Tuesday, January 31, 2017


           CAUGHT IN THE WEB!

       These days you're more likely to see
an email rather than a street address for
business places looking for your business.
And some will say we've grown far too
dependent on the world wide web.
         There also seems to be an
assumption that everybody is "on line."
Not true! I know several people, my
wife and best friend included, who  just
don't use the web or any of the devices
designed to get you there. I have to read
my daily blogs to my wife if she's to be
aware of what I've written. I'm pretty
sure they aren't the only ones who feel
that way.
         That's why I'm so disappointed in
some of the folks in the media who have
surrendered their public service obligation
to that web!
          It began with local radio which, in
many cases, isn't really "local" anymore.
Back in the day if the weather got bad and
schools or businesses either closed or cut
their hours you could tune to your local
radio station and  listen as the announcer
read the list of closings. Now, they simply
refer you to their web page.
         My latest shocker came this week
when a "trumpet sort of blast" was heard
from my television set as the station that
happen to be on posted an on-screen alert
that there were school closings or
postponements which, like local radio,
referred you to the station's web site.
         If you didn't have access to a computer
you were either left wondering which schools
were closing or starting late or shutting down
early or forced to switch channels to another
station which constantly ran a crawl on the
bottom of the screen with the information
you needed. I didn't want to switch. But I
had a need to know, So I went where the
information could be found. I'll bet a lot
of other viewers switched stations at that
point too.
          I suppose the folks who came up with
the "alert" had good intentions. But I didn't
need an "alert." I needed to know what was
happening ON the media I was using at the
         Hope the folks that still "crawl" the
closing list send the people at their competition
a "Thank You Card." I also hope you don't miss
a cancellation and that all your NEWS is good.


Monday, January 30, 2017



   There's been a lot of talk about walls
lately. We have one at our house. It
separates the bottom of our mobile
home from the ground below.
    Some of it is made of aluminum
siding. Some from large sheets of
    We had added the aluminum
sections in an attempt to keep
polecats (aka skunks) from getting
underneath. We should have added
     A couple days ago we heard a
noise under our kitchen. It could
have been a cat or a squirrel. And I
wish that it was. But the strong odor
that suddenly filled the air was
sufficient evidence our visitor was
a skunk.
     Having dealt with these critters
before we searched around the
property and found the spot where
Pepe La Plau had entered. Accordingly
we waited till late a night when he (or
she) was likely to be out, then placed
a couple bricks and a large rock across
the opening.
     It seems, however, we had sealed
the animal in! We didn't realize that
until the next morning when we found
the bricks moved aside and the huge
rock simply pushed out of the way!
     We've borrowed a trap now in the hope
of capturing and relocating him (or
her) a couple miles away on State Game
    But there's at least one important
lesson to be learned here. No matter
how big or secure your wall.....a skunk
can always get in!
    Hope all your NEWS is good!

Sunday, January 29, 2017


    MONDAY, JANUARY 30TH., 2017

        Looking for the perfect gift
for the kid who has everything?
You may find the answer by
joining me in observing today's
unusual "holiday."
       For those who don't already
know the last Monday in January
is "Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!"
         This protective plastic
based material is, of course,
designed to protect all sorts of
products that are shipped from
one place to another. But who
can resist popping those little
air pockets when you're holding
that wrap in your hands?
        "The kid who has everything?"
Heck, the urge to pop those
bubbles is contagious and it's not
limited to kids. That said, I met a
guy at Walmart in December who
picked up a large roll which he
intended to divide and give as
stocking stuffers. It may be the
ideal gift!
      According to holidayinsights.
com, allegedly, a radio station in
Bloomington, Indiana received a
shipment of microphones wrapped
in bubble wrap. While unwrapping
and setting up the microphones,
the sound of bubble wrap popping
was inadvertently broadcast on the
radio. And so, Bubble Wrap
Appreciation Day was born.
      Some "poppers" say it's a great
stress relief. Of course that may
depend on whether you're the
popper or the popper listener!
      Why not get yourself a sheet
or a roll in honor of the day. See
how long it takes to pop all the
bubbles. Hope you pass your
own Pop Quiz and that all your
NEWS is good!

Saturday, January 28, 2017


    SUNDAY, JANUARY 20TH., 2017
            CLUES AND PIECES!

    My wife and at least one of my sisters-
in-law should be in their glory today!
    This is "National Puzzle Day." I, on
the other hand, am totally puzzled by
their fascination with Crossword and
Picture puzzles.
     Every now and then a family
conversation with my sister-in-law in
Florida turns into a session during
which she and my wife trade clues and
possible answers to one of those word
games. And that's just on Skype!
     We recently received a package in
the mail from my brother-in-law in
California. It was filled with picture
puzzle pieces and a note detailing the
time it took him to put it together.
He's a puzzle nut too! It must run in
their family!
     My wife immediately took it to
the other room and began to
reassemble it, keeping careful track
of the time she spent so she could
out do her brother. There are boxes
of puzzles stored on our shelves. And
once they're done they're given to
someone else and replaced with some
new challenge.
      I've just never been big on
puzzles. In fact, if captured, the
enemy would have more success
by putting a puzzle in front of me than
by any waterboarding technique!
      When I want a good
puzzle I'll read or watch Sherlock Homes.
He always puts the pieces together and
knows all the right words!
       But, if you're into puzzles, this
is your day. Hope all the pieces fit
and that all your NEWS is good!



            A DIFFERENT TUNE!

    We may not always be in harmony with
others. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't
try to carry a tune. And , on that note, today
we celebrate the instrument that gives us a
chance to be heard.
    January 28th is "National Kazoo Day!"
Of course, kazoo players are not known to be
perfectly precise, so you may have already
celebrated as some folks believe the date is
supposed to be the fourth Thursday in January.
    The kazoo was invented in the 1840's and
first presented to the world at the Georgia State
Fair in 1852. If you can hum a tune it's likely
you can "play it" on a Kazoo.
    The instrument has been manufactured in
Enden, New York since 1916. The factory is
still operational and now serves as a working
museum that's open to the public.
    I'm a harmonic man myself. Still, as a guy
who knows thousands of songs but can't sing
a note, I've always like the Kazoo.
    If everybody played a Kazoo the world
would be a better, if not harmonious, place.
Check those seldom opened drawers in your
house. Chances are there's a Kazoo buried
in one somewhere. Get it out and "go to
town." But you might want to keep the
windows closed!
     Home all your NEWS is good!


Friday, January 27, 2017


   FRIDAY, JANUARY 27TH., 2017

   We usually honor heroes and other special
people by celebration their birthdays.
   Today, however, we remember a man who
has influenced all of our lives on the date of
the day he PASSED away!
    I guess, in a sense, that's appropriate.
    He was important and we wouldn't want
to WASTE his memory.
    He died on January 27th., 1910.
    And today is "Thomas Crapper Day."
    For those of you who never heard of him
old Tommy is the man credited with
inventing the flush toilet!
    Actually, he didn't! But he did increase the
popularity of "the Throne" and came up with
improvements to make it more efficient.
    I found the day listed on a web site
dedicated to Bizarre and Wacky Holidays!
And this one certainly fits!
    Think about it! How does one "celebrate"
Crapper Day? I'm not going to touch this
    Still, I thought I ought to tell you about
it so you wouldn't get caught with your....
well you know the rest!
     Enjoy the day.......maybe with a good
book. Maybe you can find a good place
to sit and read. And remember Thomas
     Hope it all works out in the end and
that all your NEWS is good.

Thomas Crapper

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


              DOUBLE DIPPING!

      My wife's sudden craving for popcorn
has lead to an interesting movie scene. Not
a scene in the movie. But a scene at the movie.
      Every year we buy one of those Popcorn
Buckets that allow us to buy our popcorn at
a reduced rate each time we return to see a
      Up until recently the bucket has provided
an adequate supply for me since I was the only
one partaking. In the past my wife never even
wanted a taste.
      Now that's changed. She can handle one
of those buckets all by herself. But we only
have one!
      So, picture this "movie scene!" I step up
to the concession stand and hand the
attendant my bucket. He, or she, fills it with
popcorn. I hand the full bucket to my wife
who immediately dumps it into a quart size
plastic bag. I take the now empty bucket and
hand it back to the attendant who refills it.
Sure, I have to pay twice. But each, at least,
is at the reduced rate for the bucket.
       Last time the dumping part took place
inside the auditorium where our feature was
to play. That forced me to leave my seat and
go back to the concession stand with a
bucket the attendant was well aware he had
just filled 6 minutes before. Probably figured
I ate fast.
       Yesterday there was no one in line to
enjoy our "act." I suspect we'll eventually
draw a crowd and become part of some
people's afternoon entertainment.
       Maybe they'll just let us use last year's
bucket! That would make things a lot
       Hope your buckets filled and all your
NEWS is good!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


                    SHOW TIME?

       Back in the days when I was on the regular
News beat I was often asked how I came up with
my stories. One method that often allowed me
to break news was to comb through newspaper
legal ads. Few took my advice. But it often
worked just fine for me.
       So it was I found myself scanning those
ads when I picked up a paper while waiting
for my wife at the dentist Tuesday.
       And there is was. Another small legal
advertisement that offered itself as a breaking
story...for anyone willing to look!
       The note was filed by the Luzerne
County Zoning Board which will be hearing
a request from a gentleman who wants to
re-establish an old Drive In Movie Theater!
Eric Symeon from Exeter is seeking a Zoning
variance that he'll need to rebuild the old
Moonlight Drive In Theater in West
         The theater closed in the 1980's. But
the marque, screen, ticket booth, and remnants
of the concession stand/projection booth can
still be seen at the site. Cheri Sundra did a
wonderful photo essay on the drive in back
in 2012.
        In the 1950's Pennsylvania had more
than 180 Drive In movie theaters. At last
count there were less than 40! Northeastern
and Central Pennsylvania still has a number
of them operating. Only in the summer of
        Personally, I'd love to see this one
reborn! It's close enough for a date night!
With my wife of course!
        I shared my "news discovery" with my
former colleagues in Television. I hope they
share it with their viewers. But, then again,
Social Media is now the major source of news
so I'm happy to be able to share my "scoop"
with you!
       Hope it happens....and that all your NEWS
is good! 

Monday, January 23, 2017


     TUESDAY, JANUARY 24TH., 2017

   OK. Ice here. Snow there. You're trapped
at home and need a snack. Now's the time to
grab that jar of Peanut Butter!
    January 24th is National Peanut Butter
     Peanut Butter has helped many
people survive disasters of one sort
or another. When my Dad's job took
him and my Mom on the road while
I was still in High School, Peanut
Butter and Tuna alternated in providing
the makings for many of my daily
     And I wasn't alone! The average child
will eat 1,500 peanut butter and jelly
sandwiches before he/she graduates high
school. And they're really easy to make
if, as I have cautioned before, you apply
the peanut butter first and the jelly second!
     You just can't go wrong with
Peanut Butter! Peanuts have more protein
and niacin than any other nut. They are
naturally cholesterol-free. And rumor has
it there’s enough mental stimulation in
one peanut to produce 30 minutes of serious
thinking. I probably should have eaten more
when I was in school! Lot's more!
      Perhaps, in order to celebrate this
special day, you might consider replacing
your traditional roast with some great
Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches.
      Unless, of course, you suffer from
Archibutyrophobia which is the fear of
getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of
your mouth.
     Hope you're in the Peanut Gallery and
that all your NEWS is good!


Sunday, January 22, 2017


    MONDAY, JANUARY 23RD., 2017

  "Show me your John Hancock" is usually
a request for your signature. Today, however,
it's much more.
    You see January 23rd is National Handwriting
Day!" It is a day established by the Writing
Instrument Manufacture's Association back in
1977 to promote the use of pens, pencils, and
writing paper. It is a day when you're encouraged
to step away from your computer keyboard
(the thing I'm using now) or typewriter for the
few of those who either have one or know what
they are, and actually write a letter, a note, a
pome, anything, by hand.
     Of course as the teaching of "Cursive"
disappears from more and more classrooms,
we find it harder to find individuals that can
write anything by hand.......unless they print it!
     I'm wondering if the day is drawing near
when the documents written by our founding
fathers will be unintelligible to young people
who can neither read or write in Cursive style!
I mean, as it is, it's difficult to decipher Script
placed on paper with a Quill Pen!
     That's one of the reasons the founders of
this unique "holiday" choose January 23rd.
It's the Birthday of John Hancock whose
signature cannot be missed on the Declaration
of Independence!
      So those of you who are brave of heart,
give it a try. Pick up a pen or pencil and
write something today. Even if it's just your
grocery list!
      Hope you use Cursive and that


Saturday, January 21, 2017


        SUNDAY, JANUARY 22ND., 2017
                    THE HANGOVER!

      So, as I reported just about this same time
last week I had a bit of an accident with my
laptop when the folding table upon which it
sat, folded! Well collapsed is a more accurate
       The half full wine glass fell to the floor
with my computer and, apparently drunk with
the vino, shut down.
       The next morning I was surprised to find
my unit up and running again. It was pretty much
normal except for some sticky spots on the
keyboard. I've used it all week. But, yesterday,
it seemed to have developed some problems!
       When I hit the space bar this comes up on
the screen     /NB6. When I touch the "N" key
I get   NB6, And when I hit the "B" key I come
up with   B6. Along with all that my backspace
arrow key doesn't do anything!
        Now were I in Washington I suppose I
might assume that I had been hacked by
Russia or, perhaps, any number of other nations.
Logic, however, suggests I would be a poor and
wasted target for foreign spies.      
        It seems more likely that my laptop has
just now developed a Hangover!
        I am, therefore, using an old backup
computer to allow me to type this blog without
having to erase an extra letter or number or
symbol in every sentence!
        I am checking with a detox (computer
expert friend) to find out what it will take to
get my laptop "on the wagon" and working
properly again. Till then at least I have good
reason for being a little slow!
       Hope all your NEWS is good!

Friday, January 20, 2017


      SATURDAY, JANUARY 21ST., 2017

    Hold your loved ones tight today. It's National
Hugging Day. And unlike so many of the
bizarre holidays I find from time to time, we know
who came up with this one!
     Kevin Zaborney is credited with coming up with
the idea  in 1986. He wanted to encourage people
to hug family and friends more often.
      He picked January 21st as a sort of half way
point between Christmas and Valentine's Day. A
time of year when Zaborney found a lot of people
seemed to have low spirits. He figured a good
hug would cheer folks up!
      My hugs are almost always reserved for
family and a couple really close friends. There
are a couple female movie stars I can think of
for whom I'd probably waive my policy. On
the other had such a waiver could pose problems
with my main hugger....my wife!
      Hope you've got some family and friends to
celebrate the day with you and that all your
NEWS is good.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


     FRIDAY, JANUARY 20TH., 2017
            GET THE PICTURE?

     There are those who might suggest I
originated this unique "holiday." I did not.
But I have observed it for a long as I can
      You see January 20th., is "Camcorder
       I got my first video tape camcorder
in the 1980's. It was a gift from a good
friend of mine. He was an attorney who
bought the thing but never used it. After
borrowing it twice for family events he
decided it should belong to someone who
would actually use it. And that was me!
       The camera only photographed in
black and white. And it wasn't portable.
It had to be plugged into a wall outlet
to work.
      I've had a lot of camcorders since
then. Most of the old ones recorded
on VHS video tape.
      For many years friends and
relatives must have thought I had a
machine attached to my head! I used
to get teased for taking so much video.
     But now, looking back at scenes that
include movement and sound, I and
others realize I have a treasure of
memories that go beyond a single
      I've converted most of my tapes,
even old movie film, onto dvd disks
now so they're better preserved and
easier to play!
       I suppose the ultimate irony is
that the one person you won't see in
all these movies....is me! 99% of the
time I'm behind the camera. Interesting
for a guy who spent so much time on
        The Camcorders keep changing.
But I keep shooting cause the memories
keep coming! Don't miss yours!
         Hope all your NEWS is good!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


     THURSDAY, JANUARY 19TH., 2017
                         CAN DO!

        Today we note "National Tin Can Day."
   The tin can is one of the greatest inventions
   in history. It revolutionized the storage of
   perishable foods. 
         But for those of us who grew up in the
   1950's it was much more than a container
   for beans and Chicken Noodle Soup.
          Long before kids ever heard of games
    like soccer we were out in the streets and
    neighborhoods playing Kick The Can! Had
    we continued it might well have become an
    Olympic sport!
           And way before Smartphones showed
    up we could communicate with friends using
    two tin cans and one string pulled tight
    between two places.
            When I researched the history of tin
     cans I was a bit surprised to discover they
     were early 1800's. What's more surprising,
     at least to me, is the fact that the Can
     Opener wasn't invented until 1858!
            Kind of reminds me of the time a
     couple of my friends and I took a hike
     and brought a can of soup, but no can
     opener, along for lunch! As I recall we
     used a knife to punch open the top so we
     wouldn't starve on the trail.
             So celebrate as you will, perhaps with
      a can of your favorite fruit. Hope you have
      an opener and that all your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017



     I survived Friday the 13th pretty well. It
was Sunday the 15th that presented the
     The day seemed to be going very well.
After church our pastor and his wife drove
us to dinner at our favorite restaurant. After
that we were off for a nice ride on what was
a very sunny day.
     That night, however, I discovered the
small ho locomotive I had stored away
simply refused to run. I was probably still
sulking over that when my tray table
collapsed sending my laptop to the floor
and shattering the wine glass. But not
before some of the spilled wine found its
was into my computer and shutting it down.
     I went to bed imaging the possibility of
having to buy a new laptop and sending my
locomotive out to a repair shop somewhere.
     But, with Monday's dawn, came hope!
Although a bit sticky I discovered my
laptop had fired up again and some careful
scrubbing with a towelette left the keypad
workable again! It's my belief the Computer
Elves stopped by overnight, got inside the
laptop, and drank what wine flowed in.
     Inspired by my success I treated my
little locomotive to an application of oil
from my wife's hair cutting key and, wow.
it was soon chugging round the tracks.
      If only I learned to leave well enough
      Feeling fairly high I decided to try my
drone just outside the house. I got it up
pretty high and nearly flew it back when
it found its way into a tree just across the
street. We used a limb trimmer to shake it
down. Unfortunately it was what most
pilots would call a "hard landing" and the
landing "skids" didn't handle it too well.
The thin plastic snapped leaving me
without a landing assembly.
       I've returned it to its box temporarily
hoping the Drone Elves will sneak in and
fix it. If not I'll have to either send for some
parts or take my chances using glue! The
latter effort of course could leave me
permanently attached to the flying machine!
        Well, I suppose two out of three "isn't
bad." Now for a glass of wine........in the
other room! Hope all your NEWS is good!

Monday, January 16, 2017



   Today I want to tell you about a guy
with a lot of pull! You see today is
"Cable Car Day!"
    Andrew Smith Hallidie is the guy! He
got tired seeing horses falling over, sometimes
dying, while trying to pull trolleys up the
steep streets of the City by the Bay!
    So he got a patent for a moving cable to
pull the cars along. And, by the way, for a
number of years the cables that did the job
were manufactured in Sunbury, Pennsylvania!
    I got a chance to ride the Cable Cars back
in 2007 when my wife and I hosted a train
trip out to San Francisco.
     A guy directing the cars at a turn around
point pulled one aside especially for our tour
group and off we went!
     I got to stand at the right front of the car
which allowed me to get some great video...
but also had me ducking out of the way of
trucks parked along the tracks. Their mirrors
were at just the right height to knock any
inattentive passenger half way to the stars!
     Since we don't have any Cable Cars
around here maybe you can head out to
one of the ski slopes and ride the lift all
day. It's just another version of Hallidie's
idea and no horses are at risk!
     Hopefully that "Golden Sun" will shine
on you and all your NEWS will be good!

Sunday, January 15, 2017


     MONDAY, JANUARY 16TH., 2016

     Many of you are off from work or school
today to celebrate the memory of Dr. Martin
Luther King. His commitment to the civil
rights movement is reason enough to honor
his memory. Although it is not his actual
birthday! That is January 15th. In order to
conform to the National holiday law it's
celebrated on the third Monday of January,
So, of course, the date varies.
       There are, however, several other
observances that fall on this date. They
include the National Day of Service, Civil
Service Day, and Religious Freedom Day.
       But the one that's perhaps least know
has sparked my interest. You see January
16th is also "National Fig Newton Day!"
         It is dedicated to Fig Newtons –
cookies filled with fig paste that are a
trademarked version of the fig roll
manufactured by Nabisco. I always liked
these tasty snacks!
        Contrary to what some believe, they
are not named after English physicist Sir
 Isaac Newton. I don't believe he even has
a day named after him. Fig Newtons were
named after the town of Newton, Massachusetts.
        Maybe we could link two major
holidays by changing their name to King
        Anyway I just thought you should know
there's plenty of reason to celebrate today!
Hope all your Newtons......I mean...News...
is good!   

Saturday, January 14, 2017


    SUNDAY, JANUARY 15TH., 2017
          WORLD SNOW DAY!

    It's nice to be first. Sometimes. But it
seems our area was ahead of schedule
Saturday and I'm not so sure we were
     You see January 15th is "World
Snow Day." It's a day designed to get
kids all over the world involved in snow
related activities. Skiing, sledding, and
the like.
     Our expected "dusting" began in
the morning. By sundown the "dust"
looked pretty thick outside and my
social media sources were reporting
accidents all over the place from side
roads to the interstate system.
      The "sledding" began early in
our development. But there weren't
any kids involved. It was a pickup
truck trying to get up the slight hill
in front of our place. Eventually
the driver was able to get by.
       If he had just waited about 5
hours he would have seen the snow
plow that showed up just in time to
let folks get out........ at night!
       I decided to wait it out until
the official observance of World
Snow Day got started. So I'll
probably head out today....if the
"dusting" as stopped!
       Hope you're ready to enjoy the
day and that all your NEWS is good!


Friday, January 13, 2017


             THE BEAST FEAST!

       Our little church is blessed with some
good marksmen (and women). And once
each year these hunters share a taste of their
bounty with the congregation and anyone
else in the community who cares to partake!
       It's called "The Beast Feast!"
       My wife and I and a lot of our family
joined in the dinner Friday night at our
church hall.
       The menu included such delicacies as
Pleasant Bar-B-Q, Venison Stroganoff, and
Smoked Deer Cheesesteak just to name a
few. There was chicken and a few other
"regular dishes" for those who aren't game
on game.
         We had a good crowd. That is in
addition to "my crowd" and there was
enough food to offer seconds to those
still hungry after round one.
          We like to fill folks with God's
message at our church. And sometimes
you can deliver the spirit of that message
by filling them with food. It's just another
way of giving people what we all need....
plenty of good NEWS!

Thursday, January 12, 2017


     FRIDAY, JANUARY 13TH., 2017
           OH THE DOO DAH DAY!

    Welcome to the first Friday the 13th., of
2017. Enjoy it. There are two this year. The
next is in October.
     Some people consider the 13th to be
unlucky. I guess it was for today's honoree.
Stephen Foster passed away on January 13th
of 1864. In 1967 the day became an official
United States Federal Observance Day. Not
a day off. Just a day to "observe."
     For the handful of you who don't
immediately recognize the name, Stephen
Foster is generally considered the "Father
of American Music."
     If it weren't for him I couldn't play
"Oh Susanna" on my harmonica!  He also
wrote tunes like "My Old Kentucky Home,"
"Old Black Joe," and "Beautiful Dreamer."
So far I can only play "Oh Susanna."
      Turns out he's a fellow Pennsylvanian!
Born in Lawrenceville there was a time
when he called Towanda, in the Endless
Mountains,his home.
       That's where he wrote another of his
hits....."Camptown Races", based on a
horserace in nearby Camptown. They still
have a race there every year. But these days
it's a race for runners, not horses.
        So if this Friday the 13th has you
feeling down perhaps it's time to whistle
a happy tune like Camptown Races, or
Oh Susanna, courtesy of Stephen Foster!
        Hope it helps and that all your NEWS
is good!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


              HOLIDAY ON ICE!

      The folks at Disney On Ice could have
rehearsed their afternoon show in front of my
home Wednesday morning! Every inch of
surface was glazed with a ice coat that made
taking a simple step risky!
       But it was also the day my wife wanted
to get all those boxes of Christmas supplies
packed away till next year.
       Rock salt had little impact. Time was
more effective as 31degrees gradually changed
to 32 and finally readings above freezing.
       As the promised melt began, but with ice
still present, my Grandson took over the task
at hand, fearlessly!
       Half walking, half sliding to our storage
shed he handled all of the heavy boxes without
loss of one ornament or decoration!
        I'm thinking he may want to audition for
Disney! Not willing to play the roll of Dopey,
I limited my participation to taking photos from
the safety of my front porch.
         I'm not one for skating on thin ice! That's
why one has grandkids!
         Hope all your NEWS is good!


Tuesday, January 10, 2017


                    LAST LIGHTS!

      I drove my wife to a doctor's appointment
Tuesday. Just a brief time away from home
before those light flurries started.
      My wife elected to stay outside for a
moment when we got home to make sure the
cat we've heard the last couple nights wasn't
trying to find a way under our house.
       After awhile though, I glanced outside
to check on her progress. I found her wrapping
up the Christmas lights from the bushes in front
of our place. I think the "cats thing" was a ruse!
       Next thing I knew 96% of our indoor
decorations were packed in boxes waiting some
help to be carried to storage.
        And then, the worse cut of all. She handed
me the remote control outlet with which I've
been lighting our small tree each and every
morning. The last lights had shined for this
        However, needing to maintain some
color, and recognizing the fact that my week
long illness pretty much made me useless for
this or any other cleanup, I have replaced the
red bulbs and decorations on our tree with a
dozen red roses for my wife to enjoy for all
her hard work.
         Hope all your NEWS is good!

Monday, January 9, 2017


      TUESDAY, JANUARY 10TH., 2017
                 GOING OUTSIDE!

        I got my first close up look at 2017
  Monday. It was the first time since Sunday,
  January 1st that I felt well enough to venture
  outside. The new year welcomed me with a
  cold and cough that put me down for the
        I had to go to Scranton to host my
  weekly program on Electric City Television.
  It was a real test of stamina. 
        The drive was easy enough. The roads
  were in good shape. Good shape for around
  here anyway.
        But then came the real test. Walking
   across Lackawanna Avenue. I've mentioned
   this challenge before.
        Lackawanna Avenue is one of those busy
  streets that features a "Walk"/"Don't Walk"
  sign for pedestrians. You hit a button which
  activates a speaker telling you "Don't walk"
  when traffic directly in front of you has a
  green light.
        When that light turns red the "Walk sign"
   lights up and, for just a couple seconds, the
   street is yours. But after those couple seconds
   traffic turning onto Lackawanna from Wyoming
   Avenue gets a green light and, basically, it's
   you against them!
         A "Countdown clock" begins running
   under the "Walk sign" and walkers, like me,
   begin a game of beat the clock.
         Slowed down by the remnants of my
   cold I wasn't sure I could make it across
   before the clock ran out. I guess, at that point,
   you're fair game!
          Well, as you can tell from the fact I'm
   writing this, I made it. Both to the studio, and
   back a little later. Guess that proves I'm
   getting better.....or luckier!
           Hope you're moving quickly and that
   all your NEWS is good!


Sunday, January 8, 2017


               I'M SHOCKED!

    Christmas is over!
    Russian Christmas is over.
    New Year's Eve has come and gone.
    But don't despair. There's always a
holiday to be celebrated. And that
includes today.
     Just in case you didn't know January
9th is "National Static Electricity Day!"
I thought you'd get a charge out of that
shocking fact!
     It's a day to recognize, if not
celebrate, that sudden little electrical
zap you get when reaching for the door
knob after dragging you feet along the
     Or that interesting hairdo that
develops after rubbing a balloon over
your curly locks.
     Winter is prime time for static
      There's a scientific reason for the
creation of static electricity. It involves
atoms and protons and neutrons.
       If I could explain it I wouldn't
have spent all those days on the road
as a reporter standing outside in the
cold or rain or snow chasing bad
guys or describing horrible driving
conditions. Or writing a blog!
        Since I can't I just thought I'd
make you aware of this holiday.
        I can tell you you'd be wise to
ground yourself before you kiss your
significant other goodbye!
        Hope I've sparked your interest
and that all your NEWS is good!

Saturday, January 7, 2017



  I managed to drag myself out of bed
Saturday. It was the first time in a week
I managed to do it. But Saturday was
Russian Christmas and I planned to try
to enjoy it.
   There was grocery shopping to be
done. But leaving the house is not yet
an option. Standing up is enough of a
    Fortunately my grand daughter made
herself available to help my wife at the
grocery store. She saved the day in that
    Although we're not Russian my wife
and I always gather a few small gifts
for the immediate family on January
7th. We just love extending the
Christmas season. This year, however,
she had to do all the shopping for
presents since I've been off my feet
for the better part of a week! They
don't get any better than her!
     My grandson from Drums stopped
by to pick up our gifts for his family
while my wife was able to deliver
items to our other daughter's house
when she picked up my grand daughter
for the shopping.
     Later my son, daughter-in-law,
grand daughter and grandson sopped by
to open their presents. That really
brightened my day especially since I
wasn't well enough to baby sit with my
grandson during the week.
    It was like enjoying December 25th
all over again.
    I even landed a neat gift myself.
Models of the characters from "A
Christmas Carol." Now I can spend
some extra time with the ghosts of
Christmas, past, present, and
future! How great it would be if
we, like the reformed Scrooge, would
keep the spirit of Christmas alive all
through the year!
   Hope you'll try, and that all your
NEWS is good!