Tuesday, February 28, 2017


           THE MISSING DAY!

   This is my day off.
   I know. I know. I'm "retired" so
everyday is a day off.
   But this one is special. No! Not
because it's Saint David's Day
Although I do appreciate them
setting aside a day for somebody
named David.
    No. This day is special because
of all those days most months
    You know. 30 days hath
September, April, June and
so forth.
     As family members and some
of the rest of you know most of
the special days noted by my wife
and I fall on the 29th of particular
     I gave her my Class ring on one
29th. We got engaged on another
29th. And we got married on the
29th of still another month.
    It's easy to remember those various
"anniversaries" and........I usually
get February off! Most Februaries,
of course, hath no 29th. Leap year
is a different story.
    So, today is my day off. I don't
have to remember anything. At
least I don't think I have to remember
     Just in case, I brought some roses
home Monday. Maybe I'll pencil a
29 in that blank block after February
28th and we'll celebrate anyway.
     Hope your March is great and
that all your NEWS is good!

Monday, February 27, 2017


             PACZKI DAY!

    Just what we need! A holiday encouraging
us to eat donuts!
   Well it's here. And it's today!
    Shrove Tuesday, know in some countries
as Pancake Tuesday, is the day preceding
Ash Wednesday. It's suppose to be the last
day of "fat eating" or "gorging" before the
fasting period of Lent.
      For many, today's menu will include the
"Paczki." Pączki are deep fried pieces of
dough usually shaped into flattened spheres
packed with some sort of sweet filling and
often covered with powdered sugar. They're
said to be Polish in origin.
     Of course, as our buddy Billy Shakespeare
pointed out in Romeo and Juliet, "A rose by
any other name would smell as sweet."  So, if
I had the chance, I'd be nibbling on a Malasada
today! We found them on the Big Island of
Hawaii two years ago and they are just perfect
for Shrove Tuesday. Or any other Monday,
Wednesday, or...well....the rest of the week!
     Since they pretty much fit the description
of the Paczki, except bigger, I'm beginning to
think maybe the Polish settled Hawaii!
      I'd like to have some today. But it's a long
trip for a donut! Guess a Dunkin or Curry
will have to do!
       Hope you get your dough today and that all
your NEWS is good!



Sunday, February 26, 2017


    MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27TH., 2017
          AND THE WINNER IS......

    I watched the Academy Awards last
    My wife and I have seen some pretty
good movies lately and we were anxious
to see if the Academy members agreed
with our choices.
     Of course I was a bit disappointed
I didn't receive consideration for my
role, short as it was, in "All In Time."
Apparently there is no separate
category for "Best New Old Actor In
A Supporting Role."
     I think I would have had a real
chance since I played a father who
tells his son what he should be doing
instead of what he is doing. I rehearsed
that role at home for 40 years! (He
didn't listen either!)
     If I'm ever lucky enough to get an
Oscar it would be the second in our
     My wife got one a couple years
back and her roles have all been limited
to home movies! Still, when we visited
Hollywood on one of the tours we host
I came across an Oscar labeled "World's
Greatest Wife." She was the obvious
winner so I got it for her!
      Hope my next role comes soon and
that all your NEWS is good!


Saturday, February 25, 2017


                SOUPY SALES!

     I was returning from the market when
 cellphone began sounding some sort of
loud alarm I've never heard before! I pulled
over to check out the text message which
alerted me I was in an area in immediate
danger of a Tornado and should seek
     The woods around me didn't look very
inviting so I decided to keep going the
extra two miles that would take me home.
     The rain was just beginning to come
down as I unloaded my grocery bags. But
it was quickly followed my tiny pieces of
hail. Shortly afterwards it turned very dark
with heavy rain, strong winds, lighting, and
      The day could have been a real wash
out...were it not for Soupy Sales. That's
what I choose to call it. Actually it was the
annual Soup Supper offered by the Plains
United Methodist Church.
      The folks at the church set out all
kinds of soup (about 21 varieties) and
you get to eat all you want! The cost?
Just a good will donation!
       I favored the Chili and doubled
dipped on that one while sampling a
couple others.
       The meal would have been great
on its own. But, in our case, it was
enhanced by the arrival of several
family members who showed up to
dine with us!
       What a fantastic ending to what
started out as a very threating day!
Hope they do it again next year and
that all your NEWS is good!


Friday, February 24, 2017


                        IT'S A TIE!

     I fought it off on Thursday. With temperatures
far above what you'd expect for February I still
started out with a warm jacket and made sure my
grandson had both his coat and hood on and up
as we went outside for what eventually turned
into three walks. By the third I had switched to
a windbreaker and he had shed the hood and
opened the coat.
      But temptation won out on Friday as the
temperature climbed still higher and the sun
stayed out throughout the day.
      Under normal circumstances my Miata
stays covered and off the road until the first
good rain after the last road crew application
of salt on area highways.
      But on Friday I just couldn't resist! The
cover came off, the top came down, and my
wife and I headed out for a summer-like
drive to a nearby State Park.
       After that a few miles spent on some
back roads before heading back home
where the inside temperature was a mere
one degree above the outside reading!
       Still, it was a "Tie." Temptation did
get us out with the top down. But I managed
to drive past the Ice Cream Shop!
       Hope there's more like this to come and
that all your NEWS is good!


Thursday, February 23, 2017


     FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH., 2017

        Thursday is a big day around our
house. It's the day my 18-month-old
grandson comes to visit. And it's the
day the Garbage truck comes by!
         These two things are connected
by way of my grandson's fascination
with big trucks! It's fun to see his stare
when the big vehicle rolls by. But it's
even bigger than life to him when the
driver sounds his air horn and the guys
who do all the hard pick up work take
a moment to yell "Hello" and give him
a wave.
        They've never passed without
letting the little guy know they
recognize him.
         And yesterday they turned out
to be just the first of the big rig drivers
who go an "extra mile" for children!
         A propane truck driver stopped
by a neighbor's house to make a
delivery a couple house after our
Refuse collectors made their rounds.
He too spotted the little fellow and
made sure he gave him a wave and
a blast from his truck as he pulled
        Later we visited a little playground
to take advantage of the beautiful
weather. There's a road just outside the
fence that serves as a major route for a
lot of trucks. Here again, several saw
the wide eyed little boy watching as the
came by and a number of them rolled
down their window to wave while a
couple more sounded their horn as they
drove past.
       The guys I mentioned are all hard
working men who are likely on a tight
schedule doing some tough jobs. I'm
thankful that they are also kind hearted
individuals who can take time for a kid.
       And I hope that all of their NEWS,
and yours, is good!  


           "RUN FOREST! RUN!"

     Forest Gump is on my mind as I write
today's essay. Especially the line "Run
Forest! Run!"
     I was never into competitive running.
But back in the day I was known to jog
3 miles of so every day. That became a
daily walk for a long time. But I must
admit I fell out of the habit about a half
year ago or so.
     I am determined to get started again.
As soon as I'm moved to take that first
     But when it happens it will be a
walk. Not a jog. And definitely not a
    There are, of course, several kinds of
completive running! I was actually
encouraged to do some running by a good
friend last week. But in his case he suggested
I might consider a run for School Board!
     As a long time newsman I have always
stayed outside the political arena. That's
not to say I didn't have interest. Back
about the time I was actually running,
jogging that is, I was approached about
the possibility of running for District
      I gave the matter some serious
thought. I've always love the law and
the possibility of a seat on the minor
judiciary did seem appealing. Running
for the office did not. Ethically I would
have had to go off the air lest I have an
advantage over opponents who did not
have daily access to a radio or television
      While flattered about the School
Board suggestion it's one office that
didn't spark any interest in my mind.
       As for other future possibilities
I, like James Bond, will never say
never. But for now I'll let some other
"Forest" do the running,
        Hope all your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017



  We've been getting more calls lately than we
received during any political campaign over the
past 10 years.
    They're coming from various companies
located, according to our Caller ID, all over
the country. They're all recorded, although
some are designed to sound as though they're
coming from a live person on the other end,
and they all begin with a phrase something
like "This is not a solicitation."
     The second line, for those faster of the
draw than my hang up, usually suggests
the caller is prepared to give me a much
better rate on my credit card!
      I'm not sure how any of these folks
know the rate on any of my credit cards.
But I suppose if I entertained each one
I could finally reach a point where they
are paying me to have the cards!
       Since I'm pretty satisfied with my
credit status quo I try to close the call as
quickly as possible. It takes a couple
second longer when I think I'm dealing
with a live person as I try to tell them I'm
not interested.
       They must know by now. But they
keep calling. Guess you've got to give
them credit!
        Hope they finally get my message
and that all your NEWS is good.

Monday, February 20, 2017



    It started with a head cold a few days
ago. My nose was running so fast it could
have won a marathon.
    I did my weekly show on Electric City
Television Monday. But I could feel my
voice getting weaker by the minute,
    I spent some time with my grandson.
But he doesn't talk just yet so I didn't much
either. We can communicate without words
     At home last night I could feel the
laryngitis setting in. By 7 my voice was
pretty much gone.
     I sent an email to someone and was
surprised to get a reply informing me the
text of my message didn't go through. I
didn't realize my laryngitis had spread to
my laptop!
     The problem, the laryngitis that is, is
nothing new to anyone who's been in
broadcasting. You get it from time to time
sooner or later. Years ago it would have
kept me out of work. But since I don't
technically work anymore, it's not a big
      There are a number of remedies. But
it really helps if you simply don't talk for
a day or so. My wife is cheering at this
       I am still able to communicate. At
home I just make gestures, point, and
occasionally whistle a song that may
feature the words I'm trying to convey.
       With you folks I just type away my
messages and send a picture now and
then which, I'm told, is worth a
thousand words.
         But, for the moment....I say
nothing! Hope it works and that all your
NEWS is good!

Sunday, February 19, 2017



    Many years ago there lived a Baseball
team called The Washington Senators. A
popular saying was linked with the team.
    "First in war, first in peace, and last in
the American League!" The first two, of
course, refer to our nation's first President!
     And if you've got a day off from work
or school today it's because George
Washington is still first!
     You see, officially, this is George
Washington's Birthday! It is not
"President's Day!
      Back in 1968 the term "President's Day"
came up for legal consideration in the
Congress.But it was shot down.
     The holiday was moved to fall between
Washington and Abe Lincoln's actual birth
dates. But the name was never changed
even though there was another attempt to
do so in the 1980's.
     So today is, legally, Washington's
Birthday even though he wasn't born on
this date!
     Technically, all those Car Dealers and
other merchants pushing President Day
Sales are promoting a holiday that doesn't
     As I've mentioned before, back when
I was in school we had both Washington
and Lincoln's actual birthday's off. I still
support that. As well as a day off for
every President's birthday! I always liked
days off!
     Well, whoever's name you shout out
when you're singing "Happy Birthday"
today, I hope all your NEWS is good!



Saturday, February 18, 2017


                  A PET STORY!

    I notice many of my friends on Facebook
posting photos and stories about their pets.
    I have never been a "pet person." I did,
like Rocky, have a couple of tiny turtles
for awhile when I was a kid. They didn't
last very long and I never longed for any
pets after that.
       Then a couple years ago my wife and I
took in a Cockatiel whose owner was moving
and could not bring the bird along. We enjoyed
a couple years with "Sam" who, at least, could
"converse" with us to a limited extent. I was
OK with "Sam."
        Now the only pets in our home are in
the care of my wife. And yesterday their
population increased. And, no, we do not
have rabbits!
        We, more my wife that me, have a
collection of fish. She's been managing her
aquarium for several years now. I got it for
her on Christmas one year.
         She names each fish although I never can
remember any of them. And they change from
time to time as one or two cross, or swim
under, the Rainbow Bridge. I'm not sure how
that works with fish!
          Fish actually turn out to be very
practical pets. Although you can't pet them
or take them for a walk they are calming to
watch and can live on special food cubes
while you're away for a week. It's also kind
of neat that you don't have to leave them
anything to drink!
          My wife added several new fish to
the tank Saturday in part to replace one who
managed to swim into the filter apparatus a
couple weeks ago. By now they all have
names. I won't even ask!
          Hope they enjoy their new home...and
that all your NEWS is good.

Friday, February 17, 2017



  Chances are where ever you're
going or what ever you're doing
today you'll be depending on
batteries. The one that starts you
car. The one that powers your cell
phone and/or IPod. The one in
your flashlight that leads you to
the circuit breaker when your
electricity goes out!
  And what would any of us guys do
if we didn't have batteries to work
our TV remotes?
   I'm thinking about all of them
today because this is "National
Battery Day!" Break out the "D
cells" and the "Triple A's!"
   To spark your interest perhaps I
should explain that February 18th
is the Birthday of  Alessandro Volta,
Italian physicist and inventor of the
electric battery, who was born in
1745. Yes, it was an Italian that
came up with the battery! And he
didn't have either a car or a TV!
   So let's take a moment to say
"Grazie" to Mr. Volta for the
invention that today powers so
many of the devices on which we've
come to depend. Too bad so many
of them come with the admonishment
"Batteries Not Included!"
    Hope your smoke detector is
working and that all your NEWS is



Thursday, February 16, 2017


   FRIDAY, FEBRURY 17TH., 2017
                    MY WAY!

      Here's a day you may never have heard
of! February 17th is "My Way Day."
      Now that's not "My Way" as in "My
Way." It's "My Way" as in "Your Way."
Unless of course you're me in which case
it would be "My Way!" Hope you're still
with me.
      Think of it in terms of "My way or
the highway!"
      When I first read about this February
17th event I though it was some kind of
promotion for Frank Sinarta. One of his
hit songs was "My Way."
        Actually it's a day where you are
encouraged to do whatever you want,
however you want.
        The only time I can remember
exercising my will on a day like this,
and certainly not in February, was when
I was a kid and we played ball in my back
yard. I owned the ball and bat!
        As years went on a number of
obstacles prevented me from doing things
"My Way." Parents, teachers, and bosses
come to mind immediately.
        Today I believe I'll give it another
try and do things "My Way." I'll just
have to check with my wife first.
         Hope "Your Way" works out
and that all your NEWS is good.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017


    THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16TH., 2017   
                     OLD FRIENDS!

     Regular readers of this blog may remember
several of my essays about Ledorett's Service
Station in Plains Township. It was a gas and
service station, and I do mean service, where
customers were always treated like family.
     It you stopped for an oil change around
lunch time you could be certain you'd have
something to eat in your hands before the
old oil in your car was drained.
     Around Christmas week there was always
a table full of goodies for anyone and everyone
who came in.
      I missed that this year. The older brothers
who own the place decided to shut down the
station and put it up for sale. I've been thinking
about them anytime I got anywhere near the
      So on Wednesday, when I noticed a truck
parked outside I took a chance and stopped in.
I was thrilled to see the two brothers still
"hanging out" in their business place even
though there is no longer any business!
      Seems some of the other "regulars" still
swing by from time to time just to sit and chat.
It almost seemed like going home!
       The place is still on the market. But the
brothers say there's no hurry so they are still
disposing of inventory and, perhaps more
importantly, still "holding court" for all the
people they've come to know as friends over
some 60 years.
      Maybe I'll bring some smoked kielbasa
next time so we've got something to chew on
while we solve the world's problems!
       I'm kind of hoping they don't sell for a
little while...and that all your NEWS is good!


              NOW CUT THAT OUT!

      I got held up a few minutes while driving
along the back road near my house. I often take
that route because it's off the main highway.
There's usually next to no other traffic and it's
a pleasant drive through a wooded rural area!
      But on this particular day I found the road
blocked by a tractor-like vehicle with a long
mechanical arm extended into the trees and
      I suppose it's a good idea to keep the
forest back a bit from the road. But this
was a little more than a "trimming job!"
      The rotary blades extending from the
tractor were hacking away branches and
leaving trees looking like a bunch of
explorers were cutting their way through
the jungle with machetes!
       I suppose it's not a big enough
project to attract environmentalists who
might chain themselves to the trees to
protect them. And, come to think of it,
those blades would make short (and I
do mean short) work of any protestors
       I'm not sure who commissioned
the project and, again, it may make the
road safer in the long run. But, for the
short haul, it sure looks like a mess!
       Hope the limbs grow back and
that all your NEWS is good!

Monday, February 13, 2017


           THE BIG DAY IS HERE!

   OK Guys. The big day is here! I thought I'd better
remind you so you don't get in trouble.
   On the other hand, who needs to be reminded?
   I'm sure everybody out there knows it's February
14th. And that, of course........is Ferris Wheel Day!
   What? Oh yes. It's also Valentine's Day.
    I guess when you stop to think about it these
days have a lot in common.
    Valentine's Day is about love which, as we all
know, can have its ups and downs and spin us
round in circles. And, almost everybody loves a
Ferris Wheel!
     February 14th was selected as Ferris Wheel
Day because it celebrates the birth date of George
Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., the creator of the first
Ferris Wheel. Seems logical right?
     And why was the 14th of February picked for
Valentine's Day? Well, turns out that marks the
date Saint Valentine was burned at the stake! Guess
he forgot to buy flowers for somebody!
     Which sounds like a better reason for a holiday
to you?
     Every year this Valentine guy,we don't even
know his first name, has left males all over the
planet faced with decisions about gifts, and cards,
and roses. Hopefully, by now, all of you have picked
out and delivered your goodies. If not, you could end
up in the fire too!
     Hey, there's still time to buy a nice puzzle!
     Hope you've got all the pieces and that all your
NEWS is good!


Sunday, February 12, 2017


                  TUNING IN!

         It has been 58 years since I landed my
first job in radio as an errand boy for WAZL
in my hometown of Hazleton.
     I went from a "Go-for" to a Disk Jockey,
then into News and, eventually, into TV. I'm
still doing some television hosting and
producing. But my love for radio has never
    And today, is World Radio Day! It's a day
set aside to celebrate radio and what it means
to the communities it serves. Unfortunately
many radio stations don't "serve" as much as
they used to!
  But it's also a day to encourage more youth
participation in radio.
   Commercial radio is often happy to get
young people involved. Unfortunately it's
usually as unpaid interns. Some will end up
with jobs in the industry. As long as they'll
work cheap!
    Some of the best training for would be
future broadcasters is being offered at area
colleges where students get a chance to get
on the air at stations licensed to the schools.
     I've always supported that kind of
experience. It's produced some very talented
people, even if they didn't all stick with
     Way back when I was an advisor to WCLH,
the Wilkes College (now University) Radio
station. The student manager was Fred
Pierantoni. He is now a Luzerne County
Judge. One of the DJs, Mark Thomas, went on
to become the News Director of WYOU TV.
     Students at WRKC at King's College have
won numerous awards for projects they've
     And the story is similar for students as
WSFX-FM which operates from Luzerne
County Community College.
     I've still on the list as an advisor for
WKCV radio at Keystone College. I know
things must be good there because nobody's
asked for any advice!
     Whenever I get the urge to go back to
my radio roots I just call the gang at WILK,
get involved in the Saturday conversation
at WLSH (in Lansford), or volunteer some
time at WRGN. If I can't get through to
any of them I just cup my hand over my
ear and talk to myself! I'm a good audience!
      Hope you'll tune in somewhere on this
World Radio Day and that all your NEWS
is good!    


          BIDDING ON BEEF!

    I found myself somewhere half way
between Lehighton and Tamaqua on
Saturday in a Fire Hall stacked with
cartons of all kinds of food.
    My daughter, who is capable of
finding a bargain anywhere, led my
wife and I to this place for what was
called a "Food Auction."
     Another 60 or so people must have
got the word too because they were
sitting there as an auctioneer showed
off various items and then promptly
put them up for sale.
      He usually shouted out some price
that drew absolutely no response, then
lowered it by 5 or 10 dollars at a time
till he saw hands going up all over the
room looking to make a purchase.
      Each "bidder" held up a card with
a number accompanied by a couple
fingers to signify how many of each
item they wanted. They weren't really
bidding against each other so much as
taking advantage of the price they
      Jam was being offered about the
time we came in and before I was
comfortably seated I noted a jar in
my daughter's hand.
       So it went until the prime items,
the frozen and fresh meats, were
offered. Then, it seemed, everybody
wanted a "cut" of the action.
      My wife brought a couple large
freezer containers along and by the
time we left they were so filled she
had to remove the ice tray from our
refrigerator to get everything in.
      The bill for our haul was less
than our usual one at the grocery
store and I'll be seeing a lot of meat
in my dinner for quite some time to
      The folks doing the showing and
selling impressed me. They were very
courteous to everyone even though it
was clear they were working very hard.
I complemented one of them who
simply replied..."The customer always
comes first." I can think of a few
market folks here are there who might
consider adopting that approach!
       I never actually "bid" on anything
myself. Good thing/ There wasn't any
more room!
       Hope we go back again sometime
and that all your NEWS is good.


Friday, February 10, 2017


                THE LOST CORD!

    I write today in honor of  "Get Out Your
Guitar Day." Yes. There is such a day and
it is observed on February 11th.
    It is a day I would love to celebrate. But,
alas, my guitar is long gone.
    I bought it back in the late 50's when
artists like Duane Eddie, Les Paul, and
Chet Atkins were topping the charts with
tunes like "Rebel Rouser!"
    Then I took lessons. About 5 of them.
Not only could I not duplicate Duane
Eddie by then, my fingers were stinging
from pressing them on those strings.
     I did learn about 3 cords. And played
just right I could sing about a dozen songs
with those cords! Of course I was never
able to alter my voice to actually be in
harmony with those cords so it appeared
by music career was over.
      That, of course, turned out to be far
from the case. As a radio DJ I played
all of the songs I couldn't play on my
guitar. I just played them on records!
       I still fooled around with my
guitar from time to time, never
really improving. Then one day I
noticed that the neck of the instrument
had warped away from the body just
a bit. I'm still wondering if it might
have come that way. That would account
for the notes, or sounds, I produced.
       My son has taken up where I left
off and has long since passed my
playing ability. And he's self taught!
       On days like this I think back
and wonder what the music world
has missed by my decision to give
up the guitar. Those that have heard
me play answer...."Nothing!"
I believe, however, that I may have
accidentally found the "lost cord!"
Now we'll never know!
       Hope you're playing today and
that all your NEWS is good

Thursday, February 9, 2017


               YOU'RE COVERED!

     On February 10th we salute the value
of an appliance we seldom think about.
Until it's needed!
     It's "Umbrella Day!"
     I got my wife two new umbrellas as
part of her Christmas haul last year. She
was under the impression that a few rips
and tears in our existing umbrellas
rendered them useless. I thought they
might each have another year or so left.
But when I saw umbrellas on her
Christmas wish list I figured she was
     We like those huge "golf type"
umbrellas. They've come in handy to
shade us from the sun and protect us
from the rain during our grandkids
soccer games.      
      My search for new ones was not
easy. Although I found a large selection
without too much trouble I quickly found
that the purchase of one, let alone two,
with a popular team logo would leave
my wallet soaked!
       I turned my attention to another,
non logoed, that seemed to have two
separate upper sections. It took me
about 12 minutes to find out how to get
it open. I never did find out how to
close it again! I left the one I tried
fully open in the hope a clerk with
better mechanical knowledge might
happen along.
        I found a better choice in a local
big box store where I found two, slightly
different, models that one could open
and close without an engineering
degree. I even got a break on one without
a price tag that was reduced, for me, to
the same price as the other.
        On occasion we used to rent a beach
umbrella on our vacations at the shore.
We pretty much gave up that habit after
seeing others flying through the air in
front of us when the winds whipped up!
         Our new umbrellas are ready for
this year's challenges and we're anxious
to try them. Especially as protectors
against the sun's rays. If we see any soon
we may get them out!
          Hope you don't open yours inside
(bad luck you know) and that all your NEWS
is good!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


             WITH OR WITHOUT?

      Welcome to February 9th. "National
Pizza Day!" You would have thought this
unique holiday would fall on a Friday. But
it is what it is.
       Pizza is actually a favorite dish of people
around the world. Although it could be
argued that it's consumed most by people
here in the United States. My wife and I
just had it for dinner last night. The
average American consumes over 23 pounds
of pizza each year!
       If you live in Northeastern Pennsylvania
you'll likely find a pizza place every couple
blocks in most every main street shopping
area. Indeed the community of Old Forge
lays claim to being the Pizza Capitol of the
world! Several establishments there even
send their "half baked" pizzas around the
country where customers finish the
baking process and enjoy their meal.
       My brother-in-law recently packed one
in a suitcase he bought at Goodwill and
checked it in his baggage for his flight
back to California. He ate it that same
        While most everyone likes pizza the
debate that frequently develops when it's
ordered involves the toppings that are to
be added.   
          I'm a pepperoni guy which puts me
in the most popular group. 36% of people
favor pepperoni. My wife is in the
"mushroom group."   
          In a sense the Pizza season, just
peaked. More pizzas are sold on Super
Bowl Sunday than on any other day of the
         It's pretty clear how to celebrate this
unofficial holiday. Have a pizza...with or
without pepperoni. Hope you enjoy the
day and your pizza and that all your NEWS
is good!


             WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8TH., 2017
                             HOUSE CALLS!

        We got some rather sad news yesterday in a letter
 sent from our family doctor. No. It's not about our
 health. Well not exactly.
         Much to our dismay he is announcing his
         My wife and I have been very fortunate to have
  been in the care of two "old school family doctors"
  during our married life. We actually have a whole
  lot of doctors between us. But we've only had two
  GPs since we were married.
          We only went to the second because the first
  one retired a few years back.
           Both of these doctors seemed to be cut from
  the same mold. Each had a soft spoken gentle style
  and never forced any medicine or medical
  procedures on either of us. They checked out
  whatever was ailing us, gave us the information,
  and all the options.
            I don't know if there was even a doctor in
  attendance when I was born. I was born in my
  parent's house and I believe they summoned a
  neighbor who was a nurse.
            I know we had a family doctor when I was
  growing up and I remember his house calls. One
  came when  I was stricken with Scarlet Fever when
  I was in elementary school. He quarantined our
  house until I was cured.
           I also remember him coming when I had a
  very bad sore throat and telling my parents I needed
  to have my tonsils out. Fortunately my constant
  pleading with my Mom saved the day and those
  tonsils are still with me. The first family doctor
  we had after I got married told me they were
  taking on an infection that would have gone
  elsewhere in my body without them.
          That family doctor didn't make house calls.
  But his office was in his home so that seemed
  the next best thing.
          Our current GP, at least till the end of the
  month, doesn't make house calls either. But his
  offices are in an old Movie Theater and that's
  perfect in my book. I just about grew up in
  Movie Theaters! I wish him only the best!
          He's recommended a new, young, doctor to
  us. I'm sure he'd very qualified. But I wonder if
  he's learned any "old school methods" along the
  way. Seems he'll be in that old theater so that's
  a good start.
          Hope he sticks around at least as long as I
  do and that all your NEWS is good!

Monday, February 6, 2017


                  MAIL CALL!

      In this case Mail Call is a call for
you to send mail! February 7th is "Send
A Card To A Friend Day."
      While this "holiday" was created by
a Greeting Card company, which could
probably be expected, it's not a bad idea.
       Most of us try to stay in touch with
friends in one way or another. But it's
usually by way of a phone call or an
email message. The old hand written
letter or card is rather rare. Even when
I do send a note that requires a stamp
it's normally one I've typed on my
       My closest friend still takes the
time to hand write his comments to me.
I enjoy getting his cards or letters even
though it's become more and more
challenging to read his handwriting!
       My handwriting makes his look
good! That's why I tend to defer to my
laptop and printed.
        Still, every now and then, I take
pen in hand to send a note to someone
I believe appreciates that personal
touch, whether they can read it or
not! So take a risk today. Remember
a friend who you know would like
to hear from you and celebrate the day
by sending him or her a card.
       I believe I'll send a couple myself.
Hope my friends can read them and
that all your NEWS is good!



       We enjoyed tons of food at our
Super bowl party Sunday. Much of it
was "finger food." But there was plenty
that required the use of utensils such as
knives and forks to consume properly.
We didn't leave a lot of leftovers. But
I wonder how much might have been
left had we tried to eat using Chopsticks?
       That question comes to mind because
this is National Chopsticks Day!       
        Chopsticks are the main eating
utensils for about one quarter of the
world's population. They've been in use
for over 5,000 years!
        My daughter has an exchange
student from Taiwan who is proficient
with the use of these two wooden sticks.
Most of the family have given them a
try since his arrival. My grandson tells
me he's getting pretty good with them.
I believe my grand daughter can handle
them too.
       I, one the other hand, can't even
play "Chopsticks" on my harmonica!
I salute those who can use them, especially
on this special "holiday." 
      I believe I'm in good hands using
finger food. But, if you're up to it, give
them a try.
      Hope you don't starve that all
your NEWS is good!

Saturday, February 4, 2017



   Sorry. This has nothing to do with
the big game!
   It's February 5th and I'd say there's a
90% chance most of you don't know what
unofficial holiday is on the calendar!
   Even if you do I'd guess, based on
recent developments, there's a 95%
chance you might not join in the
   This is "National Weatherman's Day!"
  It's got nothing to do with that radical
1970's underground group that wanted
to overthrow the government.
   In this case we're referring to those
weathermen, and women, who predict
our daily weather, often overthrowing
everybody's schedule........including
   It may surprise you to know that
most of our local forecasters have a
very high accuracy percentage when
it comes to their predictions.
   Problem is, getting it wrong once
is a little like saying you didn't think
the gun was loaded!
   If the storm they call for doesn't
come you've closed schools, halted
transportation, and lost work.....all
for noting.
   If they don't call for the storm and
you get clobbered everybody wants to
lynch them after being caught,
unprepared, in the mess!
   So have a little sympathy today for
the folks that go out on a limb, or the
backyard, or the roof, throughout the year
to tell us what our day may be like.
   Remember......this is their day.....and
there's 100% chance we'll have weather..
of some sort!
   Hope it doesn't include a storm
with some stupid name....and that
all your NEWS is good!