Friday, February 24, 2017


                        IT'S A TIE!

     I fought it off on Thursday. With temperatures
far above what you'd expect for February I still
started out with a warm jacket and made sure my
grandson had both his coat and hood on and up
as we went outside for what eventually turned
into three walks. By the third I had switched to
a windbreaker and he had shed the hood and
opened the coat.
      But temptation won out on Friday as the
temperature climbed still higher and the sun
stayed out throughout the day.
      Under normal circumstances my Miata
stays covered and off the road until the first
good rain after the last road crew application
of salt on area highways.
      But on Friday I just couldn't resist! The
cover came off, the top came down, and my
wife and I headed out for a summer-like
drive to a nearby State Park.
       After that a few miles spent on some
back roads before heading back home
where the inside temperature was a mere
one degree above the outside reading!
       Still, it was a "Tie." Temptation did
get us out with the top down. But I managed
to drive past the Ice Cream Shop!
       Hope there's more like this to come and
that all your NEWS is good!


Thursday, February 23, 2017


     FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH., 2017

        Thursday is a big day around our
house. It's the day my 18-month-old
grandson comes to visit. And it's the
day the Garbage truck comes by!
         These two things are connected
by way of my grandson's fascination
with big trucks! It's fun to see his stare
when the big vehicle rolls by. But it's
even bigger than life to him when the
driver sounds his air horn and the guys
who do all the hard pick up work take
a moment to yell "Hello" and give him
a wave.
        They've never passed without
letting the little guy know they
recognize him.
         And yesterday they turned out
to be just the first of the big rig drivers
who go an "extra mile" for children!
         A propane truck driver stopped
by a neighbor's house to make a
delivery a couple house after our
Refuse collectors made their rounds.
He too spotted the little fellow and
made sure he gave him a wave and
a blast from his truck as he pulled
        Later we visited a little playground
to take advantage of the beautiful
weather. There's a road just outside the
fence that serves as a major route for a
lot of trucks. Here again, several saw
the wide eyed little boy watching as the
came by and a number of them rolled
down their window to wave while a
couple more sounded their horn as they
drove past.
       The guys I mentioned are all hard
working men who are likely on a tight
schedule doing some tough jobs. I'm
thankful that they are also kind hearted
individuals who can take time for a kid.
       And I hope that all of their NEWS,
and yours, is good!  


           "RUN FOREST! RUN!"

     Forest Gump is on my mind as I write
today's essay. Especially the line "Run
Forest! Run!"
     I was never into competitive running.
But back in the day I was known to jog
3 miles of so every day. That became a
daily walk for a long time. But I must
admit I fell out of the habit about a half
year ago or so.
     I am determined to get started again.
As soon as I'm moved to take that first
     But when it happens it will be a
walk. Not a jog. And definitely not a
    There are, of course, several kinds of
completive running! I was actually
encouraged to do some running by a good
friend last week. But in his case he suggested
I might consider a run for School Board!
     As a long time newsman I have always
stayed outside the political arena. That's
not to say I didn't have interest. Back
about the time I was actually running,
jogging that is, I was approached about
the possibility of running for District
      I gave the matter some serious
thought. I've always love the law and
the possibility of a seat on the minor
judiciary did seem appealing. Running
for the office did not. Ethically I would
have had to go off the air lest I have an
advantage over opponents who did not
have daily access to a radio or television
      While flattered about the School
Board suggestion it's one office that
didn't spark any interest in my mind.
       As for other future possibilities
I, like James Bond, will never say
never. But for now I'll let some other
"Forest" do the running,
        Hope all your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017



  We've been getting more calls lately than we
received during any political campaign over the
past 10 years.
    They're coming from various companies
located, according to our Caller ID, all over
the country. They're all recorded, although
some are designed to sound as though they're
coming from a live person on the other end,
and they all begin with a phrase something
like "This is not a solicitation."
     The second line, for those faster of the
draw than my hang up, usually suggests
the caller is prepared to give me a much
better rate on my credit card!
      I'm not sure how any of these folks
know the rate on any of my credit cards.
But I suppose if I entertained each one
I could finally reach a point where they
are paying me to have the cards!
       Since I'm pretty satisfied with my
credit status quo I try to close the call as
quickly as possible. It takes a couple
second longer when I think I'm dealing
with a live person as I try to tell them I'm
not interested.
       They must know by now. But they
keep calling. Guess you've got to give
them credit!
        Hope they finally get my message
and that all your NEWS is good.

Monday, February 20, 2017



    It started with a head cold a few days
ago. My nose was running so fast it could
have won a marathon.
    I did my weekly show on Electric City
Television Monday. But I could feel my
voice getting weaker by the minute,
    I spent some time with my grandson.
But he doesn't talk just yet so I didn't much
either. We can communicate without words
     At home last night I could feel the
laryngitis setting in. By 7 my voice was
pretty much gone.
     I sent an email to someone and was
surprised to get a reply informing me the
text of my message didn't go through. I
didn't realize my laryngitis had spread to
my laptop!
     The problem, the laryngitis that is, is
nothing new to anyone who's been in
broadcasting. You get it from time to time
sooner or later. Years ago it would have
kept me out of work. But since I don't
technically work anymore, it's not a big
      There are a number of remedies. But
it really helps if you simply don't talk for
a day or so. My wife is cheering at this
       I am still able to communicate. At
home I just make gestures, point, and
occasionally whistle a song that may
feature the words I'm trying to convey.
       With you folks I just type away my
messages and send a picture now and
then which, I'm told, is worth a
thousand words.
         But, for the moment....I say
nothing! Hope it works and that all your
NEWS is good!

Sunday, February 19, 2017



    Many years ago there lived a Baseball
team called The Washington Senators. A
popular saying was linked with the team.
    "First in war, first in peace, and last in
the American League!" The first two, of
course, refer to our nation's first President!
     And if you've got a day off from work
or school today it's because George
Washington is still first!
     You see, officially, this is George
Washington's Birthday! It is not
"President's Day!
      Back in 1968 the term "President's Day"
came up for legal consideration in the
Congress.But it was shot down.
     The holiday was moved to fall between
Washington and Abe Lincoln's actual birth
dates. But the name was never changed
even though there was another attempt to
do so in the 1980's.
     So today is, legally, Washington's
Birthday even though he wasn't born on
this date!
     Technically, all those Car Dealers and
other merchants pushing President Day
Sales are promoting a holiday that doesn't
     As I've mentioned before, back when
I was in school we had both Washington
and Lincoln's actual birthday's off. I still
support that. As well as a day off for
every President's birthday! I always liked
days off!
     Well, whoever's name you shout out
when you're singing "Happy Birthday"
today, I hope all your NEWS is good!



Saturday, February 18, 2017


                  A PET STORY!

    I notice many of my friends on Facebook
posting photos and stories about their pets.
    I have never been a "pet person." I did,
like Rocky, have a couple of tiny turtles
for awhile when I was a kid. They didn't
last very long and I never longed for any
pets after that.
       Then a couple years ago my wife and I
took in a Cockatiel whose owner was moving
and could not bring the bird along. We enjoyed
a couple years with "Sam" who, at least, could
"converse" with us to a limited extent. I was
OK with "Sam."
        Now the only pets in our home are in
the care of my wife. And yesterday their
population increased. And, no, we do not
have rabbits!
        We, more my wife that me, have a
collection of fish. She's been managing her
aquarium for several years now. I got it for
her on Christmas one year.
         She names each fish although I never can
remember any of them. And they change from
time to time as one or two cross, or swim
under, the Rainbow Bridge. I'm not sure how
that works with fish!
          Fish actually turn out to be very
practical pets. Although you can't pet them
or take them for a walk they are calming to
watch and can live on special food cubes
while you're away for a week. It's also kind
of neat that you don't have to leave them
anything to drink!
          My wife added several new fish to
the tank Saturday in part to replace one who
managed to swim into the filter apparatus a
couple weeks ago. By now they all have
names. I won't even ask!
          Hope they enjoy their new home...and
that all your NEWS is good.