Tuesday, January 3, 2017



   And so you might ask, who discovered
television? Well over the past 48 hours or
so the answer would be me.
    I've spent at least that much time in bed
trying to shake the illness that came along
with the new year. I tried to sleep as much
as possible, aided by a variety of over the
counter medicines and two small bowls of
Chicken soup carefully brewed by my
patient wife. I just wasn't all that hungry.
    So, in between naps, I used the remote
control to scan the channels available on
the TV set in my room. Perhaps not the
wisest move!
    Penn State's heart breaking loss in the
Rose Bowl took what was left of the wind
out of my sails and may have actually set
my recovery back a few hours. The best
available after that was holiday reruns of
The Twilight Zone!
    Tuesday was a bit better. A comedy out
of 1942 on TMC carried me through part
of the day and episodes of "The Middle"
and "The Simpsons" actually got me
smiling. But a vast part of my "awake
time" was spent scanning the channels
in search of something worthy of my
time. That search was not very fruitful!
     I did come across a lot of programs
I didn't know existed. After a couple
seconds with each I'm not sure why they
do! (Exist that is.)
     Years ago the then Chairman of the
FCC described television as "the vast
wasteland." Based on what I saw, he
might just as well have said it yesterday!
     There's still a few shows I enjoy. But
if you scheduled them back to back one
channel could accommodate them
      Then there's the news. On that subject
I'm thinking a closed mouth gathers no
feet! Still,hope all your NEWS is good.


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