Saturday, January 14, 2017


    SUNDAY, JANUARY 15TH., 2017
          WORLD SNOW DAY!

    It's nice to be first. Sometimes. But it
seems our area was ahead of schedule
Saturday and I'm not so sure we were
     You see January 15th is "World
Snow Day." It's a day designed to get
kids all over the world involved in snow
related activities. Skiing, sledding, and
the like.
     Our expected "dusting" began in
the morning. By sundown the "dust"
looked pretty thick outside and my
social media sources were reporting
accidents all over the place from side
roads to the interstate system.
      The "sledding" began early in
our development. But there weren't
any kids involved. It was a pickup
truck trying to get up the slight hill
in front of our place. Eventually
the driver was able to get by.
       If he had just waited about 5
hours he would have seen the snow
plow that showed up just in time to
let folks get out........ at night!
       I decided to wait it out until
the official observance of World
Snow Day got started. So I'll
probably head out today....if the
"dusting" as stopped!
       Hope you're ready to enjoy the
day and that all your NEWS is good!


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