Wednesday, August 31, 2016


              YARD WORK!

    I caught them working on the railroad
in Wilkes-Barre yesterday!
   Well, actually, they're working on a
 railroad station. It really caught my
interest because trains haven't stopped
there for many years! In fact, there's no
track there anymore.
     The "Yard work" that's underway
involves the demolition of Box cars
that had been attached to the station
when it was used as a restaurant and
night spot. I was surprised to see
all the work as I drove by.
       The classic station itself was
built by the Lehigh & Susquehanna
Railroad just after the Civil War
ended. No, I didn't cover the story
then. But I do remember it when the
Central Railroad of New Jersey still
had its tracks on what has become
Wilkes-Barre Boulevard. Passenger
service was stopped in 1963 and the
railroad closed the place in 1972.
        Since then the place was used
as a restaurant, night club, and a
motel. It was even a Playboy Club
for a short time!
        More recently the old station
became a hangout for homeless
people who broke in and spent
the night. I always thought the
place deserved to be saved and
it looks like that's going to happen.
       They won't bring back the
tracks, or the trains, or even the
"Bunnies." But the current plan
involves preserving the station and
leasing it for office and retail space.
       Once the old classic buildings
are gone they can't be replaced.
       Hope this plan works as
expected and that all your NEWS
is good. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


     WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31ST., 2016
           THE LONG, HOT SUMMER!

       Now don't panic! Summer isn't over
yet. Officially or unofficially. There's
still plenty of hot days ahead.
        But as we say good bye to August
there are all too many signs that the end
of this long hot summer is within sight!
First a series of mid 70 days coming in
in Thursday. But there are other "sure
         Most of the community swimming
pools have either shut down or are in their
last week. That's partly because most of
the colleges are back in session and Life
Guards are hard to find.
          Playgrounds seem pretty empty
now that most of kids are back in their
         You'll find you need your
headlights on before 8pm now that
September is coming round. At
least we've still got Daylight Savings
          The Fall Fairs have already
started. And while they're a lot of
fun they're also a sign that summer
is on its way out.
          But the worst is yet to come.
Soon those little Ice Cream Stands
will be closing for the season. I never
quite understood that. I buy ice cream
year round and if the stands stayed
open I'd be a customer!
          This is the first summer in a
while that really has seemed long and
hot right on through.
          Hope it hangs in till the bitter
end and that all your NEWS is good!


Monday, August 29, 2016


   TUESDAY, AUGUST 30TH., 2016
                TURNING 6!

       Our Grand daughter Mckenzie turned
  six today. In my case we're separated by
  some 68 years and a million developments
  in technology.
        When I was six you made a telephone
  call by picking up the phone and telling
  an operator the number you were calling.
         She already knows how to use her
  Dad's Smart phone and most of the
"Apps" on it. She had to tell me what an
"App" was!
         When I was six we gathered in the
 Living room each evening and listened
 to dramas and comedies on the radio. We
 didn't get TV for a few more years and
 when we did we only got about 12
         Her Living room features a TV
 that gets a hundred channels and plays
 movies on Netflix. But she usually
watches her own IPad.
          Like her I was headed to first
 grade when I was six. But she's already
 been in classrooms for the past two
 years! Pre-School and Kindergarten!
          Of course I used those extra two
 years without school to good advantage
 playing Cowboys and Indians and
 looking at comic books while listening
 to the Shadow on the radio.
            I liked when I was six and I
 think she'll enjoy it a lot too! We'll
 try to help make it fun for her!
           And maybe she can bring us
 up to date on electronics!
           Hope she has a wonderful
 Happy Birthday....and that all your
 NEWS s good!


Sunday, August 28, 2016


   MONDAY, AUGUST 29TH., 2016
               CROSS WORDS!

     My wife doesn't use the computer!
Occasionally I'll call her over to view
a photo or a post I think might interest
her. Otherwise where my laptop is
concerned it's "hand's off" where she
is concerned.
      Yesterday, however, we received
a Skype video call from one of her
sisters in Florida. And the next thing
I knew they were exchanging cross
      Oh! No! They weren't angry. They
were using my modern technology to
work on Cross Word Puzzles!
      They traded clues and guesses
back and forth with an occasional
question thrown at me...just in case
I might be able to add anything.
      Hearing them recite a clue and
then listening to an exchange that
sounded something like " B blank,
blank, K" or the like came close to
driving me crazy. Well crazier.
      Funny. I like a good mystery.
But I stay as far away as possible
from crossword or picture puzzles.
      Fortunately she has no idea
how to activate Skype!
      Hope she doesn't learn how
and that all your NEWS is good.


Saturday, August 27, 2016


    SUNDAY, AUGUST 28TH., 2016
           GOOD, CLEAN, FUN!

     I took both our cars to a car wash
yesterday. One at a time of course!
     The Wyoming Warriors Girl's
Soccer Team hosted the event as a
fund raiser and the players handled
the hoses, sponges, and the elbow
grease. Of course the idea was to
get rid of the grease...on the cars.
     I sat inside while my grand
daughter and her team mates washed
our sedan. As I snapped photos from
the driver's seat I realized it wasn't
just the cars getting washed.
      Several of the players sported
hairdo's topped with foamy suds
and I doubt that anyone left the
place dry!
       Fortunately I had time to put
the top up before my Miata got in
the line of fire. Or, in this case,
       It was good to see some team
spirit that wasn't limited to the
playing field. And good to have
two clean vehicles as well.
      Hope they raised a lot of money,
got dry, and...that all your NEWS
is good!

Friday, August 26, 2016



    So. Another "typical day" in our life.
Sort of. Let's sum it up.
    I attended a news conference announcing
the local premier of a movie in which I play
a part.
    I drove my wife to a doctors appointment.
    My son got a new car.
    And, oh yes, my grandson jumped out of
an airplane.
     In fairness I suspect that last thing wasn't
all that typical. Although my daughter did
the same thing....twice.....a few years back.
     Jason wanted a Sky Dive as his High
School graduation present. For a time though
it seemed Mother Nature wanted to keep him
grounded. Several scheduled jumps were
cancelled because of bad weather.
     But on Friday the sun was shining and
his flight was "Go!"
     After some training right here on solid
ground he boarded a small plane at the
Hazleton Municipal Airport attached to
a veteran sky diver. And just before they
jumped out the operator of the school
showed the way with another record
setting sky dive!
      He is Don Kellner who has made
more that 44,000 parachute jumps and
is listed in the Guinness Book of World
      Then it was Jason and his instructor's
turn! He "enjoyed" some 30 seconds of
free fall before they opened their chute.
      I flew many hours in WYOU's
Chopper 22. Never once did I entertain
the thought of leaving the aircraft while
it was in flight!
       But Jason smiled all the way down
and proudly said he'd do it again in a
second. I turned down the pilot's
suggestion that I give it a try using a
Cargo parachute.
      Hope today is a bit less "typical"
and that all your NEWS is good!


Thursday, August 25, 2016


     FRIDAY, AUGUST 26TH., 2016

     (Editor's Note: I am Repeating this
blog from last year. It would be a crime
not to do so!)

     This is truly a day of celebration my
friends. It is a day that all of us in the
civilized world should be absorbing...I
       Its "National Toilet Paper Day!
       I'm not sure why this particular
date was selected. But there are sure
a lot of reasons to celebrate.
        In the interest of full disclosure
my son-in-law works at the Cascade
factory which produces toilet paper
(and other paper products) made
entirely from recycled material! It's
a product that's always in demand!
And that's pretty good job security!
          Joseph Gayetty is widely
credited as having invented modern
toilet paper in the U.S. back in 1857.
According to the Toilet Paper
Encyclopedia, just in case you don't
have a copy, 49% of people choose
toilet paper as their number one
necessity if stranded on a deserted
island (ahead of food!). And 69%
agree that that toilet paper is the 20th
Century “convenience” most taken for
          I'm not sure I agree with the
masses. I tend to think I'd prefer food
over a roll of tissue paper if I was
stuck on a deserted island! Maybe
some food and an old Sears catalog!
          In any case, don't waste this
special day! Do your duty and celebrate!
Hope everything comes out all right
and that all your good!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


    THURSDAY, AUGUST 25TH., 2016

     My wife and I traveled to South
Williamsport Thursday to take in some
of the excitement of the Little League
World Series. We got plenty of that.
But there was more. Some great lessons
in diplomacy!
      Our first stop was at Volunteer
Stadium where kids from Mexico and
Australia met in an elimination game.
       The players and their families and
supporters all demonstrated respect for
one another from the time each team's
national anthem played until the game
had ended.
        Australia was overpowered in
this game managing just one hit. In
the last inning one of their batters
was beaned by the Mexican pitcher.
Fortunately his helmet saved him from
serious injury.
         As he stood on first base the
pitcher walked over to him, apparently
apologizing, and then shaking his hand.
The crowd, on both sides, applauded
both players.
         Off the field we found players
from around the world spending time
together, trading team pins and stories
about their experiences at the World
         And kids without uniforms
 from both here and there got along
just fine with their sheets of cardboard
as they slid down the hill behind the
outfield at nearby Lamade Stadium!
         We passed adults, most probably
parents, from some of those other
countries. There was always a smile
exchanged in passing and usually a
"hello" as well.
          The atmosphere there seemed
to reflect what most of us would like
the whole world to be like.
          If only world leaders, and maybe
a couple candidates, could come to
South Williamsport and learn some
lessons from the Little Leaguers!
         Hope those kids take those
lessons home with them and that all
your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


           BACK AT THE COURT!

       My wife and I found ourselves back
  at court yesterday. No. Not the
  courtroom! It was the Volleyball Court
  inside Holy Redeemer High School.
        School hasn't begun for the Fall
  semester yet. But the sports programs
  are well underway and this was our
  grand daughter's first Volleyball
  scrimmage for the season.
       She will have a full schedule. So
  will we. My wife and I will be following
  her Volleyball team, another grand
  daughter's soccer team and one grandson's
  soccer team too.
       When there's a conflict we'll either
  split our team, alternate our fan
  appearances, or flip a coin to see where
  we go. Thankfully we don't have to
  make practice sessions.
       Also thankfully another grandson has
  chosen Community College which
  does not have a Football team. Seems
  we may get Fridays off this season!
       Maybe I'll join a Bocce team! Or,
  maybe I'll just hit the couch!
       Hope I remember to wear shirts
  that match each team's color, and
 that all your NEWS is good!


Monday, August 22, 2016


     MONDAY, AUGUST 23RD., 2016
                SCHOOLS BELLS!

      I've seen a number of Facebook
photos from parents who are sending
their kids back to school this week.
      I come from a different era. During all of my
years in the Public School system our summer
vacation ended after Labor Day!
   Parents loved it. Especially those who incorporated
the Labor Day weekend as part of their vacation
plans. Business owners who employed high school
kids loved it because those kids stayed on staff
through Labor Day. And most kids loved it. I know
I did, because the longer the summer the better!
    Some say an early start gives the schools a
better chance to meet the State requirement which
calls for 180 days of education. "Snow Days", they
say, makes it hard to meet that requirement.
    Of course State Officials came up with that 180
day rule. And we all know how well State Officials
do on most of their decisions!
    Ever visit a school during it's last week in session?
I'm not sure how handing in books or watching a
movie qualifies as "education." But that's what
many do.
    My buddy, who has a much better memory
than mine, tells me we only missed one "Snow
Day" during our years in school. And that was in
Hazleton where there was never any shortage of
    In point of fact more districts cancel school
because of cold temperatures rather than depth of
snowfall. Alaska doesn't cancel school for either!
    As more and more people have and use the
Web you've got to wonder if you couldn't
conduct some classes "on line" during those few
days when travel to and from school could be an
    Most schools in my area are still on vacation
although kids involved with special programs like
sports or bands have been practicing for a few
weeks already.
    Guess I'm still just a kid at heart! Give me
those few extra days to enjoy what's left of
     Hope your bell rings after the holiday and
that all your NEWS is good

Sunday, August 21, 2016


     MONDAY, AUGUST 22ND., 2016

    I suppose by now you're already
celebrating "National Tooth Fairy
Day." And that's to be expected.
    Who among us, especially
children, wouldn't want to honor
the Tooth Fairy?
      For most she's our first
introduction to Capitalism! Your
child loses a baby tooth, places it
under his or her pillow, and wakes
up to find the Fairy has taken the
tooth and left behind a financial
      That used to amount to about
a quarter. I'm told the Tooth
Fairy has given in to inflation and
now leaves anything from one to
ten dollars behind. If it goes much
higher I'll be tempted to yank out
a couple of my molars!
       We used to laugh at my
sister-in-law who once presented
her grown daughter with a string
of the girl's baby teeth as a
"sentimental present." Guess the
Tooth Fairy never got her hands
on those!
       Anyway, it turns out my
sister-in-law was just ahead of
her time!
       Doctors are now telling
parents to save the teeth because
they're a rich source of stem cells
and could be a big help in the
future. A new study revels those
stem cells can be used to grow
other types of cells.
       Later in life if the child needs
replacement tissues for whatever
reason, the stem cells from their baby
teeth can be used to grow the needed
     Of course they've got to be kept
"fresh" so keeping them in your
jewelry box won't do. There are
actually companies out there that
can safely store the teeth for years.
So, they're really very valuable!
     Maybe that's why the Tooth
Fairy wants so many of them!
      Now I'm wondering if my
Grandson has my DNA? Maybe
I can borrow one of his teeth when
it comes out and get my blond
hair back!
     Hope the Tooth Fairy doesn't
mind and that all your NEWS is

Saturday, August 20, 2016


  SUNDAY, AUGUST 21ST., 2016
          KERNELS & KIN!

      My wife and I headed for the
tiny community of Zion Grove
yesterday for the 105th Singley
Family Reunion. Contrary to
rumors I have not attended all
of the annual meetings.
      We meet at a small church
where the reunion was born then
move to the Singley Farm for the
rest of the day.
      The highlight, of course, is
seeing cousins, some probably
4th and 5th removed, that you
only get to see there each year.
      But there's another! It's the
       The farm is surrounded by
corn fields that stand high above
the roadway. But that's "field corn."
       Just a short distance away
there's another farm where sweet
corn is the specialty!  Boxes of
ears of that corn are brought to
the reunion and placed on a
grill over a huge open fire. It's
cooked right in the husk which
you remove right before eating!
       There's butter available. But
the corn is so fresh and sweet you
don't necessarily need it.
        It was especially neat to watch
my one-year-old grandson dig his
teeth (all four or five of them) into
an ear leaving just a small channel
of missing kernels!
        Of course there was Bar-B-Q,
hot dogs, salads, and far too many
deserts as well.
        Some people think reunions
are "corny." In our case that turns
out to be a big attraction!
          Hope the kernels and the
kin keep coming and that all your
NEWS is good!




     It's been five years since I auditioned
for a small part in a really cool movie that
was being filmed right here in our area.
      I landed the part in a scene which we
shot later that year. Since then I've been
waiting. Waiting for the rest of the movie
to be filmed. Waiting to see if I'd make it
into the final product. Waiting for a series
of Film Festivals to see how the movie
would be received by critics and test
audiences. (A dozen awards by the way!)
And waiting for a distributor to pick our
movie to be released.
     I was sure it would work out....All In
Time.....which, by the way, is the name
of our movie.
    And now, finally, it's happening. The
producers have announced that our feature
will Premier in New York City and Los
Angles on October 7th! Additional premiers
and concerts by the band and a singer
featured in the film will be scheduled in
selected cities across the country.
      Here I am "retired" and finally
making it to Broadway!
      Of course one of the premiers will
be in Wilkes-Barre so I hope all of my
Blog readers will be coming out to see
it there.
      I would ask that you get your pop
corn on the way in. I don't want you
missing my part. I waited too long for
you to see it!
       Hope you do and that all your
NEWS is good.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


    FRIDAY, AUGUST 19TH., 2016
         COME FLY WITH ME!

       I've always liked flying. I've
piloted a small plane from take off
to landing during a news story a
few years back. I was allowed to
take the controls of the Met Life
Blimp on another assignment.
And I enjoyed many hours of
travel, a few at a time, in Chopper
22 at WYOU TV.
      All of those experiences are
on my mind today as we celebrate
National Aviation Day! This special
day was created by a presidential
proclamation by U.S. President
Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939.
       It's birthday of aviator Orville
Wright the first person to successfully
fly an airplane.
        Of course aviation has come a
long way since then. Orville flew
just a short distance at Kitty Hawk.
It wasn't long enough to watch a
commercial let alone a movie!
         I had time to watch three full
length features and get some sleep
during my recent trip to Italy.
         Of course Orville didn't have
to pay for any checked luggage so
he got a break there!
          I'd like to thank him for
bringing us into the age of flying.
It's really been great for me.
          Just yesterday, for instance,
I made believe the spoon I was
holding was an airplane and that
allowed me to get my grandson
to eat some applesauce!
          Thank you Orville!
          Hope you're all flying
high today and that all your
NEWS is good!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016



      I went to the movies Wednesday.
  But before I left I got ready. I have
  both a soda cup and a popcorn
  bowl I bought in January which
  gives me a discount price on those
  products at the Cinema.
      Additionally I have a coupon I
  get in a weekly email that offers
  various specials at the theater.
      Still, even with those special
 offers, a trip to the concession
 stand can be expensive.
      During a recent trip to the
 grocery store we picked up some
 packaged candy to carry with us
 to the show. I realize no one else
 does this. But, on occasion, we
     I was in the mood for one of
 those packages yesterday to
 supplement my pop corn and
 soft drink.
    But here's the thing. Fearing
a craving in between Movie
Theater visits my wife puts our
supply "somewhere safe." That
phrase, in reality, means hidden
from me!
     I was asked to leave the room
while a ration of Raisinets was
retrieved from the stash. And,
sure enough, within three minutes
my candy was ready.
     I remain amazed. Since a food
product is involved I have no
doubt the candy is stored somewhere
in our small kitchen. My wife is only
about 5'4 and her reach is limited.
Still, thus far, I have been unable
to locate "Candy Land." She's
       Hope she never leaves me and
that all your NEWS is good. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


       WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 18TH., 2016
                      ON THE LEVEL!

           I was more than just a little impressed
   with the Doctor's office complex my wife
   and I visited in Philadelphia on Tuesday.
           Fancy building. Ultra modern
    equipment. And yet, I had to laugh.
          As I surveyed the patient exam room
    I saw something that seems to have
    become common everywhere I go even
    though a lot of people never ever notice.
           There, under one leg of what I'm sure is
     a very expensive examination table, was a
     small package. I have no idea what it
     contains or contained. But it was
     oblivious this small package is now being
     used as a support to make sure this
     piece of furniture is level.
           Within the past two weeks I've seen
      folded napkins used for the same purpose
      in area restaurants.
             Maybe it's just proof that the world
       is round! Or that floors aren't as level
       as their designers envisioned. Ever
       wonder why your soup looks deeper
       on one side of your bowl?
              Thankfully, as long as there are
        napkins, match books or the like it's
        easy to make your own correction!
               Hope your peas, or patients,
         don't roll onto the floor, and that
         all your NEWS is good!


Monday, August 15, 2016


     TUESDAY, AUGUST 16TH., 2016
                 KNOCK KNOCK!

       So here's the thing. August 16th., is
 National Tell A Joke Day!
       Now to be totally honest there is
no legislation supporting this as a
"National" holiday. That in itself
seems funny since Congress has
provided us with some much
laughter through the years.
        Most of us keep an old favorite
joke tucked away for just the right
occasion. You know. You meet
somebody new and you want to impress
them with your sense of humor. Or
you're around the kids. That's better
yet because they haven't heard most of
the old classics.
         Here's a for instance. When I
leave my grand kids I remind them..
...."If you take a bath........put it back."
Of course I've now used it so many times
they give me the punch line!
         And you should see the look of
anguish on my wife's face when she
sees me approaching anyone eating a
banana. She knows all too well I'm
about to tell them....."Usually I don't
eat bananas."  Then, whether they ask
why or not, I explain...."After you
peal off the skin and throw away the
bone, there's nothing left!"
          By now you're probably
picking yourselves off the floor and
wondering why I didn't skip radio and
TV and go right into standup comedy.
         Well, while many jokesters are
fond of bragging they've "got a million
of them." I have to admit I've only got
about a half dozen."
          But that's still 5 more than my
wife who begins her "Knock Knock
joke" by asking you to do the "Knock
Knock" part! Think about it!
          Hope the jokes not on you today
and that all your NEWS is good!
(No kidding!)

Sunday, August 14, 2016


  MONDAY, AUGUST 15TH., 2016

    It is one of my earliest memories!
It was August 15th., 1945. I was 3.
    I know we were vacationing at
the shore. And I know the radio
was on in the car.
    I was already sitting up front.
Probably on my Mom's lap. "Child
Safety Seats" were unheard of back
     Suddenly my Dad let me start blowing
the car horn. And he didn't make me stop!
I was in my glory! King of the road as
it were.
      Somewhere along the line we
stopped at a restaurant. I don't remember
ordering on my own. But I do remember
a huge pile of spaghetti put on a plate
and placed directly in front of me!
      Perhaps, at 3, I had become the
world's greatest horn blower! Why
else serve such a big portion to such
a little kid?
      Well, at it turns out, there was
another reason. Thought I had no
idea of its impact back then, I now
know it was VJ Day! The empire of
Japan had surrendered to the United
States thus ending World War II !
      I am pleased to have been
allowed to participate in what
turned out to be a world-wide
      It has been 71 years. And each
has its share of memories. Yet the
memory of that horn and my heaping
helping of spaghetti will always have
a special place in my mind.
      Hope you have some treasured
memories too..and that all your
NEWS is good!
(Unfortunately no photo from the
day. But this is me and the car a
year or so later!)

Saturday, August 13, 2016


     SUNDAY, AUGUST 14TH., 2016
            NO NIGHTINGALE!

        It's true. Our Florence was no
        I refer, of course, to Wilkes-
Barre native Florence Foster Jenkins
whose life, at least much of the on-
stage part of it, is currently being
relived in the movie bearing her
       My wife and I went to see it
on opening day in part because we
knew it was about a local woman
who, somehow, made it to Carnegie
Hall. I say "somehow" because it's
no secret that our Florence was not
only no Nightingale...she had no pitch
or rhythm and was barely able to hold
a note!
       Most of her concerts were held
for private audiences made up
primarily of her friends. And she
had many! Including her own
        Meryl Streep played the
lead in this movie and must have
been taxed trying to sing that badly!
        In retrospect Florence, and
Meryl as Florence, suddenly have
me thinking about a professional
singing career. I'm not very good.
But that sure didn't stop Florence!
          Wilkes-Barre isn't featured
in the feature. And given the fact
it's based in part on her lack of
talent perhaps we should be
happy about that!
          Still we both enjoyed the
movie and the pop corn was
           Hope you get to see it
and that all your NEWS is good!

Friday, August 12, 2016



     There was no shortage of sports on
television last night. Olympic coverage,
Little League regional playoffs, and
Professional boxing to name just a few.
      And yet, with all that choice, the
most covered contest, by both sports
and news, was the final game played
by Alex Rodriguez as a member of
the New York Yankees.
      I'm not really surprised. A-Rod
has been the center of attention, and
controversy, since he started his
career over 20 years ago.
      It's a little unfair. I started playing
Softball just after High School and I
pitched my last game three seasons
ago. I didn't get half the attention!
       Admittedly I didn't hit 696 Home
runs. But I probably gave up that
many as a pitcher!
       Home runs seems to make the
difference. There have been so many
great players over the years. But most
people tend to remember the names
of the guys that hit the most home runs!
        You know. Barry Bonds, Hank
Aaron, and a guy named Babe Ruth.
A-Rod is next on the list.
         He finally admitted to using
performance enhancing drugs. The
most I had during my playing days
was aspirin. And that usually came
after my games.
        But even with the controversy
Rodriguez has always been a big
draw. He helped fill our Rail Riders
Stadium in 2013 when he played
on a rehabilitation assignment. I
was one of those in the stands and
it was neat to see another Big Leaguer
play in our back yard.
       By the way, I played there too,
for WYOU a few years back. We
had won every game that season
including a tournament contest with
WNEP. Then we played the Marines!
       I knew we were in trouble when
they practiced in their Combat boots.
It turned out to be our only loss.
       I don't know if A-Rod is really
done for good or, perhaps, just with
the Yankees. I'd like to see him get
to the 700 home run mark with
      I suppose he's a lot more likely
to make a come back than me!
      Hope he does, I don't, and that
all your NEWS is good!

Thursday, August 11, 2016


  FRIDAY, AUGUST 12TH., 2016
                SEW WHAT?

  It was a "stitch in time" that, years ago, saved
our area!
  That "stitch" was provided by the sewing
machine! The key tool of the Garment industry.
   A heck of a lot of gals from our area helped put
bread on the family table. Both as a housewife and
a member of the ILGWU! 
   And today is Sewing Machine Day!
Of course it's also celebrated on June 13th.
(Although I'm not absolutely sure how we're
suppose to "celebrate" the day!)
   There was a time when you'd probably find a
sewing machine in nearly every home. They're
harder to find these days.....nearly as rare as the
people who know who to use them!
    We have four! (Last time I checked)
    My wife knows how to use them (and does
quite often!)
    I don't. And that's probably a pretty good
   Regular readers know I'm not great with
mechanical devices!
   I do know they cause electrical
interference on the TV when my wife is sewing.
   Seems  sewing machines were actually
invented in France. And that was way back
in the 1830's!
   The U.S. patent was issued on September
in 1846.
    When you think of sewing machines, if
you ever have such thoughts, you probably
think of the name Singer. The company is
still making the things at its factory near
Nashville, Tennessee.
    The early sewing machines were powered by
foot pedals. That was kind of neat because
you could mend clothes and get some
exercise at the same time.
    Come to think of it you could lose weight,
while adjusting your wardrobe for your new
look! Talk about a "win-win" situation!
    Anyhow it's really good to know sewing
machines are still around because "a stitch
in time saves nine!"
    Nine what?  I'm not sure!
    Hope you know and that all your NEWS
is good!