Monday, August 21, 2017


     TUESDAY, AUGUST 22ND., 2017
                    BOXED IN!

    So, like many of you, my wife and I
failed to get those special glasses everybody
was looking for to watch the eclipse on
     We didn't really try very hard. But we
were interested. My wife more than me.
She heard that our grandson had built one
of those "pinhole boxes" to watch the solar
display and asked if I could come up with
the directions on my computer.
       Before I knew it she had pulled out
a scissors, some aluminum foil, a cereal
box and some tape and was busy crafting
her viewer.
        I was equally busy turning from
channel to channel to see where I might
find the best photos without having to
do any work myself,
        Some of you remember that last
eclipse all those years ago. I tried the
cereal box back then and spent three
days trying to get the Rice Krispies
out of my eyes! (There were no
instructions about emptying the box
        My wife did let me try here
Cheerios viewer and it did work as
advertised! That was kind of neat.
         I enjoyed the shots they showed
on television. Especially those where
they turned off all the lights and
everything was dark!
        Of course, come to think of it,
I could have seen the same thing if
I just turned the TV off!
        Hope you're still able to read
this today and that all your NEWS
is good!


Sunday, August 20, 2017


  MONDAY, AUGUST 21ST., 2017
              WHAT TO DO?

  I feel like I'm stuck between a rock
and a hard place. I don't know what
to do.
  According to everything I've read
there will be a solar eclipse today.
It's a big deal! Not only doesn't it
happen very often but there are
those who insists it signals the end
of the world.
   I have a show to tape at Electric
City Television around Noon. The
eclipse is suppose to begin sometime
around 1 I believe.
   So, do I have lunch before the show
or take my chances I'll...that is "we'll"
be around later?
    Also, the show we're scheduled to
tape is suppose to run next week. So,
should we bother?
     And what about the bills that are
due? Should we just forget them?
     These are all tough decisions. And
there's so little time to make them!
      Of course if you're reading this
Monday afternoon my questions are
all academic! Unless it's just the
beginning of the end!
      Whatever happens, I hope all
your NEWS is good!

Saturday, August 19, 2017


  SUNDAY, AUGUST 20TH., 2017

   My appearance, with Bob Reynolds,
on Rob Neyhard's WILK Talk show on
Friday has touched off an avalanche of
response on Facebook from people who
either heard the show or saw the WNEP
story that ran that evening.
     While each of us worked together
for several years we were all also
competitors at one time or another.
      In the field you fight to get the
story, hopefully first, but more
importantly "right."
      But another former colleague
and competitor, Bill Longworth,
formally of WBRE, wrote to remind
me of a time when we literally fought
for the news!
     As Bill remembers it three news
crews (remember when 22,28, and 16
each fielded news crews?) were
camped out around the Federal
Courthouse waiting for an alleged
"bad guy," He couldn't remember
exactly who.
      Anyway each crew was in a
slightly different location.
      Bill says a friend of our unknown
(or just unremembered perp) suddenly
attacked me and there was a scuffle.
      Bill remembers rushing to my
aid and that "fists were flying." He
recalls my coming up swinging with
only ripped slacks as evidence of the
altercation. He ruined a suit! Police were
called to bring things back to order.
      Now I remember a million stories
I covered. I remember being in the
line of fire of several gunmen being
surrounded by police. I remember
choking on heavy smoke when the
wind shifted as I was walking towards
a fire I was covering. I even remember
the time the contractor tearing down
the old Casey Hotel gave Mayor
Jimmy Connors a fake Time Capsule
from the building and I broke the news
to the Mayor.
       So you'd think I would well
remember going one round with some
ner-do-well while on Courthouse
stakeout duty, But I don't!
       I though Bill was mistaken but
he says his photographer got it on
film. I'd love to see it!
        Ironically when I told my wife
she didn't remember the incident
but did remember the ripped slacks!
       Maybe there are some things
better left forgotten? Although I
always did believe I had a decent
right cross!
        Sometimes it's good for
competitors to "work" together!
       Hope all your NEWS is

Friday, August 18, 2017



   Back in the early 1970's I left WILK to
become Assistant Manager of a new area
FM radio station identified as WMJW.
    Rob Neyhard was already there feeding
the automated equipment that played the
music and commercials.
    Because the station was automated we
were able to use the staff as news reporters.
     I hired Bob Reynolds and people like
Bill Saint John (Kishbaugh+ and Dave
Bennis and came up with a news staff that,
on several occasions, won more Associated Press
News Awards than any other radio or
television station in the state!
     On Friday Rob, who is currently with
WILK, lured Bob and I back into his
radio studio to talk over old times. They
was no pay involved. But we're all used
to that!
     We shared a lot of stories from those
"good old days." But you really would
have loved to hear us chat when the
commercials were playing!
       That's when we recalled some of
the tales know only to a few insiders!
But this is my Blog not live radio so,
what the heck. Let me share a couple
with you.
        Like the time I had to argue with
the General Manager because Bob racked
up such an expensive telephone bill
checking on a local family involved in
a story out of state. I took Bob's side.
        Rob had his own issues trying to
make sure the music list was up to date
when the same GM prohibited the
playing of some songs! Rob even had
to edit the number one song out of a
syndicated countdown because the boss
didn't want it on the air.
        Our GM never interfered with
news. Well usually anyway. I did have
a problem when they shut off our
Associated Press machine because he
didn't pay the bill. This was the same
AP from which we won all those
        Some how we survived and each
of us went on to bigger and better
things. A little older and a little wiser!
        And even though there were
bumps in the road back then, it was
a fun ride!
        My thanks to Rob for bringing
us together, My thanks to Bob for
all his news dedication. And my
thanks to both of them for discarding
the jackets they wore in that old
newspaper ad!
        Hope we can get together again,
sooner, and that all their and your
NEWS is good!


Thursday, August 17, 2017


           ROSES ARE RED...

 This is another one of those 'Special Days'
that don't get much recognition. And, in this
case, I can understand why!
August 18th is "Bad Poetry Day!"
It was created by the folks at ''
The idea was to get some former High School
friends together to intentionally write some bad
poetry which they would then send to an old
High School teacher. Presumably their old
English teacher!
I take issue with the day because I've been
writing poetry for many years! Long before I
became a DJ and then a news reporter I was
writing poetry for school newspapers or just
for fun. My Mom used to write poetry so
maybe I took after her.
In later life I wrote some stuff designed to
get a laugh or two. I guess some people would
consider that 'bad poetry.' But might not 'bad',
like 'beauty', be in the eye or, in this case, ear
of the beholder?
For instance....can't you just picture the
scene when you take in this verse?
"I shot an arrow
into the air.
It came to earth
I know not (swish!..Ah...thud!)"
The last part, of course, is done as a sound
OK. How about this one?
"Little birdy
In the cage.
How I wonder
What your"
I call that 'blank verse.'
So what do you think?
Do I have it or do I have it?

I can't send them to any of my
old English teachers!
They're all dead!
I actually wrote one aboard a train
traveling through British Columbia as
part of a poetry competition and took
first place! One of these days, if I feel
it fits a more serious Blog, I'll share it
with you.
But, since this is 'Bad Poetry Day'
I'll close with this one written just for
the occasion.
'They're looking for bad poetry
with words set down in verse.
I'm sure they'll get some terrible ones.
But mine may be the worst!
I started with my mind all blank.
Like being in a fog.
I should have kept them to myself.
But now they're in my Blog!
So my advice to others
is to write the way you should!
Enjoy the day, May it go your way.
And may all your NEWS be good!



Wednesday, August 16, 2017



   OK gang, Make up your shopping
list and head out looking for the best
bargains you can find.
    This is National Thrift Shop Day!
    My daughter can tell you where
to find one! To her some of the area
Thrift Shops have become year round
Yard Sales.
     And she's done pretty darn well
in finding the merchandise she wants
without spending a lot of money or
running up credit card debt!
     Thrift Shops come in various forms.
Sometimes it's just a small local store
selling its wares at discount prices,
      Some of the best are Salvation
Army or Goodwill stores where
donated merchandise, including a
lot of new unused items, can be
found at a fraction of their original
       They're also great places to find
old tapes, dvd's, and even vinyl records
and classic books.
        You may find some extra specials
on this National Thrift Store Day. So
get out there and let me know what
you come up with!
        Hope you gets some great bargains
and that all your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


                  SIDE EFFECTS!

     If you're going to run a 60 second
commercial for a medicine these days
you'll probably have to be able to sell
your product in 15 or 20 seconds!
     If you've seen any of these spots
lately you've probably noticed that
more than have of the time is used
telling you about potential negative
side effects of the drug. You know.
Things like loss of vision, stomach
aches, even death. That one especially
tends to turn me off.
      Of course you get the same thing
in each package that comes with your
prescription. It's usually two pages,
much of which concerns itself with
possible side effects.
       I tend not to read the material but,
rather, just take my medicine.
       Were I to read that taking a pill
could cause your left ear to ache I
would surely have pain in my left ear
by the following day.
       Consequently after my visit to the
hospital a week ago I merely began
taking the green pill ordered by the
doctors there to aid in correcting a
digestive problem.
        I never connected the sudden and
rather severe ankle pains that hit me on
Sunday when I ended the day with a
limp on my right side and switched to
a cane when both ankles started to ache
on Monday.
       My wife, who does read the
paperwork, pulled out the publication
on my "prescription" and discovered that
the pains in my ankles were, likely, tied
to my green pill.
       So, as of today, the green pill goes!
       The doctors can suggest anything
else they want as long as it leaves my
ankles, and my left ear, alone!
        Hope I'm skipping on both feet
again soon, and that all your NEWS is