Thursday, February 16, 2017


   FRIDAY, FEBRURY 17TH., 2017
                    MY WAY!

      Here's a day you may never have heard
of! February 17th is "My Way Day."
      Now that's not "My Way" as in "My
Way." It's "My Way" as in "Your Way."
Unless of course you're me in which case
it would be "My Way!" Hope you're still
with me.
      Think of it in terms of "My way or
the highway!"
      When I first read about this February
17th event I though it was some kind of
promotion for Frank Sinarta. One of his
hit songs was "My Way."
        Actually it's a day where you are
encouraged to do whatever you want,
however you want.
        The only time I can remember
exercising my will on a day like this,
and certainly not in February, was when
I was a kid and we played ball in my back
yard. I owned the ball and bat!
        As years went on a number of
obstacles prevented me from doing things
"My Way." Parents, teachers, and bosses
come to mind immediately.
        Today I believe I'll give it another
try and do things "My Way." I'll just
have to check with my wife first.
         Hope "Your Way" works out
and that all your NEWS is good.


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