Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Quiz Show!

   What have I got myself into this time?
 Seems I've been recruited to be part of
a QUIZ Show. But not as the announcer or
the host.
 I'm to be a contestant on...........................
"You Live Here So You Should Know This."
 It's a game show presented before a live
audience in Shopland Hall at the
Scranton Cultural Center.
 The contest is presented each year by
the Lackawanna Historical Society with
support from the Lackawanna Heritage
Valley Authority and the Northeast
Intermediate Unit 19. The Quiz Show was
created by students from the Valley
View and River Side High Schools in an
effort to increase interest in local
history. So the kids come up with all
the questions!
 The contestants try to answer to test
their knowledge of that history.
 I've never liked tests very much.
 And here's the thing. I will admit to
being 'historic.' But I'm not sure I
remember that much of what was happening
while I was aging. And since this is
a Lackawanna County effort, and I'm
from Luzerne County, I'm thinking..........
'You Don't Live Here So You Should
Have Stayed Home!"
 Yes, I did cover much of Lackawanna
County for many years. But how many
of what were my 'current events' will
translate into the student's idea
of 'history?'
 The first round of the Quiz Show was
held Friday night. My team and I are
scheduled to compete at 7 tonight.
 I'm told the questions will be
'multipal choice' so, with
a couple of competent team members,
I might have a fighting chance to
get something right.
 I think I'd feel a little better
if it was 'The Price Is Right!
 Hope all your NEWS is good!'

Friday, April 29, 2011

Covering the 'Royal' Wedding (S)

 It's nice to know that my wife and I
will share an anniversary date with Britain's
Prince William and Princess Kate!
 It's not likely we share too many other
 The Royal wedding includes a one and
a half mile parade route to Westminster
Abby with a huge military guard...including
a Royal Air Force fly over.
 We exchanged vows at a church in Mountaintop.
 I don't remember seeing anybody in uniform
although there may have been a policeman in
the area checking for speeders. As far as
a fly over is possible that a passenger
plane (it would have been Allegheny Airlines
back then) may have passed overhead on its
way to Avoca.
 William and Kate will welcome some 600
guests at the post wedding reception at
Buckingham Palace. Later there will be a
dinner reception for about 300 family
friends. That's also at the palace. It's been
around since the 1700's!
 We had a small group made up of friends
and family at a small area catering hall that
was gone just a couple of years later!
 It was torn down to make way for the
Cross Valley Expressway!
 The Royal couple will probably stay
with tradition and spend at least part of
their honeymoon at the Queen's 50,000 acre
Balmoral Estate in Scotland.
 When we left our reception I asked my
bride which way she wanted to go. She
pointed that's the way we went!
  While we didn't have all the network
coverage afforded William and Kate we can
boast, for those of you 30 or older, that
the late Paul Harvey carried news of our wedding
on his nation wide ABC Radio Network
  Let's just hope the newlyweds share the
same true love that allows Leona and I to
mark our 42nd anniversary on the day they
begin their new live together!
  To them, and all of you, I hope all of
your NEWS is good!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Signing Off

  One of Scranton's best known citizens is
 leaving the city forever. I think that's
 big news! Especially when you consider the
 fact that he never actually lived there! In
 fact he never even visited!
  The 'he' in this case is Steve Carell,
 better know as Michael Scott in the very
 popular NBC Television show "The Office."
  Carell, who is now in big demand for
 movie rolls, declined to renew his
 contract for the weekly television series
 and appears in his last episode during
 an expanded program that runs tonight.
  As Michael Scott, Carell plays the
 somewhat incompetent manager of the fictional
 Dunder Mifflin  Paper Company at its branch
 office in Scranton.
  Local establishments like Cooper's
 Seafood show up in the script from time to
 time. One group of local artists
 hosts a tour to places and businesses
 mentioned on "The Office."
  Chamber of  Commerce President Austin Burke
 says it has put the city in the national
  It's hard to tell if "The Office" will be
 able to survive without Carell.
  I sure hope so. And even if Dunder Mifflin
 were to fold....just think of the possible
 spin offs!
  Dwight could sell his home grown produce
 at the Farmer's Market and run a Karate School
 on the side. Jim and Pam could team up with the
 folks at Cascade Paper products. Andy could
 buy, remodel and reopen the Ritz Theater.
  There are all kinds of possibilities!
  Michael Scott will undoubtedly end up as
 a boss somewhere else.
  All of us have worked for someone like him
 at one time or another.
  Maybe one of them could replace him
 on 'The Office!?'
  In the meantime maybe our area Film Bureau
 could contact Carell to see if they could
 get him to make one of his movies in
 Scranton. Maybe he'd like to see the place.
  Hope all your NEWS is good!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 I have to add a P.S. to this one.
 Just watched Carell's last show.
 Great job and I must admit I was
reminded of several sad 'good byes'
I've shared over the years from my
'Offices.' And that makes me think of
how lucky I was to have worked
with the likes of Bill McCormick
(aka Bill Dennis) at WILK, and
the late Bob Dennis at WDAU/
WYOU. There were many others.
Over the course of this blog I
may be able to tell you about

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And the number to call is...

  Everyday local radio personalities like Nancy & Webster, and Sue,
and Corbett repeatedly give out their station's phone number
inviting listeners to call in so they can talk. They want the calls.
They need the calls. So they give you their number.
 But who is giving out mine?
 Now don't get me wrong. I enjoy hearing from and talking
to people! In fact I may be one of the few people in broadcasting
who has always had a listed telephone number.
  It's those unsolicited calls that are driving me crazy!
  I signed up for that popular "Do Not Call List" back in the days
when it was brand new. I thought it was a great idea. But that list
includes its own list of exceptions. And the worst of those involves
"Political calls." Lately I've been besieged by those types of
recorded messages. It was bad enough when they came from the
candidates. Now they're coming from organizations supporting or
opposing various types of legislation. I use to get a few of them
asking me to call my Congressman to complain about some vote
he made. Now I'm getting some asking me to call his office to
thank him for something he's done.  How the heck are they able to
time them to interrupt something I'm doing that shouldn't be interrupted?
 I may start a calling campaign myself. If I do I'll be asking people
to call their Congressman or woman to expand the "Do Not Call
List" to include political candidates or issues!
 By the way, so you don't forget, this is both "Babe Ruth Day" and
National Prime Rib Day!"  Hope all your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Days of our Lives

 I can't figure out what happened!
 I did my weekly program on Public Access TV
yesterday. Then I did some quick shopping. Then,
with the sun shining and temperatures near 80 degrees,
I put the top down in my little red Miata and
went for a cruise!
 Anyhow, in the midst of all that activity, I somehow
missed the fact that the 25th is 'National Tap Dance
Day!'  How can one possibly make up for an
omission like that?
 What? You doubt me? Hey, I'm an old newsman!
Here are the facts. 22 years ago a
US Joint Resolution declared May 25th as National
Tap Dance Day! President George Bush signed it
into law on November 7th., 1989.
 I'm not sure what, if any, other legislation was
even considered that day.
 Usually I can count on the local and national
news media to keep me up to date on important
matters like this. But I didn't see even one report.
I mean, one shot of our local anchors or Katie
Couric with straw hat and a cane surely would
have reminded me that something was afoot!
 But it's over now and I missed it! I trust the rest of
you were better prepared and did a few steps
across the kitchen floor to celebrate.
 I'll just have to wait till next year.
 Wait a minute! I'm saved!!!!!!
(My wife just told me it's still APRIL!)
 And that means this is NATIONAL PRETZEL
 You have a whole month to get your tap shoes
ready!    Hope all you NEWS is good!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Re-runs

   A thought or two today about Easter Re-runs.
  I'd expect you to think in terms of television when I use that term.
  "The Ten Commandments" is always pulled out of the film vault
  for Easter evening.
   But the 'vault' I'm thinking about is the refrigerator. And the
  'Re-runs' involve all the left overs from that big Easter dinner
  that seem to begin calling out to us some six to seven hours
  (for many it's far sooner) after the meal has ended.
   There seems to be some sort of subliminal attraction that is
  nearly impossible to resist. It's kind of like when I go to the
  movies. I've just got to have popcorn!
   Anyhow at Easter we eat our fill at the
  table only to have the thought and, somehow, the aroma of that
  'Black Oak Ham' lure us back for more time and time again.
   There's usually left over nut roll and pie too.
   Of course the path to the ham usually goes right past the table
 where all those chocolate eggs and bunnies and the like are
 sitting, waiting to be sampled. After all they're small and just
 one or two can't hurt.
   Well Easter is also the beginning of Spring so I guess we can
 be content with knowing we can  burn off all those extra
 pounds by going out for a good walk.
   The only thing is...I've got to get past the refrigerator to get to
 the  door!  Hope all of your NEWS is good!   

Sunday, April 24, 2011

This Bulletin just in...

 Journalists are, of course, individuals. Each relates the facts of a story in his or her own way.
 Still the basis facts remain the same. Generally speaking the more their stories seem the same
the more you can count on the accuracy of their information.
 I'm thinking of  four rather well know journalists who covered the same story, wrote it in their
own way, and ended up with news reports that were virtually identical!
 Their reports concerned the body of a man who had been executed and buried. But the body
disappeared! And then the Bulletin...the man...showed up alive among a crowd of people!
 The journalists were Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
 The man, of course, was Jesus!
 Their reports are still available for your review.
 Happy Easter.......and may all your NEWS be good!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

This Is Only A Test

 My wife's recent foot surgery has presented some unexpected challenges. I didn't realize how many of them would be mine! Her limited mobility, for instance, requires me to try to take over some of the tasks she usually faces. Breakfast and the laundry are two good examples.
 I'm thinking, as a veteran newsman, that information on these duties might come in handy to others
who may, at one time or another, face similar responsibilities. That said I'll pass along a couple of
quick tips and observations.
 I've learned the first thing I should do when getting ready to make breakfast is to take down the smoke
alarm closest to the kitchen. This is a simple, yet effective, way to avoid a lot of noise and concern when smoke from either the toaster or the stove begins to fill your working area.
 Eggs are often the next challenge. I've come to learn you have to 'out think them.'  If you are hoping
to make them Sunny side up...think 'scrambled' just before you break them and you'll have a decent
chance to have them come out the way you really wanted them. Reverse the thought if you're hoping
for scrambled.
 Now, as to the race between the egg and the toast, the egg will usually cook faster than the bread
turns to toast. This is important to know because you've got to consider the time it takes to get
the egg out of the pan (in one piece) as opposed to the time it takes to butter your toast after it
shoots up out of the toaster so that the perfect meal will be ready at exactly the right time.  One extra caution not attempt to pre-butter your bread before putting it in the toaster!
 With a little bit of luck and a moment of very serious prayer you can probably turn out a breakfast
good enough to eat. Doing the dishes afterwards is a separate subject. But I will tell you, from past experience, that there are two kinds of Dish Washing Liquids. One of them  DOES NOT go into your dish washing machine! If, however, you should get them mixed up there is an excellent opportunity to clean
your kitchen floor.
 I didn't even get to the laundry yet. Oh well, in this realistic game of life, this is only a test!
 Hope all your NEWS is good

Friday, April 22, 2011

No News is.....Good News?

 OK. I've finally decided to give it a try. I left WYOU TV two years ago this month when Nexstar decided to drop local news.
 Most everyone knew that I had already been talking with management about retirement so the
decision didn't really hit me very hard. In fact company officials continued to allow my wife and
I to host trips for WYOU and Holiday Vacations. A wonderful post-work reward after 29 years of
full time service and several years of part time work before that!
 But, it seems, you can't take the newsman out of broadcasting! I continued, and continue, to check the scanner and call my former news desk, which now assign strictly for WBRE, everytime I hear something that sounds newsworthy.
 I've also been anchoring and producting three different progams for ECTV, the Public Access
Station assigned to Ch 19 in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. That, of course, is done strictly as a volunteer. But it's fun and allows me to stay close to the business. In fact, with management's
permission, I've even helped re-broadcast a couple of WYOU programs, like the Saint Patrick's
Parade, on ECTV after Ch 22 has used them live.
 I've also become more and more interested in the Blogs I've seen on line. I find myself
checking out the Lu Lack Political Blog offered by David Yonki on a regular basis. My old
friends Kevin Jordan and Andy Palumbo both wrote some very kind comments about me
after WYOU News went dark. Both did so on Blogs they write on line.
 That's why I've decided to try a Blog myself.
 I don't want it to be a political forum. I still find myself thinking as a news reporter and, as such, actually try to stay away from comment whenever possible. That said I do find myself with
an opinion I'd like to share from time to time even if it's some of the nonsense that's entered
my world since I retired.
 We're all heard ... "No News Is Good News" so I've decided to work a title
out of that expression. We'll have to see where it goes from here.
 In the meantime here's hoping... All Your News Is Good!