Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I Heard That!

    I got a big jump on today's unique
holiday! According to one of the many
websites that identify bizarre and
unusual holidays, March 31st is
"National She's Funny That Way Day."
    I began the celebration with another
one of those shopping trips with my
wife. Most of you know how I enjoy
    No sooner had we entered the market
when I heard her say something. That,
in itself, is unusual because I usually
can't hear what she's saying. She
speaks very quietly. She's funny that way.
    But, this time, I heard her very clearly.
    "Do I want oranges", she asked.
She seemed to be addressing the
question to herself.
     She's funny that way.
     I tried to explain that I didn't know if
she wanted oranges.
     I never heard an answer. But I didn't
have to. I saw her pick out a bag of
oranges and put it in our cart.
     It happened again as we looked
over the supply of turkeys for Easter
      "I wonder, should I get two"
she asked.
     Not sure if that one was directed
to me so I didn't answer. But we do
have two turkeys!
      I don't know if she asked
anything else. I didn't hear anything.
But we came back with about 9 bags
of groceries!
      Someone once told me some
people have to talk to themselves
because it's the only way they can
have an intelligent conversation.
       I think my wife feels that way
when I'm with her.
       She's funny that way!
       Hope she answered all her questions
and that all your NEWS is good!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Call The Doctor!

   It's March 30th everybody! And that means
it's "National Doctor's Day!"  It's a day set
aside to show your appreciation to all those
physicians who try to keep us well or make us
better when we're sick!
   There was a time when I thought I'd like to
be a Doctor. Then I found out how long you
had to go to school! I changed my mind!
    Even though I didn't become a physician
I do support a number of them. I have
undoubtedly helped them by cars, boats, and,
very probably, mansions!  
    In fact, as I've grown older my "collection"
of doctors has grown substantially!
    At this point I see four on a regular basis.
And that doesn't include my dentist who, of
course, is technically a doctor.
    I've also had the "pleasure" of submitting
myself to the expertise of about three others
who are considered specialists. Two more
and I'll have enough for a baseball team.
    My family doctor is the most understandable
of the lot. Most of the others speak in technical
and medical terms that I don't understand and
forget how to pronounce minutes after they've
talked with me.
    And have you ever noticed that, usually,
when a doctor walks into the examining room
he usually asks "How are you?"
    Why don't any of us answer honestly and
say "I'm not here because I feel great!"
    Unlike some of the other unusual "holidays"
I've mentioned from time to time this one is
     The day marks the anniversary of the first use
of general anesthesia in surgery. The first National
Doctor's Day was celebrated in 1991.
     On March 30, 1958, the United States House of
Representatives adopted a resolution commemorating
Doctors' Day. In 1990, the congress and the senate
approved legislation establishing National Doctors
Day. The resolution designating March 30 as
National Doctors' Day was signed by President
George Bush.
    Since it's too late to mail cards we should all just
 call our doctors and wish them well.
   Odds are you'll get the Answering Service so you'll
just have to leave a message.
  Hope you're feeling well and that all your NEWS
is good!

Sunday, March 29, 2015


   This is a very big day at Niagara Falls.
   But it's no Honeymoon!
   March 29th is "Niagara Falls Runs Dry
   Local residents, and tourists, will be
celebrating an event that took place on
March 29th of 1848!
   Ice blocked the river on that day and
literally shut off the falls!
   I saw the same thing! But it was in
1969! Yep! I saw Niagara Falls turned
   My wife and I were on our Honeymoon
at the time and Niagara Falls was on our
list of places we wanted to see.
   Imagine our surprise when we got there
and found the falls, at least the American
falls, dry!
    It wasn't some David Copperfield trick
or the biggest plumbing problem you
ever saw. It was science.
    A team of engineers was conducting a
survey to determine how quickly the edge
of the falls was deteriorating. To do that
that had to stop the flow of water. So they
built a earth dam upstream and diverted
all of the river water over to the Canadian
    Any would be dare devil, thinking of
that old "over the falls barrel trick," probably
had second thoughts if he or she saw what's
really under those thousands of tons of
water that pour over the brink every second!
    People riding aboard the popular "Maid
of the Mist" got an up close view of boulders
as big as the iceberg that sank the Titanic!
    It was probably the biggest thing at the
Falls since 1953 when Marilyn Monroe
filmed a movie there!
    Of course the water is flowing again
these days. But the community, on both sides
of the border, is always looking for a reason
to celebrate. And you can be sure that none
of the pubs there will be "dry" today!
    I'll toss an ice cube or two in my Diet
Dr. Pepper and raise a toast to the falls
    Hope you'll get there one of these days
and that all your NEWS is good!

             Niagara Falls 1969


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cat On A Cold Tin Roof!

   Circumstances find me in a literary mood.
   The disappearance of snow in the
neighborhood has resulted in the
reappearance of felines. Of course they
never really left. In fact, they've multiplied.
    We've seen a couple from time to time
throughout the winter.
     But there's a lot more tracks around
now that melting snow and ice has allowed
us to fill up our bird feeders.
     I guess the cats like to watch the birds
     Maybe that's why they've been looking
for a better vantage point.
      At first we thought the occasional
sounds coming from our roof were made
by tree limbs blowing in the wind. But
they didn't stop when the breeze did!
      Then, yesterday, I caught a glimpse
of something moving on our neighbor's
roof. Seems at least one of cats is
staking out roof tops to either watch
over or pounce on our feathered friends.
     He, or she, or they appear to be
alternating between the top or our house
and our neighbor's roof.
     I wonder if there's a way I can get a
big dog up there?
     My apologizes to Tennessee Williams for
borrowing and altering the title of his famous
play. Hot or cold I'd much rather have a Fiddler
on my roof!
      Hope all your cats are accounted for and
that all your NEWS is good.


Friday, March 27, 2015

The Great Train Robbery!

     It's not everyday you get to rob a
train! As a matter of fact the last
job my gang pulled off was over
40 years ago!
     I posted a photo of the "heist"
for Throwback Thursday yesterday
and it got a lot of attention.
     I thought some of you might
want to know more about this
crime of the century.
     I was the news director of
WILK at the time. The station
had just switched to a Top 40 music
format and we were looking for a
"different" way to promote the staff.
     At about the same time a station
in New York was billing itself as
the "Home of the Good Guys."
     We decided to turn that around.
     And so, with black hats, 6 guns,
and rifles in hand we traveled to a
old time Railroad attraction in
Columbia County and talked the
operator into allowing us to "rob"
his train!
     Of course we needed a good guy
to hold up. And we got a great one!
Long before he became famous for
his "Uncle Ted's Ghoul School, Ted
Raub volunteered to play the train
     We also had a lot of good guys
playing the "Bad Guys."
      A few of you may remember
some of them:  Tommy Sommers,
Mike Kay, Don Bruce, Guy Randall,
Dan Stenger, Frank Ceretta, Larry
Wallison, and Jim McCarthy Sr.
       Wallison and I grabbed the
Wells Fargo Box. But after they
took the pictures we had to give it
       They say crime doesn't pay
but we got a lot of mileage out of
those photos and some good press
for "The Bad Guys!"
       Some of our Hole in the Wall
Gang are gone now. The railroad
is just a memory too.  And all of us
have gone our separate ways.
        But I get a smile whenever I
remember the day we held up the
CP&W Railroad! It really was a
great train robbery!
       Hope the statute of limitations
has expired and that all your NEWS
is good.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Jersey Boys!

   My wife and I have been happy to
support all kinds of fund raising
efforts designed to help the schools
attended by our grandkids.
    We've bought candy bars, Easter
candy, and pizza.
     We've "bought" horses for
"Nights at the Races." And that was
well before the state said it was OK
for charities and non profits to join
the ranks of casinos and the folks
who race actual horses for money.
      We've played the numbers in
the name of education.
       And a portion of all those
donations have been used to support
local schools.
        Yesterday we joined in the best
fund raiser we've see to date!
         A Jersey Mike's Sub restaurant
not far from our home was donating
100% of all of it's profits for the day
to a school one of our grand daughters
        Ever since he operated a single
store in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, Jersey
Mike’s founder, Peter Cancro has believed
in giving back to the community.
       Throughout the month of March
customers at more than a hundred Jersey
Mike's outlets were encouraged to give to a
local charity or non profit that partnered
with the restaurant. Yesterday, during the
chain's "Day of Giving" 100% of all
profits were given to those partners!
        That made my cheese steak all the
more enjoyable! And the only number
that had to be called was the one indicating
my order was ready! Talk about a good
        I like the tune these Jersey Boys are
        Hope I can find one of those candy
bars for desert...and that all your NEWS
is good!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What Was That? !!!

   Search as long and hard as you can.
There's little chance you'll spot the
Honoree of today's holiday in the
cold waters of the Susquehanna river!
   Today is Manatee Appreciation
   Manatees are large marine mammals
that migrate coastal waters between
Florida and as far north as Virginia
each year. As far as I know they have
never swum up to Wilkes-Barre.
   We got a close up look a some of
them when we visited Florida last
year. In short, we had to migrate to
see them!
    There are only an estimated 3,200
of the animals left in the U.S. these
days. They've got no natural enemies,
but they've lost much of their habitat
to coastal development.
    Back in the days when sailors
actually used sails to cruise the seas
Manatees were sometimes thought
to be Mermaids!
    I found that a bit hard to understand
until I remembered that those old
sailors were often treated to rations
of Rum every day!
    No wonder so many spotted
Mermaids and Sea Monsters back
    I'm not exactly sure how we're
suppose to celebrate Manatee
Appreciation Day. Perhaps we can
raise a glass of Rum to the creatures
and have a toast!
    Come to think of it, even if we're
not in Florida, with enough Rum we
should be able to see them anyway!
    Hope you see one (there or here)
and that all your NEWS is good!