Saturday, August 13, 2016


     SUNDAY, AUGUST 14TH., 2016
            NO NIGHTINGALE!

        It's true. Our Florence was no
        I refer, of course, to Wilkes-
Barre native Florence Foster Jenkins
whose life, at least much of the on-
stage part of it, is currently being
relived in the movie bearing her
       My wife and I went to see it
on opening day in part because we
knew it was about a local woman
who, somehow, made it to Carnegie
Hall. I say "somehow" because it's
no secret that our Florence was not
only no Nightingale...she had no pitch
or rhythm and was barely able to hold
a note!
       Most of her concerts were held
for private audiences made up
primarily of her friends. And she
had many! Including her own
        Meryl Streep played the
lead in this movie and must have
been taxed trying to sing that badly!
        In retrospect Florence, and
Meryl as Florence, suddenly have
me thinking about a professional
singing career. I'm not very good.
But that sure didn't stop Florence!
          Wilkes-Barre isn't featured
in the feature. And given the fact
it's based in part on her lack of
talent perhaps we should be
happy about that!
          Still we both enjoyed the
movie and the pop corn was
           Hope you get to see it
and that all your NEWS is good!

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