Thursday, January 5, 2017


    FRIDAY, JANUARY 6TH., 2017

       A string of colored Christmas
lights still celebrates the season around
the bushes in front of our house.
        Others are scattered throughout our
development and most are still turned on
as soon as it gets dark.
        Some of my friends, and relatives,
on Facebook write that they have taken
down their holiday lights.
        Some have already been replaced
by Valentine Hearts!
        Guess they couldn't fine anything
appropriate for Martin Luther King
         I've been urging everyone to hang
on to Christmas at least until our friends
of the Russian Orthodox Faith have their
celebration this Saturday. Christmas, as
I've insisted before comes and goes far
too fast.
        I know the decorations will all
soon be gone in most neighborhoods.
        Yesterday my wife asked one of
those questions to which she was already
well aware of the answer..."I guess you
want the tree and decorations to stay up
through Russian Christmas?"
       I had to be careful. The wrong kind
of stare might have suggested it was OK
to take something down. No way!!!! 
        I do believe she has already
penciled in a "take down the decorations
day" for next week. And I'll probably
have to help like it or not.
         But that will be then. And this is
still now!
         I wonder if I can come up with
some rational to make the Christmas
lights a permanent fixture?
      Probably not! But it's a thought!
      Of course when you get right down
to it it's the "Spirit of Christmas" most of
us would like to see preserved.
         Whether your Christmas lights and
decorations are up or down I hope you're
doing your part to remember why we
celebrated in the first place!
        That said, I also hope all your NEWS
is good!


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