Friday, March 3, 2017


       SATURDAY, MARCH 4TH., 2017
             STRIKE UP THE BAND!

    I don't believe the planners of Pittston's
Saint Patrick's Parade realized when they
picked their date that it coincided with a
little know but very appropriate "holiday."
    It seems that March 4th is "Marching
Music Day!"
    Music is important to most people
even thought we don't always realize
it's there. There's those quiet mood setting
melodies that highlight a romantic music
scene. And that elevator music that provides
subtle entertainment when we ride...well...
the elevator.
      Marching music is, of course, anything
but subtle. It's meant to capture everyone's
attention. And who could imagine any
parade without the blaring music and
colorful uniforms of a Marching Band?
      I once had the opportunity to MC a
High School Marching Band competition.
And I can tell you these musician/marchers
are very serious about both their music and
their presentation!
       Today in Pittston and next week in
Scranton and then Wilkes-Barre you'll
have a chance to see some top grade
Marching Bands as those communities
celebrate Saint Patrick. Treat yourself and
get out to one of those marches this March!
        Hope there's at least 76 trombones and
that all your NEWS is good!


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