Wednesday, August 24, 2016


    THURSDAY, AUGUST 25TH., 2016

     My wife and I traveled to South
Williamsport Thursday to take in some
of the excitement of the Little League
World Series. We got plenty of that.
But there was more. Some great lessons
in diplomacy!
      Our first stop was at Volunteer
Stadium where kids from Mexico and
Australia met in an elimination game.
       The players and their families and
supporters all demonstrated respect for
one another from the time each team's
national anthem played until the game
had ended.
        Australia was overpowered in
this game managing just one hit. In
the last inning one of their batters
was beaned by the Mexican pitcher.
Fortunately his helmet saved him from
serious injury.
         As he stood on first base the
pitcher walked over to him, apparently
apologizing, and then shaking his hand.
The crowd, on both sides, applauded
both players.
         Off the field we found players
from around the world spending time
together, trading team pins and stories
about their experiences at the World
         And kids without uniforms
 from both here and there got along
just fine with their sheets of cardboard
as they slid down the hill behind the
outfield at nearby Lamade Stadium!
         We passed adults, most probably
parents, from some of those other
countries. There was always a smile
exchanged in passing and usually a
"hello" as well.
          The atmosphere there seemed
to reflect what most of us would like
the whole world to be like.
          If only world leaders, and maybe
a couple candidates, could come to
South Williamsport and learn some
lessons from the Little Leaguers!
         Hope those kids take those
lessons home with them and that all
your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


           BACK AT THE COURT!

       My wife and I found ourselves back
  at court yesterday. No. Not the
  courtroom! It was the Volleyball Court
  inside Holy Redeemer High School.
        School hasn't begun for the Fall
  semester yet. But the sports programs
  are well underway and this was our
  grand daughter's first Volleyball
  scrimmage for the season.
       She will have a full schedule. So
  will we. My wife and I will be following
  her Volleyball team, another grand
  daughter's soccer team and one grandson's
  soccer team too.
       When there's a conflict we'll either
  split our team, alternate our fan
  appearances, or flip a coin to see where
  we go. Thankfully we don't have to
  make practice sessions.
       Also thankfully another grandson has
  chosen Community College which
  does not have a Football team. Seems
  we may get Fridays off this season!
       Maybe I'll join a Bocce team! Or,
  maybe I'll just hit the couch!
       Hope I remember to wear shirts
  that match each team's color, and
 that all your NEWS is good!


Monday, August 22, 2016


     MONDAY, AUGUST 23RD., 2016
                SCHOOLS BELLS!

      I've seen a number of Facebook
photos from parents who are sending
their kids back to school this week.
      I come from a different era. During all of my
years in the Public School system our summer
vacation ended after Labor Day!
   Parents loved it. Especially those who incorporated
the Labor Day weekend as part of their vacation
plans. Business owners who employed high school
kids loved it because those kids stayed on staff
through Labor Day. And most kids loved it. I know
I did, because the longer the summer the better!
    Some say an early start gives the schools a
better chance to meet the State requirement which
calls for 180 days of education. "Snow Days", they
say, makes it hard to meet that requirement.
    Of course State Officials came up with that 180
day rule. And we all know how well State Officials
do on most of their decisions!
    Ever visit a school during it's last week in session?
I'm not sure how handing in books or watching a
movie qualifies as "education." But that's what
many do.
    My buddy, who has a much better memory
than mine, tells me we only missed one "Snow
Day" during our years in school. And that was in
Hazleton where there was never any shortage of
    In point of fact more districts cancel school
because of cold temperatures rather than depth of
snowfall. Alaska doesn't cancel school for either!
    As more and more people have and use the
Web you've got to wonder if you couldn't
conduct some classes "on line" during those few
days when travel to and from school could be an
    Most schools in my area are still on vacation
although kids involved with special programs like
sports or bands have been practicing for a few
weeks already.
    Guess I'm still just a kid at heart! Give me
those few extra days to enjoy what's left of
     Hope your bell rings after the holiday and
that all your NEWS is good

Sunday, August 21, 2016


     MONDAY, AUGUST 22ND., 2016

    I suppose by now you're already
celebrating "National Tooth Fairy
Day." And that's to be expected.
    Who among us, especially
children, wouldn't want to honor
the Tooth Fairy?
      For most she's our first
introduction to Capitalism! Your
child loses a baby tooth, places it
under his or her pillow, and wakes
up to find the Fairy has taken the
tooth and left behind a financial
      That used to amount to about
a quarter. I'm told the Tooth
Fairy has given in to inflation and
now leaves anything from one to
ten dollars behind. If it goes much
higher I'll be tempted to yank out
a couple of my molars!
       We used to laugh at my
sister-in-law who once presented
her grown daughter with a string
of the girl's baby teeth as a
"sentimental present." Guess the
Tooth Fairy never got her hands
on those!
       Anyway, it turns out my
sister-in-law was just ahead of
her time!
       Doctors are now telling
parents to save the teeth because
they're a rich source of stem cells
and could be a big help in the
future. A new study revels those
stem cells can be used to grow
other types of cells.
       Later in life if the child needs
replacement tissues for whatever
reason, the stem cells from their baby
teeth can be used to grow the needed
     Of course they've got to be kept
"fresh" so keeping them in your
jewelry box won't do. There are
actually companies out there that
can safely store the teeth for years.
So, they're really very valuable!
     Maybe that's why the Tooth
Fairy wants so many of them!
      Now I'm wondering if my
Grandson has my DNA? Maybe
I can borrow one of his teeth when
it comes out and get my blond
hair back!
     Hope the Tooth Fairy doesn't
mind and that all your NEWS is

Saturday, August 20, 2016


  SUNDAY, AUGUST 21ST., 2016
          KERNELS & KIN!

      My wife and I headed for the
tiny community of Zion Grove
yesterday for the 105th Singley
Family Reunion. Contrary to
rumors I have not attended all
of the annual meetings.
      We meet at a small church
where the reunion was born then
move to the Singley Farm for the
rest of the day.
      The highlight, of course, is
seeing cousins, some probably
4th and 5th removed, that you
only get to see there each year.
      But there's another! It's the
       The farm is surrounded by
corn fields that stand high above
the roadway. But that's "field corn."
       Just a short distance away
there's another farm where sweet
corn is the specialty!  Boxes of
ears of that corn are brought to
the reunion and placed on a
grill over a huge open fire. It's
cooked right in the husk which
you remove right before eating!
       There's butter available. But
the corn is so fresh and sweet you
don't necessarily need it.
        It was especially neat to watch
my one-year-old grandson dig his
teeth (all four or five of them) into
an ear leaving just a small channel
of missing kernels!
        Of course there was Bar-B-Q,
hot dogs, salads, and far too many
deserts as well.
        Some people think reunions
are "corny." In our case that turns
out to be a big attraction!
          Hope the kernels and the
kin keep coming and that all your
NEWS is good!




     It's been five years since I auditioned
for a small part in a really cool movie that
was being filmed right here in our area.
      I landed the part in a scene which we
shot later that year. Since then I've been
waiting. Waiting for the rest of the movie
to be filmed. Waiting to see if I'd make it
into the final product. Waiting for a series
of Film Festivals to see how the movie
would be received by critics and test
audiences. (A dozen awards by the way!)
And waiting for a distributor to pick our
movie to be released.
     I was sure it would work out....All In
Time.....which, by the way, is the name
of our movie.
    And now, finally, it's happening. The
producers have announced that our feature
will Premier in New York City and Los
Angles on October 7th! Additional premiers
and concerts by the band and a singer
featured in the film will be scheduled in
selected cities across the country.
      Here I am "retired" and finally
making it to Broadway!
      Of course one of the premiers will
be in Wilkes-Barre so I hope all of my
Blog readers will be coming out to see
it there.
      I would ask that you get your pop
corn on the way in. I don't want you
missing my part. I waited too long for
you to see it!
       Hope you do and that all your
NEWS is good.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


    FRIDAY, AUGUST 19TH., 2016
         COME FLY WITH ME!

       I've always liked flying. I've
piloted a small plane from take off
to landing during a news story a
few years back. I was allowed to
take the controls of the Met Life
Blimp on another assignment.
And I enjoyed many hours of
travel, a few at a time, in Chopper
22 at WYOU TV.
      All of those experiences are
on my mind today as we celebrate
National Aviation Day! This special
day was created by a presidential
proclamation by U.S. President
Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939.
       It's birthday of aviator Orville
Wright the first person to successfully
fly an airplane.
        Of course aviation has come a
long way since then. Orville flew
just a short distance at Kitty Hawk.
It wasn't long enough to watch a
commercial let alone a movie!
         I had time to watch three full
length features and get some sleep
during my recent trip to Italy.
         Of course Orville didn't have
to pay for any checked luggage so
he got a break there!
          I'd like to thank him for
bringing us into the age of flying.
It's really been great for me.
          Just yesterday, for instance,
I made believe the spoon I was
holding was an airplane and that
allowed me to get my grandson
to eat some applesauce!
          Thank you Orville!
          Hope you're all flying
high today and that all your
NEWS is good!