Thursday, February 2, 2017


          BUBBLE GUM DAY!

      Where was this "holiday: when I was
in school? For most of my growing up
years (there is a strong argument made by
some that that process has not yet ended)
blowing bubbles with bubble gum was at
least discouraged and often punished!
Especially in school!
       But Bubble Gum Day invites many
chewers to do their thing right in the
         On this day, kids bring 50 cents to
school, and donate it to a good cause. In
exchange, they can chew bubble gum in school
on this day.
         According to
Ruth Spiro, a writer, a children’s book author,
and a bubble gum fan created this day in 2006.
Her objective was to create a day where schools
can do a fundraiser, without selling things.
        The web site also reports libraries, clubs,
and social groups have adopted this unique
fund raiser.
        I had a lot of experience with Bubble
Gum over the years. Most of mine can in
packages from Topps made right here in
northeastern Pennsylvania. The gum was
my way of searching for the perfect
Baseball Cards. You had to buy the gum
if you wanted the cards!
        But, as previously noted, we card
collectors did our chewing "on the side"
and just hoped we remembered to ditch the
gum before we walked into a class!
        So chew away today my friends and
pop the biggest bubble you can muster
IF your school, library, or club is
celebrating the day.
        If not.....good luck! Hope all your
NEWS is good!

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