Monday, August 22, 2016


     MONDAY, AUGUST 23RD., 2016
                SCHOOLS BELLS!

      I've seen a number of Facebook
photos from parents who are sending
their kids back to school this week.
      I come from a different era. During all of my
years in the Public School system our summer
vacation ended after Labor Day!
   Parents loved it. Especially those who incorporated
the Labor Day weekend as part of their vacation
plans. Business owners who employed high school
kids loved it because those kids stayed on staff
through Labor Day. And most kids loved it. I know
I did, because the longer the summer the better!
    Some say an early start gives the schools a
better chance to meet the State requirement which
calls for 180 days of education. "Snow Days", they
say, makes it hard to meet that requirement.
    Of course State Officials came up with that 180
day rule. And we all know how well State Officials
do on most of their decisions!
    Ever visit a school during it's last week in session?
I'm not sure how handing in books or watching a
movie qualifies as "education." But that's what
many do.
    My buddy, who has a much better memory
than mine, tells me we only missed one "Snow
Day" during our years in school. And that was in
Hazleton where there was never any shortage of
    In point of fact more districts cancel school
because of cold temperatures rather than depth of
snowfall. Alaska doesn't cancel school for either!
    As more and more people have and use the
Web you've got to wonder if you couldn't
conduct some classes "on line" during those few
days when travel to and from school could be an
    Most schools in my area are still on vacation
although kids involved with special programs like
sports or bands have been practicing for a few
weeks already.
    Guess I'm still just a kid at heart! Give me
those few extra days to enjoy what's left of
     Hope your bell rings after the holiday and
that all your NEWS is good

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