Wednesday, July 26, 2017


     THURSDAY, JULY 27TH., 2017!
          LOOK! UP IN THE SKY!

   The neighbors were probably wondering
why my wife and I were standing out in
front of the house with our heads tilted
back so far we looked like tourists on their
first visit to New York City!
    We were searching the sky. And we
weren't looking at a bird, a plane, or even
     We were looking for the International
Space Station! And we found it!
      For six whole minutes we watched
as the star-like object sailed across the
sky. I checked the facts. It was traveling
at 17,500 miles per hour!
      And you thought those NASCAR
guys were fast!
       There are three people aboard the
space station right now, Fyodor
Yurchikhin, the Commander, Jack
Fisher, and Peggy Whitson. (See,
we are working with the Russians!)
         We waved but there was no
sign of them waving back! Then I
realized it was dark down here.
          I should have brought my
flashlight outside with me so they'd
know just where we were standing.
         Anyhow it's kind of neat to
know there are folks circling the
globe high above our daily issues
and controversies, working together
on projects that may make life a
little better for everyone!
          Maybe it is "Superman (men)
after all! Hope all your NEWS is



    WEDNESDAY, JULY 26TH., 2017
                 EASY CHAIRS?

    My wife and I took in a movie Tuesday.
It's been over two months since we've been
able to get out to see a flick. And boy have
things changed!
     While we were away the folks at Cinemark
remodeled their auditoriums and installed
easy chairs (recliners) in new rows wide
enough to allow people to walk by you and to
their seats even while you're seat is fully
       Of course these new luxury leather seats
come with a price. A higher one at the box
office to start. And longer ticket lines as
customers are asked to pick their seats
before they enter the auditorium.
        That decision is not working out well
with everyone!
         While we waited to buy our tickets
a family of six walked out after realizing
they could not get seats together.
          I witnessed a similar sight when I
stopped by to get a gift certificate a couple
weeks ago. A woman, just looking for a
single ticket, became frustrated when
she was asked to pick her seat from a
seating chart. She quickly gave up and
left in a huff!
           The seats are certainly comfortable.
They make you feel like you're lounging at
home. Which, apparently, has some
potential customers wondering if it would
be just as easy, and cheaper, to stay at home!
             I enjoyed the setting, although I
could have done without the XD theater
with its additional expense to be shaken
by the blasting speaker system.
            And I have to wonder what those
leather recliners will look like after a year
of wear and kids playing with the "up" and
"down buttons."
            I suppose you're a little less likely
to fund gum under the seats!
            Hope you get the seat you're looking
for and that all your NEWS is good.

Monday, July 24, 2017


   TUESDAY, JULY 25TH., 2017
          THE BRASS RING!

    Saddle up everybody! It's National
Merry-Go-Round, or Carousel Day!
    The Merry-Go-Round has been
going round for a lot of years! July 25
was chosen as  National Merry-Go-
Round Day, an “unofficial” national
holiday, as it coincides with the first
United States patent that was issued for
the modern carousel. 
    That patent was awarded to William
Schneider of Davenport Iowa on July 25,
1871. I didn't cover the event. But I'm
sure glad he got the patent!
     The Carousel, along with the train,
are about the only amusement rides I
can still handle these days.
      Knoebel's has two. Both built in
1912. The year the Titanic went down!
Today's "thrill rides" remind me of
the titanic! My stomach goes down
just watching the grandkids ride those
       There are several in the Binghamton
area that are open to the public all
summer.....Free of charge. That price
make it worth the trip!
       You can still catch the Brass Ring
on the Grand Carousel at Knoebel's. My
niece Betty would have a better chance
on a Merry-Go-Round in Europe. She's
left handed!
       Most European Carousels turn
clockwise while most U.S. models
go counter clockwise. Of course most
riders don't give any thought to which
way they're spinning. You can get
dizzy either way!
      Still there's nothing like mounting
a noble steed that knows where it's
going and won't throw you!
       Hope you'll grab that ring and
that all your NEWS is good!

Sunday, July 23, 2017


       KNOCK, KNOCK!

   A funny thing happened on the
way to today's Blog!
   I found out July 24th., is "National
Tell An Old Joke Day."
   Please note there is a difference
between this date and "Tell A Joke
Day" which is always observed in
    Today is a day for having people
remember exactly why the chicken
crossed the road or who was left in
the boat when Pete and Re-pete
went sailing and Pete fell out!
     The whole idea of course is to
keep old jokes from fading away.
If they were funny once they'll
still produce a laugh, especially
among those who may be hearing
them for the first time!
      I'm serious about this. It's not
like Velcro...that's just a rip off!
       So get out there and "knock,
knock" them dead with the best
of the jokes you can remember.
       Hope you get a laugh and
that all your NEWS is good!


Saturday, July 22, 2017


  SUNDAY, JULY 23RD., 2017

   With sincere apologies to the area
radio station that used to use this title
as a promotion, my blog has nothing to
do with broadcasting. It is,rather, a
statement of personal preference!
    You see July 23rd is "Hot Enough
For You Day." It's written with a
period but I think it's safe to assume
it should be in the form of a question.
    While I hate bitter cold temperatures
and blizzards as much as most I must
admit not especially thrilled with the
high 80's and 90's that are stacked with
humidity that doesn't seem to allow me
to breath!
    Of course part of my feeling has to
do with the complications of seasonal
allergies as well as adult onset asthma.
    I really enjoy breathing and had
intended to make it a life long habit.
    So when it comes to hot weather, I'm
just fine with anything between 72 and
about 84. That's why it's only warm for
     Hope you're all breathing well and
that all your NEWS is good!


    SATURDAY, JULY 22ND., 2017

   We haven't been getting around quite
as much as usual over the past eight weeks.
    So last night my wife and I loaded the
car with two of our grandkids and headed
out "to the old ballgame."
     The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Rail Riders
are leading the International League even
though a lot of their players have been
called up to the New York Yankees.
      It was a great night for a ball game.
In addition to some great plays there were
French fries, ice cream, and soda to be
enjoyed while we watched the players and
a whole lot of little princesses who turned
out for Princess and Pirates Night at the
      I brought my trusty glove along to
catch any foul balls that came our way.
But all the batters, probably realizing I
was there, managed to steer clear of
our seats.
      I didn't spot any peanuts or Cracker
Jacks but there was no shortage of foods
to please most everyone in the crowd.
     Best of all we finally got to see
fireworks! Oh we've heard plenty since
the 4th of this month. But since Pocono
Downs dropped its display in favor of
funding the one in Wilkes-Barre there
has been nothing visible from our house.
     They have them every week at the
ball park so we may be going back
because they're a real "blast" there!
      By the way we did root, root, root
for the home team and it won!
      Hope those guys keep winning
and that all your NEWS is good!

Thursday, July 20, 2017


   FRIDAY, JULY 21ST., 2017

   I know people don't use the mail as
much as they used to.
   Emails and on line options are now
more common than letters and
postcard greetings.
    Still, our mail box is filled with
correspondence nearly every day.
And most of the envelopes have
one thing in common. They are
     We're used to them and we
realize it's our responsibility to
"pay the piper" for the services
we receive.
      You know. Things like
fuel oil for our furnace, Since
we're on a so called "Budget plan"
the home heating bills keep coming
even though it's 90 degrees outside.
      There's the telephone bill. Yes,
we still have a "land line" telephone
in our home.
       And the Electric Bill. People
keep telling us we can lower that
one by switching from one
provider to another. I'm waiting for
one to offer it for free. Then I'll
        In any case we pretty much
know how much we owe each of
our providers. So there's usually no
big surprises. Until Thursday!
         That's when we received the
Hospital Bill for my wife's open
heart surgery!
          At approximately $475,000
it suddenly makes our Cable bill
look pretty reasonable!
          Fortunately, until the government
completely goofs up Health Insurance,
we're covered. I'm so glad. I'd hate to
have to send her back to work!
          Hope your bills are low and
your NEWS is good!