Sunday, February 12, 2017


                  TUNING IN!

         It has been 58 years since I landed my
first job in radio as an errand boy for WAZL
in my hometown of Hazleton.
     I went from a "Go-for" to a Disk Jockey,
then into News and, eventually, into TV. I'm
still doing some television hosting and
producing. But my love for radio has never
    And today, is World Radio Day! It's a day
set aside to celebrate radio and what it means
to the communities it serves. Unfortunately
many radio stations don't "serve" as much as
they used to!
  But it's also a day to encourage more youth
participation in radio.
   Commercial radio is often happy to get
young people involved. Unfortunately it's
usually as unpaid interns. Some will end up
with jobs in the industry. As long as they'll
work cheap!
    Some of the best training for would be
future broadcasters is being offered at area
colleges where students get a chance to get
on the air at stations licensed to the schools.
     I've always supported that kind of
experience. It's produced some very talented
people, even if they didn't all stick with
     Way back when I was an advisor to WCLH,
the Wilkes College (now University) Radio
station. The student manager was Fred
Pierantoni. He is now a Luzerne County
Judge. One of the DJs, Mark Thomas, went on
to become the News Director of WYOU TV.
     Students at WRKC at King's College have
won numerous awards for projects they've
     And the story is similar for students as
WSFX-FM which operates from Luzerne
County Community College.
     I've still on the list as an advisor for
WKCV radio at Keystone College. I know
things must be good there because nobody's
asked for any advice!
     Whenever I get the urge to go back to
my radio roots I just call the gang at WILK,
get involved in the Saturday conversation
at WLSH (in Lansford), or volunteer some
time at WRGN. If I can't get through to
any of them I just cup my hand over my
ear and talk to myself! I'm a good audience!
      Hope you'll tune in somewhere on this
World Radio Day and that all your NEWS
is good!    

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