Thursday, March 30, 2017


   FRIDAY, MARCH 31ST., 2017
              IN A STEW!

    What happened to all the oysters?
    Many years ago my brother talked
me into trying the "soup" he was
having at Captain Starn's Restaurant
in Atlantic City. I loved it! But it
wasn't soup. It was Oyster Stew!
     Every since, especially on those
chilly, rainy nights when the rest of
the world was talking up Chicken
Noddle Soup, I've been craving
a nice hot bowl of Oyster Stew
filled with Oyster crackers too.
     But the search for my favorite
has me in a stew!
      Time was you could find at
least a couple cans of Campbell's
on the store shelves half hidden
by the plentiful supply of Clam
Chowder. But that all changed a
few years ago.
      Campbell's oyster stew was
recalled in 2012 over concerns
about the sanitation of oysters
harvested in Korea. While Korean
shellfish has since been reinstated by
the FDA, there is no indication that
Campbell's intends to return its oyster
stew to store shelves.
        A couple weeks go my wife
discovered another brand in a local
market. But there were only three
cans and one was dented. When I
returned to the same place this week
I couldn't even find a dented can!
     There's also an old saying that
you should only eat oysters in months
with an "R" in them. Modern
harvesting methods have pretty much
dispelled that caution. And I don't
think it applied to canned stews
        But that hardly matters when
you can find the cans! I'll just have
to step up my search!
        Hope I 'CAN' find some and that
al you NEWS is good.




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