Friday, September 21, 2018



     Autumn was scheduled to show up at
9:54pm EDT today, September 22nd. But,
apparently, it was anxious to get here!
     I was totally prepared to drain the
last few hours out of summer as my wife
and I turned our house over to Karl and
headed out to visit our friend at his family's
cottage in Maine.
      We had the trunk of the Miata cleared
and we were ready to put the luggage in and
the top down. Then I saw the clouds, felt the
breeze, and read the forecast! I closed the
trunk, covered the car and moved everything
to our sedan for the trip.
      My wife, with the same initial optimism,
had already packed several pair of shorts and
T shirts for me. They will likely stay packed
while my traveling blue jeans will have to
last through the week.
       We made it into New Hampshire Friday
and Fall is in the air here as well. The leaves
haven't changed as yet but there are signs of
color beginning to show up on trees here and
there. The cloudy weather forecast for our
destination also features one sunny day with
high temperatures in the mid 50's!!!!!!
         Since we'll be on an island off the coast
that may truly seem like a warm spell.
          Those 4 Geese that buzzed my house
last week may have been trying to tell me
           Hope Indian Summer comes as
quickly and that all your NEWS is good.

Thursday, September 20, 2018



    This is a day when we're all encourage
to enjoy or even create some of that unusual
art work known as doodling.
     I'm not sure how popular it is these days
but when I was in school doodling was a
very big thing. You'd find it, for the most
part, on those brown paper covers you had
to put on your Text books every year to
protect the hard covers that were actually
part of the books.
       It was a bit ironic. Especially on books
where professional artists went to great
lengths to design an attractive cover for
your history or geography editions.
       Students viewed those brown covers,
sometimes produced at home, as a canvas
just waiting for their pencils and pens.
        Many drew their names in some sort
of fancy style or, perhaps, pictures of
cars or boy or girl friends.
         Sports was another popular subject.
I included several logo designs of my
favorite team on a couple of my books.
I thought they were pretty good which,
in effect, made me a "Yankee Doodle
Dandy." Get it?
         Anyhow if you've got some paper
and a pen or pencil you can celebrate the
day by doodling away.
         Some celebrates do this every year
and auction their doodles to raise money
for research into epilepsy.
         Hope your doodles sell and that
all your NEWS is good! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018



     September 20th is "National Pepperoni
Pizza Day!"
      This is a holiday I truly endorse! I've
always liked Pizza. My hometown was
Hazleton.  I always thought pizza was
invented there.
       And I've always loved Pepperoni. I
think it was the first food I ever "cooked."
Some would say what I did was "heat"
the meat. But as far as I'm concerned it
was on the stove, in a pan, with a flame
underneath. So I "cooked it."
       I don't remember exactly when I
learned how well those two basic foods
tasted together but I've been ordering them
that way for many years.
        Apparently I'm not the only one.
Nationally, Pepperoni is the most
popular topping, preferred by
36% of the people.
        My wife, however, likes mushrooms!
Since I don't we usually end up ordering
a half and half pie. There's usually one
slice left over. But it always has mushrooms
on it!
        The first pizza is said to have been
sold in Naples, Italy in 1738. If it was
topped with Pepperoni you might still
be able to eat the meat. It keeps very
         I don't suppose I have to tell you
how to celebrate this unusual holiday.
Hope you enjoy your meal and that all
your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


                    ARR YOU THERE?

     Another one of those "Big Days" is here! It's one of
those "holidays" most people don't know about. And
they're missing all the fun!
     September 19th is "International Talk Like A Pirate
Day!" I kid you not!   It's the brainchild of two guys,
John Baur and Mark Summers.
     Neither is a Pirate or, as far as I know, even a fan of
Pittsburgh's Baseball team.
     They were playing racquetball one day when they
suddenly had an inspiration like
a pirate! It's probably happened to you at one time or another.
Anyhow they had so much fun they decided the world
needed a new holiday and "Talk Like A Pirate Day" was
     They picked September 19th because it was Summers'
ex-wife's birthday and because they couldn't think of any
other date that wasn't already being used for some other
      Through another friend the duo got an email address for
nationally syndicated columnist and Pulitzer Prize winning
writer Dave Barry who published a column about the day.
And that's all it took! Response began coming on from all
over the world (hence the idea that's it's an "International Day!)
       I've been a bit of a Pirate myself from time to time.
I have my own vessel....although it is just an 8-foot-rowboat.
I even buried a "treasure" on a small island many years ago.
It was a small tin containing a few coins. I'm wondering if any
of them were old enough to be valuable.
        I'd like to check. But I'm not exactly sure where I buried
them! Guess I should have made a neat map with a big X to
mark the spot! Maybe I did.......but I can't remember. I should
probably make myself walk the plank!
        I've provided all this background information so......
after you've walked around your place of business using terms
like...."Arr" or "me hearties" or "shiver me timbers"......they
won't try to take you away in a white jacket that ties in the back!
        Hope you're Jolly (Roger) and that all of your NEWS is

Monday, September 17, 2018


        A PICTURE IS WORTH.........

     We've all heard the old saying "A picture
is worth a thousand words." I bring it to your
attention again today because September is
"Save Your Photos Month."
      Every year during the month of September,
photo organizers, companies, and photo
retailers work together to raise awareness and
educate people about the benefits of safeguarding
their photos.
     One of the lessons I learned from people who
survived the 1972 Agnes Flood was how much
they regretted losing old family photos to the
disaster. Their homes and furniture could be
replaced but not those precious memories.
     In a sense it used to be a lot easier to
preserve your photos because there weren't
that many to preserve. Remember the old
film cameras,especially the so-called "easy
to use" ones,that probably only took 8 shots
per roll! But the picture, if you'll excuse
the expression, has changed!
     Memory cards allow modern day
Matthew Brady's to shoot a few thousand
photos without having to worry about
 "running out of film."
     8mm movie film used to give you three
minutes of silent video. Along came VHS
tapes on which you could shoot two hours
of home movies! Now you can transfer
them to dvd's to make sure you've got
something to show your neighbors when they
need a good nap.
     Last night I had to copy a couple photos
from my wife's camera onto my computer.
My laptop indicated there were over 3,000
pictures on her camera that had not yet been
downloaded. And that probably only covers
the last two months! That makes "Gone
With The Wind" look like a short story!
      Today, of course, you can keep all
your pictures in safe places. The camera
itself, a computer, even "the cloud."
      If they truly are worth a thousaand
words my wife must have a lot to say!
Hope you don't tell her I said so...and that
all your NEWS is good!

Sunday, September 16, 2018


             THE 4TH QUARTER!

    As I write the sun is setting and I am
about to complete my 75th orbit of the sun!
To use a football analogy, I am entering
the 4th quarter of my life.
    I don't remember a lot about the first
few minutes, or hours, or days of "play."
I was too little!
    I know I enjoyed my childhood a lot.
That's probably why I've never completely
left it.
    The first quarter ended and the second
started very well. That's when I met my
wife! She was and is my greatest cheerleader!
That's been very important because I haven't
always run the right plays or made that
first down I really needed.
    And there have been set backs! Most
notably the passing of our parents and other
loved ones! You never get over that "lost
yardage" but you keep playing the game.
    I've enjoyed a lot of success through
the second and third quarters too. Professionally
and, most importantly, with my fantastic
family. The cheerleading squad has expanded
to our three children, their spouses, and 6
wonderful grandchildren! There's a whole
lot of friends in the crowd as well!
    Again, there are challenges on the field
from time to time. But that Quarterback I
picked up, the carpenter from Nazareth,
keeps me smiling and looking upfield.
Sometimes I don't follow his plays as
called but he hasn't pulled me from the
lineup or fined me just yet.
     I don't know what the forth quarter
has in store for me. And I have no idea
how much time is left on the clock! You
see there's no scoreboard!
     But whenever the final whistle blows
I want you to know I've really enjoyed
playing in this game of life. And I appreciate
all those cheers.
     I'm kind of hoping for a tie so I can stay
for overtime!
     Hope all your NEWS is good!



     SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16TH., 2018
              COMING TO AMERICA!

        Immigration is a big issue these days.
It's in the news nearly every day.  I thought
you might like to know about the first ones
that decided they were coming to America.
         September 16th is "Mayflower Day."
This is the day, in 1620, that 102 colonists,
men, women and children, set sail on the
Mayflower from Plymouth, England bound
for Virginia.
          They landed more than three months
later near what is modern day Cape Cod,
Massachusetts. That has me thinking they
may have had a GPS system guiding them!
          As you probably know there were
already people here when they arrived. We
used to call them Indians but that has subsequently
been changed to Native Americans.
           The Native Americans did not have an
Immigration Department so, even though many
of them were unhappy to see foreigners moving
on to what had been their property they
welcomed them and even, at least for a time,
provided them with welfare by way of
sharing their food and survival knowledge.
            If they knew then what we know now
I wonder if they might have considered
building a wall to keep those immigrants
(we now call them Pilgrims) out?
             Of course they didn't and the
newcomers, and those who followed, did
pretty well here in "the new world."
              So today we remember those
brave voyagers who left their homes and
extended families to seek religious and
political freedom and whose determination
prompted Neil Diamond to write and sing
the song "Coming To America."
               Hoped you like Neil Diamond
as much as I do and that all your NEWS is

Friday, September 14, 2018



   It has been many years since I found myself
under Friday night lights watching High School
Football. I enjoyed watching my eldest grandson
play a couple years ago. But those were afternoon
    The last time I was called to those Friday night
lights on a weekly basis was during my first year
of High School. I had to go to the games then
because I was a manager for the team. That
meant I was one of the guys who took water
to the players during time outs, packed and
carried their gear from the school to the stadium
and back again, and carried the players off the
field whenever a stretcher was needed. Lots of
work and none of the glory!
      By year two I had switched to the Stage
Crew and only occasionally took in a Football
      This year, however, my wife and I have been
in the seats for all (so far) of the Wyoming Area
Football games. We don't have anyone on the
team but we do have someone on the field.
       Our granddaughter joined the school's
Color Guard this season so we've been turning
out to watch her preform. There's been a bonus!
The team happens to be pretty good this year
and it's always fun to watch a winner.
       This particular Friday night our family
was especially well represented. In addition
to our granddaughter in Color Guard, one of
our grandson's and our daughter's exchange
student were helping sell concessions as
members of the Key Club. And our youngest
granddaughter's mini football Cheerleading
was on the field to welcome the players as
the game began!  And that, of course,
brought her Dad, Mom, and brother to
the grandstand to support her and the team!
         That made it a special winning night,
for the team and for us!
          Hope none of them need me to pack
or carry anything (or anybody) off the field
and that all your NEWS is good.

Thursday, September 13, 2018


       FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14TH., 2018

    I'm facing a bit of a dilemma!
    A few years ago, more than I can
remember, our neighbor across the
street planted what he thought was a
shade tree. Turns out it was a Pear
     As the years rolled by the tree
got bigger and it began to produce
some very nice pears. There were
two good things about that. First
there were plenty of pears. Second,
our neighbor didn't like pears!
     Much of the harvest ended up on
my table!
     Then our neighbor moved and sold
his place. Fortunately the next tenant
graciously invited us to take as many
pears as we wanted. I took a lot!
      That neighbor was replaced by a
young family just after last year's pears
were gone for the season.
       I've been wondering what the new
folk's pear policy would be since the
crop seems especially large this year.
       But the place is suddenly vacant.
It looks as though there may be a
dispute over rent or something else.
I don't now if someone else will be
moving in or if it will remain empty
for awhile.
       Wanting to keep the place as
neat as possible in the meantime I
have picked up a few of the pears
that fell from the tree. Of course I
guess I did "assist" that fall by bumping
the tree a couple times. Accidentally of
       The tree is sort of on its own for
the time being and, since it's in my
community, I look at it as community
        Hope nobody moves in soon, and
that all your NEWS is good!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


                WHERE'S THE BEEF?

    That line, "Where's the beef", got a lot of
laughs when it was the commercial catchphrase
for Wendy's fast food change. But a lot of you
shoppers may soon be asking the sane thing!
     I was at my neighborhood WalMart
Wednesday trying to see if I could track down
all the items on my wife's shopping list. I've
gotten pretty good at that except for the times
she adds something out of the ordinary.
      Salsa, "mild salsa'', was Wednesday's
challenge but I tracked it down.
      The only holdup came while searching
for the sandwich steaks I had added to the
list. It took 5 passes by the frozen food
cases till I found them tucked away on a
bottom shelf far below my eye level.
       It was while searching that I greeted
a store worker who was filling his own
cart. But he wasn't shopping! The employee
told me he was emptying the cases of items
that will no longer be sold as the store
prepares to change the places where some
products will be displayed!
        Hey! I was just learning my way
around this place!
         Product location moves are
designed to get shoppers to look around
more and, probably, to but more groceries.
To a guy like me, just following a list, it
adds a half hour to my shopping time and
can result in less product sold if I give
up looking for something!
          There may be a way for me to turn
this around in my favor. After merchandise
is relocated I'll do a scouting trip around
the store and make up a map. I can sell it
to other shoppers as they come in the door!
           Hope I remember to include the
Salsa....and that all your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


                    THE TRACKER!

    I was always impressed, watching those old
cowboy movies, seeing the guy get down off
his horse to check the dirt or a recently burned
campfire. He'd look carefully then report that
the person or people his posse was after were
riding three horses and were just a half hour
ahead! He was the Tracker!
     Some hunters are pretty good trackers
these day but you'd be hard pressed to beat
the U.S. Postal Service when it comes to
tracking something down. Of course it's
the Postal Service that's carrying the stuff
you're looking for!
      I mailed a package to a good friend in
New York State Monday. My buddy lives
about 4 hours north of me but I didn't have
time to make the trip.
       When I paid the folks at the Post Office
they have me a receipt which included a
Tracking number so I could follow my
package's journey to the Empire State.
The trip confused my just a bit.
         The last time I looked upstate
New York is due north of Pittston where
I mailed the package. But my mail went
south, to a distribution center in
Philadelphia. Only after it was processed
there did it begin it's trip to New York
and it's destination there was in Rochester,
due east of my friend's house! Well at
least, at last check, it's in the right state!
         I was under the impression those
Zip Code numbers we all started using
years back were designed to designate
specific destinations for our cards, letters,
and packages. Maybe it's just me but I
think an item headed for New York
should go directly to a distribution
center in that state.
        One before I sent something to
that same area that made a stop, for
whatever reason, in Texas!
        It's still pretty good service. My
buddy should get the package I sent,
according to the Tracking information,
by 8pm Thursday.
       Just hope there's not another
stop, in another state, before it
gets to his mail box...….and that all
your NEWS is good.  

Monday, September 10, 2018


             WHAT'S IN A NAME?   

   My first quest after starting this blog
back in May, 2011 was to name it!
   Since I had recently been retired from more
that 50 years in news broadcasting I wanted to
steer clear of commentary relating to the daily
"news beat."
  The old saying..."No news is good news"
immediately popped into my mind so I claimed
it as my title. I added the question mark, however,
to allow my readers to decide whether my
essays should or might occasionally be
considered news worthy.
   Little did I know there was actually an
unofficial holiday called "No news is good
news day!" There is, and it's today!
   It's kind of ironic it falls on September 11th
given the fact that one of the biggest news events
in the history of our nation is remembered on
the same date! You will undoubtedly see
scenes from that tragedy over and over today.
As if we had to see them again to remember.
   The idea behind this "holiday" is simple!
   Stay away from all the traditional news
sources. Radio, television, and newspapers.
   That way you won't hear, or see, or read about
all the "bad news" they deliver on a daily basis!
    Of course you'll miss the latest news on
"Florence" and you won't know how many of those
reporters,who were standing out in the storm,
survived! it or not.....this is "No News
Is Good News Day"......and have I got Good
News for you!!!!!!
    Hope all your NEWS is good!

Sunday, September 9, 2018


               NOR COLD OF DAY!

     You may recognize my title as a portion
of the motto of the United States Postal
Service. It represents the commitment of
the men and women of that agency to
turn out in rain or snow or "cold of day"
to do their jobs and deliver the mail.
      I've seen some other examples of
that policy as the remnants of Tropical
Storm Gordon brought rain and chilly
temperatures to the northeast.
       Penn State played through a constant
rain as the team defeated Pittsburgh Saturday
night. It was the same for  the Steelers as
the NFL team played the Browns to an
overtime tie on Sunday.
       I can see where neither rain, nor snow
(please not yet), nor cold of day would
stop those teams or their fans from taking
to the field. Football is big money for both
of those organizations! But what about
the :little guys?"
        I was surprised to learn the Wyoming
Warriors Midget Football team was playing
in the midst of Sunday's all day rain as were
the league's other teams that showed up on
the wet and muddy field near Dallas. Even
more surprising was the presence of the
cheer leaders who pretty much had to
do their cheering under the protection
of umbrellas and tents.
        There was a fair sized crowd on
hand too in those same sloppy conditions.
I saw people standing in line under the
small tents that covered a concession
stand where hot dog and other warm
offerings seemed to be selling well as
a hedge against the chill in the air.
         Most surprising, perhaps, was the
fact that I dawned a warm jacket and
carried a large umbrella and folding
chair to the game under these miserable
conditions. But I have a sound explanation.
My granddaughter is one of those cheerleaders
and, for those who didn't know, Sunday was
Grandparents Day! That's what we do!
         Hope you kept warm and dry and that
all your NEWS is good!

Saturday, September 8, 2018



   That line, "Hey kids, what time is it?," used
to open the popular children's TV program
"Howdy Doddy."
    I kept thinking about it Saturday as my
wife and I showed up to watch our grandson
play soccer. The Wyoming Warriors were
taking on the Hazleton Cougars in the
"Mountain City."
     Soccer isn't always easy to watch. The
field is large. The action is fast. The game
is long. And the scoring is often hard to
come by.
     It's often hard for spectators to tell
whether someone has scored or just come
close to the goal. And it's very important
to know how many minutes, or seconds,
and left in each of the two 40 minute periods!
     Hazleton has a good team, a nice field,
comfortable bleachers, and a great
concession stand. It has NO scoreboard!
     Arrive slightly late or take a hot dog
break and you'd better hope someone is
paying attention to the score for you.
     The officials, of course, have the
exact time of the game on their stop
watches. But those of us watching can
only guess how much time was left to
pull out a victory.
       That was somewhat academic as
the teams played to a 1-1 tie at the
end of regulation play then began the
first of what turned out to be two
overtime periods. Even after those
extra periods the score ended up a
1-1 tie.
         We would have enjoyed the
kid's great efforts had we been able to
follow things just a bit closer. I can tell
you after two 40 minute periods and
two overtime periods I would certainly
have been cheering for the clock!
         Hope some local merchant will
step up and fund a scoreboard for that
field.....and that all your NEWS is good!  

Friday, September 7, 2018



     OK everybody. This is another one of those
"unusual holidays" I like to tell you about. But
I'm thinking there's not a lot of you who'll be
joining in the celebration!
     September 8th (or whatever date the 2nd
Saturday in September happens to be) is
"International Drive Your Studebaker Day."
       There's probably a fair number of
prospective readers who don't have the
faintest idea what a Studebaker is (or was)
and a very large number who may know
but don't have one around to drive!
        The first Studebaker horseless carriage was
hit the roads, what there was of them, in 1895.
The firm had a good run but finally folded in 1966.
They had some unique models including the
Lark, the Studebaker Hawk, and the Avanti!
          Of course the company never made as
many cars as GM or Ford so far fewer have
survived over the years,
          If you'd really like to join the celebration
I'll put you in touch with my best friend who
lives in upstate New York. Ever since he owned
his first car, a 1951 Studebaker, he's wanted to
have another one. A couple years back he found
a classic Studebaker Taxi so he bought it!
         Earlier this year he learned of a 1950
model that was nearly the spitting image of
the one he first drove. He asked me about
parting with taxi in favor of the one closer
ton his memories. I suppose I created a bit
of a conflict in his mind when I suggested
the taxi was a bit more rare thus, probably, more
          He has since solved the conflict. He owns
both vehicles. Since he can't drive two at the
same time maybe he'll lend you one.
          I'd take the taxi but I remember having'to
 push it home the first time I drove with him in
         Well, anyway, enjoy the holiday and
happy motoring. Hope all your NEWS is

Thursday, September 6, 2018



     You all know the drill. There is a time for
every season. What you might not know is
all of those seasons are here right now!
      Pro Football came back to Thursday
night as the Eagles took on the Falcons.
At the same time our Triple A Baseball
Rail Riders were involved in a playoff
game with the Iron Pigs.
      Of course there are still several
weeks to go before the Big Leaguers get
into their playoff schedule.
      On a more personal level, today our
our granddaughter's Holy Redeemer
Volleyball team will be playing Wyoming
Area, our other grandkid's school district
while our grandson's soccer team plays its
second game this week. Both of those
contests are home games.
      Another granddaughter, having joined
Color Guard this season, will be
preforming with her school's football team
about 45 minutes away.
      The third granddaughter will be
cheer leading for her Mini Football team
this Sunday.
       Check the sports page and you'll see
Field Hockey, Cross Country, and school
and professional Golf just to name a few!
       Anyone who says there's nothing to
do, or watch, is obviously not a sports
       As grandparents we're just glad our
three-year-old grandson isn't on a team
       Hope all your NEWS (and sports)
is good!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018



    My granddaughter's volleyball and
grandson's soccer were both "away
games" Wednesday and my shortcut
drive between them had me passing
some of my old stomping grounds.
     The route took me to the top of
Plymouth Mountain. There, half
hidden by the tall trees just off the
roadway was a small house-like
building standing next to a very tall
radio transmitting antenna.
      Sometime in 1973 that building
became my workplace home when
I joined the staff of what was then
WMJW-FM radio.
       The listener trend away from
AM and towards FM was beginning
and an old friend asked me to join
his staff as Assistant Manager and
News Director. I had already been
in broadcasting 14 years by then.
       The news directing part was
easy. I had a fantastic staff and
we, for several years running, won
more Associated Press awards,
numerically, than large stations in
        I had the likes of Rob Neyhard,
Bob Reynolds, Bill St. John, and
Dave Bienias, to name a few, covering
the regional news beat! I had a
newsman on duty round the clock.
Try to find that in local radio today!
       The assistant manager part was
a lot harder. My buddy ran into
financial problems (mostly from
getting bad advice from sales
people ) and, sometimes,
I was the one fielding telephone
calls about bill that were overdue.
I had a couple checks bounce. And
management at a small station
sometimes meant you had to shovel
the snow before or after (or both)
your shift was done!
         I had to buy my first 4 wheel
drive just to make sure I could get
there on winder days!
         I hung out there until 1980
when I had the opportunity to go
into television on a full time basis.
I took the job immediately to
advance myself and get out of
shoveling snow!
          My old friend sold  the place
a couple years later. I always heard
he made his million with that
transaction! He's passed away since
and the station's frequency was
bought up by one of those
corporations that runs everything
by remote from "someplace else."
           I wonder, when other people
 pass by, if they have any idea of
the talent that once served them from
that small place. I wonder in there's
still  boxes of old news awards
packed away somewhere in the
basement. Or maybe some old
recordings of breaking news
stories from the mid to late 70's.
           I know there's plenty of
old memories there, good and
bad, and it's fun to remember from
time to time.
          Hope all your NEWS is

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


                OUT ON THE PORCH.

    I spent a good part of Tuesday sitting
out my front porch. I'm suppose to
expose my healing lip to some natural
air so I figured I'd find some out there.
     I hauled my laptop along to keep up
to date on emails and Facebook posts
and put my XM radio receiver into its
"boombox cradle" to provide an
"elevator music background" to my
relaxation efforts.
      If I were back in my home town
back in the day I couldn't get away
with this silent retreat. Back then
people would be walking by all the
time and "hellos" would be flying
back and forth constantly.
       We don't get many walkers
by our place. Everybody drives
everywhere so the most we trade
is a wave now and then.
         I watched the birds crowd
on and in our feeder. That place
was like Grand Central Station
to our fine feathered friends.
           The squirrel came by too
but there was no sign of the
groundhog, the turkeys, or the
bear we've seen recently. Maybe
they don't like elevator music!
             It was a good rest and I
needed it. We've got a neighbor
who has been entertaining guests
till 2 and 2:30 in the morning.
They're not terribly loud but when
you're chatting just ten yards from
our bedroom windows it's a little
hard to get to sleep! I'd close the
windows but I don't think sleeping
in 80 degrees would be much
easier. I can't yell at them. I'm not
suppose to talk!
           Maybe I'll start spending
early mornings out on the porch!
Hope the neighbor likes elevator
music, and that all your NEWS is

Monday, September 3, 2018


          READ ALL ABOUT IT!

    OK! Here's your headline.....It's Newspaper

Carrier Day! (Of course it's also observed

on 4 other dates!)
It's a day set aside to honor everyone
who is or ever was a newspaper carrier!
My son was a carrier and, on occasion,
I was his assistant!
I remember getting up early with him
on some of those stormy winter mornings
to run his route in my 4 wheel drive so
we would be sure everyone got his or her
paper and he, my son, would get home
You've got to give these guys, and
gals, credit.
They pretty much do the same job as
the Postman, you know "Neither snow nor
rain nor gloom of night", but usually don't
get the same recognition.
Bicycles won't cut it in most areas
these days and you've got to pedal a
lot of papers to fill a gas tank!
Carriers may also be a dying breed!
A lot of newspapers have folded and
the trend seems to be heading into
electronic journalism.
And who wants to throw a laptop onto
some body's front porch?!
Most carriers don't shout out "Extra",
or yell the headline nowadays. But that's
just as well around our place since the
delivery guy usually shows up around
Of course our "Paperboy" was so
efficient we cancelled our service! He
(or she) kept delivering even on those
weeks we cut the paper because we were
on vacation. We'd return to find a pile of
papers on the ground in front of our porch.
A sort of "Welcome sign" to intruders in
the days before Uncle Karl started to
house sit for us.
Besides, in our case we don't really
need the paper anymore. Our Cockatiel
But, for the rest of you, if you're sitting
around the table with your coffee and bagel,
reading the morning paper, give some thought
to the carrier who got it to you...whatever
the weather!
Hope your subscription is up to
date and that all your NEWS is good!

Sunday, September 2, 2018



     Why is it when I can't talk
everyone asks me questions?
     As most of you already know I
had surgery to remove some cancer
cells from my lower lip this past
Wednesday. The incision was large
enough to require a skin graft to cover
the affected area. The result is several
stitches and a requirement that I keep
that lip as still as possible for about
five days. That means no chewing,
talking or even smiling.
      My 5 year old grandson knows
I have a "boo boo," which is a
medical term all ages can understand.
But he still asks me questions. I try
to reply by making some sort of moan
which, in my mind, contains a full
sentence of actual words but that
doesn't really work all that well.
       As for the adults, I feel like
they are all dentists. I get all kinds
of comments and, it seems, always
a question. You know, like when
the dentist has your mouth full of
his tools and he what to know how
your vacation went!
        And even those who don't
challenge me to speak usually come
up with a comical comment. That
make me smile.....I'm not suppose
to smile!!!!!
        My daughter suggested I type
replies on her Smartphone keyboard.
That sounded like a good idea until
I realized my fingers are too large
for the letter spaces! And then there's
the problem of having to spell words
       Then there's eating. As you know
I've had a number of milkshakes since
the surgery. My wife suggested trying
some alternatives so, as I write, I have
just finished a small bowl of scrambled
eggs through a straw. I reminded myself
of that character in the movie "The Fly"
sipping milk and honey as he was
turning into the insect!
        By the way the Jello yesterday
wasn't much easier!
        Oh well, if the Doctor's estimates
are correct I should have a better ability
to eat and speak by Tuesday or Wednesday.
        Right now I'm opening my bottle
of Michelob Ultra with my straw at the
        Hope I got all the egg out of it and
that all your NEWS is good!

Saturday, September 1, 2018


           WE ARE....NERVOUS!

    I couldn't watch the Penn State game
Saturday. It wasn't the tension, thought
there was plenty of that. It was the fact
that we switched to a basic cable
package earlier this year and we no
longer receive the channel that carries
the Nittany Lions.
     There's a paid option available on
my laptop but I haven't gotten around
to checking the price to see if it's
      Instead I tuned in the game on the
radio where the announcers did a great
job in getting me to climb the walls as
the action back and forth was constant.
     We haven't always been big college
football fans, I'd check the scores when
I got a chance but never really got into
the games.
      That changed when we hosted a tour
to Ireland a couple years ago to see
Penn State play Florida in Dublin. We
got caught up in the excitement and
fanfare especially when the Lions
pulled out a win in the last 12 seconds
or so.
       We've seen a lot of those last
minute wins since then and,though
I don't like seeing blow outs,it's always
nerve wracking to hold your breath
through the final 60 seconds of
       Hope they win early next week
and that all your NEWS is good!

Friday, August 31, 2018



   Welcome to Saturday, September 1st,
also known as "International Bacon Day!"
It;s an unofficial observance celebrated
on the Saturday before Labor Day.
     I have two grandsons who would, if
allowed, make this a daily holiday in the
USA. They are the reason we have had
at least two Thanksgiving turkeys
wrapped in bacon!
      The day is typically "celebrated"
in social gatherings in which
participants create and consume dishes
containing bacon including bacon
themed  breakfasts, lunches, dinners
and even bacon flavored drinks!
       Still healing from last week's lip
surgery I am unable to join in this
delicious celebration. Perhaps I'll
take a rain (or in this case a bacon)
       I trust the rest of you will continue
this great tradition and do your part.
But remember, Canadian Bacon is
really just ham so go "American!"
        Hope you'll enjoy the day and
that all your NEWS is good!

Thursday, August 30, 2018


   FRIDAY, AUGUST 31ST., 2018
            SITTING PRETTY!

  If you know her this isn't news to
you. My wife is a gem!
  During my convalescence from lip
surgery she has been by my side,
checking on my comfort, and providing
the liquids and straws I need to drink
my meals.
    On Thursday, however, she went
above and beyond. She bought and
installed a new toilet seat!!!!!
     Our old seat, probably the 2nd we've
ever had, was beginning to show signs
of age. Oh it was clean enough. But
some sort of protective plastic cover,
probably shrink attached at the factory,
had begun to crack and crumble. It
just wasn't the same smooth seat it
once was.
      I admit to being a bit surprised
when I saw her carry it out of WalMart.
      It's probably good she didn't wait
for me to buy one. I'd likely have picked
the wrong color or size. Do them come
in sizes?
       Anyhow it's here and, as I said,
installed and ready for use. I may
drink some extra milkshakes tomorrow!
       Hope she kept those books close
by and that all your NEWS is good!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


                NOW HEAR THIS!

   Well I showed up early at my
dermatologist's office Wednesday for
surgery to remove squamous cell
cancer from my lower lip. Having had
a similar procedure awhile back on the
right side of the same lip I pretty much
knew what to expect.....I thought!
    This job turned out to be a little
bigger than either the Doctor or I
planned for.
     The cancer had spread a bit so
the incision had to be big enough to
get out everything that had to go. But
that left a pot hole that, proportionally,
could be equated to those we've all
been dealing with on our streets and
       As you probably already know
dermatologists don't keep a supply of
either cold or hot patch on had for
such situations. Instead they use a
procedure called a skin graft!
        So, after having sever injections
of anesthetic in my lip I had another
done behind my left ear. That's where
the doc got the "extra skin" to fill up
my lip!
         It will take awhile for the "ear
skin" to turn into :lip skin" but he says
it will work. As for the hole behind my
ear there was enough extra skin there
to stitch together and tighten things up.
        I'm looking forward to being able
to speak and eat again sometime soon.
I'm also especially looking forward to
complete recovery eventually  because
the sore on my lip prohibited me from
whistling the way I used to.
         When this is all done my lip
should have a far better "ear" for
           Hope the milkshakes keep
coming and that all your NEWS is

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


                LAST (NIGHT'S)  SUPPER!

   I've been trying to cut down on my weight
a bit over, I guess, the past few months. I've
enjoyed  modest success but the key to any
success whatever is based on my ability to
say "no." I haven't always been able to do
that but it's worked more times than not.
    I've especially tried to limit my input
for supper because that's always my
biggest meal of the day.
    Today (Wednesday), however, I'll
be visiting my dermatologist who'll be
preforming MOS surgery to remove
some cancer from my lower lip.
    Facing the need to intake my meals
through straws for awhile I caved when
my wife offered to cook up some
spaghetti and sausage for supper! I
even had seconds including a third
piece of sausage.
      It will undoubtedly show up on
the scale in the morning. But that's
before the operation which could
result in a very successful diet of
milk shakes and soup for a week or
so. I can live with that!
      If it takes much longer I'll
buy a blender and throw some
spaghetti and sausage in there!
      Hope all your NEWS (and
mine) is good!     

Monday, August 27, 2018


             SCHOOL DAYS!

    My Face book page has been loaded
with photos of kids and grandkids heading
"back to school."
     Many of them are "firsts." You know.
First day of school. First day of 3rd grade.
First last day of school (reserved of course
for High School seniors.)
      I actually remember my first day of
school. To some extent it set the standard
for most of my academic career. I cried
and was consoled by a female student.
And my favorite part of the day was
going home.
       Of course school was different
then. Everybody walked there. In my
case that was a hike of two and one
half blocks. There was no Kindergarten
at my elementary school until a few
years after I started going there so my
first day was in first grade.
        School, back the, started
after Labor Day!! And snow
seldom stopped us!
       12 full years of school. Less
tears for the most part but my favorite
part of the day was still going home!
       Three of our grandchildren have,
basically. never not been in school!
The two oldest have a Mom who
taught in a school with  an attached
day care and nursery so they were
in school cribs and playrooms while
their Mom was in a classroom close
       My youngest has been in a
nursery for most of his three years
and, in fact, he's been going there
while other kids enjoy summers
off! No wonder he looks so happy
when  I come in the door to take
him out!
       That's more years that some
Felons do!
        So best wishes to all of you
starting school, a new grade, or
just another year. Hope you're
not in tears and that all your
NEWS is good!


Sunday, August 26, 2018


    MONDAY, AUGUST 27TH., 2018

     Most of you are well aware I use
Facebook a lot. There are posts about
my family, my trips, my TV show on
Electric City Television and, of course,
my daily blog.
      I love to share these things with
family and friends and Facebook offers
an easy way to do that.
      Every since I first joined I've been
accepting "Friend requests" from many
of the people  who asked me to do so.
Often their home location or
profession suggests that know me from
my nearly 60 years in the local media
or through mutual friends.
      But that's become a little less
dependable than it used to be.
      After accepting a few Friend requests
from people who claim to live in the
area or be area natives I've received
messages from them usually beginning
with something simple like "Hi. How
are you doing?"
        Deciding to greet my new "friends"
I've replied with comments such as "Fine
thank you. And you?" And that's when
it begins.
         Those greetings are followed by
a message in which the new "friend"
tells me how great life is now then
asks "Have you heard the good news?"
Usually, no matter how you reply
you then receive an invitation to
take advantage of some new government
program that offers you something for
nothing. I believe it's usually a federal
grant or the like.
          Now I'm all for getting free money
for doing virtually nothing but I've yet to
find a legitimate program like that.
          My policy now is to immediately
click on my new "friend's name" and
Unfriend them! Seems they're just
identity thieves who have come up with
some scam for anyone accepting their
"Friend request" and I suppose they
get enough suckers to make their
scheme work out.
           Of course I could be wrong and,
by now, I've probably lost thousands in
free money and about two dozen  new
             Think I'll just stick with you guys!
Hope you're still a friend and that all your
"Good NEWS" comes in my blog!          


  SUNDAY, AUGUST 28TH., 2018
           MY COUSIN VINNY?


  Some 60 people were gathered at a Barn in
Schuylkill County yesterday.
  But this was no Grange meeting or Barn Dance!
  This was the 107th annual reunion of the
Singley Family! No....I have not attended them
   For those who don't already know, my middle
name is Singley. It was my mother's maiden
name and she was logically proud of a family
name that has been traced back to the American
Revolution. (I wasn't involved it that either!)
   My Mom and Dad used to bring me to the
reunion every year. It was held in a small church
in the community of Zion Grove. After a service
meeting, we would all go outside to the church
pavilion where we could either buy food prepared
by church volunteers or dig into the covered
dishes many people would bring along.
   I fell away from the meetings during my teen
years. So did a lot of others. But a couple of
years ago a few of the cousins expanded the
gathering to a family farm not far from the
church. They still hold the meeting and family
"business' session at the pavilion. But, since
the church no longer has volunteers to prepare
food, we all go to the farm where there is what
can only be described as a feast and a whole
lot of fun for the kids!
    They don't play with IPods there! They
play poor, or ping pong in the barn or an 
exciting ride in the cor4n fields in the 4
wheel drive Ranger!
    Everybody knows we're all related in some
way even if there are faces we seldom see and
names we might not always remember.
    There's bound to be a "Cousin Vinny" in
there somewhere!
     There's corn. fresh from the field, broworst,
and what seems like a hundred deserts! You
don't start your diet here!
     What's really great is to see the kids enjoying
some "farm living!" They're the ones that will
have to take the Singley's towards the 200th
reunion! I think the family has a chance to get
there! I hope they do....and that all your NEWS
is good!

Friday, August 24, 2018


           I HEAR YA COMING!
       The road running past our
development goes up a hill, through
the woods, and leads to a rather
unique structure.
        It is a double arch tunnel.
There are railroad tracks on top.
One of the arches covers a mountain
stream. The other is for traffic.
        But the roadway beneath the
tunnel is very narrow. There's no
more for cars to pass each other
so you've got to go through one
way at a time.
        Tradition mandates that a
driver entering the tunnel sound
his or her horn so drivers approaching
from the other direction can be alerted
someone's already coming through.
        I sometimes walk on another
road nearby and have discovered that
any opportunity to sound a car horn
is not only welcomed by most drivers
it is a chance to "lay on that horn!"
       Some just sound the blast from
the moment that start into the tunnel
to the second they come out the other
side. Others, perhaps a bit more
musical, seem to sound random "beeps"
as they proceed.
        It must be especially entertaining,
although "entertaining" may not exactly
be the right word, for a few homeowners
who live on the east side of the underpass.
You see, even though headlights would
be just as effective, drivers, most of them
men, see the need to continue their
mobile symphony even as their pass
through the tunnel at night!
       It's times like this when I miss the
specialty horn I had installed in my old
jeep. I think both other drivers and
neighbors would be delighted to hear
the strains of "Take Me Out To The
Ballgame," or "Dixie" as I passed through
the arch! I had about 50 different selections
so I could do a whole show as I passed
back and forth.
      Hope they hear you coming...and that
all your NEWS is good!