Monday, March 20, 2017


   TUESDAY, MARCH 21ST., 2017

   One of the greatest benefits of being
retired, even if it's only "semi retired," is
sleeping in.
    It was thus just a bit disturbing to
have to wake up before the sun on the
first day of spring so I could get to a
local clinic for two medical tests ordered
by my doctor by 7AM.
    I pretty much know the procedure by
now. You check in. Hand the receptionist
the test orders from you physician. Take
a seat in the waiting area. Then go back
to the registration desk where they
verify your identity, check your
insurance, then sign and initial a small
pile of papers that basically tells the
clinic technicians "Go for it!
     You then return to the waiting area
once again until your name is called
for the actual test. At least that's the
way it usually works.
      I however, was called back to the
registration desk unexpectedly so the
registrar and the technician could ask
me exactly what my doctor wanted in
the second test he ordered.
     Now here's the thing. I took all
the basic courses in High School and
even one in Commercial Law. I must
have been out sick when they covered
      I was of the opinion physicians
wrote down what they wanted on their
paperwork for clinical tests and that
the technicians would read and follow
those instructions.
      But even though typed these folks
were clearly perplexed by something
my doctor had written.
      So, we did the first tests then
waited till 8:30 when the clinic could
call the doctor's office. Only one
problem. While the doctor's office
opened at 8:30 the doctor didn't come
in until a little later.
      The physician's staff was unable
to answer the clinic's questions so we
proceeded to wait, again, until the
doctor actually came to work.
      But, by the time he was due, all
available appointment times at the
clinic were filled.
      We were told to check with the
doctor, and get a new appointment
once he straightened out his request
for testing.
       Since both my tests required
fasting I am hopeful I'll be allowed
to eat before all this confusion is
settled. I'd also like to get the next
appointment sometime well after
the sun comes up!
         Hope I pass the tests and that
all your NEWS is good!

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