Friday, August 26, 2016



    So. Another "typical day" in our life.
Sort of. Let's sum it up.
    I attended a news conference announcing
the local premier of a movie in which I play
a part.
    I drove my wife to a doctors appointment.
    My son got a new car.
    And, oh yes, my grandson jumped out of
an airplane.
     In fairness I suspect that last thing wasn't
all that typical. Although my daughter did
the same thing....twice.....a few years back.
     Jason wanted a Sky Dive as his High
School graduation present. For a time though
it seemed Mother Nature wanted to keep him
grounded. Several scheduled jumps were
cancelled because of bad weather.
     But on Friday the sun was shining and
his flight was "Go!"
     After some training right here on solid
ground he boarded a small plane at the
Hazleton Municipal Airport attached to
a veteran sky diver. And just before they
jumped out the operator of the school
showed the way with another record
setting sky dive!
      He is Don Kellner who has made
more that 44,000 parachute jumps and
is listed in the Guinness Book of World
      Then it was Jason and his instructor's
turn! He "enjoyed" some 30 seconds of
free fall before they opened their chute.
      I flew many hours in WYOU's
Chopper 22. Never once did I entertain
the thought of leaving the aircraft while
it was in flight!
       But Jason smiled all the way down
and proudly said he'd do it again in a
second. I turned down the pilot's
suggestion that I give it a try using a
Cargo parachute.
      Hope today is a bit less "typical"
and that all your NEWS is good!


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