Wednesday, February 8, 2017


             WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8TH., 2017
                             HOUSE CALLS!

        We got some rather sad news yesterday in a letter
 sent from our family doctor. No. It's not about our
 health. Well not exactly.
         Much to our dismay he is announcing his
         My wife and I have been very fortunate to have
  been in the care of two "old school family doctors"
  during our married life. We actually have a whole
  lot of doctors between us. But we've only had two
  GPs since we were married.
          We only went to the second because the first
  one retired a few years back.
           Both of these doctors seemed to be cut from
  the same mold. Each had a soft spoken gentle style
  and never forced any medicine or medical
  procedures on either of us. They checked out
  whatever was ailing us, gave us the information,
  and all the options.
            I don't know if there was even a doctor in
  attendance when I was born. I was born in my
  parent's house and I believe they summoned a
  neighbor who was a nurse.
            I know we had a family doctor when I was
  growing up and I remember his house calls. One
  came when  I was stricken with Scarlet Fever when
  I was in elementary school. He quarantined our
  house until I was cured.
           I also remember him coming when I had a
  very bad sore throat and telling my parents I needed
  to have my tonsils out. Fortunately my constant
  pleading with my Mom saved the day and those
  tonsils are still with me. The first family doctor
  we had after I got married told me they were
  taking on an infection that would have gone
  elsewhere in my body without them.
          That family doctor didn't make house calls.
  But his office was in his home so that seemed
  the next best thing.
          Our current GP, at least till the end of the
  month, doesn't make house calls either. But his
  offices are in an old Movie Theater and that's
  perfect in my book. I just about grew up in
  Movie Theaters! I wish him only the best!
          He's recommended a new, young, doctor to
  us. I'm sure he'd very qualified. But I wonder if
  he's learned any "old school methods" along the
  way. Seems he'll be in that old theater so that's
  a good start.
          Hope he sticks around at least as long as I
  do and that all your NEWS is good!

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