Wednesday, December 5, 2018


              A MINER HOLIDAY!

    No, the title of this essay is not misspelled.
Today is a Miner Holiday that should be a
major thing! But I'll bet very few of you are
observing it. Even if you did know it existed!
     December 6th., is National Miner's
Day. A resolution designating the day was
passed by the U.S. Senate in 2009.
      You'd think such a holiday here in
northeastern Pennsylvania would be a 
pretty big deal. 
       All of the Senior citizens know our
communities were built on and because 
of Anthracite coal. There are State Historical
Markers all around the region relating to our
coal heritage. Of course most of them recall
mining disasters that were all too frequent
back in the days when coal was king. I 
remember when local radio stations
broadcast the Mine Working schedules
each day!
         It's ancient history to the area's school
age kids today but it shouldn't be! Just as we
remember the gallant men and women who
fought for this country in our military we should
be remembering our grandfathers and great
grandfathers who built our communities with
their toil underground providing fuel for the
country in times or war and peace.
          They lived in coal patch towns and
often did, in fact, owe their souls to the
Company Stores which drained most of the
money they made working 10 and 12 hours
a day in the dark tunnels that still lie beneath
many of our streets and homes.
           And many died in places like the 
Avondale,  Baltimore, Twin Shaft, and Knox
Mine disasters! 
            I wonder how many area students
recognize those names?
            I'd like to see our schools take some
time, if only every December 6th, to tell today
minors about why this Miner Holiday is so
            Hope they do and that all your NEWS
is good! 

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