....something with some tread.
And the new guy bringing them from a "near by"
warehouse didn't know exactly how to find us.
     Anyway, you'll be happy to know my tires
and brakes now allow me  to stop and go when
needed. I can now see through the windshield
even when it's raining thanks to my knew wiper
blades, and my little 4 cylinder engine does
not seem to be causing global warming. (That
is somehow based on the integrity of the cap on
my gas tank!)
      So, 4 hours and 200 or so bucks later I'm
good for another 12 months of happy motoring.
      Of course before I head out too far I'll have
to bring my wife's car in for it's Inspection!
      Hope you pass with flying colors and that
all your NEWS is good!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Mustang!

   Today marks the 50th anniversary of the
Ford Mustang!
   I had one, brand new, back in 1968!
   I kind of had to get another car back
   I was getting married in 1969.
   My wife to be loved me. But she
was not terribly fond of my Chevy
Impala convertible. I think it had
something to do with the color. It was
    So I went shopping and found my
Mustang waiting for me in the
showroom window of a dealership
in Kingston.
    I think the price was around
$2,600! (And that even included a
full size spar tire!)
    We got a lot of good miles out of
that beauty.
     I especially remember taking my
wife and daughter, who was not yet
two years old, on a drive to Niagara Falls
to buy home made donuts from some folks
who sold out of the kitchen of their house.
    Then we turned around and headed
back home! All in one day!
    And there were no such things as
Child safety seats back then!
    Of course there was a rather large
bag of donuts separating Mom and
child from the dashboard!
     I just found some 8mm movies I
shot during that unforgettable trip.
     Eventually the Mustang made way
for what became a series of other
vehicles over the years.
     But I often look back with fond
memories of the car. And I wouldn't
mind having it today!
      I found one, in terrible shape, on
line last night. They were asking
$21,000! Think I'll have to pass.
      But it I did have one I'd probably
want to head out towards Niagara Falls
to see if anybody ever took over that old
donut making operation.
      Like the Mustang, they just don't
make them like they used to!
     Hope I get another some day, or at
least a home made donut, and that all
your NEWS is good!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April Showers

  Though April showers
  May come your way
  They bring the.........WHAT!!!!
   I looked out the window
yesterday morning and noticed that
our May flowers were already on the
   That fit. The April showers were
coming down and the bulbs were
coming up.
    But, by mid afternoon, those
April rain drops seemed to be
getting colder. A lot colder!
    When I glanced outside at
sundown the showers had turned
to snow flurries! There's nothing
about snow flurries in that "April
Showers" song!
     And it just doesn't seem right!
     32 hours earlier I had the top
down in the Miata!
     I have a feeling "Mother Nature"
is trying to tell us something.
     Why is it....the more I hear about
"Global Warming" the more cold and
snow I see?
      Well, I suppose we've go to look
at the "bright side" (if the sun ever
comes back).
       Any day now the cold will be
gone and the Pollen will be out!
     Hope Spring comes back soon
and that all your NEWS is good!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

That Sinking Feeling!

    A lot of you may be experiencing
that "sinking feeling" today!
    It's Income Tax Deadline Day.
    I've often wondered if it's just
coincidence that it falls on April
15th...the day the Titanic went down!
    I know more than just a little bit
about the Titanic
    I reunited two survivors back in
1972. One of them was from Wilkes-
Barre. Since then I've learned about
another area family with ties to the
disaster. And I've visited the grave
yard in Nova Scotia where many
victims are buried.
    Family members and friends keep
giving me books about the Titanic.
The stories are very varied. But they
all end the same way! It sinks!
    And I have personal knowledge
about the 'sinking feeling!"
     More then just a couple of years
ago my late cameraman Bob Dennis
and I planned a trip down the
Susquehanna River from Wilkes-
Barre to the PPL Nuclear power plant
in Columbia County.
    We boarded my ONE MAN canoe
in Nesbitt Park and immediately
    Fortunately we were able to walk
ourselves out of the water with no
major damage other than that involving
our pride.
    Bob was able to rearrange our load
and we, unlike the Titanic, completed
our voyage. The only thing lost was
his lunch which became a feast for the
fish in the river!
    If taxes have given you a sinking
feeling just keep my story in mind. A
good laugh should help you get through
the day!
    Hope, after taxes. you're still afloat and
that all your NEWS is good!