Sunday, February 26, 2017


    MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27TH., 2017
          AND THE WINNER IS......

    I watched the Academy Awards last
    My wife and I have seen some pretty
good movies lately and we were anxious
to see if the Academy members agreed
with our choices.
     Of course I was a bit disappointed
I didn't receive consideration for my
role, short as it was, in "All In Time."
Apparently there is no separate
category for "Best New Old Actor In
A Supporting Role."
     I think I would have had a real
chance since I played a father who
tells his son what he should be doing
instead of what he is doing. I rehearsed
that role at home for 40 years! (He
didn't listen either!)
     If I'm ever lucky enough to get an
Oscar it would be the second in our
     My wife got one a couple years
back and her roles have all been limited
to home movies! Still, when we visited
Hollywood on one of the tours we host
I came across an Oscar labeled "World's
Greatest Wife." She was the obvious
winner so I got it for her!
      Hope my next role comes soon and
that all your NEWS is good!


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