Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Time To Celebrate Eh?



    It's a big day everybody. A day to
fly the flag and, maybe, shoot off some
fireworks! It's a day off for most folks
too! After all, today is July 1st. And that's
a National Holiday!
    Oh. Wait a minute. It is a national
holiday. But not here. It's Canada Day!
    Our neighbors to the north are
celebration their independence today.
Canada became self governing on July
1st., 1867.
    It used to be called "Dominion Day."
It was changed to Canada Day in 1982.
    I like Canada. I think we should join
in its celebration.
    Canada has given us a lot!
Things like Canada Dry. How about
Peanut Butter?  Patented by Marcellus
Gilmore Edson of Montreal in 1884.
A Canadian invented the snow mobile.
Another discovered insulin!
     I learned a little about Canadian
inventions when my old friend and
former colleague Derry Bird and I
went fishing in the Thousand Islands
a thousand years ago. Well, maybe
not quite that long.
    In any case we arrived in the midst
of a rainstorm so Derry bought a six
pack to consume while we waited out
the storm in my camper.
    He bought a Canadian Beer which,
I assume, could have been used as
antifreeze in my car. I think I had
two. I don't really remember. I do
know I slept well that night.
    Canada has also brought us
Lacrosse and, of course, its
National sport, Hockey, which
continues to grow in popularity
here in the U.S.  In all fairness,
they may have played hockey first.
But we perfected the fights
long before we had the ice!
    And Canada is our single
largest provider of oil and
gasoline! It's not "the Arabs."
     We share the world's longest
land border with Canada and, for
the most part we're pretty good
neighbors with one another.
      So in the spirit of good
neighbors, Happy Canada Day
everybody! Hope all your NEWS
is good!

Monday, June 29, 2015



   Have you folks been following all
the headlines and shocking video of
sharks? We seem to see something
new every day!  
   I'm thinking of heading back down to
the shore. They may need me!
   According to the news I saw last night
there have been a half dozen shark
attacks, in various areas, within the
last couple weeks.
   I thought I spotted a school of them
during our vacation in Wildwood two
weeks ago. I was all set.....to run for
help......when we realized it was just
a bunch of dolphins enjoying the
   Truth is I've caught sharks in that
area in years gone by. You could say
I was the "Quint" of my time. I
probably reeled in two or three
during my expeditions.
    Of course I never needed "a
bigger boat." The fish I caught were
Sand sharks. They were about as
big as a good sized Walleye or
Catfish around these parts.
     Inch for inch though their teeth
were every bit as numerous and sharp
as their big brothers! You didn't put
your fingers near those teeth!
    I'll have to wait to see if they're
putting a bounty on the predators.
I've got the rods, the reels, plenty
of line (I've always had a lot of
lines), and even a pretty good
size net.
    But there is one problem! Where
do I get the bait for a "man eater?"
    Hope I don't have to go in the
water....and that all your NEWS is


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Going Steady

       MONDAY, JUNE 29TH.


  The popular musical "Bye Bye
Birdie" opens with "The Telephone
Song." It's about a teenage girl and
boy who just got "pinned" and are
going steady. By the way the
singers all use telephones with
   I don't know if young couples
still "go steady" these days. Maybe
there's a new term for it now. It's
hard to keep up with all the new
trends. But whatever it's called it
amounts to the first commitment
a couple makes to one another.
   The guy usually gives the girl
a Class ring or, perhaps, a
fraternity pin.
   In my case it was my Class ring.
I remember giving it to a girl as
we sat on a bench on the old
Steel Pier in Atlantic City. That
used to be the place to go long
before the gambling casinos
came to the shore. It ran one
quarter mile into the ocean and
had two movie theaters, a grand
ballroom, a Diving Bell, and
all sorts of amusements and
attractions. The girl was the big
attraction for me!
   I'm thinking about it today
because it's the anniversary
of the day I gave that girl my
   Of course as serious as they
seem at the time those
relationships don't always last.
A lot of things don't. The Steel
Pier, for instance, had been around
since 1898. It was destroyed by
fire in 1982. A small pier with
amusement rides now stands
where it once stood.
    On the other side of the
coin, however, some things do
last. It's 47 years today since
that girl accepted my Class ring
and we're still "Going steady."
She's my wife!
    Hope she, and you, have a
great day and that all your
NEWS is good!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Who Took Lincoln's Logs?

              SUNDAY, JUNE 28th.


 This, being the last Sunday in June, is National
Log Cabin Day! But you probably already knew
that. Right?
   It was created by the Log Cabin Society and the
"Bad Ax Historical Society" in Michigan back in
   Now when most folks thing about log cabins
they usually think about President Abe Lincoln
who, we are told, was born in one.
   Interestingly, in 1883 they disassembled
Lincoln's family cabin and shipped it to
Chicago to be put on display for the World's
Colombian Exposition. Problem is...somebody
lost it after the Exposition closed!
   How do you lose Abe Lincoln's Cabin????
   Maybe somebody needed fire wood. Or maybe
somebody moved it to their own lot somewhere
in the hope one of their kids would grown up to
be President?
   There's a log cabin in our family history too.
   My great Uncle Charley Goyne, my Mom's
Uncle, was a gold miner in Alaska!
   Modern records of his claim indicate the
"remains of a cabin" can still be found at the
site. We're lucky enough to have a photo of
him, standing in front of that cabin!
    He mined the site for several years, also
worked on the docks, and finally settled
in the small community of Saint John's, just
outside Hazleton.
   He choose to live there.....in a small cabin!
   Surprise, surprise!
   That one wasn't log. But it was close enough
to suit him!
    I'll be thinking about Uncle Charlie on this
National Log Cabin Day.
   I'll remember how he used to tell me there was
a million dollars worth of gold in his mine...but
it would have cost two million to get it out! Of
course gold is worth a lot more today than it was
   Some of me would like to go to his old claim,
rebuild the cabin and get he rest of that gold out.
   The other part of me remembers how Uncle
Charlie would always say he was "Smart enough
to know how dumb I am."
    So, knowing nothing about building log cabins
and little more about mining for gold I guess I'll
just stay put, enjoy this "unusual Holiday," and
.....maybe.....play with my grand kid's Lincoln
    Wait a minute! They're gone too! Replaced
by Legos! Hey! That could be a new trend.......
"Lincoln Legos!"
    Hope your home is solid, whatever it's made
from, and that all your NEWS is good!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Mildred & Patty's Tune

           SATURDAY, JUNE 27TH


   I know some of my friends are celebrating
Birthdays today and to them I extend my
sincere good wishes and congratulations.
   But when you're gathered around the table
getting ready to blow out all those candles
(and if they're my friends chances are there
are a fair number of candles) keep in mind
that June 27th is also the Birthday of the
song everyone will be singing in your
    Back in 1893 a pair of sisters, Mildred
and Patty Hill, wrote a song for their nursery
school students. It was, originally, "Good
morning to you." Eventually it evolved into
 "Happy Birthday to you."
    And somebody, sometime over those
122 years, filed a Copy write on the song!
Even though those sisters are long gone
their estate or, perhaps, the publishing
company, still collects royalties whenever
"Happy Birthday" is sung or played by a
profit making enterprise. An example....
the scene in which I appear in the movie
"All In Time" was written as a Birthday
Party get together. When the producers
realized the "Happy Birthday" song would
cost them some dough, the scene was
changed to a picnic. I did miss the cake!
    Small change? Hardly! The royalties
bring in an estimated two million dollars
a year! Makes you think about writing
a song!
    So if your day includes a Birthday
Party you may want to shut the doors
before you start singing or switch to
"For He's (or She's) A Jolly Good
    Whichever, hope you're in tune
and that all your NEWS is good!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Celebrating...Without Me!

         FRIDAY, JUNE 26th.


  You all know I'm fond of pointing
out unusual holidays. Yesterday, for
instance, I noted National Catfish
   Some of these lesser know holidays
are official. Others are not.
   I only wish I could observe today's
holiday. It's Drive your Corvette to
work day! It celebrates the Corvette's
birth in June of 1953.
   I don't mine not having any work
to drive to. But I'm a little upset about
not having the Corvette!
   I did own one once. It was a 1961
which I bought used sometime around
1963. The car had some unique
features. One, I suspect, was not
suppose to be included in the vehicle.
    My Corvette would come out of
4th gear whenever it choose to do so.
That was usually at 65 miles per hour
driving along the interstate highway!
    I took it back to my Used Car
Salesmen, a man who typified the
unpopular stereotype of the profession,
who promised a quick repair.
    A day or so later my car was ready.
But, apparently, the paper clip or
whatever was used to correct my
problem didn't last more than a couple
hours and I found myself cruising
along....out of gear.
     Though I only owned the car a
few weeks I discovered it was the only
vehicle I ever owned where I could
physically see the gas gauge moving.
Downwards of course.
     I ended up trading my Vette for
a big Chevy convertible with a
Corvette engine and a 4-speed Hurst
Shift on the floor. I held on to that
one for a couple years until my then
wife-to-be suggested it's lavender
color was not her favorite.
       I miss the Corvette sometimes.
On days like today when I should
be driving it to work...or...somewhere.
And on the days when I realize the
car I paid about $3,500 for is now
worth above $30,000!
       Hope whoever has it now can
keep it in gear, and that all your
NEWS is good!
      (Not mine, But just like it!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Something Fishy?



  June  25th is National Catfish Day!
  I'll bet you almost missed this one! But there's
still time. Call in sick, get the rod and reel and
head out to hook your dinner!
  Or...you can just go to a place like Cracker
Barrel and order your Catfish right from the
  And before you start thinking this is just some
kind of "Fish Story" let me fill you in.
   Just check the Federal records for
Proclamation 5672 fro 1987! 
   On June 25th of that year President Ronald
Reagan began his Presidential Proclamation
with the words...."More and more Americans
are discovering a uniquely American food
delicacy...farm raised catfish."
    Who says the government never gets anything
    A later portion of that proclamation called
upon people to observe the day "with appropriate
ceremonies and  activities."
    I'm not exactly sure what kind of
ceremonies or activities you......or anybody
else.....has scheduled for today.
   I still think fishing might qualify as an
appropriate observance. Although I don't
think you'd be allowed to do that at a
"Catfish Farm."
   But we're always told  "it's the thought that
counts." So maybe a catfish from a lake or
river would be acceptable?
   Hope you've got your "Gone Fishing Sign"
ready and that all your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Taking A Dive!

           WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24th

               TAKING A DIVE!

     If a boxer "took a dive" he'd be in
big trouble. I'm no prize fighter. Still
I found myself in trouble for taking a
     It happened last week during  the
final day of our family vacation in
     I had a choice. Go to the beach or
enjoy the water in the pool at our
rented apartment. The thought of
cleaning off all that sand after a swim
prompted me to head to the pool.
     The warning "No Diving" was
clearly posted. But there was no
danger of me diving into a swimming
pool. I never mastered the art of
diving into a pool anyway.
     Instead I took advantage of the
steps at the shallow end of the pool
and eased myself into the water.
      I was about waist deep when I
figured it would be better to get wet
as quickly as possible. So while I
didn't dive into the pool...I dove into
the water just in front of me.
       Fortunately my hands, rather
then my head, hit the bottom of the
pool. You would think the bottom
of a swimming pool would be
"rubber-like." It was not. Being a
trained observer I realized there
was some connection between the
pain in my knuckles and the blood
in the water. Good thing this hadn't
happened in the ocean where I might
have attracted sharks!
       Guess it was the shortest swim
I ever had! A little cleaning and a
couple band aids later I was good
to go again.
         Maybe I'll stick to the Hot Tub
next time! Hope I'll be able to play
the piano (even though I never did)
and that all your NEWS is good!

Monday, June 22, 2015

That Was No Lady!

        TUESDAY, JUNE 23rd

        THAT WAS NO "LADY"

    Some days and events tend to stick
out in our mind. Sometimes they're
triumphs and  sometime they're
tragedies! And sometimes they're
a bit of both!
    If you're old enough you probably
remember where you were and what
you were doing the day President
Kennedy was shot. Or, perhaps, the
day we landed on the moon!
   I know exactly where I was and
what I was doing 43-years-ago today.
   I was telling a lot of you, or your
parents, or grandparents to get out
of the house and seek shelter!
   This was the day the Susquehanna
river began to flood a good part of
Wyoming Valley thanks to a "lady"
named Agnes! Of course Agnes was
no lady. She was a tropical storm
that then President Richard Nixon
called "the greatest natural disaster
to hit the United States." It caused
3 billion dollars (1972 dollars) in
damage and claimed 128 lives on
its journey.
    I was News Director at WILK
Radio back in those days. But I
was drafted by Luzerne County
Civil Defense to keep people
informed on the emergency and
the aftermath.
    I told my wife I'd be home a
little late. I stopped back there for
a nap three and a half days later.
At least she knew where I was. She
could hear me on the Flood Emergency
Network we set up! 13 area radio
stations agreed to join forces once
every hour to broadcast updates and
messages to victims whose families
were separated by the all too wide
     Our efforts seemed to be
successful. Although any loss of
life is unacceptable only three
people were lost in Wyoming Valley
which was hardest hit by Agnes.
      Several students from Wyoming
Valley West did a history project on
the Agnes flood this year. They
called it "Unsung Heroes of the
Flood." I was honored to be one of
several people they highlighted in
they production. Of course there
were many unsung heroes during
that disaster including thousands of
people who volunteered to sandbag
the levy system in an attempt to hold
back the flood. National Guardsmen
patrolled the streets to assure safety
while the streets were still covered in
mud and debris.
      And the biggest heroes may well
be the folks I told to evacuate who
came back, dug out, and rebuilt the
       There have been a lot of stories
over these 43 years, including a couple
floods. But none have been bigger in
terms of the number of people
affected and the financial damage
sustained than the story of a storm
called "Agnes." That was no lady!
        Hope we don't see the likes of
her again so that all our NEWS can
be good!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Steak Out!

          MONDAY, JUNE 22

              STEAK OUT!
    There was something missing during
our family vacation to Wildwood last
week. We had a very nice condo with
its own swimming pool. But there was
no grill!
     Now to be fair photos of the place
did include one of a propane grill. But
we were told in was only for condo
owners, not renters.
    I suggested we invite the owner to
our annual steak dinner so we could
use his grill. I couldn't get a 2nd to
my motion.
    The option of bringing our own
small grill was ruled out by a rule
prohibiting their use on upstairs
     So, while we dined on everything
from chicken and  pizza to spaghetti
and sausage our steaks sat in the
freezer just waiting for a flame!
    There were a few diversions that
helped get us through. First, we
had an Ice Cream shop right next
door. Then my daughter took a
morning walk and came back with
Sticky Buns! I always say if you
can't have steak you should have'
Sticky Buns.
    Our last day came and still our
steak dinner was on hold. We just
needed a grill and a chance.
    We found it yesterday when I
and several other Dads in the family
gathered at my son and daughter-in-
law's place where the Wildwood
steaks found a welcome spot on
their grill. It was like extending our
vacation for another day..without the
     And, of course, it was Father's
Day. A perfect time to enjoy some
cards, presents, and several very
thick steaks! If only we had saved
a couple Sticky Buns!
    Hope you've got a grill at the
ready, steaks in the freezer, and that
all your NEWS is good! (Maybe some
Sticky Buns too!)


Saturday, June 20, 2015

La famiglia


         LA FAMIGLIA

    My Dad would be happy and proud.
For more years than I can count at the
moment "La famiglia," the family, has
preserved the tradition of enjoying a
vacation, together, in Wildwood, New
     My late father started going to the
shore many years before I came along.
But I grew up looking forward to that
one summer week when my Dad, my
Mom, and my brother would vacation
in Wildwood. In fact my first memory
of being there was when I was three-
years-old and was allowed, in fact
encouraged, to keep beeping the horn
on my Dad's car!  We were at the
shore when the news came out that the
Japanese had surrendered and World
War II was over!
     When my brother went off to
college I was allowed to bring a
friend along. But somewhere in
my late teens Dad often had to be
away working backstage for
professional plays and the annual
Wildwood trip faded away.
     I went with a friend on our own
a time or two. But the family trips
we had all enjoyed were gone.
     When my Mom passed away I
knew my Dad needed something
to look forward to. My brother and
I decided that a family Wildwood
trip was just the ticket! And so it
was! Dad loved the place and the
     My wife and I took our three
kids. My brother and his wife took
their three kids. And we put Dad in
charge of planning. A chore he
truly welcomed.
     After Dad passed on we
continued the tradition although
conflicting schedules made it
virtually impossible to get my gang
and my brother's together as the
same time.
      Of course by then, my kids had
kids of their own. So we continued
the tradition!
     Last week a dozen of us and one
family friend were back in Wildwood
enjoying the ocean, the boardwalk,
and, most of all, each other! One son-
in-law was stuck with work. As far as
I know someone is bringing some
fudge, taffy, or, at least, some sand
back home for him to remind him
he was missed.
     My Dad, and Mom, and
brother are all gone now. I think they
left a bit of their hearts in the sand at
the shore. I suspect they, and my son
-in-law were all with us in spirit last
     Time has made me the family
patriarch now so I'll do my best
to keep the tradition going. Next
year we expect to have a new
grandson to make his first visit.
And, someday, maybe he'll be
leading a family vacation to the
place we've all come to enjoy.....
together....as a family!
     So, on this Father's Day, I'm
feeling like all our NEWS is
good. Thanks Dad. And thanks
to my famiglia!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Wanderland By Night!

   No. That is not a typo. The Boardwalk
in the Wildwoods is a "Wanderland" by
night! It's not a whole lot different in the
daytime. But all the flashing lights and
extra people add to the attraction.
    For those of you who have never
visited the boardwalk of North Wildwood,
Wildwood, and Wildwood Crest, think
about the Midway at the Bloomsburg
or most any other County Fair and
picture it being two miles long!
    There are food stands featuring all
kinds of menus. The new "biggie" this
year seems to be chocolate covered
bacon. There are ice cream and
Italian Ice stands. A Pizza place on
every block. My old friend used to
measure the economy based on the price
of one slice of pizza here.
     There are the rides. But as much as
kids love the rides they love the Crane
      These machines are the closest
think to legalized robbery I have ever
seen! Kids put in dollars (usually
five at a time) for a chance, a very
slim chance, they'll be able to
manipulate the arm of their crane
directly over the object of their desire,
pick it up and hold it long enough to
drop it into the exit bin.
      There are occasional success
stories. I've seen kids actually
"win" a colorful stuffed animal
probably purchased by the machine
owner for about 12 or 13 cents.
     If you manage to get by one of
those things you'll be hounded by
barkers trying to lure you to spend
at least five bucks in the hope of
shooting a regulation basketball
through a just slightly smaller
than regulation size hoop. Should
one of those balls actually fall
through the net you'll win a prize
similar to those offered in the Crane
     As you can probably tell I don't
invest much in any of those games
these days. I just sit and watch
the suckers.....I mean....players as
they entertain themselves and make
somebody else very wealthy!
     I still hit some of the food vendors.
Especially the Pizza stands. Somebody's
got to keep an eye on the economy!
     Hope you get the prize you're
after and that all your NEWS is good!

Thursday, June 18, 2015


        FRIDAY, JUNE 19TH


  Ever since the movie "Jaws" premiered
in 1975 most every beach goer has, at one
time or another, cast a cautious glance
at the waves that form around them to
make sure there's nothing more than
Boogie Boards floating near by.
   I spotted a fin breaking the surface as I
rode the waves here in Wildwood on
   Admittedly the vision of a Great White
flashed through my mind. But just as
quickly I realized what I saw was one of
the many dolphins that populate these
    It was a different story yesterday when
I saw, first hand, a real feeding frenzy
that looked like a school of sharks.
    A wave of sharp and ready teeth swam
up to the island in our kitchen where my
wife had set out the first tray of bacon!
    It was like lowering a wounded
seal into a tank of sharks! Seconds later
only one slice remained. And that's only
because the "sharks" in our apartment were
reminded to be polite and to make sure
everyone had at least one slice before
they went back for seconds. Most of
these hungry sharks are in or near
their teens. They have tremendous
appetites. Especially when the bait is
   Not to worry! The wife came prepared
with a good supply of this popular
pork product and all the sharks in our tank
were happy with the deal!
   Hope they all had their fill and that all
your NEWS is good! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

On The Beach

             THURSDAY, JUNE 18TH

                ON THE BEACH
      Everyone in the family seems to enjoy
our annual vacation in Wildwood, New Jersey.
And for most of our crew a good part of that
enjoyment comes from the hours spent on
the beach!
     I also enjoy spending some time with an
old friend who has called Wildwood home
for most of his nearly 90 years.
    He knows more about the beach than
anyone else I know. As a kid he saw the
Hindenburg fly over it less than two hours
before it blew up at the Lakehurst Navy
Airfield. He's fished in and sailed across these
waters for years, served as a Lifeguard, and
a Dock master as well.
    But yesterday he told me about another
beach. One he visited unexpectedly in the
last part of World War II.
    My friend Bob was trained as a Navy
pilot. He was in the Pacific flying a
Corsair Fighter plane when he spotted
an enemy aircraft in the distance. He
closed in for the kill. But, he sneezed,
jerking his head forward for just a second.
     When he looked up the Japanese Zero
had disappeared! Well, not really. The
enemy pilot did a complete loop coming
down right behind my friend!
    It's the kind of story you'd expect to
see in a movie. But this was real!
    The Zero opened fire and damaged
the tail of the Corsair. My friend was
going down!
     Bailing out was his initial reaction.
Until he saw the sharks in the water
below. The small island just ahead
suddenly looked like a better bet so he
decided to set down there.
     He said things might have worked
out better had he not made the mistake
of lowering his landing gear. As soon
as the wheels hit the sand they sunk in
tossing the plane's nose into the sand.
     Fortunately, in this case, Bob was
tossed out. He hit hard and was out
cold for awhile. But he survived with
fairly minor injuries. He was glad to be
alive and forever grateful he never got
a bill for the loss of the plane! At least
that's what he tells me.
     When Bob got back into action he
was transferred to a multiple engine
amphibious plane from which he was
ordered to look for submarines. He
never saw any!
     We're losing the likes of Bob all
too quickly and, with them, the stories
they lived to allow us to use our beaches
for fun and recreation rather than life
saving landing fields.
      I'm so glad he decided to share his
story with me and, through this Blog,
with us!
      Hope you'll appreciate your shore
vacation even more after reading this
and that all your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Just Hanging Around!



  Technology is changing everything! It's
even given new meaning to old phrases.
   "Just hanging around", to guys like me,
meant staying in one place taking it easy.
   "Going for a spin", suggested heading
out in the car.
    "Getting up in the world", meant
    And "Doing the Twist", was all about
knowing how to do the dance by that
    Yesterday several of my grandkids
incorporated all of those phrases as they
boarded the latest piece of technology
generally known as a Rollercoaster.
     I love roller coasters. Wait. Let me
rephrase that. I love watching other
people go on roller coasters.
     But "The Great Nor'easter" is one
of those new fangled steel coasters
apparently designed by some mad
scientist determined to see how loud
humans can scream before they either
lose their lunch or black out!
      I stood under the thing as those
kids Hung around above me, went for
a number of spins, and were twisted
beyond belief! They certainly go up
in the world!
     I have a much greater appreciation
for the simplicity of the Merry Go
Round than ever before! 
     Hope I'm never found on that thing
and that all your NEWS is good!

Monday, June 15, 2015



       "BIG or SMALL?"

    So...in the 1988 movie "BIG"
Tom Hanks discovers a Fortune
Teller machine called Zoltar and
is granted his wish to immediately
grow from a kid to an adult.
    Low and behold..what do I
find on the Wildwood Boardwalk
but a Zoltar machine! It was
calling out just like the one in the
    Now if I went to the machine
and asked to grow older, odds are
someone would have had to call
the coroner.
    Logically then, I wondered if
this magical machine would make
me young again?
    As I wandered away I began to
think it had worked! A Tram Car
had to blast out it's warning as I
stood in its path........as any kid
might do.
     Next I found myself in front
of the Curley Fries stand! It's my
favorite food joint on the Boardwalk
and I've been visiting it since before
my teenage years. Was I back?
     This could work out really good,
unless I'm trying to get into a PG13
movie! On trying to ride a bike
without a helmet! Or saying I don't
want to eat broccoli.
      Hey, maybe this "kid thing"
really isn't so great!
      Then again, I seem to be
worrying prematurely. My knees
hurt.....guess my age hasn't
changed after all!
       Hope your wishes, whatever
they are, come true and that all your
NEWS is good!


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tickets Please.

     Vacation destinations like Wildwood
are very well policed! I know this from
personal experience.
      A couple years ago while on holiday
here I had some problems with the tail lights
in my old Suburban. I was stopped by two
officers who asked if I knew the lights
were out.
     "Oh really" I replied. " I didn't know."
     The young men were very nice and
told me to have the problem fixed as
soon as possible. Three blocks later another
different team of officers puller me over.
Explaining that I had just discussed the
situation with their colleagues they too
set me free.
      My niece's husband fixed the trouble
the next day assuring me of uninterrupted
travel for the rest of the week.
      Yesterday I spotted an officer who
was evidently working alone. I say that
because he was on a bicycle. I'm a
trained observer!
      I say him as he said something to some
folks in a parked car at one of the city's
many parking meters. He seemed excited.
His bicycle even fell to the pavement.
     The next thing I knew the driver of
the car in question made a U turn and
pulled up to a meter on the opposite
side of the street.
      At first I suspected the guy was
parked at a meter that had run out of time.
But if that were the case, how could
pulling up to another meter solve his
      It was about then I realized the
driver, even though in his car, had
apparently pulled into a Handicapped
space without benefit of a Handicapped
sticker on his vehicle.
      I believe he may have said something
unflattering to the officer which, of
course, guaranteed a Traffic Violation
     Our driver waited till the bike cop
was safely out of sight, then sped down
the street! I wouldn't be surprised if
he encountered some more of Wildwood's
finest a little further along in his travels!
      Hope he's got quarters for the meters
and a little extra for bail.......and that all
your NEWS is good!


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Proud As A Peacock!

              SUNDAY, JUNE 14TH

    We're off on the road again! And a special
thanks to Uncle Karl for house sitting again
while we're away.
     Most of my FB friends have never met
Karl. He's one of those unseen faces in the
     I on the other hand have been surprised
at how many people recognize me.....when
I'm nowhere near home!
     I recall having a couple come up to me
in a Florida restaurant who remembered me
from my many years at WYOU TV.
    It's even more surprising when people
will recognize me just by my voice. That's
happened a few times on the phone even
when the party on the other end doesn't have
Caller ID.
    It's flattering to be recognized.
    I was both surprised and impressed
yesterday while visiting the Cape May
Park and Zoo.
    I was about 20 yards from the entrance
when a park employee called out my
name. I didn't recognize the gentleman
and wondered how he knew me.
     A Peacock was walking close by and
it occurred to me the bird made him
think of the NBC mascot........ and that
triggered his memory of the stories I
did for Channel 28 while still with the
Nexstar Broadcasting Corporation.
     It was, again, very flattering. Until,
as I looked at him, he said...."Oh, is
your name David too?"
    It's the first time I met a Peacock
named David!
    Hope you won't forget me and that
all your NEWS is good.


Friday, June 12, 2015

Graduation Daze!



     I'll remember always, Graduation
Daze! I know it's suppose to be "days."
But they've left me in a "daze!"
     Last night my grand daughter
graduated from the 8th grade at the
Bear Creek Community Charter School.
     She was honored for her academic
work, her musical efforts, and , in a
special award, for her tremendous
reading accomplishments!
      About a week ago another
grand daughter graduated from Pre
School. She'll move up to Kindergarten
next semester.
      About a week before that the third
grand daughter graduated as valedictorian
of her 8th grade class at Wilkes-Barre
     That's three graduations since the
end of May. And all of these kids are
still in school!
     Two of them are still looking ahead
to High School and College graduations.
Our Kindergarten recruit could be
facing two or three more before High
     Back in my day I had one graduation.
That was from High School. And, in
retrospect, I was probably lucky to be
included. I didn't get any awards. I
suppose I could have been nominated
for the  "Also Attending Was ...Award."
But they didn't have any of those.
     There was no College graduation.
I didn't go. But I did teach in two of
them! So there!
      My wife was a straight A student
so, I suppose, the grand daughters are
taking after her! Good for them!
      And good for you Kara, our
latest graduate! You, like your two
cousins have made us very proud!
      I'm proud to claim part of your
success by admitting I couldn't help
with that homework!
      Hope you appreciate my
"contribution" and that all your NEWS
is good!