Tuesday, July 27, 2021


    WEDNESDAY, JULY 28, 2021


   I wonder how many of you may have

spent part of Tuesday's dark, thundering,

and rainy night reading a mystery story.

In many of those stories a key bit of

evidence in finding the suspect comes down

to fingerprints! It was on this day in 1858

that fingerprints were first used in a criminal

case. A British man, Sir William James Hershel

who studied fingerprints for years and finally

convinced others that no two sets of fingerprints

were the same. DNA may be the "in thing" for

solving many crimes these days but a clear set

of fingerprints still go a long way in determining

"who done it!" Hope you're well, wearing gloves,

and that all your NEWS is good! 

Monday, July 26, 2021


    TUESDAY, JULY 27, 2021


   I auppose you could say he's somewhat

of a playboy. But however you describe him

today we celebrate the Birthday of a big screen

idol as he turns 81-years-old! He's appeared in

hundreds of movies and a few feature films,

and been made the mascot of Warner Brothers

Entertainment! "He", in case you haven't guessed,

is Bugs Bunny! Bugs first showed up as a

regular cartoon character on July 27th., 1940

in an Oscar nominated film "A Wild Hare."

He, and his famous line "What's up Doc."

makes him one of the most recognizable

characters in the entire world! So today we

say a very Happy Birthday to Bugs! Hope

he's around for years to come and that all your

NEWS is good!


Sunday, July 25, 2021


    MONDAY, JULY 26, 2021


   Unless you happen to be at an

amusement park you missed a big

celebration on Sunday. July 25th

as the anniversary of the day in

1871 when William Schneider of

Davenport, Iowa obtained the first

American patent for the Carousel!

Of course carousels or merry-go-

rounds date back much earlier than

that. But July 25th was the date the

popular amusement ride officially

came to the USA. The idea actually

dates back to the days of knights 

who used to practice jousting on

horseback by trying to run the tip of

their lance through a small ring. That's

when the concept of the brass ring comes 

from on the carousel! Hope you'll join

the celebration as soon as you can! Take

a spin and enjoy the ride! Hope all your

NEWS is good! 

Saturday, July 24, 2021


          SUNDAY, JULY 25, 2021


     Our annual vacation to Wildwood, New

Jersey has come to an end. As it did I began

to reflect on why this particular trip is so bery

special. I've been going to Wildwood nearly

every year since I was about 3 years old! My 

Mom and Dad and brother used to take me

there. Over the years the trip was expanded

to include more family members and, sometimes,

a family friend or two. My wife and I make lots

of trips. We're even Tour Escorts for Travelworld

and have enjoyed wonderful adventures in

places like Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, and

Scotland to name just a few. So what makes

this trip to the Jersey shore so very sspecial.

I believe it's the fact that for one week many

or our family members are together again

under one roof every night. We may even

go separate ways each day. Bit in the evening

we're all together, just as a family shou;d be.

Where ever you're heading this summer, for

a week, a weekend, or just a day, bring as

many family members as you can gather

togeher to share the fun and the love. You

will make treasured memories to last a

lifetime! Hope you do and that all your

NEWS is good! 

Sunday, July 18, 2021


       MONDAY, JULY 19, 2021

                "PROVE IT!"

 This was a rough day in Salem, Mass in 1692!

Five more people were hanged on this date after

being charged as witches!  19 were hanged in

all. One man was crushed to death with rocks

because he refused to plead guilty. And 5 more

died in prison! The trouble started when some

young girls in the community claimed they were

posessed by the devil or evil sprits and then

claimed that many of their neighbors, women for

the most part, had bewitched them! A series of

trials began throughout the coloney and the scare

spread wuickly leading to all those exceutions.

It continued until the Governor's wife was accused

of being a witch. That's when he, the governor,

changed the law. That change has become a basic

principal of American justice! It hold that every

person is now considered to be innocent until

proven guilty! A change we can all be thankful for!

Hope you're well and that all your NEWS is good! 



Saturday, July 17, 2021


  SUNDAY, JULY 18, 2021


This July 18th marks one of

those unofficial holidays that

rea;;y should be remembered if

not celebrated! This is Anne Hutchinson

Memorial Day. Ann was an English

woman who traveled to the American

colonies where she settled in a

Puritan community near Boston.

But Anna had her own, very serious

religious beliefs and she often spoke out

abou them! She believed that faith, not

good deads, was the way to salvation.

She also believed man could communicate

with God without the need for clergy to act

as a go between! The clergy didn't like that

idea very much and Anne was charged with

heresy!  She was convicted and forced out

of the community. She setteled on Long

Island where, 6 years after her conviction,

she, 6 of her children, and a number of

servants were massacred by indians! Now

many remember Anne as a true leader of

religious freedom in the new world!

It's Sunday. Hope you'll remember Anne

today and that all your NEWS is good!    

Friday, July 16, 2021


   SATURDAY, JULY 17, 2021

         BE A MOTH MAN!

  This is your chance to be a Moth

Man (or Woman)! Today, July 17th.,

marks the begging of "National Moth

Week." This is a week when your are

encouraged to study all those moths

with which we share our environment!

Scientists tells us there are between

150 and 500 thousand species of moths

on the planet. (Wouldn't you think they'd

know!) Of course studying them isn't

always easy. They fly around so much and

so quickly! They are also almost all nocturnal!

Those of us who drive at night often find

them squashd on the windshield and lights

of our cars! If you have trouble finding one

to study give me a call. I believe there's one

in my closet that's interested in my sweaters!

Hope you're well and that all your NEWS is