Saturday, August 20, 2016



     It's been five years since I auditioned
for a small part in a really cool movie that
was being filmed right here in our area.
      I landed the part in a scene which we
shot later that year. Since then I've been
waiting. Waiting for the rest of the movie
to be filmed. Waiting to see if I'd make it
into the final product. Waiting for a series
of Film Festivals to see how the movie
would be received by critics and test
audiences. (A dozen awards by the way!)
And waiting for a distributor to pick our
movie to be released.
     I was sure it would work out....All In
Time.....which, by the way, is the name
of our movie.
    And now, finally, it's happening. The
producers have announced that our feature
will Premier in New York City and Los
Angles on October 7th! Additional premiers
and concerts by the band and a singer
featured in the film will be scheduled in
selected cities across the country.
      Here I am "retired" and finally
making it to Broadway!
      Of course one of the premiers will
be in Wilkes-Barre so I hope all of my
Blog readers will be coming out to see
it there.
      I would ask that you get your pop
corn on the way in. I don't want you
missing my part. I waited too long for
you to see it!
       Hope you do and that all your
NEWS is good.

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