Saturday, August 6, 2016


     SUNDAY, AUGUST 7TH., 2016
           I SEE THE LIGHT!

         Welcome to National Lighthouse
Day! And it's official! Congress passed
a resolution which designated August 7,
1989 as National Lighthouse Day.
          Pennsylvania, of course, is a little
short on lighthouses although there are
about three along the shore of Lake Erie.
           I've got three right on my porch.
Admittedly they're little sculptures. My
little grandson loves to look at them when
he visits.
          Most of the other Lighthouses I
see are on miniature golf courses and
you've got to putt your ball right through
the middle of them to get near the hole.
I don't think Congress had those in mind
when they picked this particular day.
         I have visited real Lighthouses
and I'm always impressed by them.
They've got a certain mystery, beauty,
and romance about them.
          There's one at Cape May we
always drive by on the way to watch
the sunset at Diamond Beach. And
another at Cape Vincent in the
Thousand Islands where the wind
from Lake Ontario always whips
through your hair.
          A couple of years ago we
not only visited one in North
Carolina. We climbed the
spiral staircase all the way to
the walkway around  the beacon,
I can tell you I'd never take a job
cleaning that lens! I wouldn't
last a week.
         Maybe it's best we enjoy
these beacons from a distance
like the seamen who have
depended on them all through
the years. It's a lot easier than
climbing all those steps!
          Hope there's a light that
takes you through the darkness
and that all your NEWS is good!

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