Wednesday, March 22, 2017


    THURSDAY, MARCH 23RD., 2017
               READING MATTER!

    My Great Uncle Charlie was a gold
miner in Alaska. He spent the last few
years of his life in a small cottage in a
rural area outside of Hazleton.
    I loved to hear him use phrases he
grew up with. To him, for instance, a
bus was still "the Stage." And anything
from a newspaper to a novel was
"Reading matter."
    That last phrase came to my mind
Wednesday when my wife and I were
at the latest of what seems to be our
never ending medical appointments.
     It was my wife's turn for a
consultation so I waited in, of course,
the waiting room.
     After glancing over the posters on
the wall and reading over the Patient's
Bill Of Rights and billing procedures
I turned to that table found in most
all medical offices to look for some
"reading matter."
       After visiting many similar
offices I have come to the conclusion
that most patients are either women
or men who play golf!
       The vast majority of magazines
are of the "Home and Garden variety"
filled with articles on furniture,
recipes, movie star gossip, and dress.
        I have, to be fair. noticed a
copy or two of Golf Digest.
        I wonder what it would cost to
have two copies of a daily newspaper
on hand for those of us who aren't
always looking for new ways to
cook lobster or how to use a 9 iron?
        My wife always brings a book
of her own along. I'm beginning to
understand why!
         Hope the Doc's start providing
some decent "reading matter" and
that all your NEWS is good.

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