Thursday, October 27, 2016



   We like to load the grandson in his
stroller and take a nice walk when he
visits each week. But Thursday's steady
rain didn't make for a good walking day.
Not outside anyway.
    So, we decided to go inside! At the
    It's a pretty quiet place in the morning.
A few shoppers and some seniors who
must have decided to take their daily
stroll inside too!
     I had remembered seeing some neat
strollers for kids right inside the place.
They've got a steering wheel so the kids
feel like they're driving the thing. We
decided to get one even though the 5
dollar rental rate seemed more appropriate
for Avis than a stroller designed to
entertain kids while their care givers
spend money in the place.
      It might be one of the reasons Malls
are in sort of a decline. We found a few
more examples in an area featuring some
amusement rides. It costs 75 cents for a
minute ride sitting along side Barney in
a train, and another three quarters to
ride the horse or "fly" the helicopter.
      We figured it would be a lot less
expensive to just let the little guy walk
around the place.
       However, after he stopped to check
our several jewelry displays, we decided
it was time to leave.
        Hope he didn't notice those specials
on diamonds...and that all your NEWS
is good!


Wednesday, October 26, 2016


              TELL ME A STORY!

     Today I celebrate a "holiday" not of
our making! October 27th., is National
Tell A Story Day in England and Scotland.
      We've got a similar day here. But it's
six months from now and not nearly as
organized as the one across the pond.
Libraries there celebrate by reading or
telling stories to kids. Teachers and
parents are encouraged to do the same.
       I have always loved telling stories.
I've even written a few for kids.
       Of course, as my grandkids, will
attest, I some times take a few liberties
in the telling. They often object, for
instance, when I relate that Little Red
Riding Hood was in the little pig's
straw house when Humpty Dumpty,
and Jack and Jill rolled in breaking
down the wall while, next door, the
Big Bad Wolf was eating the baby
bear's porridge! I call it artistic
license. They usually just shake their
       But whether you've got the story
right or wrong......tell one. And do it
      Hope the kids or grandkids enjoy
it and that all your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


              A WINTER REMINDER!

     Wasn't it just a couple of days ago I had
the top down in the Miata and was driving
around enjoying the Fall weather?
      I was prepared for lower temperatures.
They always come around a couple days
around this time of the year But while I
was waiting for the return of Indian
summer I drove our other vehicle on my
shopping assignment to Walmart.
      That's when it happened. The sky
turned dark and a machine gun like
"click, click, click" resonated on my
windshield! It wasn't rain. It wasn't snow.
It was sleet!
       Tiny drops of the frozen rain pelted
my car for about 3 minutes. It melted on
the windshield and in the parking lot. It
moments after it hit. But it seemed a
sudden reminded of what's just around
the corner. Winter!
        Hope the preview isn't a sign of
anything imminent...and that all your
NEWS is good!

Monday, October 24, 2016


              END OF AN ERA!

     Christmas will not be the same this
year as one of my favorite Christmas
traditions will likely have vanished.
     After 61 years of operation by the
same family Ledoretti's Gas station in
Plains Township will be closing. Of
course to be more accurate I should call
it Ledorettis Service Station. Or maybe,
to some of us, Ledoretti's Luncheonette!
     The brothers, and one of their sons,
have welcomed customers to their place
for years. And if you happen to be there
around lunch time you're sure to be
invited to share in whatever happens to
be available that day.
      There's no separation of clients and
mechanics at their place. You're welcome
to sit close by as the boys check your oil
or make repairs. In fact it's like an old
time barber shop where the owners and
customers sit around and talk about what's
happening in the community.
      And then there's Christmas! Every
Christmas there's a whole table set up
with home made food and goodies and
they're offered to anyone and everyone
who stops by. Most usually contribute to
the bounty. I traditionally brought in some
kielbasa which they promptly roasted on
their coal fired furnace.
      The brothers are up in years now and
the son can't handle a repair shop on his
own. So the family has decided to sell.
Hopefully there will be a buyer. But
without this family the place can never be
the same. It is the end of an era!
      I stopped by yesterday to save goodbye
although I expect to return at least once 
before they lock the doors. I ended up visiting
for an hour during which I was served a
pancake and, later, some pizza another
customer brought in!
       Not sure how I'll handle Christmas this
year. Hope they set up a table in the empty
garage just one more time! I also hope all
their, and your, NEWS is good!

Sunday, October 23, 2016


    MONDAY, OCTOBER 24TH., 2016
           DeCOSMO SLEPT HERE!

    You've probably heard it said. "You
can't go home again." But yesterday I
     I bought too few Tea Biscuits when
I visited Sanape's Bakery earlier in the
week so I returned to rectify the situation.
     I don't know why but I suddenly had
a feeling to visit my old homestead.
     I drove around some of the streets
I had walked so often during my growing
up years. Many of the houses and stores
that were there then are still standing. A
lot are showing their age and, in the case
of the stores, most have changed their
appearance and merchandise to appeal
to a new generation of neighborhood
     I was pleasantly surprised to see my
old home looking pretty darn good! The
exterior looked clean and well kept. Some
of the small bushes I remember are still
there, only grown. The back yard that
once served as a Whiffle Ball, Football,
and camping field for all the neighborhood
kids is still there, only shortened a bit to
make room for off street parking.
     In all the place looked pretty much
the same as I remembered it...with one
exception! A "For Sale sign!"
     I guess the folks we sold it to are off
to new surroundings and looking for new
     I wonder if they'll tell them that I once
lived there. That I used to run my Lionel
trains in the basement and made a fort in
the area under the bedrooms. I wonder
if prospective buyers will hear about the
hole in the bedroom window caused by
a bb that came through just above my
head as I played on the floor. I wonder
if anybody knows  I began my journey
in this world right there in the house!
I don't know if we couldn't afford the
hospital or if I was just that impatient...
even then!
     Well I looked it up and according to
the relator's ad you can have this major
piece of my history for a mere $129,900!
I remember my Dad telling us he got it
for 9 or 10 thousand! Guess that's what
they call inflation!
      Hope it goes to a nice family and
that all their, and your, NEWS is good!


Saturday, October 22, 2016


    SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23RD., 2016
           HOME IS THE SAILOR!

    My niece's husband was kind enough
to help me pull my yacht out of the water
Saturday. OK. So it's not your traditional
yacht. It's an 8 foot Jon boat. (I call it
"Jon Buoy.")
     It's the last remaining vessel in my once
large fleet. OK. So it wasn't exactly a fleet.
But there was a time when I did have three
boats all at the same time. A pontoon boat,
a paddle boat, and my little row boat.
     We kept Jon Buoy at an area State Park
throughout this past season. We figured if
it were that close we'd be more likely to
use it more.
      Ironically, given the fantastic summer
around these parts, it was only used on one
occasion! We actually ruled it out a couple
times because it was too darn hot to sit out
on the lake with the sun beating down and
its reflection beaming your face.
     Since the rental season ends with
October we figured it was time to bring
Jon Buoy back to dry dock for the winter.
      Maybe I'll go out from time to time
and cast an imaginary line into imaginary
lake and catch an imaginary whopper!
At least I won't have to row!
       Hope I'll launch again next season
and that all your NEWS is good!

Friday, October 21, 2016



    Since Friday started out much nicer than
expected in our area.......we started out too!
    Our initial intention was to catch more of
the beautiful fall foliage that's been on display
for the past couple weeks. We found plenty
of that.
     We also had made a mental note about
the delicious smoked wings that are on the
menu at Stiko's Farmhouse restaurant in
Dennison Township every Friday. So we
stopped in and polished off a couple
orders for lunch.
      A lot of places have good food. But
many have their own specialties that bring
people back time after time. After a visit
with my brother-in-law and his wife I
decided another specialty would be in
order for dinner. So we headed for my old
home town.
      There are several great foods natives
associate with Hazleton. Jimmy's hot
dogs, Third Base hoagies, and Senape's
Pizza. Senape's makes a square pizza
that's every bit as good cold as hot. My
taste buds just seemed to be calling out
for a couple slices yesterday.
       We got there around 4, just as the
dark clouds were beginning to cover
the sky. Since the top was down on my
Miata I figured a quick in and out would
be my best bet.
        But while I remembered the pizza
I forgot about some of the other goodies
produced by this landmark bakery! And
there they were...confronting me....Tea
Biscuits, Cinnamon buns, and Cheese
Danish just to name a few!  So, Yes, I
snapped! Or, in this case, senaped!
After all who knows when I'll pass that
way again?
      Hope it's soon and that all your
NEWS is good!