Monday, May 2, 2016


  TUESDAY, MAY 3RD., 2016
          CLEANING UP!

     I'd like to believe my blog had
something to do with it. But it's far
more likely a coincidence that a
large group, probably students, took
to the road near my home last week
and began to pick up trash and litter.
      The small army, dressed in
reflective safety vests, and armed
with huge trash bags, made its way
up hill from an area near the Wilkes-
Barre Vo/Tech School, or whatever
they call it these days, and gathered
everything and anything they could
pick up.
      The "take" always surprises me.
There's the usual ton of food wrappers
from McDonalds, Burger King, and
every other fast food joint within 5
miles or so, along with discarded
tires and beer bottles. I stress
bottles because the "can collection
crews," individuals who come by
every so often, had already claimed
most of the available scrap metal
to sell to area recyclers.
      Some items, however, were a
bit of a surprise to me. Who, for
instance, took the time to dismantle
their toilet and haul it off to a grassy
spot just off the roadway? With all
the Joe Johnnies around I sort of
doubt it had been in use somewhere
in these woods.
      In any case it, and all the other
junk has been identified and bagged
and is now........sitting along the same
      Hope somebody picks up the bags
and that all your NEWS is good!


Sunday, May 1, 2016


    MONDAY, MAY 2ND., 2016

   To say last week was a busy one
might well be the understatement
of the year for our family!
    In the space of that week my
wife and I attended a pre trip briefing
for an upcoming tour of Italy, had a
series of medical examines, went to
the polls to vote, hosted a wedding
rehearsal dinner while, at the same
time celebrating our anniversary,
then spent a full day preparing for
and enjoying our son's wedding!
Oh, and we also saw our grandson
off to his Senior Prom.
     Finally back at home, but still
facing a full upcoming schedule,
we found ourselves pretty much
drained and in need of some fresh
     So we turned to our neighbor.
Which happens to be a Dairy Queen
outlet! And we followed those
'tough acts" with a couple of
   Hope it's enough for the next
48 hours or so and that all your
NEWS is good!



SUNDAY, MAY 1ST., 2016

    Well the ceremonies are over
and my son and his bride officially
begin their lives as man and wife.
     The wedding was beautiful.
 The Bride and her party stunning.
 The groom and his men handsome.
 And a fantastic day and evening
shared by many family and friends.
The sky was just cloudy enough to
remind us all that "into each life a
little rain must fall."    
      And, sure enough as my wife
and I awoke this morning we could
hear the water falling.
      Unfortunately, in our case, it was
falling inside our motel bathroom!
Seems someone in the room above
ours had left water running in a sink
or tub that wasn't draining! Well, at
least not down the traditional drain.
      So an hour before we had decided
to get out of bed we welcomed a
maintenance man and his Shop Vac
into our room and tried to rest a bit
longer as he dried the floor and got
us some fresh towels.
       Life truly is an adventure and
it's best not to worry too much because
you'll never get out of it alive anyway!
       Hope we can get a discount when
the Manager comes to work....and that
all of your NEWS is good!


Friday, April 29, 2016



   It's the official wedding day for
my son and his girl. This is the
ceremonial occasion and it's
important to have everything go as
"right" as possible.
   So, Saturday evening, all of the
principals gathered for a mock
run through of the ceremony then
gathered for a rehearsal dinner at
the Tannersville Inn.
   As I've already noted, this
practice run took place exactly 47
years after my wife and I had our
actual wedding.
    Ours was a little different. We
had a very small ceremony and
reception after which we stepped
outside to begin our Honeymoon as
I asked my bride.."Which way do
you want to go."
     She pointed in the general
direction of North. So, that's the
way we went. Since we're still
traveling together after all these
years I suspect her choice was a
good one!
      I hope my son and his family
are on a good route as well....and
that all their.....and your....NEWS
is good!

Thursday, April 28, 2016


    FRIDAY, APRIL 29TH., 2016

My son and his best girl are
getting married tomorrow.
  But TODAY my wife and I mark
47 years on our way to forever.
   The man on the left of the
photo below is the luckiest man
in the world. The woman on the
right is the reason why!
   And, for those who may
remember legendary news
commentator Paul Harvey, I'm
posting a Youtube recording of
our part in his coast to coast
program recorded on April 29th.,
     "Good Day!" Hope all your
NEWS is good!                                                                            

Wednesday, April 27, 2016



  Wedding bells will be ringing for my
son and his best girl this weekend.
   The planning has been going on for
over a year now and it involves a lot
more than just the bride and groom!
     Our new daughter-in-law has
been the Quarterback, and the
game plan is every bit as extensive
as any Super Bowl.
      There's the venue, the menu,
the photos, the invitations, the
hair styling's and, of course, the
dresses and suits.
      What's most amazing is seeing
everything falling into place. Yesterday,
for instance, some of the guys in the
wedding party when to check out
their tuxedoes.
       Earlier in the day my 13-year-
old grandson escorted his cousin
home from school in his typical
"go to school outfit" with colorful
sneakers and his backpack. I've
seen him that way a lot.
       Then, a couple hours later, his
Dad sent a photo of the lad in his
tux. Aged by only hours, and yet,
looking so mature. Guess, sometimes,
the clothes do make the man!
        Hope everybody else is about
ready...and that all your NEWS is

Tuesday, April 26, 2016



    So you're probably wondering..
"where the heck was he voting?" By
all accounts the voting public, still
a minority of the population by the
way, turned out in droves for our
Pennsylvania primary.
     But I wasn't referring to the
voters. I was wondering about all
those people you usually see
handing out cards for the candidates!
We had only one at our polling
     I usually count on those cards.
I keep them in my pocket for note
paper. I've even written grocery
lists on the back of some of those
"informational handouts."
     And they really could have
used them this time around.
Especially for Republicans.
Democrat delegate candidates for
their national convention list the
person they intend to support,
at least on the first convention
     The Republican delegate
candidates do not. So it's very
possible you'll vote for the
Presidential candidate of your
choice ten pick convention
delegates to support someone
      Well, that's the system.
And in the words of Winston
Churchill, who was actually
paraphrasing someone else,
'Democracy is the worst form
of government in the world....
except for all the others.'
      Hope your candidates won
and that all your NEWS is