Monday, February 13, 2017


           THE BIG DAY IS HERE!

   OK Guys. The big day is here! I thought I'd better
remind you so you don't get in trouble.
   On the other hand, who needs to be reminded?
   I'm sure everybody out there knows it's February
14th. And that, of Ferris Wheel Day!
   What? Oh yes. It's also Valentine's Day.
    I guess when you stop to think about it these
days have a lot in common.
    Valentine's Day is about love which, as we all
know, can have its ups and downs and spin us
round in circles. And, almost everybody loves a
Ferris Wheel!
     February 14th was selected as Ferris Wheel
Day because it celebrates the birth date of George
Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., the creator of the first
Ferris Wheel. Seems logical right?
     And why was the 14th of February picked for
Valentine's Day? Well, turns out that marks the
date Saint Valentine was burned at the stake! Guess
he forgot to buy flowers for somebody!
     Which sounds like a better reason for a holiday
to you?
     Every year this Valentine guy,we don't even
know his first name, has left males all over the
planet faced with decisions about gifts, and cards,
and roses. Hopefully, by now, all of you have picked
out and delivered your goodies. If not, you could end
up in the fire too!
     Hey, there's still time to buy a nice puzzle!
     Hope you've got all the pieces and that all your
NEWS is good!


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