Friday, January 6, 2017


                      HAIL CAESAR!

   Julius Caesar was a pretty important guy
in Rome back in the day. How many other
people lived over 2000 years ago and still
have a salad named after them?
    He's remembered on coins and even in
famous works of literature.
    But what's important today is the fact
that this guy had his own calendar! It was
used by everybody up until 1582 when this
other guy, Pope Gregory XIII decided to
change things around!
     But Caesar's calendar wasn't complete
discarded. The Eastern Orthodox Church
still uses it and, in it's book, that makes
today CHRISTMAS! Many refer to the
day as "Russian Christmas."
     Now most of us have already observed
the big day back in December. But my
take on the whole thing is....what's wrong
with celebrating twice?!
      So, although my closest connection to
Russia is an occasional visit to Moscow
in Lackawanna County and an old James
Bond movie, my wife and I welcomed
Santa once again Friday night with some
small gifts for immediate members of our
     And I heard him exclaim as he drove
out of sight, Merry Christmas to all, and
may all your NEWS be good!

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