Tuesday, February 28, 2017


           THE MISSING DAY!

   This is my day off.
   I know. I know. I'm "retired" so
everyday is a day off.
   But this one is special. No! Not
because it's Saint David's Day
Although I do appreciate them
setting aside a day for somebody
named David.
    No. This day is special because
of all those days most months
    You know. 30 days hath
September, April, June and
so forth.
     As family members and some
of the rest of you know most of
the special days noted by my wife
and I fall on the 29th of particular
     I gave her my Class ring on one
29th. We got engaged on another
29th. And we got married on the
29th of still another month.
    It's easy to remember those various
"anniversaries" and........I usually
get February off! Most Februaries,
of course, hath no 29th. Leap year
is a different story.
    So, today is my day off. I don't
have to remember anything. At
least I don't think I have to remember
     Just in case, I brought some roses
home Monday. Maybe I'll pencil a
29 in that blank block after February
28th and we'll celebrate anyway.
     Hope your March is great and
that all your NEWS is good!

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