Tuesday, March 14, 2017


                 THE BLIZZARD!  

    By now those of you who read my daily
post of Facebook know that I have not seen
anything of the Blizzard of 2017 personally.
A foot ailment has prevented me from even
trying to stand and I literally been confined
to bed.
    I have seen TV coverage and photos
posted by Facebook friends. But until I'm
able to look outside I've decided to treat
it as a case of mass hypnosis!
    Before my foot pain kicked in (that's
a pun.) we decided to take all the usual
precautions for the predicted winter
    I stopped at the grocery store and
picked up some fruit and bread. We
had already purchased eggs from a
fellow church member who has
chickens and brings a supply for sale
every week.
    I did not get milk. We already had
a half gallon that is three days past its
"Sell By Date." But it has not been
open. If the blizzard is as bad as some
folks claim I'll put it up for bid to
anyone willing to pick it up.
    Meanwhile we are observing a
storm routine. We are bundled up
with plenty of food and a full supply
of our home heating oil.
    The only other thing we could think
to do is check on the welfare of
our elderly neighbors. We gave that
up quickly because....WE ARE the
elderly neighbors!
    Hope some of the young ones
will offer to shovel this imaginary
snow for us and that all your NEWS
is good!

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