Wednesday, September 20, 2017



     80 degrees in September! Ain't it great?
     My wife and I have been trying to get
some time in my Miata while the getting is
good. Nothing like a top down drive when
the sun is beaming gown on trees just
beginning to show off their Fall colors.
      So I wonder how many of you would
have been surprised to find me with the
top and windows up and the heater going
full blast on Tuesday night!
       It's a task I face all too often at this
time of the year.
       Once the sun goes down those
balmy afternoon temperatures quickly
descend to a cool but comfortable 60 or
       Of course if you're returning from a
drive the same "wind chill factor" that
makes 32 degrees seem like 25 in the
winter makes that 60 degrees seem
colder too!
        Problem is the fabric in my
convertible top stretches pretty well
when it's warm but shrinks a bit as
it cools off. You can raise the top but
you can't quite latch it, leaving it
partially open to the elements!
         So it is I return from a drive,
raise the top as far as I can, then
fire up that heater in an attempt to
create a Sauna inside.
         After ten minutes or so the
fabric thinks it's still 80 degrees
and I'm able to close the latches!
          It's like dual benefits. A
pleasant ride and a visit to a Spa!
          Hope I can do it through
October and that all your NEWS
is good!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017



    I took my wife out Tuesday
the Junk Yard. Look, I was going anyway
and she said she wanted to come.
    I'm having a problem with one small
part in my little Mazda Miata and a friend
of the family runs a scrap yard. I knew he
had a smashed Miata on the property and
he invited me to take whatever I needed.
     On course when I first saw the
damaged car it was in front of his garage.
Since then it's been hauled to the scrap
yard itself.
       As we walked up the hill to that yard
we suddenly realized  finding a tiny
sports car among the pickups and large
sedans was not going to be an easy task!
        There were also piles of Junkers
with cars stacked on top of one another!
The thought of finding "our car" sandwiched
between an SUV and a minivan was a bit
disconcerting but just as we thought we
had seen everything, there it was!
         My wife is far too intelligent to
allow me to use tools so she tackled the
task of removing the latch we were
looking for. (We actually wanted two
but the little car refused to surrender
both!)  Still we felt we were ahead of the
game with our find.
         Better than a date for breakfast..
           It was kind of melancholy
seeing all the once bright, new vehicles now
rusting away in a dusty yard far away
from the eyes of those who once
coveted them. Kind of secluded and
a neat place for a date!
          Hope we go back sometime
and that all your NEWS is good!

Monday, September 18, 2017


            AHOY THERE!

  Another one of those "Big Days" is here! It's one of
those "holidays" most people don't know about. And
they're missing all the fun!
   September 19th is "International Talk Like A Pirate
Day!" I kid you not!
   It's the brainchild of two guys,  John Baur and Mark Summers.
   Neither is a Pirate or, as far as I know, even a fan of
Pittsburgh's Baseball team.
   They were playing racquetball one day when they
suddenly had an inspiration like
a pirate! It's probably happened to you at one time or another.
   Anyhow they had so much fun they decided the world
needed a new holiday and "Talk Like A Pirate Day" was
    They picked September 19th because it was Summers'
ex-wife's birthday and because they couldn't think of any
other date that wasn't already being used for some other
     Through another friend the duo got an email address for
nationally syndicated columnist and Pulitzer Prize winning writer
Dave Barry who published a column about the day. And that's
all it took! Response began coming on from all over the
world (hence the idea that's it's an "International Day!)
      I've been a bit of a Pirate myself from time to time.
      I have my own vessel....although it is just an 8-foot-
      I even buried a "treasure" on a small island many years ago.  It was a small tin containing a few coins. I'm wondering if any of them were old enough to be valuable.
      I'd like to check. But I'm not exactly sure where I buried
them! Guess I should have made a neat map with a big X to mark the spot!
      Maybe I did.......but I can't remember. I should probably make myself walk the plank!
      I've provided all this background information so......
after you've walked around your place of business using terms
like...."Arr" or "me hearties" or "shiver me timbers"......they
won't try to take you away in a white jacket that ties in the back!
      Hope you're Jolly (Roger) and that all of your NEWS is

Sunday, September 17, 2017



      This unusual holiday seems especially
appropriate since I just celebrated my
Birthday yesterday!
       September 18th is "Respect For The
Aged Day."
       We're always been told to respect our
elders and that's exactly what you're suppose
to do today.
        Now it's a little easier for me than many
of you. Since I just turned 75 I don't have
near as many "elders" as you do.
        On the other hand, at 75 I should expect
all you "kids: would want to show your
respect to me to celebrate the day!
        Oh. Wait a minute. This is only a
holiday in Japan!!!!! Ah heck!
        Maybe they'll start a similar
holiday here. Hope they do while I'm
still around to enjoy it......and that all
your NEWS is good!

Saturday, September 16, 2017



      A funny thing just happened to me!
I got a year older!
       On September 17th., 1942 I
showed up at my home on James Street
in Hazleton. No hospital for me. I was
born healthy and didn't need one.
       But now I find myself asking the
same question I hear from so many
other people. "Where did the time go?
       According to my buddy,who I've
known since 1st grade, turning 75
means I have lived for 27,414 days!
Of course given an average of 6 to 8
hours of sleep per day, I've actually
missed a lot of that time! Maybe I
should have stayed awake more!
A lot of my teachers used to say that.
        Still, I have enjoyed many of
those days. Especially the ones that
came on weekends or vacation!
         I actually remember a few
of those 27,414 days. And there are
a few I'm happy to forget.
         Still, I've been blessed with a
wonderful family and a lot of very
good friends so it would seem the
bulk of those days haven't been
         Hope I get a few more and
that all your NEWS is good!


Friday, September 15, 2017



    Our Hazleton High School Class of 1960
has held a reunion every 5 years since our
graduation. Following that logic our next
gathering should have been in 2020.
     On Friday, however, our Reunion
Committee hosted a special get together
to celebrate the fact that this year, into
early next year, all of us turn 75-years-
     I was especially pleased to attend and
to point out that my birthday comes this
Sunday. That makes me one of the "kids
in the class!"
     We had a pretty decent turnout and
given the fact this wasn't one of our
"regular reunions" and was schedule
on a Friday rather then near a holiday
we were all very pleased!
      There was also a special effort to
stage this gathering as a casual event.
The guys are always happy when they
can leave the ties at home!
        There was a "picnic-like
atmosphere" and plenty of time for
old friends to chat and talk over
old times! Of course at, or near, 75
we have plenty of old times to
        It would be nice to come up
with another excuse to meet,
Otherwise hope to see you
classmates again in 2020 and
that all their, and your, NEWS is

Thursday, September 14, 2017


     FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15TH., 2017

    My wife and I decided to try to beat
the predicted rain Thursday and take my
grandson to a nearby playground.
     I figured we'd squeeze in some lunch
later but my wife suggested we could
turn the outing into a picnic as well as
a play day.
     We stopped by a local deli for a
few supplies then headed to the playground
which, fortunately, has several picnic
tables on site too. My wife even spotted
a four leaf clover. It was our lucky day!
      Admittedly sitting at the table only
held our grandson's attention for a short
       In typical "little boy fashion" he
demonstrated it was just as easy, and more
fun, to take quick bites of food from
Grannie's hand with each forward thrust
on the swing! He proved very accurate
capturing chunks of ham and cheese
in his teeth without ever once biting the
hand that was feeding him!
       This could prove a great way to
encourage kids to eat their vegetables!
Just be careful where you stand if you're
"the feeder."
       Hope your timing and all your NEWS
is good!


Wednesday, September 13, 2017


                      "ON SIDES!"

     I know! I know! The call is usually "Off
Sides." But my narrative involves the
referees who were passing by on our side
of the filed as they officiated at my grandson's
soccer game Wednesday.
     Referees often take a lot of abuse. It can
come from both sides in a sporting contest.
As the late Judge Bernard Brominski used
to tell me "It all depends on whose ox is
being gored!"
      And let it not be said I was beyond
feelings, one way or the other, for those
who officiated when I was on the field.
      I thought the umpire who called the
three hit shutout I pitched was brilliant.
But there were those, from time to time,
who were using a different strike zone
than me! They, of course, were terrible!
      At Wednesday's soccer contest
between Wyoming Area and Pittston
the fans enjoyed three referees who
were not only calling the game but
truly seemed to enjoy what they were
      Since there was no score board
one often admonished us not to worry
because "There's only ___ minutes
      Another took a shot in the back
from a ball boy to anxious to get the
soccer ball back in play! He laughed
it off then laughed again when the
tables were turned and a ball came
sailing into the area where we were
all seated!
        We remind the kids that "it's
only a game," Sometimes it's the
fans that need the reminder!
         Thanks Refs for a good game
and some entertainment as well!
Hope all your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


                 FOOD AND FORTUNE!

       My daughter is hosting an exchange
student from China so the other day we
took him to a Chinese Buffet Restaurant
for some "home cooking."
        I like places like that! There are so
many food choices and it's all you can
eat! And just before you go you get a
Fortune Cookie. A little baked cookie
with a slip of paper inside containing
your fortune, perhaps a philosophical
thought, a Chinese word, and even
your lucky number!
        I mention this because today,
September 13th., is Fortune Cookie
       As it turns out most of the foods at
the buffet were not so much Chinese as
they were "Americanized Chinese!"
      That's OK though because the Fortune
Cookie isn't Chinese either! In fact our guest
told us they don't have them in China!
          It was invented in California
but there's some debate as to just who
did the inventing.
           Some claim it was Makoto Hagiwara
who invented the fortune cookie at the Japanese
Tea Garden in San Francisco in 1914. Others
believe that David Jung, founder of the Hong
Kong Noodle Company, was the first to make
fortune cookies in Los Angeles in the 1920s.
        And though he didn't recognize
the Fortune Cookies our student did recognize
a few foods he might come across back in
his home town. And whether they
were Chinese or not he seemed to
enjoy them!
        I'd say a return trip to the Buffet is
likely to be in his future!
       Hope your fortune, and all your NEWS,
is good!


Monday, September 11, 2017



   Video games were unheard of when I
was growing up. And now I learn there's
a National Video Game Day. And this is
    These electronic games have come so
far kids now play them on their cell phones
while they're riding in the car! No more "I
spy with my little eye" or checking to see
who can spot the most out of state license
plates! I'm not sure kids even look out
car windows any more!.
     My first video game, if you can call it
that, was a TV show called "Winky Dink
and You." It ran Saturday mornings on
CBS and was hosted by Jack Barry who
became a famous game show personality
until the scandal over rigged contests hit
the headlines.
      Kids watching Winky Dink were
encouraged to buy a transparent
plastic cover you placed over your TV
screen. When the cartoon character
Winky Dink ran into trouble they drew
a door or a window, or something else,
through which the character escaped.
      Of course there were a few kids here
and there who simply followed the
drawing instructions without using that
plastic cover. I suppose more than a
couple TV screens were ruined because
of the program!
         Eventually the real video games
came along. I had Pong (you'll have to
explain that to your kids) and then
games like Nintendo.
           Funny thing is some of the
grandkids are intrigued by the stack of
old board games we still have in our
game room and, given a chance, can
get just as involved with them as we
used to in "days of old."
            I imagine folks without power
in Florida could use a few of those if
their kids are at home! You don't have
to plug in Monopoly!
            Hope you'll enjoy a game
(of any sort_ today and that all your
NEWS is good!

Sunday, September 10, 2017


                    NO NEWS!

  My first quest after starting this blog
back in May, 2011 was to name it!
   Since I had recently been retired from more
that 50 years in news broadcasting I wanted to
steer clear of commentary relating to the daily
"news beat."
  The old saying..."No news is good news"
immediately popped into my mind so I claimed
it as my title. I added the question mark, however,
to allow my readers to decide whether my
essays should or might occasionally be
considered news worthy.
   Little did I know there was actually an
unofficial holiday called "No news is good
news day!"
   It's kind of ironic it falls on September 11th
given the fact that one of the biggest news events
in the history of our nation is remembered on
the same date!
   The idea behind this "holiday" is simple!
   Stay away from all the traditional news
sources. Radio, television, and newspapers.
   That way you won't hear, or see, or read about
all the "bad news" they deliver on a daily basis!
    Of course you'll miss the latest news from
Florida and you won't know how many of those
reporters,who were standing out in the storm,
survived it or not.....this is "No News
Is Good News Day"......and have I got Good
News for you!!!!!!
    Hope all your NEWS is good!

Saturday, September 9, 2017



    You've probably heard this old phrase
 at one time or another.
   Keeping a stiff upper lip is a sign
 of courage. And that's because a
 trembling upper lip is taken as a sign
 of weakness or fear.
    But I, on the other hand, have been
 told to keep a stiff lower lip! Of course
 it's got nothing to do with courage or
 the lack of it.
    My Dermatologist wanted to test a
 sore on my lower lip to determine if it
 might be a case of skin cancer.
    Unfortunately this kind of test is a
 little like drilling for oil. He had to
 cut out a small sample for a biopsy.
    That resulted in the need for a
 temporary stitch in my lip which now,
 in fact, is stiff.
    The doctor told me to "talk like a
 ventriloquist." I'm doing it but, since
 I have no dummy, I probably look like
 one myself!
     My wife would be happy if I just
 kept both lips stiff so she wouldn't
 have to hear me complain.
     On the other hand maybe I'll get
 good at this ventriloquist stuff and
 can look forward to a whole new
     Hope I can still eat....and that
 all your NEWS is good!  

Friday, September 8, 2017



     We always enjoy watching the grandkids
during their sporting events but we especially
like our grandson's soccer games when they're
Home games!
      You see school soccer games are played
outdoors in the Fall. Unfortunately that's a
time of year when the weather can be as tough
an opponent as any other team. And it affects
spectators as well as the players!
       Yesterday we watched as rain fell through
most of the first of two games as we waited to
see our grandson play in the second contest.
        It's time like that, or in very cold weather,
where we find ourselves cheering for the clock!
        But then there's that "home field advantage"
I mentioned. My grandson's home games are
played on a field just below a parking lot! When
we get there early enough we can pull the car up
next to a small fence overlooking the field and
see all the action from the comfort of our seats!
         It doesn't rain in there and when the
weather turns cold we turn the heater on!
         Admittedly our situation doesn't do
much to help the players who have to be out
on the field. But we do cheer them on!
         And on those occasional days when
the sun sees fit to shine upon the game we
simply get our folding chairs out of the trunk
and sit on the sidelines
          Let's hear it for the Home Team! Hope
all their, and your. NEWS is good!


Thursday, September 7, 2017


      FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8TH., 2017
           IT'S AMPERSAND DAY!

      Wow! I darn near missed this special
       When I saw a list of unusual holidays
set on September 8th "Pardon Day" was
the first thing to catch my eye.
        It's also "National Literacy Day" and
"National Dog Walkers Appreciation Day."
       They all deserve our attention but then
I noticed the other listing! "National
Ampersand Day."
        I had to look twice! Then I had to
look it up! I must have been absent the day
some teacher taught us about the ampersand!
Or maybe I dozed off in that class!
        So for the rest of you who had the flu
or just weren't paying attention in class
the ampersand is that symbol you use in
place of the word "and,"
         Here's what it looks like. &.
         I know I've used it from time to time
but I must admit I never gave much thought
to what it was called.
         According to the folks at amperart,com
the ampersand used to be the last letter of the
alphabet! They also tell us the plus sign is actually
an ampersand.
         I sure missed a lot in that class!
         Apparently September 8th was picked
for National Ampersand Day because the number
8 kind of looks like an ampersand. What
September has to do with it I have no idea. Maybe
it's the 8 superimposed over the "S?"
          I'm also kind of at a loss as to why this
symbol gets a "National Day" of its own.
          But it does so I hope you'll celebrate
& I hope all your NEWS is good!


Wednesday, September 6, 2017


                         NO BOLOGNA!

       Well it's here! The day you've all been
waiting for. Well, maybe not everybody.
        This is National Salami Day!
         Salami Day was first started in 2006 in
Henrico, Virginia, by the Salami Appreciation
Society (SAS for short).
          There are actually a lot of meats that
are, technically, types of Salami. They include
Varieties of salami include:
  • Cotto
  • Genoa
  • Fegatelli
  • Finocchiona
  • Pepperoni
  • Saucisson sec
  • Sopressata 
         Of course, the simplest way to celebrate
Salami Day is simply to eat some Salami. But
supporters of this holiday say there are other
ways to enjoy the day.
          Maybe a game like  Pin the tail on the Salami!
Maybe Bobbing for Salami! Or perhaps you could
encourage friends to come to a Salami Costume
Party! (Let me know if you get anybody willing
to do that!).
           If you don't want to get too elaborate just
make yourself a nice Salami sandwich and chow
           Hope you've got some honey mustard and
that all your NEWS ( and sandwich) is good!


                     GET IT DONE!

      Seems there's a strange "holiday" for
      Tuesday, for instance, was "Be late
for something Day.
       But today is "Fight Procrastination Day."
This is a day for getting things done!
       I've only got two things on my "to do
list" today. One is to get to my grandson's
soccer game. You don't have to push me to
      The other task, however, is to take out
the garbage. That means collecting all the
bags from all the trash baskets in the house
and then replacing all those bags after I
haul the large bag out to the garbage can.
       Mark Twain would say it's better to
get the job done then to put it off. But when
it comes to collecting the garbage I'm more
like his character Huck Finn and would
prefer to go fishing.
       Since I missed "Be late for something
Day" (or maybe I'm just very late) I guess
I'll have to follow Mr. Twain's advice and
get the job done.
        Hope you'll get all your tasks
complete too so that all your NEWS is
good. (Then you can go fishing!)


Monday, September 4, 2017



    My wife and I didn't have any specific
plans for Labor Day although we did let
the day begin without us by sleeping in a
     My daughter-in-law and I tossed around
a few ideas and the one that seemed most
promising was to meet for a picnic.
      The word went out to all family
members who were available and we were
set yo go!
       I put the top down on the Miata and
we filled our small cooler, the one that fits
in the trunk, knowing the others would
handle the bigger items to make a picnic
       Of course most of out plans evolve
as we go. So it was this time as, being
a half hour ahead of the others, we
changed our destination to a spot a little
closer so we'd have more time to spend
together. That put us at the Susquehanna
Riverlands, a park originally created by
PPL when it built its nuclear power plant
in Columbia County.
      It has a lake, picnic tables and grills,
walking trails, and a playground for the
kids. Young and old!
       It proved a great place to spend
the last unofficial day of summer. Some
have already gone back to school but all
go back tomorrow.
        That includes my wife and I! Oh we
don't have any classes but our schedule is
already filled with grandkids's sports
activities through the fall.  
         Of course with a little luck and
some weekend sunshine maybe we'll
be able to sneak a couple more picnics
in before we give up for the year.
         Hope we get a few and that all
your NEWS is good!


Sunday, September 3, 2017



    It's Labor Day 2017 and, like many of
you I've got the day off. Most of you
probably figure I've got every day off
since I'm "retired."
   But about the time they pulled the plug
on WYOU News I began volunteering
with Electric City TV. I've been doing a
weekly Public Affairs program with my
buddy Rusty Fender.
   We do the show every Monday. But,
this being Labor Day, we're playing some
"Best Of" programs this week so we wouldn't
have to "labor" on Labor Day!
     I once did a story on Channel 22
about people who worked on Labor Day. 
Most of them said they really didn't mind
working on the holiday. Of course most
of them got extra pay for doing so!
    Strange thing about that too.
    When our station was unionized we
got double time and a half for working
Labor Day (and several other holidays.)
After the union was "voted out" the holiday
pay went down to a time and a half rate.
    At that "rate" the union was certainly a
    A lot of people who aren't working and
have the day off are probably attending La
Festa Italiana in Scranton.
    With all the music and food booths set up
around the Courthouse I wonder how many
will pay any attention to the status of John
Mitchell on the Adams Avenue side of the
     Mitchell, who was know around the world
as a labor leader, became President of the United
Mine Workers of America. And though he
wasn't from Scranton he's buried there.
     His union led the struggle for the 5 day work
week and for a decent life for the men who built
our area by laboring underground in the coal
mines! We could have used this guy in the
News field too!
     Unions have come under a lot of fire over the
past few years.
    There's no question they improved the lives of
many working men and women over the years.
     But Labor Day isn't a time to salute unions.
     It's a time to remember the people who
labor every day to support themselves and their
families, our country and our communities!
     Give them an extra pat on the back! Especially
if they're working on Labor Day!
      Hope you enjoy your extra day off and that
all your NEWS is good!

Saturday, September 2, 2017



    I decided to take my wife out
for breakfast Saturday morning. We
actually almost made it to a diner
about a mile from the house when I
wondered, out loud, if it might just
be warm enough to get my Miata, put
the top down, and make it a brunch run
somewhere out of town instead.
    When my wife nodded her approval
we did a 180, headed back to the
house and traded her compact for my
    The Penn State game was on the
radio so we realized our cruise would
also be a bit of a race with the rain from
Harvey that was already hitting State College.
    We figured heading east would give
us the most rain free ride so we
headed to an old stomping ground,
Kundla's Bar BQ in Hamlin.
    An order of chicken and ribs
complimented with a couple ears of
corn and some French fries proved a
most satisfactory substitute for that
breakfast we had envisioned. And the
top down ride was a great reminder
that some of our most enjoyable
trips have been during those weeks
when the first signs of color show up
in the trees along our way!
     Alas the first raindrops from
Harvey caught up with us as we were
headed home. But the great thing about
a convertible is the top goes up as
well as down!
     So with the better part of the
day, and Harvey. behind us, we got
back just in time to stop for
desert at the ice cream stand!
      Hope we'll get out a few
more times before the colors begin
to peak and that all your NEWS is


Friday, September 1, 2017



  I was back in court Friday
afternoon but I wasn't facing any
  You see the "court" in question
was a Volleyball court and they
don't charge to see a game.
  My grand daughter plays for
the Holy Redeemer Lady Royals
and my wife and I try to get out
to watch as many games as we can.
  I made the trip to Pittston
High School by myself yesterday
to catch the first official league
games of the season.
  Jenna, our graand daughter, plays
for the JV team which won its first
two games Friday. A good start for
the new season!
  Only two of the grandkids are on
teams this season so we'll have it
pretty easy except when both of their
teams have games at the same time
in different locations.
  One of our grandsons is on his
school's Soccer team. All those
games are outside so Volleyball
will lot a lot better when the
weather gets colder!
   Hope it's a good season for
both and that all their, and
your, NEWS is good!  


Thursday, August 31, 2017


           TAKE TIME TO WAVE!

    I have to wonder what thoughts were in
our DPW crew members minds when they
saw me aiming my camera at them as they
approached my house to pick up our garbage
Thursday morning. I don't expect too many
people do feature films on garbage collection!
     But that wasn't my intention anyway.
     You see my grandson visits every
Thursday and he loves big trucks!
      Since the crew arrived before he did I
decided to get them on video doing their
thing! They even waved!
       I wasn't surprised. On days when my
grandson was there ahead of the crew they
always took a moment to wave to him and
give a toot or two on the truck horn!
       Later in the day my wife and I took
the little guy to an area playground that
just happens to be near a road where a lot
of big trucks pass by!
       Most of the big rig drivers who spot
him take the time to wave. And a couple
sound their horns as well.
       Those waves and horns only take a
couple seconds. But they make the day
for our little guy and, I think, a lot of
others like him who are thrilled with
the sight and sounds of those big vehicles!
       The drivers, and crew members, are
big guys with big hearts!
        By the way, my grandson spent
about 20 minutes watching me play and
replay the video of our Township
garbage truck, its driver, and workers
as they picked up our trash AND took
the time to wave!
        Thanks guys! Hope all your NEWS
is good!


Wednesday, August 30, 2017


              ON THE LEVEL!

     I decided to put my feel to the test
Wednesday. My wife and I had been
walking about 2 miles every day or so
when sore ankles turned into the gout
which had me off my feet for a week
or so.
     Since we routinely walked together
my wife sat things out while I slowly
      We were on our way to so a short
section of the Lehigh Gorge Park trail
when I remembered a church friend
recommending a hike around Penn
Lake. We thought we'd give it a try.
       We weren't long into our walk
when one thing become perfectly
clear. While the water in the lake is
level the road that encircles it is not!
        Hills are not my favorite
walking areas even when my feet
are in tip top, or tip toe, condition!
         About the time I wasn't sure
I was feeling good enough to continue
my wife observed that we were already
near or just past the "point of no return!"
That's the place where it's just as far to
go back as it is to go on.
            So on we went. The hike was
made easier by our encounter with
several local residents with whom we
enjoyed some pleasant conversation.
             We were just about back to
our car when one local explained that
what I thought was a 5-mile-walk was
actually only 1.7 miles.
              Guess I'm not quite back to
full capacity just yet!
               Hope it comes soon and that
all your NEWS is good!