Sunday, March 26, 2017


  MONDAY, MARCH 27TH., 2017
          UPS AND DOWNS!

   How many times have you heard
it said? "There's nothing to do around
here." You can be sure of one thing.
Whoever says that hasn't looked!
    The Steamtown National Park
site and the Electric City Trolley
Museum are close by in Scranton.
Wlkes-Barre has its Ice Skating
center and there are parks and
playgrounds all over the area for
those days when the sun warms
things up.
     On Sunday some of our family
gathered at the area's newest
     Super Bounce is located in
the Mid-Way Shopping Center
in Wyoming Borough. A local
family, the Ginocchietti's, have
invested in our community and kids
in a very big way!
      All sorts of inflatable
attractions have been set up
under roof (weather proof) for
kids from toddlers to pre teen
to bounce their hearts out!
     Their rates are very
reasonable and there's no
charge for the adults who come
to watch them having their fun!
     They've set up special areas
for the very little ones and there's
a great staff on hand to assist the
kids and make sure they're safe
while they're enjoying themselves!
My grand daughter Kara is one of
those staffers. They all take their
responsibilities very seriously 
     It was really great to see kids
having a all and burning off some
energy instead of sitting around
watching TV! The adults watching
had just as much fun too!
     Hope it's a big success and
that all their, and your, NEWS
is good!

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