Monday, January 9, 2017


      TUESDAY, JANUARY 10TH., 2017
                 GOING OUTSIDE!

        I got my first close up look at 2017
  Monday. It was the first time since Sunday,
  January 1st that I felt well enough to venture
  outside. The new year welcomed me with a
  cold and cough that put me down for the
        I had to go to Scranton to host my
  weekly program on Electric City Television.
  It was a real test of stamina. 
        The drive was easy enough. The roads
  were in good shape. Good shape for around
  here anyway.
        But then came the real test. Walking
   across Lackawanna Avenue. I've mentioned
   this challenge before.
        Lackawanna Avenue is one of those busy
  streets that features a "Walk"/"Don't Walk"
  sign for pedestrians. You hit a button which
  activates a speaker telling you "Don't walk"
  when traffic directly in front of you has a
  green light.
        When that light turns red the "Walk sign"
   lights up and, for just a couple seconds, the
   street is yours. But after those couple seconds
   traffic turning onto Lackawanna from Wyoming
   Avenue gets a green light and, basically, it's
   you against them!
         A "Countdown clock" begins running
   under the "Walk sign" and walkers, like me,
   begin a game of beat the clock.
         Slowed down by the remnants of my
   cold I wasn't sure I could make it across
   before the clock ran out. I guess, at that point,
   you're fair game!
          Well, as you can tell from the fact I'm
   writing this, I made it. Both to the studio, and
   back a little later. Guess that proves I'm
   getting better.....or luckier!
           Hope you're moving quickly and that
   all your NEWS is good!


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