Saturday, February 4, 2017



   Sorry. This has nothing to do with
the big game!
   It's February 5th and I'd say there's a
90% chance most of you don't know what
unofficial holiday is on the calendar!
   Even if you do I'd guess, based on
recent developments, there's a 95%
chance you might not join in the
   This is "National Weatherman's Day!"
  It's got nothing to do with that radical
1970's underground group that wanted
to overthrow the government.
   In this case we're referring to those
weathermen, and women, who predict
our daily weather, often overthrowing
everybody's schedule........including
   It may surprise you to know that
most of our local forecasters have a
very high accuracy percentage when
it comes to their predictions.
   Problem is, getting it wrong once
is a little like saying you didn't think
the gun was loaded!
   If the storm they call for doesn't
come you've closed schools, halted
transportation, and lost work.....all
for noting.
   If they don't call for the storm and
you get clobbered everybody wants to
lynch them after being caught,
unprepared, in the mess!
   So have a little sympathy today for
the folks that go out on a limb, or the
backyard, or the roof, throughout the year
to tell us what our day may be like.
   Remember......this is their day.....and
there's 100% chance we'll have weather..
of some sort!
   Hope it doesn't include a storm
with some stupid name....and that
all your NEWS is good!


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