Monday, November 19, 2018



    Seven score and 14 years ago yesterday
President Abraham Lincoln delivered a
speech in Gettysburg Pennsylvania that,
according to his own words, would be
little noted nor long remembered by the
    Boy, did he get that wrong!
    Who hasn't heard or maybe even
been forced to memorize and recite those
272 words at one time or another?
    For kids today it may be one of the
few things they know about Lincoln.
Except that they named a car and a
tunnel after him!
    And "a score" to most is something
they hope their football team will do.
    This may be a good time to clear up a
big misconception about that famous
speech. It was not written in a train on the
way to Gettysburg!
    There are five know copies and each is
written in a steady even script which would
have been virtually impossible to do on a
train back in the Civil War era. Way too
   You kids might want to impress your
teacher with that bit of historic trivia.
   If that doesn't work you can wow
everyone in the class with some important
information I've come up with through my
extensive research.
   If you are ever asked if you know the
 Gettysburg address, the correct answer is
 97 Taneytown Road!
   That's the National Cemetery where
Lincoln made the speech. It's the
Gettysburg address address!
    Hope you're all impressed with my
historical knowledge and that all your
NEWS is good!


    MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19TH., 2018

   As those of you who saw my Facebook
photo album already know my wife and I
took two of our grandsons to the Lancaster
area Sunday to see Thomas The Tank Engine
in person!
    We've visited the specific location, the
Strasburg Railroad, in the past but it has
been several years so I immediately
punched the attraction into my Garmin GPS
unit. The first couple steps took me to the
Pennsylvania Turnpike so I figured, given
the 70mph speed limit, it would be a pretty
quick trip. The projected arrival time was
about 2 hours and 15 minutes.
     The route took me from the Allentown
area to the Reading area. then to the
Lancaster area. Heavy traffic all the way.
Sort of like NASCAR with right and left
turns and exits!
       Having been there before but not
recalling the congestion I really wanted
to find a better way home. Since Wilkes-
Barre is not on Thomas' line rail service
was out!
       I decided to do something drastic.
I pulled out a Pennsylvania Map! A new
one we just happen to pick up at a rest
stop on Saturday. A quick glance
quickly reminded me that Route 501
goes straight north out of Lancaster to
Pine Grove in Schuylkill County where
it offers an easy on ramp to Interstate
        My choice took us through a few small
towns and rural areas where 70mph was
out of the question. And yet, the trip home
took just a little over the same time it took
to get there without having to fight heavy
        Hope you keep a map handy, look
at it from time to time, and that all your
NEWS is good!

Saturday, November 17, 2018


                HI YO SILVER!

     The Holy Redeemer Girl's Volleyball
team played for the State Championship
in Mechanicsburg on Saturday but lost
three very hard fought sets to a great
team from Bald Eagle High School in
Centre County. The Lady Royals
certainly gave their opponents a run for
their money!
      Of course the season that got the
Lady Royals to that game was nothing
short of tremendous and netted the team
a number 1 ranking in the State Coach's
       Getting to that final game also
produced the Runner Up Trophy to the
team and Silver medals for all the
players! Second place the state is pretty
darn good!
       So what do you do after playing
in a State Championship and getting
silver medals? Well, if you're the
Lady Royals you drive all the way
back to Wyoming Valley, get your
hair and makeup done, put on your
gown, meet your date and go to a
        You see besides thinking about
playing the biggest game of the year
these young ladies were also thinking
about their annual Semi Formal Dance!
Talk about pressure!
          So, a "well done" to all the Lady
Royals (including our granddaughter
Jenna) for representing yourselves,
your school, and our community so
very, very well!
         Hope you enjoyed your season,
your silver, and your dance! Hope all
your NEWS is good!


Friday, November 16, 2018



   This probably seems like a slam dunk to
most of you! From the weekend before
Thanksgiving till the holiday itself people
throughout the country will be waiting at
curbside to watch the parade pass them by.
It's the one time when that's OK.
     Marching bands, colorful floats, and, in
some cases, huge balloons will welcome
the Holiday season. And most of those
parades are either named for or feature
the "big guy from the North Pole!"
      Santa will be in both Wilkes-Barre
and Scranton today and probably in a lot
of other towns and cities too.
      The "Thanksgiving" or "Santa Parades"
have been around for many years. They're
so expected that I was a bit surprised to
find that the 72nd annual "Mother Goose
Parade" will be taking place in the San
Diego area of California.
       Now to be clear, Santa will show up
there too. But the theme remains "Mother
Goose."  I realize she's been around pretty
much as long as Santa but, personally, I'd
hate to give him second billing a month
before he comes back bearing gifts!
        Mother Goose has some great  stories
but I think Saint Nick would still be the
star of my parade!
         Hope you enjoy a parade this week
whatever it's called and that all your NEWS
is good!

Thursday, November 15, 2018


               BUTTON UP!

    Today's title has nothing to do with
the winter storm that hit Thursday, though
the suggestion to "button up" would be
in order. Nor is it an admonition to keep
quiet. I picked it as a salute to "National
Button Day." That's today!
     Years ago many or our Moms or
Grandmas collected buttons. The
tradition continues at our house where
my wife seems to have an infinite
supply. I wouldn't usually give it a
second thought/ But the other day when
I noticed one small  white button missing
from one of my dress shirts and happen to
mention it my wife immediately went
into her stash and came up with a match!
You can just never tell when you're going
to need a button.
        You may recall a game we used to
play as kids before electronic games
came into their own. Buttony Button.
You'd get a bunch of kids standing in
a circle with one holding a small
button. You'd pass it from one person
to the next. But someone might fake
the pass (and you usually passed behind
your back). Then everybody would
guess who actually had the button in
their hand. Simple game for simpler
          If you're snowed in and the
power goes out at least you'll have a
game to play. Of course if you don't
have a button collection you may have
to borrow one of Dad's shirts!
           Hope you enjoy this unusual
"holiday" and that all your NEWS is

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


              A NOSTALGIC RIDE.

       I found myself taking a nostalgic ride
Wednesday afternoon. Unlike previous
adventures this trip was not in my little
red sportscar but, rather, on an escalator
in Boscov's Department store in Scranton!
       As I rode the moving staircase from
first floor to second the sight of shoppers
amid the merchandise and wonderfully
colored Christmas decorations carried me
back to my home town around the same
time of the season many years ago.
      Most communities of any substantial
size had at least one downtown Department
store. We had several in Hazleton. The
Leader was always my favorite as Department
stores went. Now, admittedly, I was probably
a lot more anxious to stop at American Auto
or Jerry Woodring's Hardware Store to pick up the
newest Lionel Train Catalog or see the actual
train displays that were always set up around
        But the Leader store offered both mystery
and adventure. It had an escalator. The first, as
far as I know, in our city.
         Each floor offered the excitement of
seeing new merchandise as you made your
way to the top. That's where the kept their
Top Department. And that's where Santa
waited for the kids to either share their wish
list or scream as well meaning parents forced
them onto his lap for a photo op! I don't
remember ever having to be forced to give
anyone my Christmas list! I still offer it
willingly to anyone who asks.
           There's something very special, in my
mind at least, about a downtown Department
store at Christmas time. That being said I'd
often stop in the Leader at any time of the
year just to ride the escalator!  I guess in
"my day" it was our "X-Box!" Things were
a lot simpler then, not to mention less
           Think I'll stop by Boscov's again
next week and just go up and down the
escalators a few times for old times sake.
            Hope they keep running for many
years to come and that all your NEWS is

Tuesday, November 13, 2018



     The Holy Redeemer Girl's Volleyball Team is
going to the State 2-A District Championship game
in Mechanicsburg this Saturday! The Lady Royals
defeated a very good Delong Catholic team in
Reading Tuesday evening. They'll face Bald Eagle
for the State title!
      But, what will they wear?
      Throughout the season the girl's have worn
the traditional Holy Redeemer red uniforms. But
here's the thing. The school's annual Semi Dance
is scheduled for Saturday evening in Wilkes-Barre!
       The State Championship game is scheduled
for 1pm in, again, Mechanicsburg!
        For those who don't already know these two
cities are a couple hours apart. And that's a couple
hours if you're all set to go in your car! Not in your
School Bus!
        Then there's the matter of playing the games
(at least three), and getting back in time to meet
their dates for the big dance! I'm told the young
ladies sometimes like to get their hair done too!
         I'm wondering if regulations require the
girls to wear their uniforms? On second thought
those fancy gowns probably wouldn't work on
the Volleyball court anyway.
        Oh well.
        Hope they win the games, get back in time
to change, and have a wonderful time so that all
their NEWS is good!

Monday, November 12, 2018


                     HE'S BACK!

    My wife and I took two of our grandkids
to the Wyoming Valley Mall Monday. I
knew the folks there would be getting
ready for Christmas but I was a bit surprised
at just how ready!
     Holiday decorations are everywhere
and Chris carols are already being piped
through the public address system. You
almost won't notice that Sears and the Bon
Ton are closed
       As far as I knew Santa was to make a
personal appearance in the area as the
highlight of several upcoming Thanksgiving
holiday parades, but he's already here!
       My grandson and I waved at the big
guy as we walked by an elaborate North
Pole set up in the middle of the mall. And
I think I now know why you never actually
get to see him on Christmas Eve.
        He's charging to have his picture
taken with the kids! If you could get his
photo Christmas Eve you wouldn't need
to buy one now. Guess that's how he pays
for a lot of those toys he brings in that
big sack!
        My list is a little long this year so
I hope a lot of people buy those photos!
I also hope all your NEWS is good!

Sunday, November 11, 2018


      MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12TH., 2018

        I think you might be hard pressed to find
people who didn't like Mickey Mouse. But I
never realized, until today, the "appreciation"
of rodents goes well beyond the gang wearing
Mousketeer ears!
         You may find some of them today since
November 12th is "Fancy Rat and Mouse Day!"
          There's an organization, the Fancy Rat
and Mouse Association, founded in 1983 as
an International non-profit club that welcomes
anyone with an interest in rats or mice as
members! I have no idea how many members
it has.
         According to its web page the club wants
to promote the positive qualities of rats and mice
as "companion Animals" as well as educate
people on their proper care. They even hold
shows much the same as you're see for dogs,
cats, and rabbits.
        We've had a couple mice visit our
place from time to time over the years. We've
fed each of them but, perhaps, not in a fashion
the club might recommend. Our snacks have
been offered on top of old fashion mouse
traps or, lately, in better mousetraps somebody
invented much to our delight.
          I think my Mouse Club membership
will be limited to the one Disney offers. But
if you're a member of the other one good
luck in this year's Obedience competition!
          Hope you don't "Rat" on me and
that all your NEWS is good!


                   FAMILY HEREOS!

     Veteran's Day seems like an appropriate
time to tell you about my cousin Billy.
      We've had a lot of family members
who have served in the military through the
years. In fact, one of the relatives on my
mother's side of the family served in the
Revolutionary War!
         My uncle Grady was a career
serviceman who was in World War II and
         Cousin Billy along with his brother
Mike were two guys boasting Italian
ancestry who found themselves fighting
Italians and the Germans in 1944. He was
with the 5th Army, 85th Division. He was
awarded a Battle Star and Infantry Badge
while in the battle of Rome-Arno, then
received two Oak Leaf Clusters and his
second Battle Star following the battle of
Apennines, Italy.
          That battle also saw him awarded
the first of what would become three
Purple Hearts! Because he was in a front
line position his wounds, the last of which
was extremely severe, necessitated his
being treated in the field until he could
finally be removed to a hospital.
           What I remember most about
my cousin was his smile. I can't remember
ever seeing him without it in spite of the
lasting physical injuries he endured through
the remainder of his life. I don't believe he
ever missed a family wedding and he
raised a wonderful family himself!
            Bill passed away 6 years ago at
age 87. We all miss him and think of him
as a family hero. That title goes as much
for the way he lived his life after the
war as for his service during the conflict.
            Hope you're remembering the
"Billy's" in your life today and that all
your NEWS is good!



Friday, November 9, 2018



     My wife couldn't make last Tuesday's
$5 (well now it's $5.50) movie day so I
went by myself. It was a good chance to
see an action packed military movie as
opposed to the comedy or romance features
we usually see.
      I even ran into a old friend and colleague
(Bill Longworth) who happen to be just two
seats away. He were able to chat a bit and
he didn't take any of my pop corn!
      Of course by the time I bought that
pop corn and a soft drink that "bargain
movie price" wasn't that much of a bargain.
      Things worked out a bit better on
Friday night. One a month during the
Fall and Winter seasons our church offers
a "Dinner and a Movie Night." The screen
isn't as big as the one at the multiplex but
the movie was great and instead of pop corn
we enjoyed salad, pasta, meatballs, and your
choice of about 7 different deserts! All for
an admission donation of three bucks! And,
by the way. nobody has ever been turned
away that didn't have three dollars!
       Now there's a real deal and had anybody
wanted popcorn after all that food I'm sure we
could have come up with some.
       Maybe I should tell Bill about this!
       Hope we get a good "shoot 'em up" next
and that all your NEWS is good!


Thursday, November 8, 2018


           SEE HOW THEY FALL!

    I believe the first time I heard the term
"Domino Effect" was about the time Castro
made it clear  Cuba was embracing
Communism. The prevailing fear was
that one country falling would lead to
other nearby countries falling.
      While the term was new to me the
practice was not. I used to play dominos
with my grandmother. After our games
I often set up a long line of the numbered
blocks so I could watch them fall one
after the other when I toppled the first
       Little did I know how seriously
people take the domino effect. I found
out there is a Domino Day! It's today.....
sometimes! The "holiday" is sometimes
observed on the 2nd Friday of November
and sometimes on the 2nd Saturday.
       It was first organized in 1998 in the
 Netherlands. Each year builders set up
long rows of dominos, usually in unique
patterns, then watch to see if they'll all
fall in an artistic order.
        They still observe the day in many
countries and the last record successful
"domino drop" I've seen reported was
in 2009 in the Netherlands when they toppled
4,491,863 dominos! I used to feel pretty
good when I dropped a dozen set up in
a straight line!
         I think I always enjoyed setting up
then knocking down dominos more than
playing the actual domino game. Maybe
it's a "boy thing."
         Anyhow it's still cold outside so
if you've got a box of dominos why not
celebrate by getting them out, setting
them up, then going for the domino
          Have a blast! Hope all your NEWS
is good!


Wednesday, November 7, 2018


              CURB SIDE PICKUP!

      I've raved before about our township
sanitation crew! Every Thursday morning
their truck comes through our development
and the guys toss those bags, often heavy
ones, into the back to be hauled away.
      When my little grandson is visiting
they always take time to wave and/or
toot the horn to say "Hi!"
        This morning, however, they won't
have to stop at my place. Somebody beat
them to their curb side pick up!
         When I went out to dump some
extra trash into our container Wednesday
morning I found it already gone!
          We have a large rubber/plastic
can with a lid that seals the top. I was
a bit perplexed. It was unlikely the
township crew came early. And I
couldn't envision anyone stealing our
can. Especially filled with garbage!
           Minutes later I discovered
the container on its side along a
trail that leads away from our house
into a heavily wooded area.
            Apparently our neighborhood
bear detected the spare rib bones right
through the garbage bag and the plastic
can and dragged it onto the path. I was
impressed to see he (or she) was able
to get the container open and make
off with the contents. I was pleased
to see the bruin took the bag away
somewhere without spilling garbage
all over the place! If I knew I could
count on such quality service every
week perhaps I could stop buying
township garbage bags!
            Hope he doesn't get close
enough to wave to us, and that all
your NEWS is good!



  I don't know what happened! I'm at a loss. And
I don't even know what I can show you since there's
absolutely no photographic evidence!
   Only one political worker was at my polling place
 as I walked in to vote!  I'm thinking, perhaps, the
candidates used the money they might have given
these "poll people" to pay their phone bills!
   It must have been terribly expensive to hire all
those actors just to call my house in support of
their candidacy! They may have called your house
too. Probably long distance!
   I didn't really miss the people all that much.
   I was just surprised not to see them!
   I used to thank them for the "'Candidate Cards"
they handed out.
   I never let them  influence my voting. But they often
came in handy to write short reminders to myself if I
found myself without a note pad.
   There was a time when you used to get some
pretty neat bribes.....I mean.....trinkets.....from the
people who greeted you outside the polling places.
    You could usually count on getting at least one
pen or pencil.     Occasionally some one might hand
out a ruler! This year the best I could do was a small
rubber duckie handed out by a candidate a couple
weeks ago.
    Ironically I saw more people inside the polling
place than I've seen in a very long time.
    All those people and no one to try to influence
their vote at the very last minute!     I guess, like the
song says, the times they are changing.
    Instead of a new pencil we got a call from the
President on Monday. He sounded pretty mad and
I didn't get a chance to actually say anything to him.
    We also got a couple political calls Tuesday
evening but even if we were impressed, and we
weren't, we had cast our ballots about 6 hours
before the calls came in! Maybe those candidates
forgot to adjust their clocks last weekend.
     Hope you came away from the voting booth
with something......satisfaction at least.....and that
all your NEWS is good!

Monday, November 5, 2018



   I remember the day when I had a family
doctor. One doctor!
   That changed over the years as various
ailments required the expertise of specialists.
I was lucky enough to be directed to some
very good physicians and I've been very
satisfied with the care they provided.
    Then one day I received a letter informing
me that my family doctor was retiring. I
almost needed emergency care when I read
it! This guy had been my doctor for a lot of
years and you come to trust someone after
all that time.
     I, actually we, my wife and I, were
referred to another general practitioner
who earned our trust very quickly.
    Then he retired! We're on our third
family doctor since being married.
     Next my urologist called it quits. I
haven't ever seen his replacement yet.
     A few months ago one of the
specialists treating my wife hung up
his shingle.  Awhile before that her
heart doctor turned her over to his
     On Monday my pulmonary doctor
announced that he's closing his practice!
      I guess I'm getting good care because,
in a sense, I'm outliving all my doctors!
Maybe they need emergency care! They
seem to be dropping like flies!
      Hope I can drop a couple
prescriptions too and that all your NEWS
is good!

Sunday, November 4, 2018


             IN THE SOUP LINE!

   My wife and I, two daughters, one
granddaughter, along with our pastor
and his wife  found ourselves in a
Soup line Sunday. Don't fret. Things
aren't really that tight. As a matter of
fact this particular line was set up to
help others that may be having a tough
time making ends meet.
   It's all part of the "Empty Bowl
Project."  It's an international project
to fight hunger. Artists and Art
organizations produce bowls of all
shapes and sizes which are purchased
by folks who then get to go into a
dining area where all kinds of soups
are being served. So you get a nice
piece of artwork then some delicious
     By the way you don't have to use
your new bowl for the soup! The
servers provide containers for that!
This year's menu included a couple
soups cooked up by the fine folks
from the Luzerne County Community
College Culinary Arts Program! There
were others too, all offering a lot of
variety and flavors!
      We even had a young man
providing entertainment with his
Trombone! You don't get much of
that these days!
       Empty Bowls now supports
food related charities around the
world and has raised millions of
dollars in the fight against hunger.
       I know it worked for us. I
certainly wasn't hungry after we
left. We have two beautiful artistic
bowls and the knowledge our
admission will provide some full
bowls for others somewhere in the
      Hope to go again next year
and that all your NEWS is good!

Saturday, November 3, 2018


            FLYING THE COOP!

     We had an unexpected visitor Saturday
and, as a result, we are flying the coop. Or,
perhaps more accurately, the coop is
     Since the passing of our pet cockatoo
a couple years ago we have been using his
old cage as a feeder for birds of all kinds
that choose to stop in for a snack. It looks
like a restaurant at rush hour after I fill it
with seed each day.
     The visitor, one of our neighbors, came
to the door with a plea.  Could we move
our feeder he asked? The gentlemen said
the "waiting line" for the bird feed includes
the wires directly over his parked car and
the roof of his mobile home.
      Bird on the wire, of course, tend to
leave evidence of their presence on the
hood of his vehicle. As for those on his
roof he insists the pitter patter of their
coming and going is disrupting his
peace and quiet.
       While we enjoy being able to watch
our feathered friends right outside our
kitchen window we agreed to move the
old cage to the back of our yard where
we can still see it from our front porch.
We're doing it on an experimental basis.
       It's my personal belief that whether
their feeding platform is in the back of
the yard or in back of the house the wires
and roof will still be attractive waiting
       While I didn't mention this I can't
help but wonder what his reaction would
be if it was the bear rather than the birds
that were waiting for the seed. We've
got one around right now!
        Maybe the new feeder location
will attract him and it's the neighbor
who'll be flying the coop!
        Hope all of your birds are fed and
 all your NEWS is good!

Friday, November 2, 2018



   You can say that again, and you probably
will when you realize November 3rd is "Cliché
Day." Since I reported on this event once before
I think it's safe to say I told you so. But that's
all water over the bridge. And that's as clear as
    Don't knock yourself if you didn't know.
After all, we all live and learn. Unless you're
an old dog who can't be taught new tricks.
If that's the case don't bother to celebrate.
Just sit back and relax. After all there's no
place like home.
     If you are planning to observe this
unusual "holiday" just pull out a few old
clichés on people you happen to meet.
Go as you are. Clothes don't make the
man. And, if they don't go along with
your celebration don't worry about it.
The world is paved with good intentions
(which is a lot more than I can say about
Pennsylvania highways.)! Of course that
subject truly is a slippery slope!
      Keep after your friends to join you.
It may take awhile. Rome wasn't built in
a day so don't rock the boat.
      That's all I have to say about that
except.....hope all your NEWS is good!


Thursday, November 1, 2018


              SHED-ING A TEAR!

     My wife made a freighting discovery
when she went to the shed to pull out our
Halloween decorations a few weeks ago.
Somewhere between the post hurricane rains
and the usual terrible downpours that
highlighted our summer shingles had torn
lose allowing a generous amount of water
get inside. The result was several ruined
walls and some damaged belongings.
      Needing the storage space desperately
we contacted a really good roofing guy, Adam
Verdekal of A.J.V. Roofing, who came up
without delay, checked the problem, and gave
us a fair estimate to make repairs.
      He also offered to haul away the damaged
items. Anytime my wife senses the opportunity
to thrown something out it means somethings
are going to be tossed! She had something
else going for her Thursday, I was watching
my 3-year-old grandson and didn't have a lot
of time to review the laundry list of "disposable
items" she had selected.
       I did give the OK to our old bowling balls.
They served us well over the years but the cases
fell victim to that leaky roof and we haven't
done any serious bowling for probably 30 years
or so.
        Several boxes of old VHS tapes were
destined for the scrap yards too. I had dubbed
most if not all of them onto dvd's over the last
couple years and going through them one by
one would have taken a day just to read the
labels! Still, I worry that I may have thrown
out something I really would have wanted
to save if I knew it was there.
        There was a "donut spare tire" for my
Miata. But it had no tread and I have a good
one in the car anyway.
         I have no idea what else got chucked
before I had any input. That's probably a
good thing.....I guess. I'd likely kept just
about everything...."just in case." It's better
I don't know.
         Hope the roof on our other shed is OK
and that all your NEWS is good!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018



      My wife and I stopped by our grandson's
Pre School on Wednesday to watch as he and
his classmates marched in their annual
Halloween Parade.
       It brought back some memories from
my grade school days back in my hometown.
I remember that walk around the school. Pretty
much the same thing the kids do now.
       My biggest memory though was of the
Halloween parties we had right there in the
classroom of our neighborhood school.
       The rooms were, of course, decorated
for the holiday and the parties were a break
from the daily grind of learning ABCs and
addition and subtraction.
        I guess there's some kind of law
requiring the food and beverages at Halloween
parties to come in colors reflecting the holiday.
There were cup cakes with orange icing and
then there was that "orange drink." I'm still
not really sure what it was. Certainly not
soda (although I believe that showed up by
the time we hit 4th grade. Orange of course.)
        Then there was Candy Corn! I always
liked it when it was offered at a party or
available by the handful at somebody's
house. I don't think, however, that I ever
went out an intentionally bought the stuff
myself. It was usually part of the candy we
got at those school classroom parties.
        I believe we got to go home right after
those parties which was a smart more on the
part of school officials who knew what
classes would be like after all the sugar we
kids had consumed.
        Those of us who survived the orange
drink were able to go out "Halloweening"
that evening to obtain still more candy...
enough to keep most of us going till
         Those parties left a legacy with me.
I still refuse to drink anything with an
orange color except pure orange juice!
          Hope your little ones got an ample
supply of  "energy" last night and that
all your NEWS is good.


    TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31ST., 2018
     Halloween. It may have been my
Mom's favorite holiday with the
exception of Christmas.
     When I was a kid Halloween
parties were common at my house.
I would sit around our dining room
table with my friends. My Mom would
turn out the lights then begin to
narrate a scary story about a madman
who killed and dismembered his
     As she spoke the "body parts" had
to be passed from one guest to the
next. The heart was, in reality, a
chicken liver. The eyes were actually
grapes. After her tale ended those
who made it through the sitting
were able to see the innocent parts
they had held.
      I suspect some of my buddies,
at or near 70, can attribute some of
their fears and nightmares to those
Halloween stories at my house! 
      After the party we set out to
roam our neighborhood in search
of some candy and, if we were
lucky, a few coins here or there.
We didn't call it "Trick or Treating."
Back then we just went out
"Halloweening!" Maybe it was a
Hazleton thing.
      More often than not our
costumes were home made, perhaps
enhanced with a mask of some sort.
And we were usually expected to
sing, recite a poem, or tell a joke
before we got that treat!
       Candy didn't have to be X-rayed,
and a quarter would buy a comic
book and a bottle of soda. And you
could get two cents of that quarter
back when you returned the empty
bottle to the store!
       I guess that's what we mean
when we speak of the "good old
       Hope you have a Happy
Halloween and that all your
NEWS is good!