Friday, February 10, 2017


                THE LOST CORD!

    I write today in honor of  "Get Out Your
Guitar Day." Yes. There is such a day and
it is observed on February 11th.
    It is a day I would love to celebrate. But,
alas, my guitar is long gone.
    I bought it back in the late 50's when
artists like Duane Eddie, Les Paul, and
Chet Atkins were topping the charts with
tunes like "Rebel Rouser!"
    Then I took lessons. About 5 of them.
Not only could I not duplicate Duane
Eddie by then, my fingers were stinging
from pressing them on those strings.
     I did learn about 3 cords. And played
just right I could sing about a dozen songs
with those cords! Of course I was never
able to alter my voice to actually be in
harmony with those cords so it appeared
by music career was over.
      That, of course, turned out to be far
from the case. As a radio DJ I played
all of the songs I couldn't play on my
guitar. I just played them on records!
       I still fooled around with my
guitar from time to time, never
really improving. Then one day I
noticed that the neck of the instrument
had warped away from the body just
a bit. I'm still wondering if it might
have come that way. That would account
for the notes, or sounds, I produced.
       My son has taken up where I left
off and has long since passed my
playing ability. And he's self taught!
       On days like this I think back
and wonder what the music world
has missed by my decision to give
up the guitar. Those that have heard
me play answer...."Nothing!"
I believe, however, that I may have
accidentally found the "lost cord!"
Now we'll never know!
       Hope you're playing today and
that all your NEWS is good

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