Wednesday, February 15, 2017


    THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16TH., 2017   
                     OLD FRIENDS!

     Regular readers of this blog may remember
several of my essays about Ledorett's Service
Station in Plains Township. It was a gas and
service station, and I do mean service, where
customers were always treated like family.
     It you stopped for an oil change around
lunch time you could be certain you'd have
something to eat in your hands before the
old oil in your car was drained.
     Around Christmas week there was always
a table full of goodies for anyone and everyone
who came in.
      I missed that this year. The older brothers
who own the place decided to shut down the
station and put it up for sale. I've been thinking
about them anytime I got anywhere near the
      So on Wednesday, when I noticed a truck
parked outside I took a chance and stopped in.
I was thrilled to see the two brothers still
"hanging out" in their business place even
though there is no longer any business!
      Seems some of the other "regulars" still
swing by from time to time just to sit and chat.
It almost seemed like going home!
       The place is still on the market. But the
brothers say there's no hurry so they are still
disposing of inventory and, perhaps more
importantly, still "holding court" for all the
people they've come to know as friends over
some 60 years.
      Maybe I'll bring some smoked kielbasa
next time so we've got something to chew on
while we solve the world's problems!
       I'm kind of hoping they don't sell for a
little while...and that all your NEWS is good!

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