Saturday, February 25, 2017


                SOUPY SALES!

     I was returning from the market when
 cellphone began sounding some sort of
loud alarm I've never heard before! I pulled
over to check out the text message which
alerted me I was in an area in immediate
danger of a Tornado and should seek
     The woods around me didn't look very
inviting so I decided to keep going the
extra two miles that would take me home.
     The rain was just beginning to come
down as I unloaded my grocery bags. But
it was quickly followed my tiny pieces of
hail. Shortly afterwards it turned very dark
with heavy rain, strong winds, lighting, and
      The day could have been a real wash
out...were it not for Soupy Sales. That's
what I choose to call it. Actually it was the
annual Soup Supper offered by the Plains
United Methodist Church.
      The folks at the church set out all
kinds of soup (about 21 varieties) and
you get to eat all you want! The cost?
Just a good will donation!
       I favored the Chili and doubled
dipped on that one while sampling a
couple others.
       The meal would have been great
on its own. But, in our case, it was
enhanced by the arrival of several
family members who showed up to
dine with us!
       What a fantastic ending to what
started out as a very threating day!
Hope they do it again next year and
that all your NEWS is good!


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