Monday, August 13, 2018


   TUESDAY, AUGUST 14TH., 2018
         RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY!

     By now I suspect a lot of people
are thinking about that verse little
kids can be heard to sing when showers
come along. My grandson does a pretty
good rendition.
      It's been around for a very long
time! But it's also changed a bit over
the years.
      Similar versions can be traced back
to ancient Greece. The first English version
goes back to the 17th century when a guy
named James Howell wrote "Raine, raine,
goe to Spain, faire weather come againe."
         As a kid I sometimes enjoyed a
rainy day. I'd play on our small back
porch where toys that used to belong to
my older brother were packed away
waiting to be rediscovered by the likes
of me.
        On days like that our L-shaped front
porch, covered by the floor of the porch
above, became a refuge from the rain
drops as my friends and I used it as a
fortress for our games of cops and
robbers or Cowboys and Indians.
         My wife tells me when the
rains came to her backyard, without
lighting that is, she and her brothers
and sisters would often dawn their
bathing suits and use their wet grass
as a water park, sliding across the
         The recent storms around our
area have been generally too strong
to allow outdoor play so kids take them
games inside and repeat the age old
chant, "Rain, rain, go away."
          Hope it works soon, and that
all your NEWS is good!

Sunday, August 12, 2018


    MONDAY, AUGUST 13TH., 2018
                 "LEFT" BEHIND?

      I write on this August 13th to honor
all of you who are left handed. This is,
as it happens, Left Hander's Day!
      I have a niece who is left handed
and my late brother always played
golf left handed. I myself did a bit of
switch hitting during the later days of
my Softball career so as to be one full
step closer to first base.
       Left handers have a lot to deal with!
For instance you're unlikely to find a
desk designed for them in school. Coffee
mugs are made with the picture or text
for a right handed pick-up. And scissors
are designed for right handers!
        Although I never witnessed it
personally I've heard stories about
teachers who used to use a ruler on
those writing lefthanded to make them
switch! I wonder how many
potential million dollar baseball
southpaws were lost to us that way?
       According to,
right handed people operate in the left
side of the brain. Left handed people use
the right side. Therefore, only left handed 
people are in their right mind. 
        Just thought you'd like to know.
Hope all your NEWS is good! 

Saturday, August 11, 2018


   SUNDAY, AUGUST 12TH., 2018

   I took my wife and grandson Ryan to
Tunkhannock Saturday night. We went
to the Dietrich Theater to see the new
movie "The Meg!"
    It's the latest in a long line of movies
following in the tradition of "Jaws." the
first shark story that had audiences
screaming and beach goers staying away
from the water.
     This latest makes the shark from Jaws
look like a minnow! It's about a 75-foot
Megalodon, the kind of shark that existed
during prehistoric times.
      We made the trip to the Dietrich because,
for the 2nd time this year, I violated my own
rule about avoiding movie theaters on
Saturday night! They're usually filled with
teens who spend more time talking to or
at one another than listening to the dialog
on the screen.
       Very frankly the Dietrich tends to
attract a better crowd and it's a pleasant
drive to and from this classic theater.
        Minutes before the feature started,
however, a "gentleman" walked in with
a woman and practically shouted out
"I never thought this many people would
be interested in sharks." He then sat down
by a young fellow who apparently and
proceeded to explain he was an "expert
on sharks." Then he decided to prove it
to the kid by naming various varieties
of sharks, explaining the difference in
their bite patterns and relating stories
about the critters gained, it seems. from
all the television programs on sharks
which he has on tape.
       For just a minute I thought "Quint"
had come to the movie! The I remembered,
he got eaten in the first Jaws film!
       Luckily the movie came on and gained
his full attention. That made the character
on screen the biggest mouth in the
theater. But the guy was a close second!
       Hope he enjoyed the show and that
all your NEWS is good!

Friday, August 10, 2018


             SIMON'S SONG!

    I was listening to the 60's channel on
my Sirius XM satellite radio when the
song "Simple Simon Says" by the 1910
Fruitgum  Company began to play.
     It brought back some memories. I
played the record as a DJ and I played
the game as a kid.
     It got me to wondering how many,
if any, of our backyard games have
survived into these "Candy Crush days?"
     Simon Says was a great one for small
groups of kids. The leader told you to
do something, like putting your hands
on your head. If he or she began the
instruction with "Simon says" you
followed along. Follow the instruction
without the "Simon says" prefix and
you were out! Simple as that.
       There was "Red light, green light."
Again a leader stood in front and the
other kids moved forward until he or
she called out "Red Light." Stop in
your tracks and you were fine. Keep
moving and you were out! Another
variation was called "Red Rover"
in which the leader called out a
specific person to come forward
while trying to trick the other
players into moving.
      There were other classics like
"Kick the can" and, of course,"Hide
and Seek." My 3-year-old grandson
likes the hiding part but hasn't yet
learned that his laughter tends to
help the seeker quite a bit. At least
I know that game has survived the
       Amazing how much we
enjoyed these contests that required
nothing but our time and, in one
case, an empty Campbell's Chicken
Noddle Soup can (or the can of your
       Hope you've got some good
neighborhood game memories and
that all your NEWS is good.

Thursday, August 9, 2018


         FRIDAY, AUGUST 10TH., 2018
              ALWAYS BE HERE!  
    This is it everybody! 'It' is here! Not 'they' or
'those.' But "It!" According to 'Holiday Insights'
August 10th is "LAZY DAY!"
   That would make August 10 that LAZY, hazy
crazy, DAY of summer!
   According to the web site this is your chance
to goof off and definitely not to work!
   How has this day gone unnoticed by so many
of us for so long?
    I have often celebrated this occasion
without knowing a specific day had been set
aside to observe it. In fact I did so little
yesterday you would have thought the
'holiday' had already come.
     Supporters of 'Lazy Day' (how could you
oppose it?) suggest the hot, humid weather
we've been dealing with make this a perfect
time to kick back, put off any chores, and
think about spending the day in a hammock!
   Some of us might suggest this observance
actually deserves a week, or two, perhaps
even an entire month to celebrate
   For now though...this is what we've got.
   August 10th.
   I expect each of you will try to do his or
her part nothing...on this very
special day.
   If circumstances ,perhaps a boss or spouse,
prevent you from celebrating 'Lazy Day' please,
at least, do as little as possible, try to sneak in
a nap, and mark your calendar for August 15th.
  That's "Relaxation Day" and you'll all be
expected to participate!
   Hope your 'Lazy Day' is filled with soda, and
pretzels, and beer and that all your NEWS is

Wednesday, August 8, 2018


              MARK THIS PAGE!

     In many states across the country
August 9th is observed as "Book Lovers
     It's a day that could probably be
named for my wife, one of my daughters,
and a granddaughter as well. In fact the
granddaughter's picture could logically be
used in any promotional efforts for this
day! But all three of them read as often
as they can.
     I was a great reader for many years.
Of course my initial interests in the
written word  came with publications
of Superman or Batman & Robin where
the text was supplemented with vivid
action drawings!
      I continued to read through the
years but the reading gave way to
writing. And the need to read a lot
of newspapers and wire service
material as I got into the news business
dampened my desire to spend off duty
hours reading still more!
     These days I will make an effort
to read only when the subject matter
really attracts me. That's nearly 100%
non-fiction. And I admit I still
appreciate a few pictures to support
the text where appropriate.
      My most recent reading efforts
have been prompted by friends to
seem to know what I'd like. My
collection of books on the Titanic,
for instance, could rival some
       I recently completed a book
by the late Clayton Moore who
played The Lone Ranger on radio,
TV, and movies, as well as a
lengthy publication entitled
"Saturday Afternoon at the Movies"
which recalled the features and
serials I often watched growing up
at the neighborhood theaters in my
home town.
     "Blind Man's Bluff" is an account
of the surveillance work done by our
U.S. Submarine Service.
       I'm now reading a book about
"Click & Clack" the two brothers
who, for many years, did the "Car
Talk Show" on National Public
       I guess, even though I don't
read as much as other family
members, I could still be considered
a book lover when it comes to the
books I do choose.
      And I must admit, every now and
then, I feel the urge to find a comic
book somewhere. If I give in you
may find me stuck in a book daily!
      Although they're not books I
hope you enjoy reading my blogs and
that all your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018



   My niece presented me with a box of
oldies but goodies the other evening.
    She has been cleaning out her Mom's
former residence and came up with
what I expect will be a treasure of old
family pictures.
    I say "expect" because the box did
not contain photographs but, rather,
reels of old 8mm movies and Kodak
photo slides.
    I wonder how many of you remember
sitting in a darkened room with the sound
of a movie projector running from a nearby
table, it's beam projected on a portable
screen or, perhaps more likely, a white
sheet or simply a light colored wall?
    Or maybe you hailed from a family
whose father loved to have his vacation
pictures turned into slides as opposed to
photographs. You'd still need the darkened
room, projector, and "screen" of course.
     Technology has changed all that over
the years. Now, when you come across
these particular kinds of treasures you
find yourself searching for the equipment
it takes to enjoy them!
      Years ago I transferred my home 8mm
movies to dvd's. Perhaps, however, I didn't
get them all. I'll need to review those old
reels my niece turned up to find out!
       Fortunately the movie projector won't
be a problem. Mt niece came up with one of
those too and, just in case the bulb doesn't
work, I've got another packed away
       My best friend still owns a slide
projector so as soon as he can get it to me
the mysterious photos on those Kodak's
will be reveled.
        One problem remains. Among those
goodies was one VHS-C Cassette. For those
who don't remember, probably a lot of you,
a couple companies put out camcorders
that used a small recording cassette which
you would insert into an adapter to play in
a standard VHS video player. I have the
player and, hidden somewhere in this
house, there's an adapter I bought about
30 years ago and used (probably once)
to put someone else's home movies onto
         If I can find it all my NEWS will
be good. Hope I do and that yours
(NEWS) is good too!