Monday, March 27, 2017


   TUESDAY, MARCH 28TH., 2017
            ONE LAST TIME!

     Regular readers know how I love
to did up unusual holidays and bring
them to your attention.
      Today, March 28th, is likely to
be my last chance to observe this
one so let's have at it.
       Ladies and Gentlemen. Children
of all ages. This is Barnum & Bailey
       136 years ago P.T. Barnum and
J.A. Bailey formed the circus know
as the Greatest Show on Earth! And
throughout those 136 years that show
has traveled around the nation and the
world entertaining millions of us with
three rings of dare devils, acrobats,
animals, and clowns.
       For several years in the 1950's
I got a back stage look at what had
by then become Ringling Brothers,
Barnum, and Bailey's Greatest Show
on Earth.
       My Dad used to work spotlight
when the circus played Madison     
Square Garden in New York City.
I got to watch as the acts prepared
for their entrance and often sit in the
Box seats usually reserved for the
Ringling family.
       Just for the record I never saw
any animals mistreated. Quite the
contrary. Those I saw were treated
mush better than some family pets!
       How ironic that protests over
the Elephant acts led to their removal
from the show a year ago which, in
turn, contributed to the circus'
decision to make this year its last!
The final visit in Wyoming Valley
comes next month and by year's
end the world's best know circus
will become just a memory. It
will, at least, be a good memory for
     Others circuses will continue to
be on tour so, hopefully, kids of all
ages will enjoy them for years to
      I suppose "Barnum and Bailey
Day" will be just a memory too.
I hope some of you will remember
it and that all your NEWS is good!

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