Friday, September 19, 2014



      We found ourselves sitting on the dock of
the bay yesterday.
   But we weren't watching the tide rolling
 away. We were watching the Lobster boats
 sail in to unload their catch!
    These are the folks that fill up those
 tanks you see at places like Red Lobster
 and Coopers in our area.
    After retrieving their traps they bring
 them in the Co-op where they're checked
 and sorted. They toss them into baskets
 like they're gathering apples!
    You keep getting the feeling you'd like
 to offer your help and, perhaps, toss one
 or two on the side for yourself! By the
 way they've already got the rubber bands on
 their claws so you're pretty sure you can
 keep your fingers!
    Then, just aout the time, you're amazed
 by the Lobster take, you spot something
 else in the water.
    Having just returned from Loch Ness
 all kinds of thoughts crossed our mind.
 Could it be a Sea Monster?
    You could easily see why some people
 might think so. But a closer look reveled
 the critters were seals. They probably
 followed the boats coming into the dock.
    Boats, Lobsters, Seals. It's amazing what
 you can see while you're sitting on the dock
 of the bay.......If you take the time to look!
    Hope you keep looking closely and that
 all your news is good! 

Thursday, September 18, 2014


  We're spending a few days with friends on
Vinal Haven Island off the coast of Maine.
   We haven't left civilization...exactly.
   You can only get here by Boat or by
 hitching a ride with the Mail plane that
 flies over each day. I guess you could,
 technically, mail yourself here
   We loaded our truck on a Ferry Boat
 that makes the hour and fifteen minute
 cruise across the bay,
    There have been some improvements
 since our last visit. Cell phones can
 now be used on a couple places on the
 island. Of course finding those spots is
 a little like searching for gold.
    There's a Grocery store. Just one.
    There's a Pizza place and a pub where
 you can get pizza when the Pizza place
 is closed.
     It's very quiet. Just the sound of a
 Lobster Boat coming by from time to
 time or that mail plane flying over.
    As far as entertainment is concerned,
 if your coming, bring a book and hiking
 shoes. You either walk or read.
    The other alternative, one favored
 by most of us, is napping. Rest comes
 easy here whether you're planning it
 or not. You can usually hear a pin drop.
 But most folks are careful not to drop a
 pin or anything else.
    There is beauty all around so the
 atmosphere lends itself towards
    Want a movie? Bring a DVD!
    I'm finding that resting makes you
    I'm not sure I'll have enough energy to
 make it back home!
    Hope you've got a restful spot too and
 that all your news is good.   

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Map Math

           THURSDAY, SEPT 18TH

                  MAP MATH
      I felt like I was in a Junior High School
  Math class! Remember those problems that
  begin with..."Joe was on a train heading to
  New York going 50 miles per hour . You
  know the kind!
      Well there I was, riding shotgun with
  my buddy as we drove towards our
  destination in the state of Maine.
      His high tech GPS system selected a
  route, then produced a readout with
  projected our arrival 5 hours later.
      Our wives, carefully consulting what
  many of you may remember as "maps,"
  disagreed with both the routes and
  expected arrival time.
      They wanted us on superhighways while
 the GPS did not. It kept insisting that we
 take various exits!
       That contradiction, we learned, was
  caused by a setting in the electronic brain
  that intentionally avoided toll roads.
       We readjusted the unit and were well
  on our way.
       But even when the new route put us
  on back roads our arrival time continued
  to drop. that was to be expected since the
  new route was either shorter or faster.
       I understand that concept. But when
  my friend slowed down to 50, I noticed
  we suddenly cut a minute from our time.
     Two miles later we had cut three
  minutes. How do you do that without
  going at least twice the speed limit?
     As I questioned the reading we cut
  another two minutes.
     I began to discuss the situation when
 our arrival time readout showed another
 three minutes off the clock.
     kept up long enough, according to my
 calculations, we would be there long
 before we actually arrived!
    Maybe time travel is least
 in my buddy's vehicle.
    Hope you don't show up before you get
 somewhere and that all your NEWS is

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Famous Last Words.


   Well as many of you now by now I am
noting another Birthday today. My age is
now equal to room temperature.
    On the eve of this occasion I spent part
of another day in Salem where I came
across some stones bearing the inscriptions
of famous last words.
    I wondered if I should ponder some
serious thoughts as I left behind another
year and leave some words of wisdom
    Of course the quotations I was reading
truly were the "last words" of some 20
individuals about to be executed for
     I, on the other hand, was merely turning
the page from one year to another.
     But maybe I could learn from these brave
individuals who stuck to their beliefs in the
face of death. All they had to do was admit
to being witches and they'd likely go free.
     They chose death before dishonor.
      Were I in a similar situation I think I
might have done a card trick! Of maybe
pulled a quarter from behind the Judge's
ear. They probably would have let me go!
      Anyhow, as I eat cake (or whatever
I'm getting) and celebrate my new age,
I think I'll simply say "Boy it's nice to be
congratulated rather then remembered."
      Hope we all have a good day and that
all our NEWS is good."


Monday, September 15, 2014

The Graveyard Shift!


   We've been home from our Ireland/Scotland trip
for a week now. That's long enough! Time to get
moving again!
    So, my wife and I and two good friends set out
on a road trip.
    First stop.....Salem, Mass!
    Salem, as many of you know, is commonly
associated with Witches! And, as Halloween
gets closer, more and more witches or would-be
witches show up around these parts.
    By October 31st there will be so many in town
that it will be hard to tell which witch is which!
    But while tourists, actors, and those who
really believe they're witches show up for what
amounts to a big Halloween party, the real tragic
story of what happened here in the 1600's is told
in dramatic fashion in a small yard just next to,
but walled off from, the town's oldest cemetery.
     The yard is enclosed by a stone wall. At first
glance you'll notice what seem to be small stones,
almost like seats, sticking out from the wall.
      A closer examination revels the names of
former Salem area residents......and the dates they
were hanged or, in one case, crushed to death by
      Each represents someone executed as a witch.
      They're not actually graves. No one was ever
told where their bodies were buried because, of
course, they were considered witches!
      They were accused by a handful of young
girls from the town who might have caused
hundreds to be executed until they made the
mistake of accusing the Governor's wife!
       That's when the Salem Witch Trials ended
and a new principal of American Law......
Innocent Until Proven Guilty....came into effect!
        So, Salem is a great place for a history
lesson....or.....a great place to have your fortune
told or palm read....especially in these weeks
leading up to Halloween!
        I've seen just one witch so far. But, who
knows, the next one may be right around the
        Hope she looks like Elizabeth Montgomery
on Bewitched and that all your NEWS is good!


The Family That Plays Together...

\  One of my grand daughters and I have
September Birthdays, just 4 days apart.
    Together we have 85 years! I have
most of them.
    Yesterday we celebrated together
in the company of many of our family
    It was my niece's idea. She suggested
we get as many family members together
as possible at Knoebel's Amusement
Park. She booked a pavilion there and
everybody brought food.
    Some folks had other commitments
and couldn't make it. It would seem we
brought food for them anyway!
    My niece also brought her son and his
girl who just happen to excel over a grill!
    What a fantastic day!
     Family, food, and fun.
     Each of the kids got wrist bands so they
could ride all the rides they wanted. That
was not one of my presents...a fact for
which I am very grateful since I'm more
more of a ride watcher than a ride rider!
      I enjoyed taking pictures of all the
happenings although I will admit this
Birthday celebration came with one of
it's own "Senior moments." It was, by
the way, a moment for me, not my
grand daughter.
      I was about to get out my trusty
camera to snap a few shots when I
suddenly wondered where I had left my
glasses. I reached into my pocket where
I felt the glass case. A split second later
I realized I was wearing my glasses. Guess
that happens when you're part of 85
collective years!
      Any way it was a great day and my
real Birthday is still two days away! Can't
wait to see what happens then...IF I can
find my glasses!
      Hope you take time for Family time,
and that all your NEWS is good!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Storming The Castle!

  They say the walls of Edinburgh Castle have never
been scaled. But there were a couple thousand
invaders the day we paid a visit to the Scottish
landmark. They were called Tourists!
   Of course the gates were open to everyone.....
willing to pay an admission fee. Too bad Kings
of old didn't think of that! They could have
made a lot of money!
    The Castle has been around since the Bronze
Age with it's existing buildings dating back to
the 12th Century! And we get all excited about
buildings just 200 years old!
    It was built on top of an extinct volcano which
has become known as "Castle Rock."
    And speaking of "rocks", there are plenty
inside! The Crown Jewels of Scotland are
kept in the castle. You can't take photos, probably
because of security concerns, but photos are
available on line anyway.
   They're guarding them pretty carefully now.
    Back in the 1600's they were taken to the
castle and locked in a chest. They were
forgotten for over a hundred years until a group
which included Sir Walter Scott found them.
     How do you "forget" artifacts that have
always been worth a fortune?
     Every August the Castle holds "The Royal
Tattoo" which, I'm told, attracts thousands of
     I wondered why so many people would
come to see other people get weird drawings
and designs inked into their skin. But, as it
turns out, the Royal Tattoo is actually is a
parade of the massed pipes and drums of the
Scottish regiments. I'd probably just call it
a Pipe and Drum Parade.
    You should try to pay a visit if you ever
get to Scotland. Even if you don't appreciate
history it's a good place to set your watch!
     Every day at 1pm they fire a cannon!
     It's a great place to set your Timex....if
you can remember to stay away from the
      Hope your home is still your castle and
that all your NEWS is good!