Tuesday, April 25, 2017



   The way I heard it there was an earthquake
somewhere around here the other day. I didn't
feel anything. But it must have happened about
the time I was weighing myself because the
numbers suddenly went up!
    I point this out because this is Richter Scale
Day. I don't actually know what brand of scale
we have. But I suppose it could be a Richter!
    Oh. Wait a minute! My wife tells me Richter
is the guy who came up with the way we
measure earthquakes. And this is his Birthday!
I'll bet his parties really rocked the place!
     So I guess it has nothing to do with the
scale in my bathroom.
     Perhaps there's another explanation for its
sudden surge. You see it's also national
Pretzel Day. And that could have an impact
on my scale!
      I'd rather believe it was an earthquake!
      Hope you're celebrating one or the
other and that all your NEWS is good!

Monday, April 24, 2017


     TUESDAY, APRIL 25TH., 2017

  You see them everywhere. Coming and
going. Of course in Pennsylvania you only
see them going!
   I'm writing about license plates! April
25 is License Plate Day!
   There's a lot to be said for license plates.
In the days before tablets and IPads you
could keep the kids from constantly
asking "Are we there yet" by keeping
them busy playing the License Plate
Game. They had to watch for license
plates from different states on the cars
passing by to see who could find the most!
     If you're lucky enough to have the
battery die on your kid's device you can
still play the game today.
     License plates can sometimes help
solve crimes! Of course eye witnesses
have to remember to write them down
or commit them to memory.
     I know some political guys who
have found work making license
plates. We've got a few from around
these parts.
      So give some praise to the trusty
license plate today! I wonder how
many of you know the numbers and/
or letters on yours?
      Hope you do and that all your NEWS
is good!

Sunday, April 23, 2017


     MONDAY, APRIL 24TH., 2017

  The movie in which I play a short part,
"All In Time" was screened as part of
the Dietrich Theater's Spring Film
Festival on Sunday.
   In many cases when a feature is
included in a festival someone involved
in the production is on hand to talk about
the movie and answer questions after it
has been seen. That someone, in a
sense, becomes the Speaker of the
House. Or in this case the theater!
    On Sunday that was me.
    Only problem is the allergies got to
my throat Sunday morning!
     There's nothing worse than a speaker
who can't speak!
     Fortunately the movie speaks for
itself for the most part so my squeaky
responses only had to be offered to a
handful of questions!
     We got a nice response from the
folks who turned out. Including, by the
way, my old TV colleague Derry Bird
and his wife Nancy!
     There's some great music in our
production, although Derry said he
had been hoping for a little Sinatra!
      For those who haven't yet seen
"All In Time", which was filmed in
Wilkes-Barre for the most part, it can
be purchased on line at sites such as
     Hope you  get to see it and that
all your NEWS is good!

Saturday, April 22, 2017


    SUNDAY, APRIL 23RD., 2017
           SEEING STARS!

    There was a lot of talent gathered
in one room at Stirna's Restaurant in
Scranton Saturday night. But it wasn't
a band or a comedy act that highlighted
the night (although there were a lot of
funny memories)!
     The occasion was the WDAU/WYOU
      Veteran TV watchers will surely
remember many of the on-air personalities
that once appeared on channel 22 back in
the day. People like Debbie Dunleavy,
Bill Mecca, Sue Miller, Bob Reynolds,
Paula Deignan-Reynolds, Don Perry, and
my old buddy Derry Bird.
      But the gathering also brought
out many of the people who worked
behind the scenes to bring those nightly
newscasts into your home.
       It's nice to get together and reminisce
about old times. You can even laugh at
some of the not-so-good memories after
years have passed. And the good memories
seem even better now! Time has a way of
doing that! 
       You could still put this gang in front
of a camera anytime and come away with
a great, professional newscast!
        It was great to work with them in the
past and to see them again at the reunion!
Hope we get together again and that all
their, and your, NEWS is good!

Friday, April 21, 2017


    SATURDAY, APRIL 22ND., 2017

       You need a license for
all kinds of things these days.
       I have a Driver's License,
a Fishing License and what you
might call an "Artistic License!"
       On April 22nd., 2011,
in a moment of insanity, I
decided to begin a Blog!
       I had officially
retired from the main stream
media. But I still had a desire
to write and had seen others
fulfill that ambition with a
blog. I wasn't sure if it would
be a weekly or a monthly
effort. But before I could give
it a second thought I was
authoring an essay every day!
     Most have been based on
personal events in my day to
day life. Some are prompted
by web sites where I have
found some very unusual
holidays that few people
know about.
     Occasionally over these
past 6 years I've repeated a
couple of my posts. That's
either because I find they are
well worth revisiting or
because my mind has gone
blank. Of course some would
say many of my original
writings suggest a blank mind
      So here we are, six years
later with Blog number 2238!
       I got another License on
April 22nd. But that one came
48 years ago!
     It was my Marriage License!
My wife (then my fiancĂ©e), her
mom and I, showed up at the Luzerne
County Courthouse with the
required fee to get our license.
We needed her mom too because,
back then, you had to have a
parent's signature if you were
under 21. That didn't effect me.
I didn't even get carded!
      Fortunately my mother-in-
law to be agreed to sign and we
got our license.
      Hope it hasn't expired....and
that all your NEWS is good!

Thursday, April 20, 2017


     FRIDAY, APRIL 21ST., 2017

     They say we never stop learning.
But now-a-days "formal education" begins
pretty darn quickly!
      Take Kindergarten. April 21st is
Kindergarten Day.
       I have 6 grandkids and 5 of them
graduated Kindergarten. The 6th isn't
quite old enough for that advanced
education yet. But he's in Day Care where
he already recognizes the ABC song!
      Kindergarten Day is celebrated in honor
of Friedrich Froebel. He was born on this
day in 1782. In 1837, he started the first
Kindergarten in Germany.
      I guess it didn't catch on everywhere
because they didn't have it at my
Elementary School in Hazleton until I
was already in 2nd or 3rd grade. Of course
by 3rd grade I already knew my ABC's.
Well most of them anyway!
     Today's the day to pull out those old
Kindergarten photographs and remember
those good old days before 1st grade.
      I spent most of mine playing in my
back yard!
      Hope you have fond memories
and that all your NEWS is good!