Friday, October 9, 2015

Stealing The Show!



     This is Class Reunion week for
those of us who graduated from "The
Castle" (Hazleton Senior High School)
back in the year 1960. The math geeks
will tell you that was 55 years ago.
     Most of us see ourselves as 18-year-
olds trapped in 73 year old bodies.
Many of us act that way too. Me
     We gather, those who are left,
every 5 years to recount those "good
old days" at Hazleton High School.
They seem better as time goes on.
      Our reunion spans two days and
begins with an informal get together
featuring a "Taste Of Hazleton." The
planning committee sets out a table
featuring foods from 4 of our hometown's
most popular eateries. It truly is the
taste of memories!
      There is pizza from Senape's
Bakery, Hoagies from the Third
Base restaurant, Jimmy's Hot Dogs,
and Bar-B-Q from the original
recipes of the once popular Knotty
Pine restaurant.
      A few of our classmates added
some spice to the program last night
and it had nothing to do with food.
Last night they solved a 55-year-
old mystery!
       Our 1960 Basketball team was
one of the best in the State! In February
of that year, after winning the East
Penn Championship we took on the
team from Lansford in the District
11 Playoffs. Our Mountaineers stole
the show with a decisive 86 to 46
      What few people knew, until last
night, was that we also stole the ball!
The game ball that is!
       This sphere, properly inflated
I might add, disappeared just as the
game ended. One of our players
even reported getting a threating
call if the ball, which of course
belonged to the home team, was
not returned.
       It reappeared last night at our
"Meet and Greet" and several of the
players from our team signed the ball
which bears the inscription "Class A
Playoffs," and the final score.
      Where has it been? Perhaps it
turned up at the Hoagie shop, or
the Hot Dog stand. I can't really say.
In fact, I'm not sure where it went
after last night!
       Hope we find out by 2020....and
that all your NEWS is good!


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Speaking Of Leifs.....

             FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9TH

              SPEAKING OF LEIFS!

    It's October 9th and, as you probably know,
it is Leif Erikson Day. Historians tell us this
guy left his home in Greenland in 1002 and
sailed to North America. That, in a sense,
would make him the one who "discovered
    They taught it a little different when I was
in school.  "In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean
blue." We were taught that old Christopher
"discovered America!"
     Even then, in Grade school, I wondered what
the Indians  (we call them "Native Americans"
now) thought about his "discovery."
     I knew whatever he actually did was big
because they named a city in Ohio after him and
gave us a day off from school on October 12th.
    Some people say time helps people forget. But,
somehow, we seem to know more about Christopher
now then we used to know!
     He didn't believe the world was flat!
     He wasn't the first person to "find" America.
     And we are now told we was born on August 26th
(Not October 12th) of 1451!
      I guess the exact date doesn't matter because we
started observing "his birthday" on the Monday
closest to October 12th instead of on the date itself!
      Poor Chris seems to be getting somewhat of a bad
rap these days! A couple of years ago I found hand
made signs near his statue in Pittston with labeled
him as "America's First Terrorist" and his holiday
as "A celebration of Genocide!"
       There was a big bouquet of flowers too. I don't
think it was left by the folks who drew the signs.
        Whatever else you think Christopher Columbus
not only visited the American continent four times,
he TOLD people about it!
         If Leif Ericson did show up first he didn't
say anything about it. Did you ever notice there's no
Erikson, Ohio? Although, admittedly, Norsemen in
Ohio do celebrate Leif Erikson Day on October 9th.
          I wonder if that's the Friday closest to his
actual birthday?
         Anyway Europeans headed this way because they
heard about Columbus and knew there was
opportunity here.
          Native Americans don't think much of him. But
they now run all the Casinos! (And they're all open on
Columbus Day and Leif Erikson Day!)
           I don't know exactly what they're teaching the
kids about Columbus these days. But if they're still
getting a day off for his birthday, whatever the date,
I'll bet they love the guy! I always did! I'd
probably like Leif too if they had given us a day
           Hope you discover and enjoy Leif Erikson
Day and that all your News is good!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Watching The Change!



     The leaves are changing! I mean, they're
still leaves, but they're starting to change
      There are all kinds of scientific
explanations for this phenomena. There
are also a couple of good legends. One
tells of native Americans who wounded
a bear during a hunt. The bear jumped
into the sky and continues to run from
the hunters. At this time of year the blood
from his wound falls from the sky and
changes the color of the leaves.
      Sounds logical to me! I'll go with
that one!
       My wife and I took a little ride to
enjoy the leaves yesterday. The fact that
we ended up at the Pocono Cheesecake
Factory was merely a coincidence. (Well,
I figured you bought the bear story!)
       It's hard to keep up with the changing
colors. They vary so much from day to
       We did find evidence that someone
is watching the change up close and
personal. On a back road, not far from
our house, we spotted one of those
folding chairs that seems to be set up
in the middle of a rather dense forest
       I suppose one could conclude that
someone was actually tossing the chair,
and it just happen to land standing up.
I'd rather believe some enterprising
individual has staked out a spot to watch
the beauty of nature as the bear's blood
paints the forest in bright fall colors.
Believe what you will!
      Hope those colors brighten your
life and that all your NEWS is good!


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hands Off Google!



     I never knew a heck of a lot about
Google. I know the name comes up on
my laptop with a space right after it. If
you type a word into that space Google
searches the world wide web and finds
things that match or apply to your word.
     But on Monday I saw a report on TV
that showed Google's project to develop
a Driverless car! That's right. It's a car
that drives itself!
     There are actually a couple models
being tested right now. One, strictly on
the test track for the moment, doesn't
even have a steering wheel.
      I will not be buying one!
      I actually like driving. In fact when
the weather's nice and I've got the top
down in my car, I love driving!
       I know there's probably a lot of
people out there that relish the thought
of being able to text and have a donut
while their car takes them to work or
school. I've seen a few of them
"experimenting" in their own vehicles.
They're already "hands free."
      As for me, I can't even let my wife
drive while I'm in the car. She's a very
good driver (So was Dustin Hoffman
in "Rain Man"). But I'm so "driver
conscious" my feet would be trying to
work the accelerator and the brakes
even while I'm sitting in the passenger
seat. I'd never get any rest!
      The Driverless cars work by
computers. But who hasn't had a computer
that crashed at one time or another. Seems
to me an accident in one of these Google
cars would give the phrase "computer
crash" a whole new meaning!
       It may be the wave of the future. But
I plan to do my waving with one hand on
the steering wheel! So, in my case, "Hands
off Google!"
       Hope they yield to real drivers and
that all your NEWS is good!

Monday, October 5, 2015

We Don't Want To Hear It!



       Supreme Court decisions are
very important! They are the last
word on many legal arguments!
       But sometimes what the court
doesn't do is just as important as
what it does do! And yesterday
the court decided NOT to get
involved in what may be our
country's last Indian war!
    The jurists were asked to get
involved in a dispute over where
Olympic hero and native American
Jim Thorpe should be buried!
     Basically the judges said "We
don't want to hear it!"
     Just about a year ago Judge Theodore
McKee of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court
said it would be "patently absurd" to 
to disinter the remains Jim Thorpe from
his grave in Carbon County to be moved
to Oklahoma.
    When he died in 1953, Thorpe's third
wife, Patricia, entered into an agreement
with what were the towns of Mauch Chunk
and East Mauch Chunk, to have Thorpe
interred there even though he had never
actually been to the area. In return, the
towns legally changed their name to Jim
     A Federal Judge in Scranton had
sided with the children of Thorpe's second
wife who wanted his body dug up and
moved to Indian territory in Oklahoma.
     Jim Thorpe had three wives during his
life. Descendants of his first  were content to
have the remains...remain where they are.
Two out of his three families are OK with
Jim Thorpe staying in Jim Thorpe! So am
     The community has become a major
area tourist destination and many of
those tourists stop to pay tribute to the
man the King of Sweden called "the
greatest athlete in the world."
      His monument has become the
recognized shrine to the man and his
      And, by the way, isn't this resting place
about as "native American" as you can get?
The original name," Mauch Chunk", was
derived from the term "bear mountain" in the
language of the native Lenape people!
     As Jim Croce sang...."You don't mess
around with Jim." And, it seems, the
Supreme Court would rather listen to the
song than this dispute
     Hope that "rests this case," and Jim
Thorpe, and that all your NEWS is good!



Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sports-less Sunday!



   The Eagles got beat (again). Baltimore
hammered my Yankees. And Bull
riders took over the afternoon schedule
on CBS. But that's not what threw me!
    For the first time in weeks my grand
daughter's mini football cheerleading
squad had a day off as did my grandson's
soccer team. That gave us a Sports-less
     That worked out pretty well. Especially
for me. I was still trying to dry out from
Thursday's Soccer game and warm up from
Friday night's Football game.
      I almost felt compelled to watch at least
a little sports on TV to fill in the void!
Almost! Not quite!
      Instead my wife and I joined my
daughter, her husband and daughter and
engaged in our own favorite "sport." It's
called dinner! And we're all good sports!
      The contest was simple. We headed
over to the American Grill in Exeter to
see who could complete their meal
without resorting to a take out container!
I tackled a half rack of ribs and fries.
My wife challenged the Bar-B-Q
chicken. My daughter took on a special
sausage soup while my son-in-law put
both chili and a sandwich on his card.
My grand daughter did a couple rounds
with a sandwich that looked as big as
her Geometry and French books
stacked together!      
      I believe my son-in-law and I tied
for the championship with all of the
girls coming in a close second. If I
can get at the chicken my wife brought
home before she does I may yet capture
the crown!
      Hope there's a couple more...nice..
Sports-less Sundays and that all your
NEWS is good!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

10-4 Good Buddy!


          10-4 GOOD BUDDY!

   It's the 4th day of the tenth month.
An appropriate time to celebrate
10-4 Day!
   Since radio communications can
sometimes be difficult to understand
because of poor signals, or static,
radio operators came up with a code
using numbers to represent words
or phrases.
    10-4, for instance, means "OK"
or acknowledged.
    My first experience with the so
called "10 Code" came when I got
a Citizen's Band Radio for my High
School graduation present. Very few
people had them at the time and I
could actually hear, and sometimes
talk, with people in other states!
I wasn't suppose to. But I did. The
codes helped cut through the
accents. Especially when talking
with someone down south! They
couldn't understand me!
    Once truck drivers got CB radios
I pretty much put mine in the closet!
I might have kept using them if the
18-wheel-drivers used code instead of
the language so many choose to share
with everyone listening in!
    Anyway, my CB experience came
in handy when I got into news and
started listening to Police radios on
our newsroom scanner.
     I think some emergency workers
used the code so people listening in
wouldn't understand what they were
talking about. But when one officer
asks another...."What's your 10-20"
and the response is...."I'm on Market
Street" it doesn't take a genius to
begin to understand the 10 Code!
    Of course the code varies a bit from
town to town or state to state. But
the basics are usually pretty much the
same. And there's a code for most
every situation such as "Missing
person," Domestic dispute," or
"Fire." The most common 10 Code
list contains just over 100 items.
     There is no specific code, however,
for Dunkin Donuts. Maybe they'll add
      In any case, whatever your 10-20
here's hoping you're 10-4 good buddy
and that all your NEWS is good!