Friday, February 28, 2014

Vote For Ted!

       I don't usually get involved in politics
in my Blog. But in this case I feel compelled
to make an exception! I'm supporting a vote
for Ted Raub!
       No! He's not running for Governor or
City Council or any such thing. And he won't
be doing any campaigning. If fact...Ted passed
away in 1998!
       My good friend, the late Ted Raub, is one
of the nominees for the 2014 "Horror Host Hall
of Fame!
       Most adults in this area remember him as
the host of Uncle Ted's Ghoul School which
aired on WNEP and later WVIA TV.
        Ted would entertain the audience with
jokes, magic, and ad libs in between reels of
some usually very old Horror movies. Ted's
entertainment was usually a lot better than
that provided in those "B" movie flicks!
        The format was not unique northeast PA!
        During my teen years, about a hundred
years ago, I was a devoted fan of "Zacherle",
a "Dracula-like" character who hosted Chiller
Theater out of Philadelphia. He was inducted
to the Hall of Fame in 2011.
        The same movies were featured on Uncle
Ted's Ghoul School some 40 or so years later.
        Uncle Ted also helped me with a Train
Robbery! Back in my day's with WILK radio,
which was a Top 40 station at the time, the
DJ's and I dressed up as cowboys for a
promotional photo and "robbed" a western
style train that used to run in a park along
Route 11 between Berwick and Bloomsburg.
       Uncle Ted played the Conductor for us!
He always loved a good gag. In fact he even
loved a bad gag!
        While I realize not all of you yearn for
a show filled with one liners, a bit of magic,
and Ed Wood type Monster Movies, let's give
some credit to a guy like Uncle Ted who made
it fun for a lot of people looking for a bit of
         Ted pulled off some real magic too!
He survived numerous Paratrooper drops
during combat in World War II. That was
a good trick! And he came way with two
Purple Hearts!
       You can cast a vote for him by sending an
email including his name to:
       Hope you'll send a vote for Ted Raub and
that all your NEWS is ghoul...I mean... good!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Renaissance Man

   I got back behind the microphone last
night. But this time it was as an Emcee
for the Luzerne County Historical
Society as it honored a real radio
pioneer, Father Joseph Murgas!
   Back in 1905 this Priest, artist, and
inventor was the first person to transmit
a wireless radio signal between Wilkes-
Barre and Scranton. (Probably the last
time the two cities really communicated!)
    Until that time it was thought to be
impossible to transmit over land!
    I figured they wanted me as MC
because most people thought I probably
worked with Father Murgas in my early
days in radio. Actually I came along a
little later.
    He truly was a Renaissance man. He
was an accomplished painter, invented
an anti backlash fishing reel that stopped
the line from getting tangled, and held
numerous radio patents.
    President Teddy Roosevelt came to
visit him in Wilkes-Barre to discuss his
success with sending signals using tones
instead of the dots and dashes used in
Morse code. The President had been
attending an anti drinking parade in
Scranton. That probably gave him plenty
of time to meet with Murgas!
    Since those tones represented letters
I suggest Father Murgas was really
the first texter in our area!
     He also collected and categorized
some 10,000 species of butterflies.
     People new to radio can still feel
those in their stomach the first time they
go on the air!
     I think I felt a couple last night when
the man I was suppose to introduce said
he'd rather introduce himself. So, I
introduced him to introduce himself!
     It's too bad so few people these days
realize the importance of the technology
Father Murgas invented right here in
northeastern Pennsylvania.
     Hope you give him a thought next
time you dial your cell phone.....and that
all your NEWS is good!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Looking For Spring!

    According to the Weather guys we've
set a new record this month. We've had
more snow than in any other February
on record.
    Not to brag, but I think I knew that
well before the official records proved it!
I literally felt it in my bones. The bones
that ache because of all the shoveling!
    Every year about this time I'm desperately
searching for signs of Spring.
    The forecasts don't help.
    The Groundhog didn't help.
    Even the prospect of Daylight Savings
Time seems to fall short.
    I was pleased, however, to hear the
familiar "honking" of geese during my walk
in West Pittston the other day!
    Used to be you could always tell that
Spring was at hand when you spotted a
flight of Canada Geese in their "V"
formation flying through the air.
    Of course I didn't actually see that.
    The birds I heard were actually
floating on the Susquehanna or walking
along its banks.
    Maybe they decided to swim or walk
North this year? Maybe, like a lot of us,
they just can't afford to fly.
     Or, maybe, they were just taking a
rest stop. They was plenty of evidence
that might be the case. I made sure I
didn't step in any of it!
     Darn thing is...when they did start to
fly....they were heading East. I have no
idea what that's suppose to mean!
       I'm just hoping they haven't been
influence by any of the TV or radio
weather forecasts. They're enough to scare
anybody away!
       I'm counting on those birds to take to
the air, check their compass, and bring us
       Otherwise, we'll all know where we
can get some refills for our pillows and
       Hope that "V" is pointing north and that
your NEWS is good!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Anybody Got A Light?

     A parking garage, as most of you know, is
usually fairly dark.  Yes, there are overhead
lights in place. But you probably wouldn't go
there looking for a suntan!
      I mention this because of my experience
leaving the Steamtown Mall Parking Garage
yesterday after my weekly show on Electric
City Television. That's where I saw the strange
form in the shadows. No! It wasn't a mugger.
      It was the silhouette of a black SUV coming
out of the semi darkness!
      Why are drivers reluctant to use their
headlights in parking garages where there's not
enough light to read a book?  Are they trying to
save electricity?
      I was going to flash my own lights. But these
wizards would  probably just think there's a
speed trap up ahead!
      I managed to avoid about three more
light less cars as I made my exit.
       Don't get me wrong. I hate facing those high
beams of oncoming traffic as much as anyone
else when I'm barreling down the Interstate at
night. But at least you see them coming!
       In that garage I'd appreciate, at least, your
parking lights if you're headed my way! And, by
the way, that's not the only problem place!
       Everyday, just about dusk, you see a parade
of vehicles coming out of big box lots whose
drivers seem to be waiting for the moon as a
signal to turn on their headlights. If you're
lucky you won't "bump into them" anytime
        Hope you see the light...and that all your
NEWS is good!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Going Out Of Business!

   I found myself off on another shopping
adventure yesterday!
   My wife and daughter "invited" me to a
"Going Out Of Business Sale!" An invite
like that is like an "offer" from Vito Corleone!
   So it was that I found myself heading to a
Craft Store!
    We  had been there at least twice before.
Those visits both involved the same Going Out
Of Business Sale which began a few months ago.
Yesterday, however, was the last day!
     Of course people are lured by the bargains
of a Closing Day Sale. But just what were they
buying? I thought I'd better check it out for
myself. I've never really looked through a craft
store very carefully.
     Little did I know what I was missing!
     Though most of the shelves were empty I
still came across some interesting merchandise.
     One Creative Kit offered buyers the
chance to make their own Egyptian Burial Mask!
How the heck could you get along without one
of those?
      I came across a bag full or caramel colored
M&Ms! I haven't quite figured out why they were
in a Craft store! Maybe you're suppose to eat them
while you paint?
      Then there was the package of Craft Hair! I
have a few friends who could probably knock
off a couple years with that and a tube of Super
       There were a lot of other things I can't
describe. I've got no idea what they were or what
you're suppose to do with them! Guess I'm just
not crafty enough!
       Sorry you missed the sale! But hope all your
NEWS is good!



Sunday, February 23, 2014

Still Here?

   Well, if you're reading this you're still here.
   We weren't suppose to be!
   According to Viking lore the world was
scheduled to end on February 22nd. The
Vikings called it Ragnarok.
    Of course the legend didn't say exactly
what time so I figured I'd get a few things
    First I needed to get some gas. Then, how
could I let the end come without a final visit
to Walmart?
    I picked up some new reading glasses. If
it was to be the last day at least I'd be able
to read the writing in the wall!
    I wanted to be ready this time!
    Harold Camping had me expecting
earthquakes in May of 2011 and again that
October after he did some recalculating.
Guess he needs a new calculator!
    I knew the Mayans had it wrong in 2012
because I had two calendars that went way
longer than theirs!
    A guy named Warren Jeffs picked two
dates in December of 2012 and Rasputin
predicted the end would come last August
    Of course the Vikings said the end would
come as the earth ran out of water. How could
they have know that most of my snow was
melting? Guess all those storms actually
saved us!
     Hope you enjoyed "the last day" and that
all your NEWS is good!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Celebrations!

  OK! It's Saturday. You're probably off work!
 This is a great day to celebrate! And you know
why. Right?
  Washington's Birthday? Well, yes, that's one
good reason. It is, after all, the actual birthday
of the father of our country.
   The Feds decided to move it so we'd all have
a three day weekend every February.
    But Washington's birthday is only one of
the so-called "holidays" we're noting this
February 22nd!
    This is also World Thinking Day, National
Margarita Day, Open That Bottle Day, and
International Tongue Twister Day!
    If George saw the competition perhaps he
wouldn't mind having his birthday moved!
    And, as they say on television, "But wait!
There's more!"
    Even though the chain is long since gone
February 22nd is also Woolworth's Day.
    Maybe we can combine these festive
    If we think about it, we can open a bottle,
make a Margarita, and come up with a tongue
twister while toasting Woolworths!
    It's probably just as well we forget the day's
other "holiday."
    The last Saturday in February is also
"International Sword Swallowers Day!"
    Frankly I think the whole list is a little
hard to swallow. But they're all noted on list of Strange Holidays!
    Hope you'll find a good reason to celebrate
and that all your NEWS is good!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Buried Treasure?

   My Great Uncle Charlie (my Mom's
uncle) was, for a time, a gold miner in
   I often think about him when there's
snow on the ground so, as you can
imagine, he's been on my mind a lot
   Yesterday as temperatures sored into
the 40's I began to wonder if there might
be any treasure buried under the 3 or 4
foot drifts around my place.
    I know for certain there are at least
    The melting snow has begun to uncover
the form of my Miata which disappeared
from view about three storms ago. I can't
get at it just yet, But knowing it's still
there brings me thoughts of summer days
with the top down.
    Some of my other discoveries were not
nearly as pleasant! It seems the deep snow
has failed to deter any of the stray cats
that have invaded our development from
using my yard as a "rest stop" during their
daily travels. Maybe one dog too!
  My Uncle Charley would have know
how to handle these trespassers. But I'm
not sure PETA would have approved of
his methods.
   Oh, the other "treasure" I mentioned.
It's a spare set of keys to my wife's car!
I apparently dropped them outside while
on one of my half dozen snow shoveling
efforts over the past two weeks. It's likely
they fell during a backstroke and were
flung somewhere into that huge pile of
snow between me and the Miata.
    Hopefully the cats haven't eaten them
and they won't be needed till sometime
this spring!
    Hope your blues are melting away and
that all your NEWS is good!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tracks In The Snow!

     Yesterday morning's snow took many by
surprise. It forced me to put off my daily
walk till the afternoon.
      The unexpected storm left a fresh thin
blanket of white along the street where I
walked. In it was the evidence of other
creatures that  had ventured out before I
      My path takes me through a suburban
area near woods along the river and into
a cemetery.
     I learned back in my Cub Scout days
to walk on the left side of the road, facing
any oncoming traffic. My glance was
directed ahead to the center and right side
of the street. There had been a lot of
traffic there and very little of it was cars.
     Squirrel tracks were all over the place.
Small birds had obviously landed there.
And, as always, cat tracks followed those
of the squirrels and birds.
     It wasn't till I started back and looked
at the area when I had already been that
I spotted the large tracks!
    No squirrels, birds, or cats made these!
    These were definitely humanoid!
    Could it be? Yes! Bigfoot was a
definite possibility!
     As a former news reporter I had to
follow up on this discovery. I decided
to follow the tracks right to the beast's
     So I continued on the trail. I walked
for about 15 minutes when it finally
dawned on me. Bigfoot would have
bear feet. These tracks were those of
boots. And the "den" turned out to be
in the same spot where my Van was
    I have met Bigfoot...and he is me!
    Hope you're on the right path
 and that all your NEWS is good.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Let Me In We Ooh

   I began my Tuesday with some minor
eye surgery.
   Thankfully the morning snow did not
prevent me from getting into my doctor's
    I returned home set on a regiment of
rest, medication, and an afternoon filled
with TV. But that became a little more
complicated than I anticipated!
    Some year ago the pharacutical
community embarked on a campaign to
make medications "Child Proof." I
believe it has succeeded beyond the
industry's wildest expectations!
    My recovery requires the
application of eye drops several times
a day. The application of those drops,
however, requires the opening of the
    If Aladdin's Lamp had been sealed
as well as that dispenser he would never
have met the Genie! I am thankful it
wasn't a container of Nitro needed by
someone with heart pains!
    The drops, of course, were prescription
medication so, perhaps, extra security
might be warranted.
     But my over the counter Non-Aspirin
was also sealed as well as the jewels in
the Tower of London!
     I suppose I forfeited much of my "rest"
breaking into my medications.
    Imagine my disappointment then when
I couldn't get into my Cable TV either! My
screen simply read "We've detected an
interruption in your service." I, of course,
had already detected that interruption when
I couldn't get any channels!
     I was oh so glad the Amaretto opened so
     Hope you keep a can opener handy and
that all your NEWS is good!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Birthday To ...Who?

     (From Double Dee's Dusty Dungeon)
   Chances are a lot of you had yesterday off.
   You probably figured you got to sleep
late because it was "President's Day." But you
would be wrong!
    There is no national holiday called "President's
Day."  It’s a myth, like the story about George
Washington chopping down a cherry tree.
    The holiday we celebrated  Monday was,
officially, "Washington's Birthday."
    Of course it wasn't Washington's actual
Birthday. That's February 22nd.
    Back in 1968 Congress adopted the "Uniform
Monday Holiday Act." The law moved four
holidays, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day,
Columbus Day, and Washington's Birthday
from fixed dates to designated Mondays to
increase the number of three day weekends
for Federal workers.
  Eventually Veteran's Day was moved back
to its traditional date of November 11th.
  This whole "President's Day" thing is the
work of  Madison Avenue. The people there
figured you can promote a lot more sales
if you can tie merchandise to all the dates
between Washington and Lincoln's
   I think the "Father of our Country" deserves
his own day! I always liked Washington best!
   I had a cherry tree in my backyard when I
grew up. I didn't chop mine down either.
Although I'm not sure I would have admitted
it had I done so.
   I had started a collection of dollar bills
because they bear George's portrait. Unfortunately
I never been able to keep any more than about
ten of them at any one time.
    Don't get me wrong. Lincoln is OK too.
    When I was in school, or at work, I would have
been very happy to take Lincoln and Washington's
Birthday off!
    In fact I'd gladly celebrate every President's
Birthday with a day off! Including Jefferson Davis!
    But let's give old George the special
attention he deserves. Lets take the 22nd off too!
    Hope we get more holidays and that all
your NEWS is good!


Monday, February 17, 2014

Artists On Ice!

     We took two of our grand kids to
see the Rolling Stones yesterday.
      No. They were not in concert.
      They were in ice!
      Our Sunday excursion took us to
Clarks Summit for the community's
annual Ice Festival!
      Each year during President's Day
weekend merchants in and around
Clarks Summit invite the world to
their community to view a selection
of ice carvings set up throughout the
     And the theme this year is "Rock
'N Ice." All  the ice sculptures, about
50, were carved to represent stars of
the music industry.
     Where else could you find Lady
Gaga, Michael Jackson, Justin
Timberlake, and the Beatles all on
the same "stage?"
     Of course Janis Joplin took some
explaining. To the kids that is.
     All the music wasn't frozen in
time! Several stores featured live
     And those free cookies and hot
chocolate tasted especially good with
temperatures hovering in the 20's.
     You've got to hand it to a carver
who can turn a couple blocks of ice
into a full set of drums! I can't even
carve a turkey!
    It's great to see a small town turn
itself into a tourist attraction. Especially
during the middle of a cold, snowy
February!  And who would have though
ICE would do it!
    Hope you'll slip into town to enjoy
it and that all your NEWS is good!


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Up On The Roof

  With apologies to the Drifters, some
thoughts about being Up On The Roof!
   When this old world starts getting me
down and constant snow is just too much
to face. .......Why do I find myself atop a
    Well, here's the thing.
     Believe it or not the very same snow
that covered my cars and driveway fell
on my roof too.
     Up until yesterday I hadn't bothered
with it. Maybe the wind would blow it
away. Maybe the sun would melt
it. Neither did!
     Now wet snow, for those who have
never been pelted by a water soaked
snowball. is heavy! And when our
closet doors began creaking when we
opened them my wife suggested there
might be too much snow on the roof.
    That suggestion carried with it one
of those unsaid but fully understood
hints. "Get out and clear some of that
snow off the roof!"
     Let us be clear from the start. I am
not fond of ladders. If God wanted me
to reach things in high places he would
have made me taller.
    Still after locating the ladder, which
was buried under deep snow, I managed
to haul it the side of the house and lift
it into place.
    Had this been a fire rescue operation
no one would have survived!
    Next I began to climb. Very slowly.
One hand on the ladder, the other on the
    I suppose the rungs of a ladder are
actually only about 6 inches or so apart.
So how come I seemed to go up three
feet or more every time I took a step?
    Once on top, or at least as "on top"
as I intended to go I began to thrust my
trusty shovel into the snow and pull it
towards the edge!
    Only one thing stood between that
cold,wet snow and the ground so far
below. Me!
    I find it's nearly impossible to
shovel snow from a roof at eye level
without dumping some into that
narrow gap that always exists between
one's hat and the collar of his jacket!
    And remember that wind I was
hoping would blow the snow from the
roof? It finally started to blow while I
stood there perched high above the
earth (well it seemed darn high) and
blew directly into my face!
     I moved the ladder several times
and got as much of the snow as I was
able to reach (without climbing any
higher). If any more has to come
down I'm going to try to reach
that Wallenda guy. He seems to like
high places!
    The Drifters sung of the roof as a
"peaceful place to be." Hope yours
isn't covered by snow drifts and that
all your NEWS is good!


The end!    

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Weather,,,In Depth!

   Now that the storm is over, well one
storm at least, various area weathermen,
or women, are boasting about how
accurate their forecasts were.
   That's especially interesting given how
different their forecasts were.
   My Web friend, Weather Bob, was not
only on target, but also about a week
ahead with his prediction.
    Now to be fair I should point out that
anyone who called for between 3 to 48
inches could be called accurate IF you
take my parking area as their example.
    I shoveled 5 separate times between
the start of the storm and yesterday
morning. I faced nothing less than 3
inches each time and the resulting piles
of shoveled snow are most definitely
at least 4 feet high!
    I am beginning to run out of places
to pile the snow. I'm sure there are others
facing a similar problem. And that gave
me an idea!
    While our children and grand kids
enjoy some extra time off from school
and activities like sleigh ridding and
snowball fights, those poor kids in
Florida miss out on all the fun.
    I think, as a good will gesture. the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania should
load up all of our snow and haul it to
the Sunshine State!
    I am definitely willing to donate all
of mine! The pile covering my Miata
should supply one Florida child with
enough snow to build a fort!
   We're already got more in the forecast
so we won't have to suffer.
   Hope you're willing to give for our
friends "down south" and that all of
your NEWS is good!

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Funny Valentine

   So, what do you get for the love of your
life on Valentine's Day?
   Roses? Candy? Dinner out?
   How about a sweeper? That's what I got
for my wife!
   Actually it is!
   We were window shopping through a
brand new Flea Market a couple weeks
ago when this unique appliance caught my
wife's eye.
    It's an antique carpet sweeper for which
we have virtually no use what-so-ever.
    My wife likes things from "back in the
day." You could tell she would love to have
it.  That became clearer and clearer when
I offered to buy it and she laundry listed
the places where we couldn't put it.
    "I'd really like it, but" is a phrase which,
when translated, becomes "I really want
that!" Those of you who are not yet
married may want to make note of that!
     So, after some clever negotiating.......
"You'll knock five bucks off that price
won't you?"....we left with an early
Valentine's Day present. And we did find
a corner where it stands as a tribute  to the
past as well as a conversation piece.
     I supplemented the old carpet cleaner
with some brand new chocolates this
morning. My wife always shares things
and I know I'll enjoy a couple candies a
lot more than any quantity of antique
     Talk about sweeping her off her feet!
     Hope your Cupid is on target and that
all your NEWS is good!     

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lady & The Tramp Dinner

   Our church family gathered in force last
night to celebrate either Valentine's Day,
Lincoln's Birthday, or whatever.
    Given the impending snowstorm
everyone may have turned out thinking this
could be the last supper!
    My wife had decorated empty wine
bottles with candle wax drippings and
somebody added actual candles to create
a beautiful ambiance for the evening.
    As I previously indicated I helped to
empty those bottles in the first place!
    On the menu, spaghetti and meatballs
served by our Pastor...Chef Boy-R-Dave!
There was salad, bread, and enough
deserts to keep our entire congregation
high on sugar for a week should the storm
have arrived early and stranded us there!
     Dean Martin serenaded us with
some of his traditional Italian favorites
as we dined by the candlelight.
     And popular Christian comedian, Ken
Davis, provided the entertainment after
dinner via DVD.
     It's hard to get so many people from a
church together when it's not a Sunday
Service. But we've found that food can
sometimes do the trick!
     I had intended to pull off that famous
Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene with my
wife. But by the time I thought about it I
had eaten everything on my plate! How
did that happen?!
    Oh well, Valentine's Day is still tomorrow
IF it's not cancelled because of the storm!
    Hope your night was Bella Notte and that
all of your NEWS is good!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Something Wicked This Way Comes!

    I suppose the question we're dealing with
is whether the end of the world is coming
tomorrow or not! I have the answer!
    Sometime last week weather forecasters
began to warn us about a Valentine's Eve
storm that was heading our way. And as the
day got closer the warnings became more
and more dire!
     We're being warned about heavy snow,
cold temperatures, and strong winds!
      I've heard or read about snow accumulations
ranging from 2 to 18 inches here in northeastern
Pennsylvania. My favorite on line Forecaster,
Weather Bob, is calling for 8 to 12 in the Wilkes-
Barre/Scranton area. He's usually pretty good.
      There are a lot of "unknowns" about this storm.
Why, for instance, hasn't it been named? Or have
I just not heard it? A lot of people on Facebook
are calling it names. But they can't be repeated
       Knowing when it starts is easy! We just have
to keep watch by a window throughout the night!
When we see snow...we'll have the exact start time!
       Will it be the end of the world?
        Absolutely not!
        According to the Vikings that won't happen
until February 22nd. (Of course their end came a
little earlier than expected!)
        Well, as Doris Day reminded us, "Que Sera,
Sera!" Whatever will be, will be!
        Let's just simplify things. My forecast.........
"Snow, followed by little children on sleds!"
        Hope you're ready and that all your NEWS
is good!
       (P.S. Weather Bob tells me the storm has
been named "Pax." )

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Passing The Smell Test!

    I had my Van inspected yesterday!
    You know that annual ritual in which
a mechanic or team of mechanics gives
your car the once over to make sure it's
safe to drive out there on the highway
(where all those other nuts are driving!).
     It's pretty easy to tell if your lights
and brakes are working.
     The interesting thing, to me, is the
"Smell Test." Technically I suppose it's
an "Emissions Test" which is done to
make sure your vehicle is not responsible
for Global Warming!
     Has anybody looked around this area
lately? I had to knock ice and snow off
my vehicle to pull it into the garage!
    The only warming I'm causing is
coming from my car heater!
     The Emission test is done by removing
your gas cap and putting it on some sort
of machine that is suppose to detect leaks.
      I don't quite understand how a machine
"smells" your gas cap. And, while it's off
getting tested, aren't the fumes rushing into
the air?
     Anyhow, if you pass the test you get a
separate sticker for your car windshield.
If you don't I guess you've got to buy
another gas cap.
     The test is required in 25 Pennsylvania
counties but, in 42 others, it's not needed.
We, of course, live in one of the lucky 25!
     You can skip the "Smell Test" IF you
don't drive more than 5,000 mile a year.
      But,,,,,you'll have to pay for a sticker
that explains you're exempt! Something
certainly smells there!!!!!
      If my emissions are causing Global
Warming we'd better get a few more cars
like mine fired up! We could all use some
     Hope your air is sweet and all your
NEWS is good!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Quest For The Gold!

   It was awesome to actually be there and watch
these fantastic athletes compete! I held my breath
as they flew through the air, twisting and turning
and trying for that perfect landing!
   Sochi? No. I was in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania!
   That's where my grand daughter and several
other members of the Zero Gravity Team turned
out for Trampoline competition yesterday.
   This is not one of those back yard trampolines,
surrounded by a large net where little kids simply
bounce up and down.
    One is large and similar to those you might have
seen at a circus performance. The competitors do
bounce up and down. But, in between up and down,
they're doing somersaults and twists, all the while
trying to maintain perfect form and, of course,
attempting not to fall off the edge!
   There is also an event called the "Double Mini."
   I initially thought that had something to do with
a miniature Almond Joy.
    Actually the competitors run along a ramp, jump
onto a small trampoline, somersault, jump onto a
second trampoline where they may flip as many as
three times in the air, then land, hopefully standing
up, on a mat beyond the second one.
    Some of you may have seen a similar display
when I recently slipped on some ice while walking.
I only managed one flip though and did not land
standing up!
    Facing some very still competition the Zero
Gravity team did well. And my grand daughter
took a 5th place in Double Minis, and a 2nd on the
    If they ever come up with tumbling competition
which includes singing, and acting in addition to
the flips she'd be in Gold most of the time!
    I'm not quite sure where she gets this gymnastic
talent from. To my knowledge she's never ever
seen me slip on the ice!
    Anyhow she always hold her head high....even
if it's upside down!
    Hope her photos make you "flip" and that all
your NEWS is good!