Wednesday, March 1, 2017


     THURSDAY, MARCH 2ND., 2017
                 THE COVER UP!

     Whatever your thoughts about medical
insurance may be one thing is for certain.
One of my prescriptions cost some $75.
And that with my insurance! I don't want
to know what it would cost without
coverage because that figure could give
me a heart attack and kill me. (Of course
in that case I wouldn't need the medicine.)
       Anyhow, faced with prices like that,
you can imagine how I felt when I couldn't
find my prescription when I realized my
existing supply was about to run out.
       I know I picked it up at the pharmacy.
I remember heading the receipt to my wife.
       Usually when I bring a prescription
home I place it on the kitchen table while
my put my car keys away. Perhaps it had
been inadvertently knocked off the table
onto the floor. Nope! Not down there.
      How about the spot where I keep my
medications. Maybe it was behind something
else and I just didn't look hard enough. Nope.
Not there.
      Since I had enough for my evening
dosage my wife suggested we simply wait
until the next morning before doing a
serious search of the house.
      When she awoke in the morning my
wife said she thought she had the answer.
before she could explain I agreed.
We both realized where the prescription
was! Her check of the receipt gave her
the answer. My memory, a bit slow I
admit, gave me the clue I needed.
       You see we had picked it up on
that record setting Friday last week when
the sun was shining brightly, the temperature
was well into the 70's, and we put the top
down in the Miata!
       When we returned, facing the reality of
dropping temperatures and heavy rains, we
put the cover back over the car to await
better days ahead.
       Under that cover, inside the car, the
prescription was waiting to be rediscovered.
Mystery solved, medicine safe, $75 not
       Hope we don't go through that again...
and that all your NEWS is good


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