Wednesday, February 8, 2017


             WITH OR WITHOUT?

      Welcome to February 9th. "National
Pizza Day!" You would have thought this
unique holiday would fall on a Friday. But
it is what it is.
       Pizza is actually a favorite dish of people
around the world. Although it could be
argued that it's consumed most by people
here in the United States. My wife and I
just had it for dinner last night. The
average American consumes over 23 pounds
of pizza each year!
       If you live in Northeastern Pennsylvania
you'll likely find a pizza place every couple
blocks in most every main street shopping
area. Indeed the community of Old Forge
lays claim to being the Pizza Capitol of the
world! Several establishments there even
send their "half baked" pizzas around the
country where customers finish the
baking process and enjoy their meal.
       My brother-in-law recently packed one
in a suitcase he bought at Goodwill and
checked it in his baggage for his flight
back to California. He ate it that same
        While most everyone likes pizza the
debate that frequently develops when it's
ordered involves the toppings that are to
be added.   
          I'm a pepperoni guy which puts me
in the most popular group. 36% of people
favor pepperoni. My wife is in the
"mushroom group."   
          In a sense the Pizza season, just
peaked. More pizzas are sold on Super
Bowl Sunday than on any other day of the
         It's pretty clear how to celebrate this
unofficial holiday. Have a pizza...with or
without pepperoni. Hope you enjoy the
day and your pizza and that all your NEWS
is good!

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