Thursday, January 19, 2017


     FRIDAY, JANUARY 20TH., 2017
            GET THE PICTURE?

     There are those who might suggest I
originated this unique "holiday." I did not.
But I have observed it for a long as I can
      You see January 20th., is "Camcorder
       I got my first video tape camcorder
in the 1980's. It was a gift from a good
friend of mine. He was an attorney who
bought the thing but never used it. After
borrowing it twice for family events he
decided it should belong to someone who
would actually use it. And that was me!
       The camera only photographed in
black and white. And it wasn't portable.
It had to be plugged into a wall outlet
to work.
      I've had a lot of camcorders since
then. Most of the old ones recorded
on VHS video tape.
      For many years friends and
relatives must have thought I had a
machine attached to my head! I used
to get teased for taking so much video.
     But now, looking back at scenes that
include movement and sound, I and
others realize I have a treasure of
memories that go beyond a single
      I've converted most of my tapes,
even old movie film, onto dvd disks
now so they're better preserved and
easier to play!
       I suppose the ultimate irony is
that the one person you won't see in
all these me! 99% of the
time I'm behind the camera. Interesting
for a guy who spent so much time on
        The Camcorders keep changing.
But I keep shooting cause the memories
keep coming! Don't miss yours!
         Hope all your NEWS is good!

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