Saturday, May 31, 2014

Look! Up In The Sky!

    I'm pretty sure most of you remember the
opening lines on the old Superman show. The
television and, before that, the radio version
opened with a bunch of people looking skyward
and saying..."Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird.
It's a plane. It's Superman!
     Well a Facebook message from an old
friend got me to thinking back to the days when
I spent a lot of my time looking up in the sky!
      No. I wasn't searching for Superman!
      I was a volunteer with an organization
called "The Ground Observer Corps."  (In
spite of that name we watched the sky not the
      The Corps was a volunteer arm of the Air
       The time was the mid and late 1950's when
we were still very involved with the "Cold War."
       They were building a Radar line across
Canada to give us an early warning if Russian
planes ever tried to sneak through to hit targets
in the United States.
        But until that radar line was ready they
needed people to watch the sky for planes that
might be going somewhere they shouldn't.
        That's where we came in!
        We took shifts in posts throughout the
country (mine was in Hazleton) that looked
like little Airport Control Towers.
        When we saw a plane passing overhead
we dialed the Operator and simply said
"Aircraft Flash." She put us through to a
Control center where people would take our
information, compare it with data received
from the previous nearby post, and plot the
flight of airplanes over Pennsylvania!
         We never saw any "enemy aircraft"
(as far as I know) although a few posts were
said to have issued the first reports of UFO's
in our area! I never got to see any of them
either! We did have a few "strange"
        I'm also not sure if they ever scrambled
any jet fighters on my account!!!!!
        I earned my "wings" after 25 hours of
service and racked up enough time for my
250 hour Medal by the time I stopped looking
       They disbanded the Ground Observer
Corps in 1958 when all those radar sites were
put into service.
        There's very few people who remember
the Corps these days. But at its height there
were 750,000 volunteers at 16,000 posts
throughout the country!
         Every now and then when I'm looking
at a beautiful sky I remember those days when
we did out little part to help keep people safe.
        I'm just sorry I never caught site of
either Superman or one of those UFO's.
       Although the Corps is gone, I keep
       Hope I spot one or the other and that
all your NEWS is good!

Friday, May 30, 2014

A Little Shrimp!

   My wife got a little Shrimp yesterday.
   But she's not eating it. She's feeding it!
Sort of!
   More specifically she's hoping it's feeding
    This particular Shrimp is a Japanese
Algae Eater.
    He, or she, has been added to my wife's
aquarium in an attempt to keep the tank
    And he, or she, is not going it alone.
    A snail has also been introduced to
the mix in the hope he'll team up with the
shrimp to eat the algae that forms on the
bottom of the tank over time.
    I've been watching the shrimp as it
swims among my wife's fish trying to get
used to its new environment.
    The species seem to be getting along
pretty well so far.
    The snail, on the other hand, hasn't
impressed me! If it's moving I can't tell.
Then again, snails are not know for their
     The next question we'll need answered
is whether our grandson will still be
allowed to visit us.
      He's allergic to shrimp.
      We'll keep the Benadryl handy just in
      For now though the shrimp and the snail
become two more of my wife's aquatic pets.
      The shrimp will be called "Scampi."
      I plan to call the sail "Escargot."
      That way if they don't eat the algae,
they'll become fair game!
      Hope the don't make our menu and
that all your NEWS is good.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Send Me The Pillow That You...Freeze On?"

   OK gang. If you haven't made your bed yet
   If you have, tear it apart again and grab your
   If you read this Blog on any sort of regular
basis you know I love to search out bizarre
and little know "holidays." Well, I think I
just hit the Jackpot!!!!
   Today is "Put A Pillow On Your Fridge
Day!" I kid you not!
    While the exact origins are unknown
the idea is to put a pillow on your
refrigerator. And people in the US and
Europe do it! Well....some people do!
     Why? Well it's suppose to bring good
luck and maybe even wealth to your
household! And who couldn't use a little
of either!
      So, just in case you didn't pick the
right numbers in last night's Powerball,
you still have a chance to throw your
pillow atop your Frigidaire and hope it
brings you good luck in time for Saturday's
      By the way, if you'd prefer, you can
put your pillow inside your refrigerator.
I'd take it out a few hours before bedtime
if you go that route!
      So give it a shot. Celebrate! What have
you got to lose?
     Hope you're "cool" with this  unusual
"holiday" and that all your NEWS is good!


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Looking For My Glasses!

    I finally gave in and got myself a
pair of prescription eye glasses.
    I'm not exactly sure why they call
them a pair since I only got one set.
    Anyway, the distance vision in my
right eye was a long way from being
sharp so I paid a visit to the Eye
Doctor who found the right lens to
correct the problem.
    He also suggested going the bifocal
route since I do a lot of work on the
computer. I rejected that and choose,
instead, to stick with my $10 "store
bought" reading glasses for my close
up work. That way I can always blame
the cheap glasses for mistakes in my
daily blog!
     But my new glasses do have one
very interesting and useful feature I've
come to appreciate.
     They suddenly turn into very dark
sun glasses when I go outside on a
bright day. They've actually done that
a few times over the past couple weeks
as the sun finally decided to show up
around here!
      The "down side" is that they don't
turn back into "regular" glasses all that
fast! I noticed that pretty quickly as I
drove into the parking garage at the Mall
at Steamtown the other day!
     I wondered why the parkade looked
so much like an underground mine until
I realized my glasses were still set on
what must be a beach setting!
     I am, however, getting use to wearing
my spectacles.
     That became clear as we left church
on Sunday. As I got into my car I noticed
my glass case resting on the dashboard.
      But the glasses, those new and I will
admit...expensive glasses were not inside!
Where could I have left them?
      I made it a point not to put them in my
pockets to avoid scratches. And I usually
don't put them down unless they're already
in their protective case.
     Fortunately my wife, being more
observant that I, solved my dilemma with
just three little words........"You're wearing
     By Jove....I was!
     I told you I was getting used to them!
     Hope you've read this with no problem,
and that all your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pork Cooks Slowly!

      We decided on something a little bit
different for our holiday cook out yesterday.
       Instead of the traditional hamburgers
my wife picked up a Pork loin to grace our
grill. I'll admit it sounded great!
       I wrapped it in aluminum foil to begin
the process then left for awhile to allow the
heat from those gas fed flames to penetrate
the meat.
     Pork cooks slowly!
     I had time to play catch with my grand
daughter then to row half away across a
lake with my grandson. I did allow him to
do most of the rowing!
     I returned a bit tired and fairly hungry
from my activities with the kids.
    But, upon examination, my wife found
the pork still "pink" on the inside. She
mentioned something about not taking
any chances with Salmon and Vanilla,
or trigonometry (or something like that)
and turned the flames up a little higher and
    Pork cooks slowly!
    The table was set. There were grapes,
strawberries, and chips to snack on
while the wonderful aroma of the pork
saturated the air. So we snacked a bit
then checked the grill again.
    Pork cooks slowly!
    Hunger, like time, waits for no one!
    So, even as the featured feast got
closer to its desired texture and
temperature, I was instructed to throw
an entire pack of Hot Dogs on the
section of grill unused by the cooking
    Hot Dogs cook quickly!
    We consumed most of the frankfurters
and even entertained the notion of
starting in on the Peanut Butter Pie
when word came through that the Pork
Loin was done!
    So with pork in one hand and the
pie standing ready close by we finally
completed the meal we had started to
prepare earlier in the afternoon.
    There's a moral to this essay.
    Add plenty of patience to your recipe
for Pork Loin and have a few Hot Dogs
standing by, just in case!
    Hope you enjoyed your day and meal,
whatever the menu, and that all your
NEWS is good!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Give Them The Boot!

    I got stopped in traffic again as we headed out for
a family luncheon at a popular Bar-B-Q stand.
    But this time I can't blame Penn Dot.
    It was my old nemesis.....the "Holiday Boot Drop!"
    We hit two within about 5 miles!
    That's more Toll Booths than I ever hit on the
Pennsylvania Turnpike in such a short distance.
    And none of these guys take "Easy Pass!"
    Good thing I took the "back roads!"
    I've blogged about these "boot" or "basket" or
"bucket drops" before. I didn't much like them then.
    That hasn't changed!
    Don't get me wrong. I have yet to see one of the
organizations involved that wasn't representing a
good cause.
    In fact I've donated to most of them through mail
solicitations or at specific events. I've even ignored
my own dislike and dropped some change in their
containers on occasion.
    But that hasn't changed my feelings about these
highway "roadblocks!"
    First, they're dangerous! Especially when kids,
like Little League players are the ones standing literally
in the center of the highway, then dashing from car
to car when the vehicles happen to be stopped for
a red light or a Stop sign.
   I don't think it's a heck of a lot better when adults
straddle the Center line with boots in hand looking
for a hand out.
   Second they are intimidating! You feel bad when
you aren't in a position to give something or when
the collector in the north lane gives you the "evil
eye" as you pass....even though you donated in
the south lane just a half hour before when you
were headed in that direction.
    Fire companies are notorious for conducting
these highway fund raisers around the holidays.
    And, again, I believe they deserve our support.
    I donate in the Township where I live and in
the one where we have a summer camper. These
volunteer companies do need all the help they
can get.
    I just wish they wouldn't get it in the middle
of an intersection!
    In a sense it's especially bad for me because
a lot of these collectors remember me from
television. When I can't give, for whatever
reason, I'm sure some of the casual conversation
gets around to "the TV guy who wouldn't give."
     I find myself praying the light will turn green
just in time for me to glide by as quickly and
quietly as possible!
    Hope you're supporting the good causes, in
a proper and safe way,and that all your NEWS
is good!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Under The Stars!

   Saturday proved to be a busy day for my
wife and me!
   We began with a Soccer game to see my
grand daughter play, , followed by lunch at
a very nice local restaurant.
    Afterwards My wife managed to fit a nap
into her Birthday schedule while I watched
the Yankees on TV.
    Next came a top down ride in the Miata.
    We enjoyed the back roads on our way to
visit family in the While Haven area.
    But as we headed towards home a little
later the day seemed somehow incomplete.
    Since Friday night's cloudy skies
prevented any view of the expected meteor
shower I decided my wife deserved an
evening under the stars!
    So.....I took her to the Drive In!
    I suspect half of you reading this had the
same idea since we found the place jammed
when we arrived about ten minutes before
show time.
    I used to miss those Drive In speakers.
But not last night!
    If the patrons had lined their cars in
between speaker poles I would have had
to watch the movie from the highway!
    Fortunately with everyone finding their
own space I was able to sneak the nose of
the Miata in between a sedan and an SUV.
     Sandwiched between those two
vehicles I was glad the people inside
either brought their own food or just
weren't hungry because there was no way
they were opening their doors without
crushing my fenders!
      It was tough to choose between the
feature and the billion or so stars overhead.
We sort of shared some time with both!
      It was nice, as my wife celebrated
another year, to take her back a few to the
days when a Saturday night at the Drive In
was part of growing up!
      The speakers may be gone but the screen
and the pop corn are still there and it's still
a great night out!
       Hope you checked out the stars too, on
the screen or in the sky, and that all your
NEWS is good!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

"Roving" With My Wife!

   Somehow a year has passed since my
wife last celebrated a Birthday. So, she's
celebrating again today!
    I'm usually at a complete loss as to
what to get her for her birthday. Most
years, when you ask, she'll say.."I really
don't need anything." Or.."I pretty much
have everything I need."
   I suppose you could let it go at that.
   No. I don't think so!  .
   This year, however, she not only had
something in mind....she also suggested
that we get it before her birthday arrived!
   So, two weeks ago, we set out for
Lycoming County to get some "roving."
   I'm so glad we went together!
   I could just imagine her saying something
like..."Why don't you buy me some roving?"
   First, with my poor hearing, I probably
would have brought back a Cocker Spaniel
named "Rover."
   I mean, I've done a million stories on
a million subjects over the years. But the
word "roving" was never part of my
   I admit I didn't have the faintest idea
what it was.
   Our destination should have been a tip
off. We were headed to a farm just
outside of Williamsport where a lady raises
sheep and goats.
   So, as it turns out, this "roving stuff" is
a piece of wool which has been combed,
drawn into a clump, and then twisted slightly
to hold the fibers together to prepare them
for spinning.
   My wife has a spinning wheel that she uses
for relaxation and, occasionally, for
    I would have preferred getting her some
straw to spin into gold like that girl in the
Fairy Tales. But my wife insists that's a myth.
I still say it's worth a try!
    Anyway, I got her the roving, took her to
dinner at a nice restaurant, and bought her a
book she happen to spot in a gift shop along
the way.
    So, I guess I'm off the hook for today.
    Except, of course, to say "Happy Birthday
Honey" Love Ya!!!!!!!
    Maybe we'll get in the car today and do
a little "roving" around! Get it?
    Hope she has a great Birthday and that all your
NEWS is good!


Friday, May 23, 2014

Don't Friday (That's Fry Day)

   Welcome to May 23rd everybody.
   It's National Don's Fry Day." It's
observed on the Friday before
Memorial Day. But it's got nothing
to do with the burgers or hot dogs
you'll be cooking up on your grill.
    The National Council on Skin
Cancer Prevention picked the day
to encourage Sun Safety Awareness.
     I've had more than a couple run
ins with Mr. Sunshine over the years.
     I've challenged him as a light
skinned guy who loves the beach
and a nice convertible.
     He's always won the battle!
     I remember one trip to Wildwood,
New Jersey when I was a kid when I
lasted all of one day!
     The sun burn that resulted from
my day in the surf left me with aches
so bad my parents had no choice but
to get me back home.
      Years later a severe case of skin
cancer led me into an operating room
where a very large tumor was removed
from my back.
      I did, at least, get two good stories
out of that experience.
     First, while I was recovering, my
first guest was the County Coroner!
I was hoping he wasn't there on a
Professional basis!
    Thankfully, since I knew him from
the News beat, it was just a friendly
     Secondly, when the grand kids ask
about the large scar on my back I tell
them it's from a shark bite. They're
usually a bit more careful in the water
after hearing that one!
      I still enjoy being out in the
sunshine. These days my convertible's
accessories include a spare tire, a jack,
and at leas one large tube of sunscreen.
     I'm usually in a hat as well. My hair
is getting lighter without the benefit of
the sun's bleaching rays!
    I don't want to burn (or get too
    Even though I try to watch, I'm come up
 with a couple instances of skin cancer which,
thankfully,have been treated successfully.
    I don't need any more "shark bites!"
    Hope you enjoy a holiday filled with
sunshine, that you're careful you don't
fry, and that all your NEWS is good!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Looking For A Punch!

   My wife and I and two of our very
close friends set out for dinner yesterday
to celebrate two birthdays this week.
   After a pleasant ride and some great
food at our favorite restaurant we
realized we were just too full for desert.
At that moment!
   We left the restaurant and started to
cross the street towards my car.
   But just then somebody, I think it
might have been me, mentioned ice cream.
   I'm not sure if it's possible to be too full
for ice cream. Nobody yelled "No" so we
started to think about places to go.
  Fortunately I carry a card in my wallet
from a place with some of the best tasting
ice cream I've ever enjoyed!'s a Punch Card!!!!!!!
   My wife and I discovered "Incredible
Edibles" while out for a drive one
afternoon. It's in the tiny community of
Nescopeck just across the Susquehanna
from Berwick.
   It's a combination Bakery and Ice Cream
Parlor where, as we quickly learned, you
get more than your money's worth in terms
of both quantity and quality!
   A "Small" cone or cup will more than
fill your tummy without emptying your
pocketbook! And this place really puts
the "cream" in ice cream with some of
the smoothest tasting selections I've ever
come across.
    There's a smaller sized cup too. But
I figured that's for wimps!
    I don't have the courage to ask what a
Large might look like!
    I come for the great tasting ice cream,
the extremely reasonable price
Punch Card!
    You see every time we get ice cream
they punch a little hole in my card, usually
heart or star shaped. When the card is all
punched I get a FREE ice cream!
    I quickly got full again.....this time on
a cup of Coconut Cream! My wife, my
buddy and his wife all got ice cream too
so I got "punched" four times!
    But I can take it! And I will....a free
ice cream with just four more punches!
Sock it to me!
    Hope you scream for ice cream and
that all your NEWS is good!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

One Man's Trash......

   I wouldn't be surprised if Mike and
Frank from American Pickers were
roaming around our area this week!
   Our Township is conducting a
"Clutter Clean Up" to allow residents
get rid of unwanted items ranging
from mattresses to refrigerators.
Even the kitchen sink!
    You're allowed 8 major items. The
first 4 are free. The next 4 will cost
you five bucks apiece.
     The Township gives you stickers
to be placed on the items to assure
pick up crews they're from the home
owner and not from some commercial
establishment. We should all be able
to identify our own trash!
     Most streets are lined with items
of all sorts,
     There is a chance, however, that
some of the items placed at curb side
will not be there when the collection
truck makes its rounds!
     You see, whether Mike and Frank
show up or not, there are apparently
some "home grown Pickers" who are
making the rounds looking to do some
pick ups of their own!
    Metal items are especially vulnerable
as they can fetch a few dollars from
area scrap dealers.
     I'm afraid our particular pile will
not seem very attractive to pickers of
any sort.
    Call a rose whatever you want. What
we've got is pure Junk!
    It's kind of a shame. I would have
enjoyed dickering with the Pickers to
see if I could get any money from stuff
we're throwing out!
    Hope you'll let me know if you're
throwing out anything "neat" and that all
your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Movie Monstes/Monster Movies

   They just don't make monsters like
they used too!
    When I was a kid the black and
white versions of Frankenstein,
Dracula, and the Wolfman could
easily leave me with bad dreams.
     Yesterday I had way too much
time on my hands. I decided to go
the movies.
      Since my wife was busy and
couldn't come along,I skipped all
the movies I knew she might want
to see so we could catch them
together on a future visit.
     That left "Godzilla!"
     The newest version of this
"Atomic Age" monster nearly gave
me bad dreams like those old
movies.  But those dreams nearly
came as I sat in the theater, not
quite following the complicated
story line which had me nearly
dozing two or three times!
      Fortunately, or not, a gentleman
sitting two rows ahead and some 20
seats to my right elected to explain
many of the scenes to the young man
sitting by his side thereby bringing
me back to consciousness.
     The "Godzilla" style monsters
were all created during the hay day
of the Atomic Bomb when everybody
was convinced that radiation might
create anything from giant tomatoes
to giant ants! It did both. But only in
the movies.
     We haven't seen many of this type
since the major powers stopped nuclear
testing. Maybe somebody pulled off a
test we haven't heard about. Perhaps
North Korean?
      After seeing Godzilla I have become
a major supporter of the Nuclear Test
Ban Treaties.
      Spoiler Alert!!!!
      There are several huge monsters on
the movie. I'm wondering if a couple of
them evolved from those Rock creatures
that showed up in "Noah?" Either that
or, perhaps, some left over creatures
from the Transformers series
       Where's Count Dracula when you
need him?
        Hope you see the movie, get some
sleep, and that all your NEWS is good!


Monday, May 19, 2014

A Waiter Wizard!

  My wife and I joined my daughter,
son-in-law and two of our grand
children for dinner yesterday.
   We often pick one of the local
Grotto restaurants when we get
together. There's always an
attractive special and a menu that
seems to meet our varied tastes
pretty well. And they are varied!!!!
   Yesterday we choose the Grotto
in Edwardsville. And that's where
we met the Wizard!!!
    The young man who was
assigned to our table was there
promptly to take our dink orders
then gave us a few minutes to
look over the menu.
    Choosing is always a challenge
for our group! Even if the selection
is as simple as pizza there's usually
a great debate over the topping.
     The end result is almost always
six different orders for as many people.
     And usually each of the orders is,
in some way, varied from the
description of the item offered on'
the menu.
     And so our waiter returned and
patiently listened as each of us
described, in great detail, our specific
choice of entrees.
     But he didn't write anything down!
     Since our particular order was
both extensive and, in some ways,
unique, we questioned his lack of
pencil and paper!.
    He told us, in a very reassuring way,
he had memorized our order!
    Some time later he returned with
each and every food item we had
ordered ...prepared exactly the way we
ordered it!
    Again expressing our amazement he
explained that he usually has trouble
reading his own writing and decided
it was easier to memorize everything!
    Heck! I sometimes forget what I
ordered minutes after I ordered it!
    We have never seen a server with
the ability to remember so many
separate items! It is a gift!
    I think the guy should get a raise!
In fact I was going to recommend it!
But I can't remember his name!
    Hope you remembered to read this
Blog and that all your NEWS is good!


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Belly Up To The Bar Boys!

   Lake Seneca is an interesting place.
   The Guide books will tell you it's the
longest of the so called glacial "Finger
    I would describe it as a very large
body of water surrounded by grapes!
    Local farmers squeeze those grapes,
and turn them into what seems like
a thousand varieties of wine.
    Then, people like us come to take
a tiny taste of those wines and end up
carting off a dozen or so full bottles
of this alcoholic grape juice!
     I've seen it happen!
     The system is very simple.
      Each of the wineries has a bar
where you can sample its wares. The
samples used to be free. Somebody
discovered they could actually sell
more of their products if they charged
for the samples instead of giving them
away as though they were a worthless
      So, these days, you pay a couple of
bucks for a couple of samples. Then, if
you actually buy the product, they
subtract those couple dollars from the
purchase price.
      Of course the selling price has
probably already been inflated just high
enough to cover the costs of those who
sample but do not buy.
      There are some 50 wineries around
the lake. We stopped at just three
during our visit yesterday. At each we
shared the parking lot, and the sampling
with folks who showed up by car, bus,
and even limousines!
      As if the wine market isn't big enough
several of the establishments now have
added both beer and even soda sampling
     I must admit I liked the soda I tasted.
But the $7 plus price tag for a large bottle
of carbonated and flavored water had me
longing for the dollar Pepsi machine back
at the motel!
     My wife did the wine tasting for the
two of us although I did come to her aid
to finish a couple of samples. And we
did get our $3 tasting fee back as is was
subtracted from the purchase price of a'
half dozen bottles of local favorites!
     Others in our group did likewise as
did most of all those people with whom
we shared elbow room at the sampling
bars! Guess everybody found something
they liked.
     We'll probably enjoy our wine with
meals and friends over the next year or
so. Meanwhile, I bought a Pepsi!
      Hope you've got something that suits
your taste and that all your NEWS is good!


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Muddy Water & Monsters!

   We scheduled our family trip to Lake
Seneca last May. It was a pleasant sunny
afternoon when we booked our rooms a
year in advance.
    Flash forward, and you can take the
word "flash" literally, one year to
yesterday when we made the trip through
driving rain and occasional wind gusts!
    Flash flood warnings had been posted
throughout most of northeastern PA. and
into New York's Southern Tier.
    When I checked the radar on line it
almost looked like the storm had used our
Map Quest to plan its route!
     We called ahead to confirm our
reservations and were informed that the
creek nearest our Motel was just about at
the top of its banks!
      Were it to come over it would have
spread into our parking area and, possibly,
into our room!
       Fortunately the rain had pretty much
stopped by the time we reached Towanda
and, with the exception of some ponding
along local highways, the "danger" had
ended when we arrived at our destination.
      The nearby stream was still pretty
high. But it feeds into Lake Seneca which,
at about 800 feet deep, has plenty of room
for additional water! And who knows what
       The cloudy skies and murky water
provided an ideal opportunity to look for
"Neckie" the "Sea Serpent of Seneca Lake."
       For centuries there have been stories
about a mysterious monster that occasionally
makes its presence known at Seneca Lake,
             I think I may have spotted it! It
was floating a few hundred yards out in the
lake near one of the spots where those storm
waters drained into Seneca!
            I'm thinking maybe I'll try to catch
him later today! Or, maybe not!
            Hope you're all dried out from that
"monstrous storm" and that all your NEWS
is good!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Just A Trim Please!

   When did cutting the grass become so darn
    Back in the day I'd handle a Push Mower
like no body's business. I even had a part time
job cutting some body's grass.
    I don't remember who is was. I'm not sure
I ever really knew. Just somebody my parents
knew who needed somebody to come by every
so often to cut the grass in their yard.
    My visits were often based more on my need
for a couple bucks then the height of the lawn.
    Anyway I did get experience.
    At our house the old hand powered mower
was quickly replaced with a gas driven unit.
    Eventually though we switched to an
Electric Lawn Mower.
    I believe that transition was made after one
of those ill fated days when the pull cord on
the gas unit failed to do anything but create a
blister between my fingers and one very sore
    The Electric Mower never failed to start!
    But it did stop rather abruptly one time when
my cutting path took it over the electrical cord!
    It's a bit of a pain tugging and pulling the
cord behind me.
    But the big problem these days is...what NOT
to cut!
    My wife has various varieties of flowers
planted around the place. When they bloom and
look like flowers there's no problem.
     But while they sit there, looking  green, just
like the grass that surrounds them, they look
like fair game!  
      Since they are not, the cutting plan now
includes a guided tour around the yard and
a few admonitions...."Don't cut those. Watch
out around this corner. Look for these plants
that look a little "fuzzy."
      It's no wonder I'm a little "Fuzzy" trying
to avoid the electric cord and little soon- to- be
flowers lurking among the dandelions!
      Hope the Groundhog got the memo and
that all your NEWS is good!


Thursday, May 15, 2014


     I'm impressed!
     I've heard about farmers and ranchers
who use dos to help them with their
     I can recall at least one movie where
Lassie was put to work moving a herd
of sheep around. Technically I suppose
that made her a "Sheep Dog" even
though she was "legally" a Collie.
     There's always a Sheep Dog around
in any movie where there's  sheep.
     But yesterday we saw one at work in
a field in Lycoming County. It didn't
look like Lassie and, in fact, it was in
the wrong field!
     This canine was herding a bunch
of goats. Big and small!
      I took a couple of pictures...from a
distance. The owner reminded me the
small wire fence that enclosed the
animals is electrified!
     I touched one of those accidentally
one day. I seem to remember the hair
on my arms standing at attention for a
moment or two. And I've kept my
distance from wire fences, where ever
I find them, every since!
    But let's get back to this impressive
    He was forcing the goats towards
the barn, presumably for their
feeding. But no one was around to
tell him it was time to do so! How does
he know at what point he's suppose to
get them in from the field?
    And don't give be that bologna that
he's actually a "Watch Dog!"
    I suppose he'll get a treat for his
good work........unless it turns out
he is a Sheep Dog and brought in the
wrong herd!
    Hope he knows the difference and
that all your NEWS is good!