Tuesday, August 23, 2016


           BACK AT THE COURT!

       My wife and I found ourselves back
  at court yesterday. No. Not the
  courtroom! It was the Volleyball Court
  inside Holy Redeemer High School.
        School hasn't begun for the Fall
  semester yet. But the sports programs
  are well underway and this was our
  grand daughter's first Volleyball
  scrimmage for the season.
       She will have a full schedule. So
  will we. My wife and I will be following
  her Volleyball team, another grand
  daughter's soccer team and one grandson's
  soccer team too.
       When there's a conflict we'll either
  split our team, alternate our fan
  appearances, or flip a coin to see where
  we go. Thankfully we don't have to
  make practice sessions.
       Also thankfully another grandson has
  chosen Community College which
  does not have a Football team. Seems
  we may get Fridays off this season!
       Maybe I'll join a Bocce team! Or,
  maybe I'll just hit the couch!
       Hope I remember to wear shirts
  that match each team's color, and
 that all your NEWS is good!


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