Thursday, August 4, 2016


   FRIDAY, AUGUST 5TH., 2016

     I wasn't sure what I liked least.
The unsolicited telephone calls from
some unknown party who somehow
new my computer had a virus or the
company that keeps calling to check
on my diabetes. Even though I don't
have diabetes.
     Now I've got a third choice. It's
the guys who show up knocking on
my front door with charts to prove
I'm paying too much for my
electricity. They, of course, can
save me plenty just by signing up
with the company they represent.
     The last guy who stopped by
this week was a real pain in the
butt! After my wife suggested we
were satisfied with the system we
are already using his eyes opened
wide and he stepped back when
we said we weren't interested in
his offer. "Not saving
money"..he said.
       At that point I stepped in to
ask if he had a permit to solicit in
either our development or our
community. That, of course, drew
still more ire from the young man
who assured me he had all the
necessary paperwork, although he
could not name the community in
'which he was standing.
      He left mumming something
after I told him I'd be going inside
to make a call.
       I've not decided it's the knock
at the door I like least. I can just
hang up on those bothering us on
the telephone.
       Hope that kid finds out where
he is,,,and that all your NEWS is

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