Thursday, February 23, 2017


     FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH., 2017

        Thursday is a big day around our
house. It's the day my 18-month-old
grandson comes to visit. And it's the
day the Garbage truck comes by!
         These two things are connected
by way of my grandson's fascination
with big trucks! It's fun to see his stare
when the big vehicle rolls by. But it's
even bigger than life to him when the
driver sounds his air horn and the guys
who do all the hard pick up work take
a moment to yell "Hello" and give him
a wave.
        They've never passed without
letting the little guy know they
recognize him.
         And yesterday they turned out
to be just the first of the big rig drivers
who go an "extra mile" for children!
         A propane truck driver stopped
by a neighbor's house to make a
delivery a couple house after our
Refuse collectors made their rounds.
He too spotted the little fellow and
made sure he gave him a wave and
a blast from his truck as he pulled
        Later we visited a little playground
to take advantage of the beautiful
weather. There's a road just outside the
fence that serves as a major route for a
lot of trucks. Here again, several saw
the wide eyed little boy watching as the
came by and a number of them rolled
down their window to wave while a
couple more sounded their horn as they
drove past.
       The guys I mentioned are all hard
working men who are likely on a tight
schedule doing some tough jobs. I'm
thankful that they are also kind hearted
individuals who can take time for a kid.
       And I hope that all of their NEWS,
and yours, is good!  

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