Monday, February 6, 2017


                  MAIL CALL!

      In this case Mail Call is a call for
you to send mail! February 7th is "Send
A Card To A Friend Day."
      While this "holiday" was created by
a Greeting Card company, which could
probably be expected, it's not a bad idea.
       Most of us try to stay in touch with
friends in one way or another. But it's
usually by way of a phone call or an
email message. The old hand written
letter or card is rather rare. Even when
I do send a note that requires a stamp
it's normally one I've typed on my
       My closest friend still takes the
time to hand write his comments to me.
I enjoy getting his cards or letters even
though it's become more and more
challenging to read his handwriting!
       My handwriting makes his look
good! That's why I tend to defer to my
laptop and printed.
        Still, every now and then, I take
pen in hand to send a note to someone
I believe appreciates that personal
touch, whether they can read it or
not! So take a risk today. Remember
a friend who you know would like
to hear from you and celebrate the day
by sending him or her a card.
       I believe I'll send a couple myself.
Hope my friends can read them and
that all your NEWS is good!

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