Monday, February 24, 2020


      TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH., 2020

    It's February 25th everybody.
    It's Mardi Gras, Paczki Day,
 International Pancake Day, and Fat Tuesday!
 All that celebrating. Much of it involving
donuts and other pastries.
    Is it any wonder there's another
observance that sort of gets lost in the mix?
    Just so you're all aware today is
"Rubber Ducki Day!"
    It was on this date in 1970 that Sesame
Street's Muppet character "Ernie" (voiced
by Jim Henson) first sang the tune
dedicated to his favorite bath time toy!
    It was so popular they recorded a
45rpm record which actually hit number
16 on Billboard Magazine's Hot 100 Hits!
    I happen to be the proud owner of a
Rubber Ducki. In fact I may even have
two! My 4-year-old grandson has
discovered one of those Crane machines
where a dollar lets you play until you
win. And the prize bin is filled with, you
guessed it, Rubber Duckies! He's given
me a couple of his prizes!
      I must admit, since he's the one who
gifted me, I'm awfully fond of my
Rubber Duckies!
      I think I'll put them in a place of
honor today. Right in front of me on the
table while I eat a couple donuts!
      I just love these special days! Hope
you do too and that all your NEWS is

(Note: It is "Ducki" and not "Ducky.")

Sunday, February 23, 2020



    All that hype about killing off Mr.
Peanut during the Super Bowl has, it
seems, had an interesting result.
     Before it ever aired people who
remembered the iconic symbol of
Planter's Peanuts were up in arms
over what seemed to be his demise.
     That was especially true around
these parts where both the company
and the character were born.
      Low and behold the same short
series of commercials climaxed with
Mr. Peanut's resurrection in the form
of a "baby Peanut Man" assuring the
future of the beloved image.
       But all the talk has apparently
done even more! All of a sudden Mr.
Peanut is actually in demand once
        At an auction in Berwick
Saturday night a few Mr. Peanut items
were selling at premium prices. In fact
a small Mr, Peanut statuette sold for
over one hundred and forty dollars!
The company produced a lot of
novelty items over the years!
           Makes you wish you had kept
a few of those advertising items they
 handed out or sold way back when!
           I never concentrated on those
gimmicks. I liked the peanuts and I
can assure you none of them lasted
more than a day or two at most!
            Hope Mr. Peanut, and his
products,stick around for a long
time and that all your NEWS is

Saturday, February 22, 2020



   I'm not so sure about this idea of evolution.
If man has evolved from monkeys, why are
there still monkeys?
   It's a different story with cameras! I've seen
them evolve!
   When I was a kid we loaded a roll of film
(youngsters ask your parents or grandparents)
into a camera. Then we took a series of photos
and either sent that film to a laboratory or,
occasionally, took it to our basement
darkroom where we put it into a series of
chemicals then printed the pictures ourselves.
    I liked shooting video. I did it with an 8mm
camera that I would wind to make it move.
Again, it needed film which had to be sent to
the lab.
    Eventually I started using VHS video tape.
That was cool because I had two hours of
shooting time, as opposed to 3 minutes on
film, color and sound!
     That was followed by a series of different
video formats involving smaller cameras
and the ability to put the video right onto a
     Each of those cameras had one thing in
common. You looked through a viewfinder
or at a screen and saw your subject. Then
you started recording.
       Now they've got me using a Smartphone.
       It takes still photos and video.
       But most of the time I turn it on I see
myself!!!!! I have to touch a small icon that
looks like a camera which then switches
the phone from looking at me to looking'in front
of me!
        Once I've done that I touch a little white
"button" on the phone screen and it takes a
picture (or video) sometimes.
        My grandson tells me I'm touching the
screen too hard. (In "the old days I just
pressed the record button!).
        I've got to get it figured out soon. The
image in front of me keeps changing or
going away by the time get to take a shot.
And I really don't need any more photos of
        Fortunately I've saved all the old
cameras and kept the batteries charged!
        Hope you get the picture...and that all
your NEWS is good!

Friday, February 21, 2020


            BIG DOINGS TODAY!

  OK! It's Saturday. You're probably off work!
 This is a great day to celebrate! And you know
why. Right?
  Washington's Birthday? Well, yes, that's one
good reason. It is, after all, the actual birthday
of the father of our country.
   The Feds decided to move it so we'd all have
a three day weekend every February.
    But Washington's birthday is only one of
the so-called "holidays" we're noting this
February 22nd!
    This is also World Thinking Day, National
Margarita Day, Open That Bottle Day, and
International Tongue Twister Day!
    If George saw the competition perhaps he
wouldn't mind having his birthday moved!
    And, as they say on television, "But wait!
There's more!"
    Even though the chain is long since gone
February 22nd is also Woolworth's Day.
    Maybe we can combine these festive
    If we think about it, we can open a bottle,
make a Margarita, and come up with a tongue
twister while toasting Woolworths!
    Hope you'll  celebrate something today
and that all your NEWS is good!

Thursday, February 20, 2020


       FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21ST., 2020

     Some say Tomato and some say TomAto.
But whichever you prefer this popular fruit
plant is the main ingredient in ketchup. Or
is it catsup?
       Ketchup is the preferred spelling in all
the English speaking world.
       And ketchup is one of the most used
condiments with food in the U.S.
       I suspect it's most associated with
hamburgers. But many use it on french
fries as well
       It goes with just about everything.
My grandson enjoys it with his chicken
nuggets and he likes lots of it.
       I was preparing his plate Wednesday
complete with the nuggets, a few pieces
of cheese and a large amount of ketchup
when the plate and everything on it
went flying!
       The plate shattered. The nuggets
and cheese scattered like shrapnel, and
the ketchup found its way to my left
        Whatever else it may compliment
ketchup does not go well with New
Balance footwear!
         It's the first time that sneaker
has been adorned with ketchup and
the first time I've taken it in for a
         Thanks to our home heating
vents it is dry and ketchup free today!
          Hope to keep my ketchup on
my hamburgers in the future and that
all your NEWS is good!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020


               GET OUT AND SHOUT!

   Winter hasn't been too bad around my area
this year. But today's the day to chase it away
     February 20th is "Northern Hemisphere
Hoodie Hoo Day!"
     The creators, at, encourage
everyone to go outside at Noon today, wave
your hands over your heads, and chant
"Hoodie Hoo!"
      The whole idea is to chase away any
winter blues and bring in Spring.
       I'm not sure if there's any data to
measure the effect of these actions but,
perhaps, it's worth a try.
       Since this truly is a little know
"holiday" you might want to pick a quiet
area away from others to participate. I'd
hate to see any body hauled away for
disorderly conduct just for trying to
do something about the weather.
        Hope it works and that all your
NEWS is good!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020



     My wife and I have been to some beautiful
places in Europe, Canada, and the U.S. as
escorts for Travelworld. But the trip I saw
announced yesterday is truly out of this world.
      A company called SpaceX plans to send 4
private citizens into space and around the world
by the end of next year or early in 2022!
        SpaceX is working with "Space Adventures,"
a space tourism business that has helped seven
different people take trips to the International
Space Station. 
          We've been to the Alps in Switzerland
and Austria. We were up pretty high but no
where near earth orbit,
          I must admit the thought of me being
weightless seems very appealing!
          Conversely all of our tours have
included dinners at some very impressive
restaurants. I'm not sure if space travelers
are still using those food "pills" or eating
from toothpaste-like tubes but I prefer a
3 course dinner at some plush place!
            Then there's the question of cost!
Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte took
an 11 day flight in 2009. That trip cost about
$35,000,000. There's no word on what the
SpaceX trip will cost. But I've got to believe
the cost of a ticket will be "sky high!"
             Of course if you'd like to go but
can't afford it there's always the new U.S.
Space Force!

             Enjoy the trip! Hope all your NEWS
is good!